Swollen Members' Madchild Turns U.S. Customs Banning Into An EP

UPDATE: Earlier this month, Mad Child couldn't cross the border based on his rep, now the veteran emcee has parlayed that into "Banned From America," an EP.

Suburban Noize Records revealed today that Madchild, emcee for veteran Vancouver, British Columbia Hip Hop group the Swollen Members has been banned from the United States. The emcee has been denied access by US customs officials, upon trying to cross the border.

In a statement, Madchild said the following: "I was on my way to meet my brothers in Swollen Members to perform some shows in the United States. I went to go through customs at the Vancouver Airport, and I was pulled into the customs waiting room. I must have sat there for three hours before I was even called up to the desk, which was odd considering there was hardly anybody else in there waiting. When I was finally called up, the agent started questioning me about being a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club and when I replied, ‘No,’ he just continued to repeat the question over and over again. After five more hours of waiting, watching him go back and forth, looking on the Internet and asking me the same questions over and over again, I was finally called to the front desk. He asked me another series of questions and after a total of eight and a half hours of questioning I was told that I was officially banned from entering the United States.”

The emcee continued, “The thing that is frustrating to me is that I am being judged for the people I associated with and for some trouble I had back when I was a minor over 16 years ago. In the last year I’ve managed to defeat my drug addiction and really worked on changing my life to become a better person. I’ve even started speaking at high schools here in Canada to talk to kids about the perils of drug addiction and hopefully use my journey to inspire the youth to avoid the pitfalls that I fell into. It’s extremely disheartening to me to know that after turning my life around, it feels like a second chance is evading me. Unfortunately when entering the United States, I’m not judged on the person I am today, but rather on my appearance and whoever the customs officials perceive me to be, which is discrimination.”

On March 15, 2011, Madchild and the Swollen Members will release Dagger Mouth on Battle Axe/Suburban Noize Records.

(January 4)

UPDATE: Suburban Noize Records announced today that Mad Child turned his United States Customs experience into an EP, February 15's Banned From America.

"After being turned away at customs, I drove home that night feeling full of disappointment and frustration. I knew I had to do something positive as a way of dealing with it, so I started writing about the experience," commented Madchild in a statement. "I started recording immediately and didn't stop for six days. I was only sleeping a couple hours a day, because if I wasn't writing or recording, I would have gotten myself into some trouble. Looking back, this was the best thing I could've done for myself and some dope new songs came out of these recording sessions. Everyone at the label loved the material and I'm excited for fans to hear it."

The tracklisting to the five-song EP is as follows:

1 - Black Phantom
2 - Mental Explosion
3 - Little Bad Wolf
4 - Super Ill Villain
5 - Re-birth of the Warlord


  • ghos117

    well that is some b.s..... i was born in brooklyn raised in jersey and rap is at such a damn weak watered down state it is ridiculous. swollen members,mf doom and wax and herbal t is the only new rap i listen to. cannot stand the dr zeus nonsense on the radio. not only do mad n prev obliterate tight ass beats...but they are therapy for crazy motherfuckers such as myself. Judge people on the talent that they have not where they are from... like wu said it aint where ya from it's where you in the mentals O.o

  • HRH

    I live in Vancity. This cat has a penthouse in the 3rd most expensive city in the world. He' done his thing. Not to mention that we be the only region in N.America with-out the Italians getting a cut. How? Because Mad's associate's are the most powerful Biker Gang in the world. I wasn't a fan overnight. I thought he misrepresented our culture. Now, today, I'm able to see he is our culture. Our voice, style. His lyrics are Vancouver at it's nicest. And, I'm a critic. Who loves to eat. Not to mention that Game's "the kill" was bitin from Swollen Members who've been using that beat since last fall. But, they both depend on Skee, Hence it's ripped

  • acc04

    Don't call me BUDDY, PAL! 'Cuz this is MadChild's life and Customs fuckin' it up.

