Gucci Mane Checks Into Mental Facility, Claims Mental Incompetency

UPDATE: Gucci Mane checks into a mental institution after entering a plea of mental incompetency for his recent legal issues.

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane made headlines in November for violating parole when he was arrested for several driving infractions, and subsequently charged with damaging government property and obstruction of property. The Brick Squad 1017 leader was fresh out of prison from drug-related convictions.

According to, the Warner Brothers/Asylum Records artist may face over a year of prison time, beginning soon. Reports indicate that a judge has recommended the rapper serve a felony sentence, while Gucci Mane's defense team is seeking house arrest.

Gucci Mane's hearing is presently set for January 24, 2011.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

(1/04) UPDATE:
In what has been a week filled with legal woes for the 1017 Brick Squad, TMZ reports Gucci Mane’s legal team has filed a special plea of mental incompetency, essentially asking for leniency in the ruling for Gucci’s latest probation violation. The request, which was filed Monday as Gucci was cited for a possible parole violation, stated that the 30-year-old rapper was in no state to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.”

Gucci—real name Radric Davis—was ordered into custody and immediately committed to a mental health facility where he will most likely undergo an evaluation of his condition. Rumors circulated that Gucci had a breakdown late last year during the promotion of his album, The Appeal. However, no one from Gucci Mane’s camp would address them. The Atlanta rapper maintained a low profile after, only making headlines by reuniting with his original manager Debbi Antey and with an arrest that prosecutors eventually abandoned.


  • GucciMane

    Anyone who says that anyone person is jealous of this man, is a fucking moron. We're just mad that they're giving this man money when there are homeless people on the street in need of a job to eat. Gucci Mane is a stake in society's heart. We need to get rid of this guys recording facilities and make sure he never grabs a mic again. Keep the fucker in a mental institution...he needs it. He's mentally incapable of being a part of the world.

  • Anonymous

    U must not know what burrr iss hahah

  • Anonymous


  • XO

    ITS GUCCI TIME!!!! Have you heard of Rockstar Muzik?? Be apart of something greater....

  • natwalkerbeats



  • Gucci is an idiot

    So gucci mane is mentally incompetent? Soo you basically mean he's stupid? That's old news, you can tell how dumb he is by the way he acts and raps(he literally sounds like he could be slightly retarded when he raps). I still never understood why idiots like this dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    ima say the same thing so i dont go to jail. oh wait only works on celebs im fucked lol

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    HA! This proves the man/boy is an illiterate goofball (I won't say retard because that's too ignorant for me). Why do people even worship this dude. What role-model is he to us?! Is he helping us in any way by constantly being locked up and now going to mental institutes?! What's wrong with my (and the upcoming) generation?!?!?! Please someone give me an answer!

    • Chupps

      A victim of the decline in media standards across many formats. Brought about by desires of profit maximization through generalizing (appealing to many). Music like Gucci's, radio joints with simplistic lyrics spun in a predictable and played to death order of: verse - chorus - verse - instrumental break/chorus - verse - play out chorus / instrumental, aim to speak to everyone in general but no one in particular. Just be content that the underground is underground, for it to be mainstream would require either MASS enlightenment or a decline in quality. Your favorite rapper is probably underground, but they're probably not the person you wanna be listening to at the club or a party.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

  • atlantakush

    first thing is that no ones buy music anymore and it seems like gucci is still making money, so who can hate on that, nobody, now the fact is he is a better businessman than most of the rapper out today, he hasnt even went gold but he has 2 rolls royces ,ferrari,corvette,745,mazaratii, and a lambo and that not counting all his old schools plus he has a mansion and he has put everybody in the hood on, hes not stupid we are.

    • Atl2Trill

      Bruh he either wasted his advance checks on those expensive ass cars or he's leasing them. Jadakiss said stars lease the latest cars to keep up with the joneses. Gucci has some money, but he's not filthy rich though.

