Rick Ross Signed To Promote Sean John

Rick Ross steps into the fashion world as the new face of Sean John.

Rick Ross has signed on to promote Sean John, Diddy's longtime clothing line.

“You know Puff is a good friend first, a mentor, and business partner. The partnership was something that came natural,” said Ross to examiner.com.

The Miami rapper recently promoted the line at Macy's, the exclusive department store retailer for the Sean John men's sportswear collection, and believes he's the perfect man for the job. “Being a big guy that’s fashion conscious Sean John is definitely a brand I rock wit. I have plans to dabble in the fashion industry. I get to rock fly clothes and that always good” said Ross. “It’s a great opportunity for me.  I mean Sean John represents hip hop. He is a Hip Hop mogul.”

This isn't the first time that Ross and Diddy have collaborated, as Diddy signed on to manage Ross, and has recorded numerous tracks with the rapper, including on his last album, Teflon Don.

“As a black brother who is doing his own thing I endorse him,” added Ross. “I think his influence of course he’s a producer nut it his connections that has helped do his the way it should be done. I mean things like F. Gary Gray, director of films Be Cool and The Negotiator, directing my video and those kinds of plays that were made like Stacy Dash in 'Super High.'“


  • xrendellx

    Rozay 1st video, gotta listen to what he saying... http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhBtdQvDJLQy55M05q

  • Wen Kroy KB

    This cat has embraced the Villian role and made himself more markertable and profitable.

  • Anonymous

    man ross is doin big thanz he everywhere get that money and keep dropping those heat albums son

  • Anonymous

    damn since when does sean john make clothes for huksy gentlemen?

  • Megan Fox Lover

    This is psycology 101. diddy deep down misses Biggie and knows he cant bring him back so he found the next fat fuck who resembled him and sub-conciously tries to replace him.

  • Anonymous


    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      sorry BUDDY..correctional officers are not "soft" dudes..and it is a job..just one you get to carry a gun..u "apply" for that shit and that shit pay for houses and cars and food..lame..u dont lock nigz up..they already locked up..i guess you think all that shit get in prison by dreaming it..dum nigz..get off the block

    • Chupps

      Aint about a 'job' shit, u can do whatever job, just not one in which you're affiliated with the police then you start rapping about the lives the niggas u were beating down lived... That's some fake shit on another level. Nigga coulda came out and said, "i used to do this, now i do this" and i'd have been skeptical but cool with it. But this nigga hid that shit away, and kept lieing bout it when it surfaced till nobody was believing him. End of the day it's just as much about what you spit about as well as how you spit it. He got the technique (simplistic but marketable) but he aint authentic, he aint real, he jus a fake persona.

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      and what do yo lame ass do for a livin'..since workin is a crime now..lames kill me with that "you cant have a job before u a rapper shit"..kill ya selves..u sound stupid..and yall aint gettin no checks from fifty lame ass either..stop QUOTIN "WASHED UP RAPPERS" ITS NOT A GOOD LOOK

  • dawwmmnn

    Does Sean John even have clothes that fit him?

  • demo

    Does sean john now come with a badge

  • Chris Uribe

    he dont represent hip hop at all

  • Bryant Carter

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  • studio gangsta= fat fuck


  • Atl2Trill

    WTH? Sean John sales are gonna go down now. lol!!!

  • wtf

    why would u have that ugly fat fuck endorse a clothing line

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