Lauryn Hill Hours Late For Show, Tells Fans She's Worth The Wait

Hill defends herself against some angry fans after showing up four hours late to her show

Lauryn Hill recently kicked off her first extended tour in years, and it is not off to a great start. The former Fugees star was four hours late to her show in Williamsburg on Tuesday, December 28. Her DJ and band were on stage waiting along with the fans, who soon turned hostile.

After members of the audience began throwing cups and bottles on stage, the keyboard player taped a sign to his kit that read "I was on time." A witness told the NY Times that when Lauryn arrived shortly after midnight she was carried in to avoid the snow. By the time she hit the stage some fans had makeshift signs that read "you just lost one" and "this is insulting." 

While Hill apologized for being late, her tone was anything but apologetic as she told fans “I spent my entire 20s sacrificing my life to give you love. So when I hear people complain, I don’t know what to tell you,” she said. “I personally know I’m worth the wait.”  

After performing her first song, she noticed the sign taped to the keyboard and tore it down, telling the band member, “you trying to escape the bottles and the cups. Next time you take it, you take it like a man. We in this together, brother.” 

You can watch the video of Lauryn's arrival on stage below:


  • Anonymous

    lol enough artists are mad late... I thinkpeople must not be going to shows

  • JerzBoi

    Went to the same h.s. (Columbia) as this chick, she took the album photos from the 2nd floor girls bathroom in our school. My cousin graduated in the same class with her. I didn't hang in the same circle as her but was in the music rooms with her and met her in passing. "Quiet Lauren" now Ms. Hill. What happened? Your fans are what make you, not the other way around. The people that believed in you are still waiting for you to come home.

  • Vizz

    Everyone is bashing Ms. Hill and rightfully so. What about the fools who waited 4 hours for her? All of them should have walked out and let Lauryn play to an empty venue.

  • XiK

    Jesus! People gotta start protesting against niggers protesting! Lauren Hill = ungrateful shit "mc" eat a dick Lauren!!!

  • Ddot DOuble

    I saw Lauryn play back in 2001. She sat there and played acoustic guitar for about 45 minutes and was terrible at it. That was her whole set.

  • Eugene

    Lauryn Hill is really going uphill on this one. She may have won some but she just lost one and about to keep loosing more.

  • theTruth

    SOMEONE PLEASE knock this woman off her imaginery high horse. Lauren Hill needs to get a grip. ANYTIME you are late for a show you shouldnt never talk to your fans like that espesially when you're FOUR hours late. Dont care who you are or how many albums you've put out. I just cant believe the way she talked to those fans. Of course they are going to be angry, YOUR FOUR HOURS LATE BITCH lol. Be four hours late for anything in life and I promise you're going to piss some people off.

  • DJ E1

    The "I'm worth the wait" attitude is absolutely condescending, irresponsible and childish...there's nothing "hard" about being punctual and respecting fans.. The so-called "fake music" artists mentioned here like Drake, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, etc. knows how to respect and give back to fans...that's why they sell... Grow up, Ms Hill

  • achpe2

    LH needs to go sit down somewhere. Its 2011, not 2000. Respect us as people who have made you. You gave us your 20's, we give up our lives for you. I gotta love for Mrs. Hill and you know how the saying goes, there's a thin line between love and hate.

  • GamesOver

    She needs to get the fuck over herself. She has talent, no doubt. But she's not worth a four hour wait. No one is. She needs to recognise that she's no more special than anyone other performer and if anything her ass will be rusty at performing live. SMH.

  • Ranndy

    Wow!! 4 hours late?...You think she has learn the simple things in life. She performed all those years in the 90's still shows up late to her own show. I dont care how great of an artist you are, you made your fans wait for you for 4 hours in the cold. They was on time, man thats why I dont go to concerts anymore. Only sports events...atleats they start the game on time.