    • Anonymous

      Fools and there money are soon parted. He may not go broke but he will waste a lot of his fortune. Plus, not everyone out here is chasing the dime the rap game provides. Some people have aspirations to be productive citizens for the progression of human life here on this planet not just some jewelry flashing pot headed mental incompetent. See, I'm not rich. But not stupid either.

  • HHH, that's me

    Well if he eats the red crayons cuz the red ones taste the best and gets a fucking Z on his report card and thinks he passed, then a mental assylum is very due. BURR BURR lol

  • lmfaooooooo

    Mental Incompetency lmao oh snap so he came to that conclusion 2? lmao


    and um,.. yeah... radric did da goofy, he know it but he has to re evaluate himself u know he jus need to stop doin goofy shyt. WAT GUD SUNVALLEY APTS!!!!! AYE!!!

  • M.A.G.O.S.

    He's doing this to avoid going to jail. Plain and Simple.


      look,i used 2 live in sunvalley apts w/ these nigguhs. #1, dont hate on nuthin u know about or hate someone u dont know. i hated the south till i moved there, and frankly, i diddnt know bout the south till i got there. radric is cool shawty, real nigga, see yall dont know that tho,.. he jus a street nigga who got in the rap game, yeah u party,and do stupid shyt, no different than us, he jus got more money than us, talk about how radric came and got all his hood niggas and put them on! now they doin wat they do and if u dont like them, ok, but that nigga came back 4 his homies nigga real talk... fuck peace, im outta here...

  • Cool Kid

    I knew that wanksta was retarded

  • Fossie

    Listen to Raekwon and other lyricists !!!Fuck Gucci ,wacka and all these fake bullshit!Kool G Rap will return to the game in 2011!

  • Anonymous

    why do all these clown's keep hating with there jiberish, like he run yo life!

  • misterpurp

    this is obviously what too much damage to a pea sized brain will do...people live in a delusional freakin world these days, too many characters in movies and music...fake names and persona's, makes me fuckin laugh...this whole time these are the people telling you to "keep it real", these people dont have an F'n clue what real is

  • Anonymous

    i try to tell folks these niggas is retards and so are the dumbfuccs who listen to it even my own daughter

  • JerzBoi

    Unsurprising. Him and Waka Flocka in jail in the same week. Someone finally realized they should be locked up after releasing retarded ass CDs. Throw away the key please. Thank you Hip Hop Police, protect & serve. Lets see if they have a juve unit.. Anyone seen soldja boy?

    • slapyobitchass

      They need to lock up that nigga OJ Da Juiceman. While at it lock up the following niggas too: Lil B, The New Boyz, the entire Brick Squad, Gudda Gudda and the worst Souljaboytellem.

  • John-Boy

    Does this really surprise anyone? The man randomly spits out the word "Burr" over and over. He could be talking to someone about sports and out of nowhere he will just shout out "Burr" for no reason. Now I ask you, is that what normal people do? Hell no!

  • Anonymous

    After u see the light $WonDough$>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Get elevated GodBoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  • Anonymous

    After u see the light $WonDough$>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Get elevated GodBoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jeremy Orr

    LMAO!! some ppl cant handle dat purp..

  • Anonymous

    "Gucci Mane Checks Into Mental Facility, Claims Mental Incompetency" He must have listend to his CD after listening to some real Hip Hop lol BRRR!

  • Dazzmond Hill

    Am I getting this right? Is he going to plead insanity or something like that? That rarely works, and if it does, you don't have a definite date of release. Have you ever seen "One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest"? When you are entered into a metal facility, you cannot leave until they say you are okay. And that might take YEARS, where you just plead guilty, and you might get out early for good behavior or being rich. Just keep him in there and away from mics. This looks like it's going to be a good year so far!!

    • Controverse

      not to be a bleeding heart here, but despite his music sucking, he might really be in need of help! there but for the grace of G-d go I...

