Kool G Rap Previews "Riches, Royalty & Respect," Discusses Rick Ross' Credibility

UPDATE: According to E1's distribution, Kool G Rap's first full-length in three years is planned for April 19, 2011 release.

Recently, the legendary lyricist with the signature lisp, Kool G Rap, provided an early sneak peak to HipHopDX of Riches, Royalty & Respect (tentatively due in April). From the preview he provided, the first new offering from G Rap since 2008’s Half A Klip EP is shaping up to be a career comeback on par with Raekwon’s renaissance last year.    

With a new EP, Offer You Can’t Refuse, boasting a half-dozen non-album cuts in addition to the previously leaked “Sad” due in the coming weeks to serve as an appetizer to tide over famished fans until the springtime release of G Rap’s triple-R return to releasing long players (his first solo full-length since 2002’s The Giancana Story), the Corona, Queens native is officially declaring 2011 to be the year he reclaims his legacy as Hip Hop’s premier street poet.

In his quick Q&A with DX, G Rap reveals some salivating details about his forthcoming comeback disc. And additionally during the discussion below, “The Kool Genius Of Rap” shares his thoughts on recent collaborator Rick Ross, and why the man who designed the conceptual blueprint for Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone-N-Noreaga and countless other hood narrators believes you, the fans, are hypocrites when it comes to the credibility issues of today’s Rap stars.       

HipHopDX: The last time we spoke was in early 2008 for your HipHopDX feature, where you walked through your whole career… And in that interview we did, you told me you were working on your next full-length, that would feature new production from DJ Premier to trail the ill “On The Rise Again” from Half A Klip. So how many Premo beats did you get for your new album – 12, 13? [Laughs]  

Kool G Rap: I’ll be honest wit’chu my dude, I ain’t get none from [DJ Premier]… I got a Alchemist track, [“American Nightmare”], with Havoc doing the chorus. That’s one of the highlights on the album. Other than that, I really didn’t chase names on this particular project because I was getting so much heat from dudes that was in the trenches… I look for quality, or I look for that heat period, and if somebody in the trenches got that heat I’ma run wit’ it.               

DX: What y’all talking about on [“American Nightmare”]?

Kool G Rap: Basically talking about chicks that chase dudes that get the money, and end up in bad situations because of that. And I’m giving like the scenario of one chick in particular – it’s not like it’s somebody in real life, I’m just giving the scenario of a chick that does that in general. And what’s the outcomes of doing that. So it’s like a short story. It’s a two verse song. It wraps it up real quick.  

DX: You doing a grip of storytelling on the album…?

Kool G Rap: I would say it’s more concepts than storytelling. [“American Nightmare”], that’s like one story rhyme, [but] then I got another track called “Maggie.” If you was to listen to it, you would think I’m talking about a chick. But I’m really talking about white girl, which is that brick of cocaine. The way I’m rappin’, [it sounds like] I’m just [talking] about a white girl that I’m wit’. [Laughs] If you listen real close then you’ll get where I’m going at wit’ it. I got [another concept joint] called “Pillow Talk,” talking about a chick that’s wit’chu but she’s fuckin’ wit’ the next dude. And you know when muthafuckas start sleeping together they start doing that pillow talk shit, start revealing personal shit…

I got a track called “Pages Of My Life,” where I’m touching on certain incidents in my life from the time I was in diapers up to the time I was a young teenager. And the “Sad” track that I released is touching on a lot of different subjects. It was touching on the passing of my mother and father, the passing of close friends, the passing of my sister… What people [heard] on “Sad,” they can expect a little more of that throughout the album.

Then I got my songs just displaying my lyrical abilities…like “G On,” where I’m just going in lyrically.

Everything G Rap is known to do, I’m doing on this album. I always did shit like that. Like, even on my first album, [Road To The Riches], you got “Road To The Riches,” [and] riches are a part of my reality. Then you got “Men At Work” – it’s something just showing my lyrical ability. Then you got “Truly Yours.” That’s [a song] sorta like something grabbed from reality, and then exaggerated a little bit – ya know, just to make the rhyme hot, or to make the song hot… ‘Cause sometimes when you writing, you just do what you feel. You do what you feel from the heart.  

