Boi-1da Talks Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV," Drake's New Album, Eminem

Toronto's most sought after producer talks about his latest work with Hip Hop heavyweights

Toronto native Boi-1da has come a long way in the past couple years. Since blowing up in 2009 after producing the Eminem/Weezy/Drake/Kanye posse cut "Forever," the young producer has been in high demand. He spoke to VIBE about his rise and his latest projects.

Few producers with so few credits to their name end up producing for one of the biggest artists in the world. Even Boi didn't think it would happen. "Never," said 1da of working with Eminem. "The craziest thing is that I’m like one of the biggest Eminem fans. It’s surreal to actually think that this is happening. First, I was just in awe to be doing a song with him and to be talking to Em and him respecting my music. Now, that we’re up for a Grammy it just makes everything realer. The world knows now. It’s an honor and a humbling experience as well."

After producing two tracks on Drake's platinum Thank Me Later, including smash single "Over," he is back in the lab with Drake for his sophomore album. "We were actually just up in New York working, Lil Wayne was in there, too. I gave him stuff for Tha Carter IV. Man, 2011 is going to be a good year for music. Drake’s in tip top shape and what’s amazed me is that lyrically he’s gotten better. He was already an outstanding lyricist but now I’m just in anticipation of what people are going to think when they hear his new music. "

Read the full interview at VIBE here.


  • musicfan

    this dude mite be one of the best producers out rite now, after taking a look at the songs this guys produced hes defiantly done a good job.

  • Naftali Thaithi

    Big Up Boi 1da, respected your music after Kardinal Offishall's - Set It Off! All the best in the coming year!

  • Anonymous

    its really sad that ppl hate ym bcuz they have a lot of the hihop/rap world attention...and that they are making mucho pesos

  • RealTalk

    No disrespect to Drake, dude's done some impressive shit, but did this fool just call him a lyricist? I respect dude's music, but he aint no lyricist.

  • Thegiftpromotions

    To all you Major Hip Hop fans make sure you check out Rising Icon Of year 2011 Song The Gift- Sex Music arguably the hottest song on youtube now

  • Makavelligiga

    I'm hurgry....

  • white milk

    i meant to remove jay, ye, and em from that list. we all know they've been and will continue to be hot

  • Dennis Semp Paredes

    good for Boi-1da. keep shining homie

    • Rhymes

      YMCMB Bitches hate if u want coz u can't reach Wayne, Em n Drake's level fuck u onthe road to makin history dats Young Money 4 u

  • SuperGucciRap

    Fuck Eminem and Flake... those guys fucking suck. Eminem is some pussy cracka who raps about candies. Flake raps about flaking out in the studio. Get the fuck out of here with that gay nerd shit. Lil Wayne is the only one here with talent but if Flake, Eminem or that pussy I can't speak English Tech N9ne is here, i'll be pissed. Gucci Mane will murk tehc n9ne in a freestyle. It's Gucci Time!

  • SetGecko

    This dude is on drake's nuts.....and he SHOULD be. if it was not for drake, he would remain just another good-not-great producer, all of which remain underground their whole career


    J-Cole, Fabolous, Red Cafe, Lil wayne, Vado, Juelz santanna, Cam'ron, big sean, kanye west... the list goes on thats the future of rap and J-COLE MOCK MY WORDS WILL BE THE NEXT LEGEND THEY WILL SPEAK ABOUT MOST OFTEEEEEEN!

  • studioDRE

    yada yada wayne only making C4 because no one fail for the "rock album" thing he was trying to do and his second CD of this year no one was really talking about it and he was even released from jail that didn't help(trying to use jail status for record sail) C4 wont be all that, if it sells it will be because the idiots are failures buyin' because it says "Carter 4" Source: Common sense

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    kanye killed dat forever song. he did way betta than flake, lil gayne and feminem. he had da longest verse 2 so dat meanz dat he had a lot of shit 2 say. fuck wut u faggotz think! and gay-1da suckz. all hiz beatz sound da fuckin same. kanye iz clearly milez ahead of diz fool when it comez 2 beatz. more creativity and more soul r found in kanye'z beatz sumthin dat gay-1da lackz. ROC NATION/GOOD MUZIK BITCH! oh and did u niggaz watch dat mountain dew comercial wit jay electronica n it? sick verse, dat nigga will kill da entire cum money group in a freestyle battle. watch out!

    • your embarrassing

      @mandy I almost agree with you...except for the fact that your spelling and grammar is atrocious, and your level of IQ is well below my 5 year old nephew's. go back to school and get educated please.

    • Killyoself

      Why u hatin so hard?

  • G

    2011 is going to be a classic year in hiphop, but not because of these fools, because of dr. dre, talib kweli, lupe fiasco, andre 3000, possibly outkast, chamillionaire, jay-z & kanye, eminem, slaughterhouse, joell ortiz, tech n9ne, raekwon, 9th wonder, nas, obie trice, dj premier, wale, young jeezy, 50 cent, and then our freshman: j cole, nipsey hussle, big sean, rock city, xv and lots more.... 2001 is back

    • Tduma91

      Co-signing on this one, there's a big list of hit makers on this year's release chart. It's gonna be a hot year. YM's a bunch of clowns. It's all about Aftermath, G.O.O.D Music, ROC Nation and can't forget my main man in Strange Music.

    • white milk

      l m a o seriously? ok talib kweli, chamillionaire, jay-z & kanye, eminem, slaughterhouse (which includes joell ortiz right??), tech n9ne, raekwon, 9th wonder, nas, obie trice, dj premier, 50 cent, and then our freshman: nipsey hussle, rock city, xv can ALL be removed from the list. not saying they not good artists but be serious. as much as some of u would like to see these dudes blow up its never gonna happen unless they go mainstream and we all know that if any of them do go mainstream & switch up their sound..and then the "real hip hop heads" will no longer support them... these ppl do not have mass appeal.. hate it or love it you must face the facts that the majority of hip hop fans that buy music not gonna pay any attention to these ppl unless they switch something sure u purposely left off YM but yall know whats up.. no need to even say anymore on that

    • jbatcha21

      Lets not forget Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y, The Illz, Dee-1

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous they're not acting

    • anonymous

      errybody act like they forgot about Game...

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