  • ur mom


  • Black Star

    he a retard and yall retards to coz yall listen to his shity ass music look at his retarded ass wearing 30 watches with the wrong time on em.

  • KING3434

    Are people actually taking this news as a shock? I knew the dude was mentally ill when I first heard him. Look at all of Brick Squad - Gucci, OJ, and Wacka; they're all fuckin stupid. Wacka's interview on BET made me laugh my ass off at how retarded he sounded. Haha; Gucci claimin he's mentally ill; I don't know if it's actually true; but it definitely wouldn't surprise me if it was. Listen to his lyrics; haha; grade A stupid. Have you heard Lemonade? Jesus; that song alone makes me question his mental stability.

  • immar alfreds

    lets gucci be the one to make a last decision coz its somthing new to me

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    damn i used to absolutely hate gucci mane but hes gotten better over time to the point i can actually stand him on a feature..not much else though

  • Jessica Martin

    i hope he is ok i pray for him be for i go to sleep

  • Jessica Martin

    i love Gucci Mane's you webe out ok

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Gucci Mane is mentally incompetent?

  • mr. springs

    yo gucc keep yo head up famo i bump u ever day in the lincoln hood niggaz love you white kids love you we all love you!! keep doin your thang!


    I see 89% of yall have hating in your blood and wont admit it lol GUCCI IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE FOR YALL NIKKAZ AND HOEZ..who gives a flying fuck if he aint like em lame azz or even jayz old azz i mean retarded people dont make it on the forbes list last time i checked.... hell when yall lame azz coming out with a hit then yall be able to talk lls naw even then shit thats why gucci got more money than all of yall ducks ahaha fuck witt and dont think im replying back to yall comments yall below me so it dont count fucks!!!

    • sharksbreath

      This is America. The land where idiots like yourself give money to idiots who have more money than yourself. This goes for the entire rap game. If a rapper raps about how much money they got and your broke why would you give them your money. I have never brought an album where a rapper talks all day about how much money they have. It's cool. You just won't get mine. I'll spend my money on me. Just brought a 535 yesterday. I'll see you at the bus stop banging Gucci in your headphones as I ride by. Suckers.

    • Anonymous


    • 905

      Wtf does money have to do with talent. And he sure as hell isn't making as much money as you think he is.

  • tyshai

    I hope he's okay because what would the world do without GUCCI MANE!:)

  • FUCK


  • Anonymous



    LOL at you lame niggas hating gucci is not lyrical he is just a hood rapper that raps about street shit if you never been a street cat or even lived in the hood. Don't bother to comment no offense little preppy kids they live way out wouldn't understand like c'mon gucci has plenty classic mixtapes Mr.perfect and kicthen talk the wilt chamberlain series.. the ice attack series no pad no pencil mixtape and so icy boy the movie pt 1 and pt 2 this nigga is cold on a street level.. i love lyrical niggas like rakim jay-z eminem nas and lupe but i also like that street trap shit like gucci so hop off... and gucci is not dumb as y'all think he may have did that dumb shit to get himself into trouble but him trying to claim mental is a cop out for not wanting to go to jail smart move by him. Jail is somewhere no man want to be that shit sucks i heard.

    • John-Boy

      If Gucci is such a street nigga why is he so afraid of going to jail? If Lil Wayne soft ass wasn't afraid why should Pucci be? Wayne, T.I., Pimp C, Mystikal, the list goes on have all gone to jail. Hell, DMX has a permanent residence in prison. None of them tried to claim insane so why is Pucci so scared. Have you asked yourself this question before? And also you say if you ain't from the hood you won't like Pucci. Well I'm from south side Chicago and I can't stand his garbage ass so you can kill that excuse.

    • Squadoosh

      How endearing.

    • Jarrett David Grimes

      you need to read more, lol

    • Atl2Trill

      The realest shit I read.

