Loose Links: Madvillain, "Monster" By The Numbers, FELT x Nancy Sinatra

New DOOM and Madlib surfaces, Tokyo Cigar remixes FELT with Nancy, Complex tallies up 'Ye's video recurrences, IgniteMindz is a triple threat, and more.

Hopefully everybody's having a good first week of the year. Ours has been hectic, but we wanted to share some digital goodies with our heads.

New Madvillain Track Surfaces

HipHopDX are big Madlib fans and big MF DOOM fans. While BORN LIKE THIS was cool in 2009, we really have been looking forward to another Madvillan project. On his recent podcast, Stones Throw Records' founder and CEO Peanutbutter Wolf unveiled some new material from the dynamic, interview-shy duo. GorillaVsBeat.com pulled it to stream.

Check "Avalanche/Victory Lap" here.

FELT x Nancy Sinatra

We love how Murs and Slug always pay tribute to a special lady with their collaborative, and terribly slept-on FELT albums. Deejay/producer Tokyo Cigar jumped in, and paid tribute to FELT with Nancy Sinatra with a new mix. These are amazing, spooky productions from the voice known by fans of RZA, Quentin Tarantino and simply dope '60s music. This is more than just a blend tape, these are really elegant productions that anybody can appreciate. Tokyo Cigar's Bandcamp page has the FELT 3.0: Tribute To Nancy Sinatra mix for stream.

Check FELT 3.0 Tribute To Nancy Sinatra here.

"Monster" by the Numbers

It's great when somebody says, "But who's counting?" Somebody always is. In this case, it's Complex.com, at recurring images, objects, and themes in Kanye West's new video. Great tally, and a seemingly great video.

Read "By The Numbers: Kanye West's 'Monster'" here.

Parting shots:

Shout out to this amazing spread of Pitchfork's Year End List, we wish somebody would do this with ours. Any takers?

As fans of when Large Professor, J-Live and Edan could deejay and emcee at the same time... check out North Carolina's IgniteMindz (frequent commenter on the site) play bass with his toes, keys with his hands, and rap. Pretty impressive, and pretty dope.


  • nanigan

    without taking anything awayt from aesop rock, this felt remix overshadows the original the more and more i listen to it.

  • Master P W/Out the Raps

    Not sure what the fuck Sam was talking about concerning the Felt 3.0 Remixes... keep doing yo thing Tokyo Cigar, shit was fresh REAL TALK. i digs it

    • Sam Wartenbee

      Sorry for the rant, I was just really excited about the tracks until I heard 'em. If you know the original Felt 3 album, you could listen to "Henrietta Longbottom" as an example. The vocals start out on time, but the bmp is just slightly faster on the vox than Tokyo's beat. Gradually the vocals end up sounding rushed, until about two minutes into the song, when they've actually moved up a whole beat. At that point, it sounds like it works again but changes the feel of the song. In that verse (after 2min), take the line "She was in a gang that wore mis-matched socks." The word "she" is on beat 1 in the original, but the remix beat doesn't quite line up, so the word "was" ends up on beat 1. I don't know if you're a musician or not, but that's what I meant to say.

  • Tokyo Cigar

    Much love for posting the remixes. That really made my day to see this. YEAH!!!

  • Sam

    Nice to hear Felt 3 finally getting some love, but these tracks suffer the same problem as any other amateur remix... The vocals don't sync! If you can't hear it at first, check out Henrietta Longbottom. Not even close. Just making a beat and throwing in a vocal track on it does not make a good remix. You're reinventing a song. Treat it that way. My friend Web makes beats and is about to release a Beastie Boys remix album. Check webthefreerangehuman.bandcamp.com for some real shit. This man lives for those details.

  • Anonymous

    cool check this out dont miss out funny dope shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg




    I'm still waitin' on Ghost and DOOM. Guess that ain't gonna pop off no time soon.

  • Fullmetal

    i cant wait for some new MF DOOM i wasnt really feeling born like this

  • Charles ExSavior

    That IgniteMindz video was impressive. I would love to see that done at a live show for a crowd response. and HELL TO THE YEAH on some new Madvillain tracks... been waiting too damn long for the followup.

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