  • Jeramy Bray

    Sure, being responsible with your tours and respectful to your fans is important, but to ANYONE who says Lauryn ('L-Boogie'; 'Ms. Hill') Hill is a "bitch" you need to go listen to some fake ass Drake/Weezy/T Pain shit and stop trying to chime in on the REAL HIP HOP! Touring is part of it, but please remember, there are AMAZINGLY TALENTED people who NEVER tour. (maybe Ms. Hill should note this as well however, to be fair) Touring alone, or the lack of prepared touring should not be the final decider of talent and due respect. I have much love and respect for Lauryn and have never seen her live. Just like the woman said, "It takes work" and she's been away for quite a while, anyone who doesn't understand where she's coming from could easily have asked for their ticket refund within the first two hours and not put themselves through the additional 2 hour wait. If it pissed me off to wait, I'd have gotten a refund and been happy to have my $80 back. If I want to see Lauryn Hill perform I go through whatever it takes FO THE HIP HOP! Go see the woman when she's reported as being prepared again if you aren't into watching the disaster. (I mean it's not like her recent/current behaviors have not been overly publicized; you know what you got yourselves into) Bottom line, there will ALWAYS be times when a show doesn't go quite as either the artist or the fan would like it to. (we've ALL been there) It's those who are there in SUPPORT of the artist/group and maintain their support regardless of mishap who deserve the honor of the performance. (an exception is made here for artists who physically assault their fans for no reason; that shit ain't cool regardless) L-Boogie For LIFE!

    • Alex Hayford

      What world do you live in? I have no time to be waiting for 4 hours for a fucking artist to hit the stage, no matter who it is. Performing is her job and no matter what job you have, you have to be at work on time, period. Entertainers are no exception to the rule by any means. This bitch pulled the same bullshit at Rock The Bells in MD. Being a diva and telling everybody backstage that she didn't want to perform and making us wait for 1 and a half hours while this trick decided what she wanted to do. She finally came out and gave us 15 minutes of a mediocre performance. I don't know why she wants to get back into music cause this woman obviously doesn't give a crap about her fans or her performances. Love her music, but I'm cool with not seeing her in concert for the rest of my life, unless someone develops a cure for assholery.

    • Spibbs

      I hope your as driven in your personal life as you are at defending this self centered bitch. Nobody asked her to sacrifice her 20's. That has to be one of the worst "apologies" I've ever seen.

    • wow...

      fuck you. you are a high level functioning retard. i am not waiting 4 hrs for anything if i paid my hard earned money to see it. go play in traffic. i feel dumber after reading your post.

  • Almar

    Why Go on Tour if you arent gonna follow simple guidelines? Shit i went to a Too $hort concert here in portland and dude was half an hour late but nobody tripped, he eventually went on stage and tore the house down, But 4 HOURS? I wouldnt wait 4 hours For Jesus, God or 2Pac(Ok Maybe 2Pac), Lauryn Hill is a phenomenol artist but she needs to get her head out of her ass.

  • Kingdom

    This is exactly why I wasn't excited when I saw her tour. No money of mine from her!

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    next time i'm late to work 4 hours late, I'm going to give my boss the LH speech. Me: Look Boss, I sacrificed my 20's give u luv aight? So when I hear you complain and shit, I don't know what to tell u son. I'm worth the wait because I'm the shit!!! I'm the King of these cubicles Dunny. My Boss: You're fired!!!

  • Sam

    Selling some Blue Note Jazz Club tickets here:

  • iDj Astra

    No one should have to wait for anything for that damn long. These artist wonder why people bootleg,copy etc. knowing that album sales are low for them. I think it's disrespectful towards fans that pay thier hard earned money,get baby sitters,walk,take public transportation,pay for parking and drive to see an artist hours later.He album better have 20 hot songs on it whenever it comes out instead of the 11 everyone else have been doing.She's very talented but Ms. Hill respect your fucking fans !

  • Assassin221

    The fuck is this bitch talking about, making fans put up with her bullshit and then basically telling fans to suck it. I was at Rock the Bells 06 when some similar shit happened and people were not happy about that, but at least that time it wasn't no four hours and it wasn't really her fault; this is just disrespectful and judging from the comments it wasn't a one-time fuck-up. Glad I'm not much of a Lauryn fan so I don't need to feel let down.