DX: You know we love that “Ill Street Blues” though. That’s the shit we want, as much as we can get.

Kool G Rap: Oh no doubt! I’m taking it the “Ill Street Blues” direction. I’m taking it every single direction [on this album]. I really doubt if anybody that’s a G Rap fan, and familiar with the G Rap body of work, I seriously doubt if they would be disappointed.  

DX: Now, you said these names that did the production work aren’t really known, [so] can we get the names just to give ‘em some pub?

Kool G Rap: Absolutely. We got niggas like [De La Soul producer] Supa Dave, [Philadelphia-based production duo] Level 13, The Insurgency, my man Leaf Dog, and my man Pokerbeats who contributed in an amazing way to this album to make it what it is, and definitely got that heat.         

DX: How you find these cats…?

Kool G Rap: I found ‘em all through MySpace, and Facebook. I posted up a email for all producers to send tracks to, and these are some of the cats that sent tracks. And them shits is undeniable.  

DX: You couldn’t of done this like 10 years ago…

Kool G Rap: Exactly! But now you can run wit’ it. So I’m taking advantage of all the new technology.

DX: So we talked about the beat-work. You sharing the mic with any other emcees this go-round?

Kool G Rap: Just Havoc so far. I’m waiting on Beanie [Sigel] to send something back, who’s phenomenal lyrically. And I’m also trying to reach out to Vinnie Paz [for “Scarface Snow”]… Vinnie Paz got a crazy underground following. And I’m what you would consider to be a artist that ruled the underground. Because I never hit that Jay-Z status, I never hit that Notorious B.I.G. status [or] was mainstream like that. So I’m a artist that ruled the underground but recognizable to mainstream artists. And this is why I probably get the [title] “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.”

The shit that I’m trying to get Beans on, it’s called “The Fix.” “The Fix” meaning like niggas is craving for this and we gotta give ‘em this, baby. They goin’ cold turkey without us [in the game] right now. They getting stomach cramps and all that shit.

DX: There is one name I’m kinda surprised that I’m not hearing: [Rick] Ross. I was expecting a sequel to “Knife Fight”  .

Kool G Rap: I mean, it’s always possible. I will continue to work with Rick Ross for as long as he wanna work with me. But, he’s doing his thing right now, and I’m doing my thing. He’s doing his thing on a crazier level right now. But, I mean, that’s life. He’s a artist more of the present time, so I expect that, and I accept it.     

DX: I just gotta ask, man, given your credibility within the culture, did you initially have any reservations about working with Ross given his credibility issues?

Kool G Rap: I don’t pay attention to all that shit. To me, if dude was a C.O. or whatever, dude was making a living. And I ain’t gonna get too much into this shit because I’m not trying to make a circus out of this shit, because I’m not one to promote controversy and I’m not one to try to down another man out there doing his thing. What I will say is, I don’t see a problem if he woulda just said, “Yeah, I did that, but I’m doing this now.” Rather than people trying to use that to bring him down, he coulda just came clean and just said it like, “Yo, I’ma real dude. I used to do this, but I’m doing this now.” So I would never try to down [him] for what he do or anything like that, I just think – Hip Hop is a game where people appreciate you when you’re more honest. This is a game where everybody holds you so accountable for being real. But the fanbase is fucked up too, because they supposed to be a fanbase that hold people accountable to being real so much but they let all these fuckin’ fake muthafuckas sneak right through the cracks. So I don’t be wanting to hear nothing about Rick Ross and all that shit. It’s a lot of fake muthafuckas that slipped right through the cracks, and get over. [They’re] talking that gangsta life but ain’t really – Let me tell you something, man, there’s no way you can be a gangsta and rap at the same time. You can’t have your feet in both worlds. It’s impossible. ‘Cause a gangster gotta be on the low. And a rapper has to be in the open. So it’s like, the two contradict each other. So anybody talking like, “Yo, I’ma real gangsta and I bust my guns,” you ain’t – yeah, you might bust your guns, but we’ll be reading about you soon… Or we’ll be hearing about you, “Oh, he gotta do time now.” Or, “Yo, he got killed. They killed that dude, that Rap nigga.” ‘Cause that’s what being a real gangsta is.