  • Anonymous


  • Gucci Retard

    Who would have thought from his simple ass rhymes and wack ass songs that he was just retarded the whole time!? How dare these record companies try to make money off of the mentally challenged and emotionally weak. But then again, there are other underground rappers with mental disabilities...nothing against them at all. But early diagnosis helps. Now go to prison and get what's comin to ya!

  • SuperGucciRap

    Nigga, motherfuck the illuminati. Gucci Mane has higher IQ than Albert Einstein. When Eminem aka the white devil tries to pursue Gucci Mane is wack, all the dumbasses follow his order. Gucci Mane is the smartest man in the world. He invented Hip Hop. Shawty Mane will blow up in 2011. It's Gucci Time!

  • Yeah I said it

    Gucci Mane = the dumbest nigga

  • Anonymous

    fuck that shit he need to learn a lesson he got all that dam money and still fucking up he beat a murder case and still ant learn throw the book at that nigga

  • Anonymous

    After u see the light $WonDough$>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Get elevated GodBoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • BigUp

    Where is that dumbass Gucci Time troll now? But yeah for real this is some sad shit.

  • hellrazor

    this is an example of an emissary unleashed by the industry to turn average music listeners into complete dumbasses. fuck gucci. dont drop the soap.

  • hellrazor

    this article just reassures and reinforces a notion that's been implemented in my brain about 5-6 years ago...southern rappers (not all of them) are RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially this dude. burr

  • Ranndy

    Reality this is some sad shh. And whats worst he's a well-known artist. I mean another young black male in the legal system. He spending more time behind bars then he is performing. T.I., DMX, Gucci....whose next???

  • Anonymous

  • blah

    look at that picture..says it all

  • teccanina

    LMFAO! This is the funniest shit i've seen on here in a few so true listen to the guy ain't hard to tell dude is retarted

  • a money

    he wants to be like nikki

  • lol @ these southern rappers

    LMAO!!! A True Short Bus Shawty!!! fucking retard!

  • chris

    lol he probably got raped in jail thats why hes acting so crazy you aint so hard now gucci lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I told ya'll dude was mentally handicapped "Burrr, Burrr, Short bus Shawty, Burr, Burrr"

  • JJ

    Yaall niggas is wack as hell, wishin that another black man goin into jail. Aint it enough that we already got a bunch of niggas in jail already and you niggas want more young black men in jail. Fuckin haters. I ain't no Gucci fan but niggas wishin he go to jail or make fun of an actual mental disorder (which Gucci prolly has) is just fucked up.

  • ANON

    LOL you people think he doesn't deserve jail time for committing the crimes? And you consider people who obey the law bitches. Man, I wonder why they say there is a difference between black people and niggers. If someone kills a person,if it isn't self defense - they deserve to go to jail. End of fucking story

  • wiz

    Has to do with the illuminati why dou think stars have mental breakdowns cuz they realise there puppets for the illuminati

  • Abel Ruiz

    Stay up Gucci. Haters keep hating have fun. I like Gucci music, might not make sense but it sure make me wanna get wasted ha ha. If you dont like his music, turn the other way while he makes his money. Personally I cant stand alot of new artist out there (drake, b.o.b., kid cudi). I dont hate on them except faggot ass drake, and i dont listen to their music, simple as that

    • LOL

      Haha, he hates on Drake, B.o.B and Kid Cudi and yet he's a fan of Rihanna, Gucci Mane and Kim Kardashian? LOL! Plus I hate guys who like cholos. Also, Illuminati sucks. The Catholic Church invented evil btw.

    • Anonymous

      You make yourself sound like a hypocrite here. So you try to separate yourself by saying you don't hate...then you hop on the cliched-out-the-ass bandwagon of hating on drake. How bout you turn the other way while he makes his money? People like you are why the internet sucks.

  • BWS-Fish

    u dont have to be a Gucci fan (i'm not), but why the fuck is everyone jumpin on this like its a good thing. U shudnt wish this type of trouble on someone because u dont like their music. And everytime there's a Gucci article on here, every faggit on HipHopDX crawls out of the woodwork wishin prison on him. In my book, that makes u a BITCH. Hopefully u beat the charges gucci.