  • Don West

    That's outta control. $24,000 IN 30 DAYS days! This is TOO DAMN EASY! All I’m doing is mailing out postcards and flyers. Join quickly and I’ll give you 1,000 postcards FOR FREE! Now you have no excuse.

  • EdmontonRDS

    They will be back in America eventually. But the process of getting a waiver is long slow process.

    • Tyler

      he actually wont be back in the states as him and swollen members split up when madchild sold everything for drug money

  • EddieMurrrphy

    madchild's man good work doin this ep thing on it all man, you get respect and nods for that. glad i got to catch these guys live back in 06 too. damn shame i wont be able to again. banned from the u.s.? seems like a joke i cant believe that shit is real. these are the type of light hearted fuck yous i like to see hip hoppers do. like when naS caught static for that Nigger titled album. it got heated and he backed down and made it acceptable for the major label seal of approvement. (fuck you def jam!) i saw nas that summer and he said 'y'all know that album's called Nigger, thats the name for that shit fuck the official shit, thats the name of that mo' fuckin' project!' i would have such respect for that man if he had just said fuck you and put that out as a free download. that would be some shit. let the people get the music in its truest form would be the message behind that. plus the quality of the music was more worth a free download then having to pay 10 for an average cd. then we coulda got your lost tapes 2 out def jam woulda been ready for any nas release then... oh well just something i think about often

  • Tim Wilkens

    and piercy is extremely wrong. this dude does not just fill his verses up with curse words lol. dont know what you've been listening to.

    • Camel's Dick

      Eat a dick Tim. Oh hang on, with a big ass nose like yours, you probably struggle getting the head into your mouth. Big ass nose motherfucker.

  • Tim Wilkens

    man swollen members are sick as hell, especially their older shit, a few of their newer ideas are cheesy but from what I've heard the brand new album is tryin to get back to the old school for them. I think MadChild and Prevail both have great flow. Their beats are always on point. I was lucky enough to catch them once a few years ago, bummer I'll never get to see them again because of this BS.

  • OhReally?

    For the record, I'm Canadian and I think this guy and his wack ass group suck. Too bad we now have him 100% of the time!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      I'm an irishman what the fuck you saying pally? lol

    • OhReally?

      You mad? Why all this gay talk? Everybody here is putting all Canadians in the same bag and I just wanted to show that all Canadians don't necessarily like this group. So could you please just STFU you angry computer goon?

    • Big Stu

      Boo-hoo - fucking Canadian rim-master. Lick the dangle-berries off my freshly shat out of asshole. It doesn't matter if he's Canadian or a Kiwi or an Irishman.

  • jack

    black phantom is his codename for obama

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    i really enjoy dudes music. i think he is more entertaining and can hold the mic better than his partner prevail. its a shame wouyld love to see him live again. they throw on a great live show. not gonna go up to gay ass canada just to see them, This is really very nice.

  • dating

    i really enjoy dudes music. i think he is more entertaining and can hold the mic better than his partner prevail. its a shame wouyld love to see him live again. they throw on a great live show. not gonna go up to gay ass canada just to see them, though cause that country sucks,This is really very nice.

  • johnthomas682

    i really enjoy dudes music. i think he is more entertaining and can hold the mic better than his partner prevail. its a shame wouyld love to see him live again. they throw on a great live show. not gonna go up to gay ass canada just to see them, though cause that country sucks,This is really very nice. dating

  • piercy

    Why bother with him if he can enter the US or not? Whose loss it it anyway? There are enough drug-addicted singers and entertainers living in the US and now unfortunately we in Canada are stuck with this foul-mouthed piece of garbage whose lyrics and his songs make no sense at all, just full of swearing and crap. I can see what kind of fans he attracts, ones just like him that know only the F word in every sentence. Really polite and talented person with his F in fans. I'll take Justin Bieber anyday, plus MC tattoos look ugly and the name of his band is disgusting!