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(December 30, 2010)

UPDATE: According to E1 Entertainment's distribution records, Kool G Rap's Riches, Royalty & Respect is planned for April 19, 2011 release.


  • samyG

    Props on Kool G Rap trying to get Vinnie Paz on the album but why no love for NECRO? If you want another real pioneer in the underground rap world, GO LOOK AT NECRO!

  • Glenn Tucker

    the man is the one of the best to do it

  • Blood CKing

    WHO CARES!!! Nobody's checking for Kool G Rap anymore. Maybe 20 years ago. New generation. New attitude. As for Rick Ross...one day he'll be outdated and old too!

  • Bradley Burnett

    Dat last paragraph was sum rns

  • Brizz

    Hiphop is dead, long live the hiphop because this culture as i knew it is dead. Its been morphed in to something where a complete fake, a prison guard with a stolen name who is so ignant he spend a million dollars on poleworkers in one night get both love and record sales. School your kids people so they know whats real and not and maybe this culture got a chance of freeing itself from these corporate sterotypes that kill the minds of our young ones. Rick Ross is a fantasy, a walking rapping fantasy and thats fine, BUT whats not fine is fooling ignant kids (and adults) into beliving its real. Thats poison and exactly what the machinery support. Stay ignorant and stupid and you stay easy to control. Its been said, WAKE UP PEOPLE! ONE.

    • Tidomann

      Co-sign nigga...that bitch-ass nigga better off singin' auto-tune Pop raps with T-Pain, Lil' Wayne. Comic raps & shit. Stop talkin' mafia, gangsta thugged out hard shit u once help kill & now u are livin' that. Talkin' about cats like Noriega had some deals with him & all that lyin' shit. "Rich off cocaine", fuck that, lyin' ass fat muthafucka!

  • Nico 3

    G Rap has had some tite songs, but let's face it. He's the Grandfather of G Unit. Not relevant in today's music landscape. He only wishes Ross would take 20 minutes out of his day to come and lend this dude a hit.


      get off Ross dick, you the type of fan G rap was refering to, you just wish you could live the life these niggas live, ol bitch ass fan boys always on some faggot shit. Live your life, stopworshipping these false idols, and stop hatin on skills nigga Taylor gang or BE A GROWN MAN.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about?? What defines someone/a band to be relevant?. Radio play? Whatever. Everyone has different taste in music. Do you just listen to whats on the radio? Whats wrong with hip hop's audience? Lets say, in rock, Pink Floyd for example. These guys are still famous today and are respected and listened to by today's rock youth. Why is hip hop so primitive?

  • Don White

    YO g rap you need to get rick ross on their beanie siegel mobb deep jay z big daddy kane saigon lil kim styles p raekwon 50 cents.& production by havoc dj premier just blaze rza & more. plus i think you should push back your album like intill may 18!!! & make it happen.

  • Tidomann

    "...Stutterin' bitch/who u know spit mo' gutta than this?" Giancana u should Blaze wit' Us again bringin' Jinx on there

  • Murpy

    Yo I thought Sludge already dropped da knowledge on u fools....Poopy Butt Farts be runnin the game.... You might have swag u might even have smarts But u still ain't got nuttin on da POOPY BUTT FARTS! Shouts to Skid and Sludge...

  • EJMD

    much love for kool g rap FREE BOOSIE!!