    • LOL QQ

      Why do you want him to beat the charges if he committed the crimes. Music aside, if he's a fuckin criminal he belongs in jail. End of Story

  • Nico 3

    He'll get house arrest and release another album.

  • Vincent Salamatino

    This shit aint even funny cause we all know dude don't have hot lyrics. But he is about as entertaining as they come because he is straight retarded. Dude is a goof. He can't rap at all but he hustles and atleast tries hard. Dude gotta have mental issues just listen to him. He seems like he's caught in a life that he don't wanna live but it's still a better life then what he was living.

  • Up North

    Prodigy gets caught with a .22, gets 3 years Ja Rule caught with a pistol, 2 years Gucci Lame, various drug related felonies, maybe a year, possibly a mental institute T.I., federal gun charges and then parole violation, just short of two years total. Trend anyone? I could go on but I won't.

  • Whoolio Gee

    As much as i like Gucci, i can't help to see the irony in all of this. I mean, dude goes one about how retarded his swag/flow/jewelery is then he ends up in a mental institute. Just lol.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Damn, this shit is hilarious! Gucci, Stop Frontin about dem BRiCkS dawg, WE all know your Track record is weaker than the New York Knicks (no offense to b-ball fans, just an anlogy btw)!! More like you a Boss Sloth Frothin off at da mouth about how it isn't frosty enough and that you still freezing in Hotlanta Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrr LOL..... You fell off a while ago (only worthwhile songs where you ever had decent wordplay were "Rich Nigga Shit" and "My Kitchen." Go back to minor-league Trapping; It Is What It Is; Real Talk.

  • Frankie

    i knew gucci was retarded from the beginning. listen to what he says, his lyrics. look at him, listen to his voice. i never cosigned that dumb fuck

  • Thegiftpromotions

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  • ChrisGsus

    We need to Send all these wack rappers away with gucci mane dis nigga need 2 take the whole brick squad and lil b wt him

  • Killalex

    Anybody surprised lol? BURR BURR GUCCI BURR I R RETARD BURR


    lol... with all this money rappers get they cant seem to get there head straight!!!! Its a shame..lololololol any way his just doing it to avoid jail.

  • kennyken

    lmao. lmao. lmao. gucci is a trip. man just stop boss thug. get out of that shit and make your music and enjoy life, smartly!

  • Andres R.


  • T

    dum niggas he copin out, if he act crazy they may give him less time or hell get house arrest, gucci aint dumb, but he is the worst rapper, bow wow better than him

  • Just saying

    The best place to find your favorite rapper, it is not on tour but in prison.

  • Noni Trix

    Does Gucci know that? It doesn't matter right?

  • Anonymous

    Okayyy Hollddddd the hell up..since when do they lock a Nikka in a Mental Institution for not being able to count to Ten..?

  • Anonymous

    is anyone fucken surprised by this shit? i never thought he was able to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing” of anything.

  • gucci is a disgrace to hiphop nd sucks dicks

    this retard belongs in a mental institution--worst rapper EVER

  • Anonymous

    If I did not know of Gucci Mane and others like him. It's easy to make a spot on judgement about them musicly just by looking at their album cover. Never thought I'd see the day when niggerdom and Unintelligence would be so popular. Of course in every era of hiphop culture there has been a degree of ignorance, and some funny at times. it's really getting out of hand though.....I'm not even sure if the music he makes is HipHop. It's time for the reset button.

  • hahah what a joke

    Wow I read these comments and feel sorry for the level of incivility, ignorance and intelligence some of you people have. Get educated please, and maybe you'll live till your 40 and maybe make a bit of money. Stop the thuggery, it's not, and never was a good thing to be. You guys are so uneducated it's actually sad for the state of the world today. As for gucci, thank god, this guy is an atrocious piece of human flesh and hopefully he can grow up and learn to speak proper english as well. Im not holding my breath

  • halftime

    yall some dumb niggas, u do understand that he wants to be in the mental facility since it gives him a better standard during his sentence. and btw. fuck gucci

  • Kyrie Philbrook

    Asylum Records artist ends up in the asylum.

