Nas Gets His Support Payments Cut In Half

Nas will keep some $25000 in his pocket each month after a Judge cuts his support payments

In late May last year Nas and Kelis officially divorced after four years of marriage and a year of separation. The Judge ordered Nas to pay $10,000 a month in child support for their just-born son. If that wasn't steep enough, he was also ordered to pay $40,000 a month in alimony.

Shortly after, the Queensbridge emcee claimed he couldn't afford his monthly support bills, and now a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge has listened.

According to TMZ, the Judge has cut his child support to $5000 per month and his spousal support down to $20000.



  • Steven Ireland

    oh nas getting ass fucked by the law.

  • TheRealFree

    These bitches are LAZY as Fu@k. My ex bitch took me back to child support court to get more money and the lazy bitch is getting more money. The courts system don't give two shits about us men they'll leave us with a penny on our check. I've been paying child support ever since and i'm all for it but it's another story when they take more. Fuck the SYSTEM!!!!

  • Atl2Trill

    Kelis is a lazy ass hoe. Nas is that nigga when it comes to his music. But as a person he be saving these hoes too much. Advice for these youngstas and lame niggas. Never marry a woman you met in the club.

  • real deal

    you dumb niggaz it doesnt matter how much nas makes its about the skandalouz hoe thats tryna fuck with his doe NIGGA M O B for life

  • BGG

    thats fucked he gotta pay that bitch $20,000 plus child support. isnt the whole point of divorce not to have to support that bitch no more??? i swear we live in a crooked and fucked up world!!!

  • gasoline

    finally..its like they wanted my nicca nas to go broke...

  • doggystyle

    naz is fuckin garbage...yall niggaz treat him like some genuis...hes fuckin good at cummin inside bitches and not mannin up thas about it

    • froggystyle

      ha you can say all the shit you want about me nigga but you aint provin no point..he still aint a man, just a broke ass Bitch who aint doin shit fuckin dumb you not gunna pay for yo kid bitch man the fuq up grow a pair

    • haha

      Your name states it all bitch made!

    • Owen

      Spoken like a true asshole, I hope your old lady gets ass raped by an angry gorilla. Let me guess? Your a fan of that big haired cum catchin' bitch?

  • Rod

    In the words of Suga Free, "Shit, aint no pussy good enough for me to split half my shit. I wouldnt give a squirt of piss to save a broke bitch". Real talk...

  • Rod

    He should of known this bitch was crazy after seeing her video, "Hate you so much right now". Now he simpin with his money.

  • De Vaughn

    Good job Nas, those new lawyers went in.

  • Nico 3

    Nas has sold millions and he couldn't afford $10,000/month for his own child? Pathetic.



    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? He is paying 25K a month total. thats 300K a year. All the money is going to the same person...are you dumb? And thats way too much.

    • harris89

      Lmfao this is the dumbest post ever... first of all, $10000/month SOLELY for the kid is WAY more than enough. Bet you every dollar that I'm worth that neither you or I will never in have a high enough income to provide that kind of money just for our respective children. Second of all, Kelis is a successful pop/R&B singer herself. Realistically, she doesn't even need Nas to make sure that kid grows up fat and spoiled.

    • nine

      labels dont give him the millions he earned. that doesnt even matter anyway... 50000 is more than the average salary of the average american... in a year. i believe that 25000 a MONTH is still too much, much too close to the 33000 a YEAR average.

    • Anonymous

      hey stupid fuck...record sales doesn't determine the wealth of an artist...

  • FourSix

    Why the fuck does she even need $20,000 per month? and what child needs $5,000 per month? can't believe he used to have to pay double.

  • LifesABitch

    She's gonna be nothing but an entertainment industry cum dumpster. No dude will ever get into anything serious with that tramp again. Karma's gonna catch up with that bitch sooner or later anyway; if you see Kelis getting on your flight, you'd better get the fuck off with a quickness!!!

  • Nastynas4life

    damn Kelis...thats too much for child support for each month. you

  • SuperGucciRap

    Man fuck Nas. That nigga is going to be the king of Welfare Rap in the near future lol. Gucci Mane already murked that nigga in a freestyle. Nas had to rap about homosexual rap in order to be relevant again. At least when Lil Kim diss Nicki Minaj, she's didn't go far as being immature like this nigga did. But Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are way better than Nas and Gay-Z. It's Gucci Time!