  • insanemacbeth


  • Thegiftpromotions

    To all you Hip hop fans and music lovers underground rapper, rising icon The Gift is blowing up in the streets with his new Sex Music song make sure you check The Gift out with his Maryland flavor D.M.V'S OWN The Gift- Sex Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bizW8Pakug

  • Kool G Rap

    I hope G Rap drops some mixtapes too. I agree with Nowlege, and adding to that I wanted to ask what difference does it make what Ross's mom did? Most african american's brought up in the generation before integration where far more intelligent. Their teachers were the Dr.'s and Lawyers who couldnt get jobs in white america due to segregation, so of course kanye and rick ross's moms are doctors. and im willing to bet money that ross can only be the first or second generation of his family to live in the suburbs.....but that CERTAINLY DOES NOT ERASE 400 years of struggle from his ancestors. None the less, when it comes to rap im not sure if any of it is real. not sure if it ever was. when ole boi mentioned c-murder and boosie i just thought of the word "trap". good to see g rap fans showing some intelligence and looking at the big picture.

    • Kool G Rap pt 2

      let me make this a little easier for you to understand. Money wont save you. at the end of the day-night, whether in the suburbs, the country, the city, hell .. this country- haiti, france, australia or canada. you still a six-letter. whether you are an honor student or a hustler off the street.. you still a six letter. i dont know what fairy tale you live in but six letters swing from trees just the same. come to think of it, look around you was oscar grant hustling? was danny reyes? Naw, just two brothers trying to make it. if you thought it was easy for anybody you dead wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Homie if u don't understand a nigga's mother having a great education and six-figure job for ova 30 years aloowing her to raise her kids in da suburbs n driving a high-end car vs. her son lying about it telling da fans that his life was directly opposite of that sellin' drugs and shit???...If u don't understand that than u don't understand nothing!!!

  • Kendall Weddington

    One Love G Rap! We miss you and your brand of real rap.

  • Kendall Weddington

    One Love G Rap! We miss you and your brand of real rap.

  • Anonymous

    fuck yall geeks crying bout rick ross. hes CB4 fake. the sheep accept it, the real reject it. g rap is all time great and never lost a step. thats dope to see him big up vinnie paz. vinnie is a rap legend at this point, this is the second time i seen g rap big son up. skills and dedication will always get you noticed by those who count. if you rap, you hope g rap likes your shit. its an honor. peace to alchemist for givin g rap trakcs. it doesnt matter what beat g rap gets, hes gonna kill it.

  • Anonymous

    Dawg is playing it safe b/c he seems to feel he has something to gain by not espressing his true feeling(like ol'girl Chrisette did) about the situation but he clearly has issues with da flaw in Officer Roberts-Ross b/c he clearly says..."What I will say is, I don't see a problem IF he woulda just said, 'Yeah, I did that, but I'm doing this now." See the thing is Officer Roberts-Ross DIDN'T come out and say that, he did what fuck-niggas do when they get jammed n they skirt get pulled-up, he venomously denied it!!!! He knew that the gig was up and he went into panic-mode, dissing everybody in da game(Trick, Jackie, Dirtbag, Slip-n-Slide CEO etc.) that knew da truth about him before he got signed! Every interview he did after his Dept of Correction Academy Graduations pics surfaced he lied, lied, and lied even more about it!!! Officer Roberts-Ross didn't want to admit that he went to college on a football schorlarship and studied Criminal Justice then dropped-out and got a gig as a C.O.! He tell people he had it hard in da slums but he didn't want to admit that his momma got a college Ph.D education in medicine with over 30yrs. career and raising him and his sister in the suburbs of Carol City(Pembrooke Pines). He was driving his momma Mercedes-Benz round but tellin' niggas he got it from serving yayo...LMMFAO!!! I stopped listening to him after he went in on T-Double-D about his illness! Niggas can say whatever yall want but thats when I knew that Officer Roberts-Ross was on som Imposter shit! He was dissin' Trick b/c his own Real-Life came to the light! Trick wasn't even saying nothing bout him but in fuck-nigga fashion he had to try to bring somebody else down b/c he was getting exposed when he the one who chose to fabricate he past!...I'm still trying to figure out who "PABLO NORIEGA" is???...I know who "Pablo Escobar" is and I know who "Manuel Noriega" is but i ain't never heard of the dude he says "Owe him a hundred favors"...That proves he was a fraud from the start! I remember seeing a interview where somebody ask Bun B what he think about these niggaz in da rap-game lying n impostering and he simple said,..."AIN'T NO SENSE IN LYING TO DA FANS SAYING U ARE WHAT U NOT, U GOT WHAT U DON'T, OR U LIVED WHAT U DIDN'T! THE FANS WILL EVENTUALLY FIND OUT DA TRUTH ANY WAY KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN', WE(UGK) ARE 100, HAVE ALWAYS TOLD DA FANS DA GOOD, DA BAD, N DA UGLY WE JUST KEEP IT TRILL BABY!"