  • ReDu

    Checking into the psych ward...yea thats mixxie

  • EWAY

    With a hair cut like that you gots to be crazy!

  • Lit

    I see him in a padded room shaking and saying Burr, rocking back and forth and saying Gucci over and over again. The first mentally challenged rapper: Gucci Mane.

  • southrunthisgame

    shits all a conspiracy by lame ass niggas to fuck up the south, cuz ya'all niggas from NY, the west and anywhere else know the south fuckin run hip hop. so you tryin to put one of our talented rappers to shame. youll see when Wayne drops a classic in Carter 4 that only the south runs this shit. ur girl Nicki knew that shit thats why she left new york and joined young money. Like ur so called god MC Jay Z says "we run this town." its all about the south, the sooner u niggas realize that the better.

    • who is rakim?

      if you call gucci mane talented then i can't talk with you!

    • elwisse

      nothin to say, u just so funny to read loool

    • Lsn22s

      "wayne's last two joints haven't come anywhere close to carter 3 numbers either" thats what i meant to b for the grammatical error if anyone gives a fuck...

    • Lsn22s

      haha...somebody's feelings are the south does just fine making themselves look bad, they dont need any help...u honestly think there is some anti-southern rap conspiracy going on everywhere else? you just as retarded as gucci... o major heavy hitters in hip hop sales...not no 60-70k shit...overall, most of them have been from places besides the south...yall got some good and successful artists, but dont start gettin too big for ya britches now... and look at Young Moneys major players homey...Nicki Minaj is from NY and Drake is from FUCKING CANADA...Wayne the only major player from the south on his own Carter 4 a classic? more like plastic...just like carter 3...wayne's last two joints aint did anywhere close to carter 3 numbers either...people are sheep, their attention blows with the wind...dont talk all that shit bout what's hot or whatever cuz that shit could be done tomorrow...

    • gnigga_pleeze

      i believe weezy can make a classic with c4 but to call gucci one of the souths talented artists? fuck outta here. and eddie murphy ur crazy if you think hustle and flow was when the south started fallin off nigga thats when it started runnin everything. whens the last rapper from new york to drop a mainstream debut album. since 06 the only 2 have been maino and mims

    • EddieMurrrphy

      south doen fell off you had ur big moment when everyone was riding houston. that died a while ago. hustle and flow was at the peak of southern popularity and it fell off quick after that. shit is in the dumps now. i love me my southern hip hop, geto boys, three 6 mafia (back in the day) ugk outkast and some of the other mainstream shit y'all pump out. but most of it is garbage. the bad music put out down there is the orst of the bad music in hip hop. southern slop is way more coonish than northern slop. you vouch for all their music just because you from there? thats pretty ignorant i'm down for rootin for your home team but there are plenty of trash rappers i dont rock with from up here. wheres mike jones and paul wall and slim thugga at? especially mike jones. you got love for your brothers you helping them run shit by pushin their album sales to 10k?? homo, ignorant homo

  • EddieMurrrphy

    he was in no state to "intelligently participate" a probation hearing???? LOL how retarded are you gucci?

  • Anonymous

    i actually know mentally handicapped people, like people with downsyndrome that are more intelligent than this guy!

  • slapyobitchass

    Who didn't see this comin. When the only things that come out of your mouth is burrrr and it's gucci, we know ur retarded.


    man the jude ordered him to go there until his next courtdate

  • Charles ExSavior

    Mental incompetency is something he should have told his fans they were gonna get just listening to him.