    • Spawn of superguccirap

      Man i told yall superguccirap speaks the truth



    • Anonymous

      Wow, I'm still amazed that some one could say something as stupid and careless as that. Yo, stop smokin that Cucci Mane Crack. Can someone please put this fuck out of commission. I'm even surprised that they allowed you to put a comment like that up.

    • FourSix

      Gucci Mane sucks. that is all.

    • bkstylz

      lol...did you really just say Gucci murked nas in a freestyle?? your whole post is one big joke.

    • @DEKNOWZ

      I'm going to say this in the nicest way I can, SuperGucciRap can you please kill yourself? The thought of you being able to spread your genes frightens me beyond words. Actually I don't mean that-instead, you should throw a family reunion,kill your family, burn the bodies, snort the ashes and only then when that's done, take as many small nails as you can find. Use a Gucci Mane CD or any other brick and hammer them into your forehead until you kill yourself. I would like to thank you in advance for you cooperation.

  • jack johnson

    this spouse support is ridiculous, the only reason he has to pay it is because kelis is too used to living a rich lifestyle and without nas she would have to live like a normal person, oh the horror!

  • Anonymous

    yelled FUCK YOU BITCH! and kept going!!!!!

  • Keezie

    Don't be mad at Kelis. Karma has her. Her credibility is smashed now. She'll never have another hit. It was hard enough on her trying to put out music without her doing one of Hip Hop's finest wrong.

  • Anonymous

    wouldn't it be cheaper to just not give her anything and pay the extra legals fees instead?

  • Jeremy Ronco

    i cant belive he has to pay that bitch that much she a golddiggin ass slut

  • Prevster

    Kinda disapointed by Kelis.. Didn't take her for a dependent golddigger

  • white milk

    i get the child support but wtf is spousal support? especially if its no longer your spouse... give her 7500 a month for the child (fuk how u feel if you dont wanna take care your kids then dont have any) but thats it. he should not haver to support her any longer, only his child

    • white milk

      dont matter whether sh erich or not imo. u wanna live a certain lifestyle you need to work for it. women need to stop depending on dudes for paper. and dudes need to stop underestimating what it takes to PROPERLY raise a child. hell daycare is like $400-500 minimum nowadays an n1ggas be mad cuz his baby moms puttin him on child support yet he sees the child like once every month or so and gives a few dollars up. so gaini get the child support but spousal support ofr someone thats no longer your spouse is str8 bullshyt

    • Tablazines

      She's not "rich". How long do you think that "Milk Shake" money last? Her last album went double wood!

    • Anonymous

      whats worse is shes already fucken rich herself.

  • Just Ate Some Waffles

    Nas is losing, but here's how he can win: Take that money he's saving and invest it into some hood rats (via an untraceable third party). Get those hoodrats trained in MMA and send one to beat Kelis down everytime she goes to the bank, shopping, to the gym... wherever. Every other month have them break a bone on Kelis. That gives her time to recover. Keep repeating this pattern until she goes to court herself and begs the judge to stop the payments. In all seriousness though, that Judge is trying to get her killed.

  • Lankh

    Cool. Kelis is a fuckin leech. Don't get married, because when divorce comes, you're wife will swallow your money 'til you sleep outside. Look at Sean Penn... his ex-wife cut his fortune in half. Women are leeches !

  • freshyboi

    wtf is on his face in that pic? is nas on some nelly shit?

  • Teamjwoodz

    J Woodz for 2011

  • Teamjwoodz

    Gotta listen to J Woodz

  • teamjwoodz

    Pay that support

  • Chupps

    Spousal support you know... That's some bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    the judge needs to cut that cheese by another 1. 5 percent

  • Charles ExSavior

    Man that's a greedy ass whore.

    • Pat Neeland

      Cosign, ain't nothing that isn't total bullshit about this. 5K/month ain't enough? Spousal support is on a whole other level of bullshit. You're not married, so why should you have to pay to support your ex-wife?

  • kennyken

    spousal support...what a ripoff.


    damn greedy ass no record selling trick... Oh well Nas will just drop a platinum, or atleast gold album n just be tossin that shit while she'll prob try and get that support fee raised again don't marry a black chick w/ heels ppl.

    • THE Devil

      Yeah he's probably going to dumb down his music and sell his soul to me to support that talentless trick who can't sell any records.

    • Spawn of superguccirap

      If nas needs money all he got to do is beg gucci mane for a guest spot on one of his songs and he can use the money generated by that heat to take care of her

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