Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" Reportedly Reaches Platinum

Young Money's first lady picks up the industry's most coveted hardware

In what’s becoming a less and less common sight as each year passes, Nicki Minaj saw her Pink Friday LP certified platinum for sales in excess of one million units. The Trinidadian-American emcee’s record moved quickly with the official recognition coming for Minaj’s debut album after only six weeks of release.

The Young Money rapper was one of only three Hip Hop artists to see their work reach that lofty plateau, the other two being Eminem’s Recovery (the year’s biggest seller) and Minaj’s label-mate Drake’s Thank Me Later. These impressive sales also catapult the pink bombshell into rarified air as far as female musical acts are concerned as she now shares 2010 platinum status with superstars such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Pink Friday shows no sign of slowing down as it finished the last sales week at #4 on the Billboard charts.


  • yours_truley

    it saddens me how you can have these hating ass nobodys on here that aint got shit going for themselves nicki is the shit and thats what yall fail to realize yall punk pussy bitches need to step ya game up and stop hating

  • whyunot

    okay here we go will illiterate uneducated non factual haters again. do yo research illiterate crab in the bucket community. to be certified is actually based on actual check for record sales given to the artist. so it's not the record company buying the album and paying the artist it would be no point just drop they ass and sign talent. it aint the artist buying there own record they gotta pay the help. it aint no damn back stock at walmat nor best buy dumb fucks. the record was out of stock the first day, only half a million shipped first time. company's normally shipp less than they expect to sale. Second album doesn't make a damn diff same shit before her album, same shit said she wouldn't last, same shit said her album would flop, same shit said she wouldn't go gold, same shit said she a rookie even tho 7yrs grinding in game previously, same shit said to many features. Haters she here to stay, keep hating as she keep climbing, keep stalking the blogs bc u know u beenafan, keep saying yean buy her album but u stalking her on the net. get the f*** out a here. she all over late night shows, opening carson daaily and u talkin bout wait to second album. tell me what rapper been on fashion police and all over tv crossing over like her. crabs and a bucket just stop it damn bitch yall been a fan

  • the poet

    how is she platinum with the sales @ the end of this week she's still 30000 behind kane who's @ 8 soemthing??? i mean theoretically speaking if they callin shit early wouldnt they say kanye was platinum too???

  • Nico 3

    It's clear that she would have sold 1 mill anyway. She's got an entire female fanbase. The real test will be with the second album. If that goes platinum, then that will tell alot about how legit she is.

  • natwalkerbeats


    ok there's no disputing that some artists may not actually "sell" a million copies, and get platinum. BUT, its not because their labels are buying them its stores like best buy and wal-mart who need mass quantities of every product. So she might actually have only sold 300,000 actual cds, while 550,000 are sitting in backstock. it would do a record company no good to buy their own product if companies like wal-mart have already placed their order. TRUST ME. they're too greedy to shell out any extra cash to get some measly certification. there's too many artists that are hungry, and its too easy for anybody to make a hit record for the air. Nicki put in work by marketing and being EVERYWHERE this year. I BELIEVE IT. BITCH GOTTA HUSTLE. And every white girl i know bang nikki. they the ones who are going to spend money on a cd or itunes. THATS REAL TALK.

    • Anonymous

      Those albums that sit on backstock get shipped back to the label after awhile and decrease the album sales eventually. All major labels will purchase large numbers of their artists albums to pad the stats. The music business is more like the WWE than the National Geographic channel.

  • Anonymous

    oh were you waiting on a response from me? i have no problem with her success just stop calling it hiphop cuz it's not.

  • 9Stories

    I wonder how she is in bed.

  • Joe0226

    like her new album; hate how she's trying to mimic lady gaga in certain pictures

  • Tidomann

    I scrape around this site, infact all of them, 2 find some real raw Hip Hop shit but whats in my face...Pink pussies exposed & goin' platinum. I ain't even tryina fuck. Guess I'll select a few cats thats comin' out raw, and I mean raw gangsta until I say fuck them when they get pink on Fridays

  • SuperGucciRap

    Yea, Nicki Minaj went platnium. Finally some real Hip Hop is coming back. Except that wack ass Flake went platnium too. Who the fuck likes that nerd? Fuck him. Listen to GUCCI! It's Gucci Time!