    • Anonymous

      piercy u r the biggest piece of shit ive ever seen in my life. first of all why the fuk r u on this this page writing some long shit running ur mouth u know how many rappers i despise and i dont write crap like that. i comment if i like something and i hav something positve too say. not in this case cause im talking to some little fagget.and news flash 90% of rappers if anything have way more swearing cause they dont hav the lyrical abillite to write complex lyrics and they different than any industry wack rappers if u new there music. who r u too say he wak u listen too half a song and talk shit. they hav complex original aggressive abstract lyrics with wicked beats and if u cant see that then go fuk ureslf u piece of shit. but dont go a comment some bullshit when most people dont giv a fuk and other people think ur music is garbage but i aint gonna go outta my way to look go on rappers page i dont like and talk shit

  • Randy

    Man thats fuckin bullshit!! I went to see you guys in Portland, OR and heard you got denied coming in then too... Fuckin stupid! affiliation with HA shouldnt have shit to do with it. Support Swollen - One

  • 740_Juggalo

    thats fucked up. why hate appreciate. this dude is the shit what he ever do to any of you fucks?? thats what i though madchild is ill

  • that last point kills me&you

    love the american ignorance in this one typical rock steady named him member 10 fuckin years ago but booo fuckin hoo hes canadian maybe you never noticed your charts are topped by two insults to canadian culture (drake, bieber) and a bunch of so called thugs, and the increasingly mainstream "im not indy anymore" commercially successful women. no respect for the music equals no respect for the culture...that means fuck you hes white? ya hes canadian? ya hes a rapper? ya hes more hip hop than you? ya by the way: free healthcare better quality mcdonalds(so i can eat my fat ass 90% to death and then go to the e.r.) insanely bad television pam anderson (13th cover... so i can shred my fat dick 90% to death an then go to the e.r.) lower drinking age poutine (it is that good) and ohhhhh yahhhh,, get that b.c. big bro get that shit i pay less than 130 a oz for that highdro what do you pay? makebank ohhhwait lets talk shit on the net instead

    • Anonymous

      you are fuking awesome man . wow. and whats wrong with that all u pieces of shit americans are insulting canada . why cant we u fukin idiot. wtv fuk canadas the fuking bomb and plenty of people would agree so goo fuk urself. i wish u people walk around saying that kind shit in mtl get ur fukin throat smiley face u muther fukers

    • ween

      Dude..did you seriously just write all of that 'fuck ignorant America' stuff (which is rather original, I must say..) and then at the very end you're like: "lets talk shit on the net instead"?? lol

  • Brianna

    All the comments below are ridiculous. This is why the world is so effed up. You're all either hating on him or bashing Canada. Grow up people, the point of the article is that he's being criticized for his looks which is what you're all doing. He makes a good point when he says he's getting unfair treatment for his looks. Get over it. A lot of people all over have tattoos and shit. Don't give so much god damn hate on such a good man like him. I love the Swollen Members and Madchild

  • disturbed4000

    look its not where your from or who you are..its all about your word and some ppl lose site in all the politcs...it sucks that ppl get judged for how they dress and tats that they get on their body..i know how that guy feels i mean shit when i was 15/16 i run around with alot of racist ppl and i was on drugs and shit but i have managed to clean up my life and get it back on track and yes sometimes you get looked at by some ppl that knew you from back then like somethings wrong with you for cleaning up your life. im 25 now and i see some of the youngsters doing what i did to stay out of trouble.and to be honest i know how it feels to dress a certain way and be judged for it. my girls parents dont like me do to the fact i dress a certain way. its just a stupid sterotype and if they dont like it fuck em. i feel that if you look back and see the differnce in your life of how it used to be and now and how far you home come it doesnt matter what color your skin is or what city you came from but what differance can you make in the world today.i think thats bullshit what happened to that guy. i first heard a song by the swollen members about a week ago and in the music today tats and dressing a certain way is good for the music business. hell i am born and raised san diego,ca and yet i hear all the underground music from nor cal,colorodo,michiagin,wyoming,arizona and montana.i feel if you can make bank in the music indistry do it dont hold back fuck all haters. and fuck customs we all know they suck and its apart of life there will ALWAYS be haters no matter where you go.

