Kanye West Says That His And Jay-Z's "Watch The Throne" Will Come In One Week

At New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, 'Ye and Jay appear to say that their collaborative project could be here in early January.

From their star-studded New Year's Eve party in Las Vegas, Jay-Z and Kanye West (joined by Rihanna and others) made a shocking announcement. Champagne in hand, two of Def Jam's biggest stars of the millennium performed songs such as "Runaway," "Monster" and more. Towards the end of the former, Kanye West appears to have said, "We got that new, Watch The Throne, comin' in one week."

Watch The Throne has been said to be an early 2011 collaborative EP between the onetime mentor and star pupil. Believed to release through Def Jam Records, the work has been said to feature classic Hip Hop production from the likes of Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Madlib and others.

Video is posted below, filmed by World-Red Eye.

Jay-Z After Party at Marquee from Seth Browarnik on Vimeo.

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  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    I'm so much more of a Nas fan, but I like to listen to Kanye so I'll peep this. I wonder if Jay-Z will actually rap like he got some sense (*cough* like Reasonable Doubt *cough) #notgonnahappen

  • G'

    that's the life I wanna live....hatas and all included

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    oh boy! i'll b 1st in line next week. diz shit iz 4 real. kanye and jay-z! r da best in diz rap game. fuck da haterz! ROC NATION/GOOD MUZIK BITCH!

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    I got a feeling they were just drunk and said things they didn't mean but if this is true? Wow... BIG business mistake, little to no promotion for it but fuck it, it'll be nice!

    • Vincent Salamatino

      come dude this is Jay and Ye do you really think that they are in the habit of making mistakes? They know exactly what they are doing and they are about the hit the world of Hip Hop with an un leaked album of fresh material unheard before. Right now nobody knows nothing about this album and if it is even going to be an Ep or Full Length album and how many songs they recorded. If you walk in the store next week and see some crazy eye catching cover featuring Jay Z and Kanye West with Watch The Throne and you peep the tracklisting and see that you never heard of none of this material there is no way you don't buy that. That would have anybody intrigued

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    0_0 HOLY SHIT!

  • em

    fuck gucci man that guy is trash and fuck ur opinion who the fuck ask u

  • Gorgon Matts

    They let camels in bars these days?


      while u worrying about another mans appearance, that other man is getting his cake up. Do yourself a favor and focus less on that an more on ya self...

  • saffo

    there'll be LP, not EP Fans from Russia knows that, u r not))

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    should be good ...http://usershare.net/3wv0vufntj21

  • Riicx

    Jay-Z Wuz Drunk, Rihanna Too !

  • kennyken

    man did you see those producers? man this is gonna be an interesting album boss thug

    • Murda Mo' Murda Nigga! Kill'em Nigga Kill'em!!!

      Don't get your hopes up with the production line up...You know how Kanye always gives his word and then that shit flies under the carpet is if he never said it...Point taken for instance when none of DJ Premier's beats didn't make Kanye's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album and straight told Premier he didn't use them when Premo asked Kanye about it...So I could give a fuck who's producing on the Watch The Throne album because I'm sure for a damn fact that those producers (except for Pete Rock and Q-Tip) won't be written in stone...I bet you Kanye will just throw the left over Pete Rock and Q-Tip joints that we've already heard on to the album and Madlib won't even make the album...Watch what I say because these bastards (Jay & Kanye) always think that they're slick...They are cheating fans...Watch Kanye's "Chain Heavy" and "That's My Bitch" by Q-Tip and "The Joy" by Pete Rock appear on this album and then some more new beats from Kanye...There will be no more new Pete Rock and Q-Tip beats on this joint and I seriously doubt that anything from Madlib will make this album...Take it in blood but I bet that's what will happen...Why else would Kanye release it this early if that wasn't the case? He's just gonna throw those leftovers out to his fans and call it a day...Too bad Premier won't be apart of it...Could give two shits about Kanye or Jay-Z's words anymore...They can throw up The Alchemist or Large Pro to appear on that list and I bet they won't make the album because that's how much full of shit that Kanye is and he gets it from Jay...They could work with these producers all day and night if they wanted to but the end result is that they don't want to...Instead they would rather throw those producers names out to the public and treat them like puppets and then when the album comes out those producers are nowhere to be found within the production credits so I could give a fuck about "The Watch The Throne" album...

  • Anonymous

    if thats how the so called "illuminati" live....sign me up

  • Dynamite

    only there because they got paid crazy dough by the club, fuck them cats. They all about the money.

  • AFG

    Am i the only one who thinks they are living the good life?

  • XO

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMTp7YElR28 Be apart of something greater Way to drunk of a freestyle promise to do better next time...

  • Anonymous

    they were just drunk and fucking around

  • SuperGucciRap

    These guys suck. GO PATRIOTS, RED SOX, AND CELTICS. Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber will make the best album of all time. 300 trillion platnium in 1 second. Worship the Gucci The Father and Justin Bieber the Son. It's Gucci Time!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Maaaan. fuck yo life. you boston sports fan faggot. u from the area, you an ignorant fuck like that? used to not care now i highly dislike you. that justin bieber shit is too far to homie. just bad taste. how you lik rickety old garnett out now w/ a hurt leg? lol old man. btw tom brady is the biggest fag in football. the only person gayer than the mannings cant stand that dude

    • dom

      bro get a fuckin life

    • hiphopfan27


  • martello

    look at jays face when he said it its not coming out next week

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