    • flakiito

      real hip-hop? are you serious? you must be on some good sh*t to think nicki is real hip-hop. have you heard that album? where is this "real hip-hop" you speak of? You probably think Gucci is hip-hop. get out of here nerd.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    Girls buy albums

  • G

    1 million retarded hiphop fans..... thats really sad. And KRS, Murs, Freeway, Little Brother, Talib Kweli, AZ, Black Milk, nd many more have real talent nd cant even find a couple hundred thousand sales. Kills me. Nicki's album was easily the worst album next to waka nd gucci's. It is an embarrassment to hiphop. Nicki was nd never will have any talent on the mic.

    • Steven Ireland

      You stupid faggot ass niggas hate on anything that's fucking pop!!! It's soooo fucking annoying!!! Go listen to your homo underground shit and Jack off to black milks voice you cock sucking Loyd Banks stans SMH!!!

    • Anonymous

      its called a fanbase

    • Anonymous

      well who's fault is that, you complaing ass bum.. go buy some "real hiphop" then.. always crying but don't ever wanna go down to the store and buy something.. shut the fuck up then.. you crying ass bitches..

    • Maurice

      yall retarded and hating

    • LOL QQ

      FYI this is more of a pop album than a hip-hop album, but you wouldn't know because you never listened to it. It's for the pop fans, it's commercial. GJ bitching about it being an embarassment to hip-hop though without any knowledge of the albums content though. /clap

    • LOL QQ

      Or they're just nicki minaj fans... If any of you ever bought a kanye, jay-z, or eminem album, you bought commercial music. Shut the fuck up hypocrites

    • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

      couldn't have said it any better

    • Anonymous

      thats the thing though bro, the people who buy pink friday aren't hip-hop fans. they are sheep that buy whatever the suits tell them to,

  • crickets

    I was talking to my bf about wack artists going platinum a couple months back and how their labels propbably buy a good number of their own albums to make sure the artists worth is high and lives up to the brand. just a thought.

    • Anonymous

      Theres no "probably" about it...The major labels do buy large amounts of their own albums at strategic times to inflate the sales numbers. And the radio is much worse when it comes to music. If you want to get your song in regular rotation on major stations you need to come with at least 25-50 thousand just to start. Theres a lot of books out there that tell you all about the music industry. Music is a big business much like oil/war/drugs/food/clothes etc...and when you get business men in suits controlling it it becomes what it is.

  • slapyobitchass

    The album is straight garbage but I ain't mad at her for being able to reach platinum in today's market. Seems to me, Nicki gets a lot of hate on this site. Is it cuz a lot of you niggas who diss her favorite rappers can't even go gold. And before niggas say I'm a Nicki stan, Pink Friday was a horseshit album but I ain't gonna knock her hustle.

  • Anonymous

    The worst music to become this successful in a long time. I don't hate Nicki but I do hate this album.


      music is not only a business it is a mind control which is used by the illuminati and the mason also known as devil worshipers.Blive it or not 85% of artist and in hip hop as well r made by the illuminati!!!!! i knw u will not blive but is true.go to and u will c some facts

    • G

      LMAO she can "SPIT?!" No, she can put rhymes together, but she cant spit to save her life. Jean Grae can spit. Foxy can spit. Nicki can kinda rhyme.

    • LOL QQ

      Agree, she definitely can spit, but this album blew as far as hip hop goes.

  • Anonymous

    kool check this out dont miss out funny dope shit

  • Truth

    A triumph for shitty music! ...BACKSTREET BOYS. Drinks all around! ...SHAPES. Hip hop is dead! ...THOMAS JEFFERSON. People are stupid! ...AMERICA.

  • HHH, that's me

    Ehh... How the fuck did she go platinum when she hasn't even hit 850k records sold yet? ..And how in the fuck did she go platinum before Kanye, when Yeezy still is about 30k records ahead of her? Makes no fucking sense.

    • cherid

      People have put aside real lyrical HIP HOP for commercial gimmicks n bafoonery disguised as Authencity!!!!

    • ItsTheTruth

      From what I believe, certifications are not based off actual current sales, but rather from the shipments to the stores. A million copies have been shipped, even though she has not SOLD a million (yet). I found this out when 50 went gold before he even hit the 500,000 mark.

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      ur so damn rite. like wut da fuck? makez no fuckin sense.

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Gregor SelfHood Scott

    congrats Nicki. Gotta applaud that, no matter your views on her music

  • cool

    Now she MIGHT have enough money to pay back the label advance.

  • lukeknocks

    Cant even hate on it....getcha money lil mama

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