  • umad

    aww it don't take all that. stop crying about someone being on time. ain't like you got nothing better to do if you out in the cold just to see someone perform. boobooheads

  • Wyclef jean

    RFLMAOOOOO!!!@ worth the wait...It's hilarious that she says that when we've been waiting for years!!!

  • carlos

    This Crazy Bitch did the same shit in Connecticut and try rush out of there .I respect the bitch of what she did in the past but right now she gots to go

  • bitch

    fuck this bitch she sucks. she also said she doesn't want white people to buy her albums. why does it matter she will get money regardless fucking racist asshole who sucks dick live and has pubes on her head

    • Anonymous

      she never said the white people thing, thats just a nasty rumor that got started. but everything else you said is true.

  • Chicasal

    she really has lost her damn mind.

  • Just Let Her Go

    She put out one of the best R&B albums of all time a LONG time ago. Was at Rock The Bells in DC and she was over 2 hours late to that set, forcing TRIBE on early and then cutting SNOOP's set way short due to the sound ordinance at the venue. I went to the bar during her set and watched the monitors for which the only mediocre part was when NAS showed up to just stand on stage. Her voice was hoarse and off-key and people were saying she was getting her nails done while we waited. I miss the Fugees but I have their albums and that's enough for me. I will go out of my way to avoid this woman's BS from now on.

    • Clinton

      I was at the DC show too..She came on stage and we all knew we we're gettting maybe 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. Then later we found out she wasnt sick. She was getting a pedicure. At the moment, that was it for me. She can kick rocks with open-toed sandals as far as i'm concerned. She gets none of my money again.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    The keyboardist taped a sign that read "I WAS ON TIME" ahahahahahahaha, now that is some funny shit.

  • lost one

    This was the same thing she did in Vermont only she wasnt so nice about telling people to wait...I was at rock tha bells in nyc and i hoped that performance was a fluke but the reality is that she is not worth the wait,the money or your time..Sad to say the least,i wont buy her new album and I'll never attempt to watch her perform live again..I feel bad for the band having to deal with her problems too.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Anybody went to this show? Well, was this homeless looking bitch worth the wait?

    • I'm At Work At Bored

      Wow, 6 hour wait? Holy shit, ahahaha Well, u did it for Hip Hop!!!

    • rara

      I went; front row by the bassist. Thank goodness that I had the stage to lean on otherwise I would not be able to handle 6 hours of standing. (2 hours outside, in the freezing weather, and 4 inside.) I don't know, I thought it was an awesome show. She really worked it even though you couldn't recognize most of the songs because of how they mixed it (Part of seeing someone live, amirite) But honestly, if the tickets weren't $80 I would've walked out after 2 hours. It was definitely insulting that after 6 hours she just did a marathon through her songs. And while she handled the hostility very well (I was expecting a riot) it did nothing to ease our anger... Like she didn't care that we were waiting on her. Now THAT was insulting.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Give me a break. Sacrificed 20 years of her life? Is she f*cking kidding? She made one album and took 12 years of vacation. If anything she should be grateful. I had no idea making millions and being a spoiled diva with loyal fans was sucha pain. Oh and the reason all of her show are different (or unorganized) is not because she's being creative. It's because she's too lazy to rehearse her set. This old hag should just go away.

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    That shit is hard to watch... How is it that a figure like Kanye West was able to acknowledge and somewhat set aside his ego after 5 or 6 years of learning and hardships; but Lauryn, who has had nothing but opportunity, respect and outcry for new material be such a raging bitch to her fans? What a self centered lunatic. And I LOVE Lauryn Hill... I'm just disappointed, saddened, and shocked that she hasn't turned it around.

  • Hatezzz

    OVERrated. She can still juggle deez nutz though.

  • ASEE

    Fucking diva. I'm not fucking around when I say that on a good day I'll put Lauryn in my top five emcees, but after reading this as well as that terrible performance I saw at rock the bells nyc, I'm starting to believe all the haters.

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