G-Dep Murder Victim's Family Responds To Confession

After G-Dep is indicted for killing his stepbrother in 1993, Robert Henkel says, "After all this time, yes, he just should have shut up."

On December 15, former Bad Boy rapper Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman walked into the 25th police precinct and confessed to murdering John Henkel in 1993. Coleman was quickly indicted by a grand jury. And while Coleman’s lawyer says his client was unburdening himself as part of a 12-step drug rehabilitation program, members of the victim’s family have decidedly different opinions on the confession.

“I think he’s an idiot,” Robert Henkel, the stepbrother of G-Dep’s shooting victim told the New York Post. “He has three kids and a wife. It was years and years and years ago. Finally, we’re not always thinking about it . . . and now it has to be dug up all again.”

G-Dep recently appeared on the Chi King single “On My Way.” John Gornbein, the CEO of Protekted Records—the label Chi King is signed to—has offered to donate a portion of the sales from “On My Way” to the surviving members of the Henkel’s family.

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