    • BWS-Fish

      co-sign to pretty much everything u said. But i disagree with one thing u said. At the end u were making it out that its only a matter of time until the fans find out about him and stop listening. Unfortunately all of Officer Ricky's fans ALREADY know about this, but are happy to keep listenin to him talkin about things he never even nearly did. Its sad for hip-hop...

  • joecool07

    im not following G Raps logic. Ross never denied being a CO. He ate up all these weak rappers.. "gangsters" like 50 dropping hits entitled "piggy bank"... are you serious?? how old is curtis 3? G Rap talking nonsense cause Ross straight up said "Cant criticize niggas trying to get jobs, better get smart, young nigga live yours, only live once and i got two kids, and for me to feed them ill get two gigs, I'll shuffle shit- I'll C.O, so we can bow our heads over the meatloaf, IM LOOKIN AT THE BIG PICTURE, KEEP THE BITCH WITCHA TRYING TO GET A BIT RICHER. get your mind right

    • Anonymous

      i respect the bars , but they came after he got exposed an after he denied being a c.o

    • dmfslimm

      thank you. 100% cosign.

    • Naledge

      Its funny how yall are arguing over rick ross an entertainer whose entertaining and freeway ricky ross who worked hand in hand with ronald reagan and the cia to distribute crack cocaine in the black community to cover the funds of iran contra. Personally, i can deal with a C.O over an CIA rat,traitor, and coward that freeway ricky is. He only seems to have a voice for snitching and crying when the black community so earnestly, and rightly make money off his name. Freeway ricky is scared of the US. He sarificed "us" for the U.S so yea if you ask me , not that im a fan, fat rick ross > freeway rick ross. C-murder is real, Boosie is real but yall aint shedding no tears for them. so whats really real? Ross is feeding his kids and topping the charts.

    • smccoy

      Dude i don't know where u been at but Officer Ricky DID deney that he was a CO! matter fact he hella-denied that shit!!! I can find about 10 interviews with in on the radio and live in person where he denied ever being a CO and saying all them pictures of him was fake!...Its obvious u his stans b/c u reciting his lyrics so I know u seen and heard them interviews of him continuing to lie about his past, u know he ain't real but u his fan...Stop being suckered!11

    • Anonymous

      FAIL. It's called integrity and Ross doesn't have it after those lyrics selling his ass in rap like that. "Hip Hop is a game where people appreciate you when you’re more honest. " Ross being honest with those lyrics? He's being more of a problem in Hip Hop culture than anything.

  • LeJames

    No way you can be a gangster and rap at the same time? What about Snoop???

    • Dub_Es

      yeah and it almost cost him his career and a number of years of freedom. he clearly cut that shit out because - as G Rap says- you can't be a gangster and succeed in rap

  • Harry Williams

    Kool G. Rap is one the greatest artists ever to push the on switch on a microphone. When I was coming of age in East New York, Brooklyn the saying was, "You can't be both a gangsta and a dj." The Kool G. Rap broke that down to the atoms in this interview. I'll be looking for his new album.


    why do hiphopdx keep putting up ugly pictures of artists look at that fat bastard on this page

  • Anonymous

    I am not a criminal nor do I participate in criminal activities or do I condone criminality….. But this s**tRAW as f**k youtube.com/watch?v=BBYRyRfeTCA Yall will see one light in the end of the tunnel


    My favorite emcee of all time just spoke the truth!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chupps

    Longevity is reserved for the wise, clearly.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Isa Dalwai

    "There’s no way you can be a gangsta and rap at the same time. It’s impossible. 'Cause a gangster gotta be on the low. And a rapper has to be in the open." Killed it right there. Word.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Good interview



  • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

    This nigga is 1 of the reason`s why I rhyme. He ain`t never fell off either. I still can`t recite all of the lyrics to Men At Work. He is truly the Kool Genius of Rap.