  • Angelo Jaramillo

    Damn right hes incompetent

  • G-Zus

    Mental facility ! HAHAHAHA he always sounded retarded. If they listen to any of his material, he won't go to jail. Shit s too dumb for a sane brain.

  • bt

    Good fu*kin riddance hope they hit ur dumb ass wit mad time 4 makin hip hop look so bad u clown.

  • Yeah I said it

    WHat a fucking fool...\ I hope he grows the fuck up one day. Him and Waka are the dumbest niggaz on the planet.

  • Anonymous

    How can they prove the stuff was Wacka's when other people were at his house during the raid & he was gone. The man just got shot and you arrest him for a gun in his suburb house????? Wow!!! THE POLICE ARE AFTER THESE NIGGAS LIKE FLY'S ON SHIT!!!!

  • Atl2Trill

    I'm currently obsessed with SuperGucciTroll that I always comment on all the things he mentions but don't want to make it obvious so I pretend to hate him yet I respond to him all the time.

    • Atl2Trill

      WTF? Nigga STFU. Why you stealing my name dumbass??? I'm not obsessed with that ignorant ass kid. It's some lame asses on this site. I'm about to fall back from posting on here for awhile. Ur the one obsessed wit me if you watch every time I post. Get a life you pussy in the can ass nigga.

  • bballslim42

    Hope Gucci gets locked up with his gay cousin Waka and both get killed.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Man I'm sick of these wack niggaz. It's faggots like Kanye, Jay-Z, and Eminem the reason why America is fucked up. They want you to believe that Gucci Mane sucks when Gucci Mane is the only rapper with a brain. Gucci is the smartest man alive. His wordplay is so complex, he's shits on all your pussy ass niggaz. Gucci Mane represents Hip-Hop. Bow down to the Lord Gucci Mane. Like I said, Shawty Mane will blow in 2011. Christian Beadles will became the one of the rap legends in 2011 as well. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    yo son its offical nigga.....they is targeting us........they takin niggas down. if u gon talk dat talk n flash ur gang shit in dese videos make sure u aint ridin dirty. they trynna take niggas down son. Like Roy Jones Jr said "They Musta Forgot" Hip-Hop Police are listening especially after Tupac and Biggie. It make the police look bad by having two unsolved murders of two people that was as famous as them.

    • Anonymous

      think about this dumbass if most crimes are committed in minoroty neighborhoods, and those crimes are committed by minorities. WHo is really targetting who?

  • 1234

    Hell Yeah Ja rule, gucci maine and maybe waka flocka flame gettin locked up. Now that is some good for hip hop

  • IHateRappers

    Dumbest nigga in the game. Him and T.I. are numbers 1 and 2 respectively. Hope both of them rot.

  • cb

    Hope he goes to jail so he can't make any garbage music for awhile.

  • pathetic and embarrassing

    pathetic, embarrassing, uncivilized...just three of many words to explain this atrocious slab of meat they call a human being. The thuggery has to stop. At least learn how to dress and speak, then maybe you'll be able to stay out of prison. Get educated you uncivilized prick, and thanks for polluting the air with shitty music.

    • joe

      I dont like gucci,but how do you want him to you want him to wear skinny jeans.You forget is hiphop you listening to and living.any hiphop artist dat wear skinny jeans is a faggot

  • G

    Everyone pray that he goes to prison. That would be a huge break for hiphop. Now we just need to get rid of the rest of dicksquad nd we're good.

  • Anonymous

    wow if you support real hip hop check this out!!

  • Ruffdraft

    Since when has jail become "prison". He did a few months in a JAIL last time he went away. He came out still shitting real food. No one gets 90 days in a prison.


    Wtf i hope he isn't going to jail. fuck man on of my favorite rappers.... he gotta learn the law ain't fond of niggas messing up... hope he goes free

  • kennyken

    man chill damn. chill

  • Gregor SelfHood Scott

    how many times must he be locked up before he gets a grasp on the law?! Most of the big players in the rap game don't have these problems... smh Gucci



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