  • JerzBoi

    This is real fucked. And I don't even mean what happened to dude. The casual racism, country bias and nonsense by anonymous people. When did it become cool to be an asshole? Forgive me for saying my piece, that mediocre bullshit needs to end. You know your favorite rapper Drake is from Canada, half the "hot chicks" ya see on TV are from Canada, hell half the "innovation" in the States is old news in Canada. I ain't saying Canada is better than the US, but I sure as shit ain't throwing the first stone without looking at my own 'sin.' This country has more than its share of internal problems, we really don't need to be fuckin around an calling anyone out on SHIT these days. That being said, on the topic? It's messed up yea, but that profiling discrimination shit? Black people have been dealing with it for generations, its just gotten more refined with time and the internet. Get used to it man. Sorry it had to happen to you.

    • Anonymous

      only 13 year old girls like drake. what canadian hot girls are you talking about? pamela anderson? please, michael jackson could look like pamela anderson with all the surgery that bitch got.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    i really enjoy dudes music. i think he is more entertaining and can hold the mic better than his partner prevail. its a shame wouyld love to see him live again. they throw on a great live show. not gonna go up to gay ass canada just to see them, though cause that country sucks, LOL. def. coppin dagger mouth. support actual REAL music people, dont be greedy dicksuckers

    • EddieMurrrphy

      oh. an anonymous cunt making old points. lame

    • Anonymous

      hahahhah ya ok ur dirty heroin cracked fuked up currupt ass country is sooo much better lol. haha ur a fagget

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i wasnt really trying to blast canada or anything BUDDY! thats why i put the lol i was making light of and commentating on the fact that thats what the typical stereotype of a fat ignorant american. and the fact that everybody seems to say it, its ridiculous, but interesting to me. i realize i am only making light of it and probably reinforcing the stereotype, but fuck it, i agve y'all a chance to enlighten and support each other. sry for the drama. lol. y'all are like some new age jews almost

    • @lol

      actually lol go travel Europe or anywhere else with you American flag patch on your backpack and trabel with a buddy with his Canadain flag patch and you'll see what country the rest of the world defends

    • KoolGRapForPresident

      Dumb Yankee cunts commenting on a country they know little to nothing about is what's gay. At least Canada never elected George Bush twice. Enjoy paying for healthcare you ignorant twat.

    • lol

      Canada sucks and the whole world knows it. The only people who defend Canada are, SURPRISE, Canadians!

    • 905

      Wow could you be more ignorant. You claim to like a Canadian artist and then you insult his country. I don't think they would be too fond of you. Do some research before you open your mouth, there are plenty of amazing places and things to do in Canada. You share a border with Canada how different could it be from your country. But your public education system sucks, so I'm not surprised these words came out of your mouth.

  • Canada

    We just can't get rid of this wigger a...

  • Anonymous

    And this is why you shouldn't cover your body/face in tattoos kids.

  • Assassin221

    Haha, everyone getting offended at Canadian jokes like they're an oppressed minority group or something...anyway, I knew Hells Angels were big in Canada but I didn't know it was that serious, hopefully they figure this shit out and he gets in because that's ridiculous. Not even a big Swollen Members fan but don't bar them from entering the country, damn...

    • research

      look into the hells angels in hamilton, ontario and all over quebec. the h.a. run some serious shit outta canada into your country. canada is a shipping goldmine. thats why they came up here,, plus theres always a market for everything nice the h.a. does for the world. respect to them. respect to madchild.

  • Kendall Walters

    I doubt the US will be missing much lol

  • Nico 3

    If you look like a thug, then you're going to get treated like one.

  • seanleon

    I've been a Swollen Members fan for over 10 yrs have been to Vancouver and have mad respect for Canadians. Anyone that demeans a person because a country they live in has a very low IQ and I'm sure has never gotten anywhere in their life aside from being a loser that can type insults on a keyboard (wow, you are very skilled people!) I'm really amazed at how tough people are on the internet I really underestimated that you guys are ultimate badasses, thanks for setting the record straight. Being serious you would Never say these things to Mad Childs face so you internet thugs need to look in the mirror and realize the wimps that you really are.