  • Anonymous


  • dappadon


  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know the name of a track G-Rap did a couple years that was like a story about his lil man on the block that robbed some OG cats that G-Rap knew, then the OG's came lookin for lil man, and they told G-Rap "it's gone happen to scrams", then G-Rap tried to warn his lil man but dude wouldn't listen, got cocky and got caught slippin?? The hook was like "Everday it's some dumb shit", (don't know the rest)...

    • Sludge

      Ya'll fools need to put that old azz cool g rap sh!t in the trash.... Go cop that Poopy Butt Farts album coming to youtube this spring! You might be tight u might even have the heart But u still don't stand a chance against the Poopy Butt Farts! Peace Ya'll!

    • Corey G

      G rap is a legend much respect due, favorite rapper favorite rapper for sure ask Styles. Anybody know the name of a song that started "If I cant eat then you cant eat...I'm run up on em and blam em with the heat" Came out like 01 or 02 my man Faraq had it on a tape he recorded from mix on Hot97 think it was on a mixtape not a album

    • Anonymous

      good lookin fam

    • Vocab

      yup, I got you. it was 'the life' off of his Half a Klip ep

  • problemz/problema

    Why can't G rap get any heat from producers like just blaze,yeezy,rza,9th wonder etc..sad these dudes don't give him joints off the strength..G rap is one of the best lyricists to ever touch a mic,,he has to rely on all these no name dudes..smh..

    • Much Respect

      because G rap is a REAL NIGGA... All them sellouts you mentioned ain't tryna bring it back to the hood, they all tryna a make profit for themselves...It's cool we get to hear G rap over Alchemist, but he def could flip any of them cats beats, they just too "involved" if you feel me...

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dope Interview. Lookin forward to the new record. Dope that he gave up and coming producers a chance to send him heat too. And that shit he talked about being a gangsta AND a rapper is so real. Comin up in Queens in the 80s and especially the 90s, the hardest niggas, crack-selling gun bustin niggas never kicked no rhymes! They got high and told they peoples to spit. They were entertained by rappers. The hardest dudes were too hard to spit and have themselves judged like that. They had they homies do the rappin while they bought the weed for everybody.

  • RealTalk

    i appreciate the honesty he expressed in the last question about the credibility issues with these phony,mainstream bitches.

  • Gucci Religion

    Follow the Gucci Mane Religion. The Rap Messiah has come to deliever his people out of the chaos of faggotry from the devil aka Eminem, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka are the holy trinity of Rap. Follow the Gucci Religion. We need 100 converts.

  • Atl2Trill

    Great interview. He just shitted on Ross, but it had to be said though. Triple O.G. status for G Rap.

  • Anonymous

    i got my winamp back, fuck yall

  • eazy

    if u dont know about G rap go cop 4,5,6 that joint is some of his best work a str8 classic!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4

    This nigga said some real shit regarding rick ross. I agree with his view on 100%. If fans weren't so caught up in fantasy we wouldn't have issues with authenticity in the game. I still don't like fuck niggaz running around like they thorough and shit but when motherfuckers is letting lame mofos act and swear they are a certified gangsta or chief in a gang you can't really be talking about credibility because no one has any.

    • Much Respect

      co sign homie, too many fraudulence running around the game now, it's almost impossible to come across real cats that spit nowadays, everyone got a gimmick or something, peace to the brothas (and sistas) actually being true to themselves and they movement, I don't pay no mind to them posers.

  • rydersix10

    lil wayne talking about su-woop this su-woop that..all of a sudden he's a blood...like G Rap said..how the hell can you be a gangster and your in the hip hop business as a rapper getting followed around by reporters with cameras on you watching everything you do???...if you do do something gangster then like G Rap said your ass will end up either in jail,shot up, or dead.