  • lilsmokekid

    thats pretty fucked up..Mad Child is pretty sick on the mic... To that canada remark....get a fuckin life u tool. fuk where ur from too no can fuck wit r weed either BC 4 LIFE

    • canada WHO

      ohhhhh wait a minute how much is the exportation of american weed to canada estimated worth yearly?? and how much is the canadian to america estimated at? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats right we make bank off yall

    • Shut Up Loser

      Shut up, weed is the same everywhere, I just smoked some Buddha's Sister. From Oakland to Denver, we're like Canada who?

  • DS

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  • lol

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    • Peoples Republic of America

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    • pfffffffff

      since you have no basis, therefore no argument i will laugh this off. you're gramatical intelligence offends you. see what i did there? also... silva. not american. its also ironic how you use a word almost completly wrong in many of your posts

    • Still confused.

      Lol: You seem to neglect my comment entirely. I said I was from America. Where are you from? You also have not incited a riot, your ignorance just amazes me. Your only defense is to try and poke fun at peoples intelligence based upon their writing skills. For the intelligent person you are claiming to be, you say some really stupid shit. I wouldn't expect my grammar to be perfect, I went through the public school system in America, and it is fuckin' atrocious. You would have to be a retard not to graduate. I think you just need to get off your fuckin' pedestal.

    • lol

      ^^^ Weren't you the guy talking about failed humor? Irony.

    • 905

      Ha, I thought you were the country with one of the worst first world education systems. Maybe I was mistaken.

    • lol

      Hahaha, I've incited an online riot. After reading most of your comments I'll assume most of you are from Canada considering your spelling and grammar suck, plus you all come across as total fucking pussies. Really dude? You're gonna brag about being shot online? Only a bitch made Canadian would do that. Oh, and GSP sucks. Fight somebody real, like Anderson Silva for example. Fucking pussy Canadians. Hockey isn't a real sport either.

    • Confused?

      How can you say Canadians are pussies?Have you been there? I am not sure where you ,"lol", are from but judging from your "cunts" comment it must be somewhere in the United Kingdom. I have never heard of any one being scared of any one from there. If you are not from there my bad, you should let us know. I would assume majority of the readers of this article are from America, which is where i am from, and is definitely the pussiest country in the world. We for sure talk a tough game and will pull a few triggers but that's not tough. Look at all of us right know, we are all talking shit through a computer, real tough. I am no different but at least i'll acknowledge it. Regardless if he's a pussy or not, it is still fucked up they won't let him in the country for associating with a biker club. I really just do not understand how people can be so ignorant.

    • HRH

      I been shot, chopped and stabbed you fuckin' fegget. East-Vancouver in this

    • InsaneClownPussy

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    • YFDCYF

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    • Anonymous

      You dumbass girls, get a job.

    • TrueNature

      Pure idiocy. Regardless of geography, this dude is a tard anywhere on the map. “There will always be haters that’s the way is.”

    • the dude

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    • lol

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    • truthenola

      Dude your seriousely a loser ! i dont care about mad child either, i seen him get beat down in winnipeg, but still .. your a dumbass.

    • LOL

      it doesn't matter what you are, why do you need to call out an entire country for no reason.. why are all canadians pussies? theres no real logic behind what you said and you should show respect to anyone unless they disrespect you. nobody even cares what country your from thats the difference. irony? yeah w/e

    • lol

      Hahahah, one guy calls me a fag and another one calls me an American and yet you hate on me for stereotyping and assuming shit? I'm not American you cunts... the IRONY.

    • Deezy

      ha thats why every country hates america.. stupid americans

    • earthcrusher

      your right he is a faggot but straight up fuck your life for that canada remark you fucking hoser ha!

    • Angelo Jaramillo

      Have you even listened to Swollen Members? You look ignorant putting a group of people in a box. You confirmed to anyone else who reads this that you yourself are a fag.

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