    • TripleBlackandBeautifulWoman

      Prime example is: Lil Boosie (facing Capital Murder Charges)... SMH When Keepin it real goes Wrong... not mention the Most High gave him a way out with Hip Hop... even though he's garbage, it was an opportunity.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Co-Sign my nigga, all these cash money niggas claimin to be bloods, fake as hell.



  • Sludge

    Yo if you like kool g rap you should check out the poopy butt farts! Me Skid, and Murpy be runnin sh!t...

  • Anonymous

    "yeah, you might bust your guns, but we’ll be reading about you soon…" LOL. so simple but so true!

  • Anonymous


  • H-DUB

    No Major, no Budget, no Ads, just street Talk: The Album won´t sell , believe me. Sad Fact, but thats how it is today. Will we hear him on the Radio, see him on TV - No ! I still buy the Album .....

  • Archie Archibald

    hiphopbaby76 I TOLD YA'LL 2011 IS THE YEAR OF THE HIPHOP GREATS COMING OUT TO RECLAIM THE THROWN...DIDN'T I??? Another one for my collection. N i agree bout the fake ass thugs rapping bout guns & knives,selling coke..etc. THE REAL HIPHOP IS OVER HERE!!!! 2011 LOOK OUT

  • Anonymous

    i hope g rap can come back with an album powerful enough to change the game!

  • Duke

    thank you Kool. bout time someone in the game that actually knows what they are talkin bout said it, instead of all of us arguing when we hardly know shit. just listen to the music and shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    Kool G Rap. Man this dude can out rap anybody. I'm copping

  • Anonymous

    i bet you it bothers him rick ross is a fake motherfucker, but grap doesnt bullshit and start little feuds, def gonna cop this album.

  • Anonymous

    hes been spittin crack since he came out the crack in the crack spot

  • LEVEL 13

    Shoutout G Rap can't wait for the album to drop!

  • Arii Price

    Kool G Rap just insulted 90% of Hip-Hop by just being 100.

  • Charles ExSavior

    KGR is one of the illest rappers of all time. If he started at the same time as Big L he would have probably got a lot more recognition because his flow and pictures he paints are WAAAAY ahead of his time.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Kool G Rap is right, Ross was workin that better then a lot of ya'all niggas comin on her bashin him for feedin his family. Better workin a CO then out streets robbin niggas right. Anyway Kool G Rap a legend, good this nigga doin his thing. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      @nike champ, the prob is, you're assuming that if he was a c.o, that he couldn't have did the stuff he rapped about. I'm not suggesting that he did nor do I care. I know plenty of c.o's who had the work. I had homeboi who concocted a plan to become a c.o for the purpose of moving some work. The funny thing about this whole argument is, that if he wasn't a c.o, nobody would ? his cred. The same way they don't ? these other artists who talk of drugs, money, and guns

    • Nike Champ 718

      Nobody has a problem with a ni99a holding down a job to feed his family. Ni99as have a problem with somebody being on one side of the law and portraying himself to be on the other side of the law.

  • Eric Brown

    Dude still spits fire for the most part. I'll cop it on gp.

  • Anonymous

    Kool G Rap is keeping it real. I expect som grimey, raw cocaine rap. Def copping

  • Anonymous

    so kool g rap you think Ross is a fraud? because you said there are so many frauds in hiphop.

    • Pat Neeland

      No, he didn't outright say Ross is a fraud. Don't put words in his mouth. What he said is that he couldn't give any less of a fuck, and that it's none of his business, nor is it ours. If Ross is fakin', it'll come back round one day. That's it.

  • Petrick305

    Never really listened to KGR but know about his legacy and all. His work with Ross put him on the map for me. This guy is a living legend and seriously "Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper". So I'm def. gonna cop this album on the release date. Great interview.

  • STFU

    Keep Haylie Duff off the record this time

  • Mitch 3K

    Real Talk I'm anticipating this album but I'm keeping my expectations low, I didnt like Hal A Klip, or the Giancana story really but I'll always give what he drops a fair listen

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