Legendary R&B/Soul Singer Teena Marie Dies At 54

Rick James' protege has passed at the age of 54.

R&B/Soul singer Teena Marie passed away yesterday (December 26) at the age of 54.

The announcement came from Mike Gardener, the singer's manager.

The singer, who grew up in Oakland, California, is notable for being one of the few white performers who found mainstream success in R&B. She signed with Motown Records in 1976, after which point Rick James became her mentor. In 1983, she signed to Epic/CBS records, where she recorded until 1990. After a 14-year sabbatical, Marie signed to Cash Money Records' Classics imprint, where she recorded La Doña, the highest-charting album of her career. She was signed to Stax/Concord Records from 2009.

"R.I.P. [Teena] Marie," Tweeted Bryan "Birdman" Williams in response to her death. The singer has been sampled by Hip Hop acts such as The Fugees, Jadakiss and many others.

No cause of death has been released as of press time. There are reports that she suffered a seizure last month is Los Angeles.

HipHopDX extends our condolences to the family and friends of Tenna Marie.


  • Anonymous

    i am a person that really dont say much but tina marie was a very talented star her memories will forever be apart of all our lives

  • Anonymous

    I met Tina Marie @ her concert back in the 70s & she & Rick James were perfect together! After the concert, I was invited backstage to meet Tina & socialize...and I did!!! She is a wonderful passionate personality, with a heart that's sweet and loving. rip Tina, and thanks for making my young concert going years wonderfully memorable!!!!!


    she was too young but she was white trash anyway

    • Anonymous

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    • yung sir

      it's people like u are so dam stupid to say something like that so that someone in her family may see it. you need a ass whipping your dam self and you got to be a coward because only a coward would say something like that

  • 420westcoast

    She did have some nice titties.

  • Champ Fulse

    "Ivory Queen", get the fuk outta here.

    • Anonymous

      and she was better than aretha franklins ignorant arrogant diva-ish fat ass ... queen of soul, YEAH RIGHT! who the hell gets mad for someone callin someone else a queen? cuz thats what she did to Beyonce' .... she DAMN sure didn't represent a queen of soul or anything else... and she NEVER WILL! you need to llok into your history and learn some things and see who really opened doors for us before you go talkin shit you stupid ass bald mutha fucka. hopefully those kids in that picture with you grow up hating your dumb ass once they find out what kind of real idiot you truly are and they're smarter than you and stay the hell away from you.... you dumb as shit.

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    • jj

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  • Anonymous

    Teena did NOT grow up in Oakland..........she grew up and lived most of her life in Venice, CA and the grater Los Angeles area.........please get the facts straight

  • niiya

    R.I.P. Lady T. I remember my first and only time seeing Teena perform was at a free concert in NYC hosted by J & R Music World. The performance was dynamic. She signed my CD and now more than ever I will have a reason to treasure it. We will truly miss you! Prayers and words of encouragement to her daughter (who was by her mothers side at that concert) and her family.

  • Anonymous

    damn, RIP tina marie. her ands rick james were doing fire and desire live where classic. also got to give her probs because she was one of the few R&B acts period, not just white, to carve out a niche in the 80's that time between funk and new jack swing was a slower time for the genre

  • ladyt j

    oh my god teena i can't believe your gone i loved your music sooo much you will be missed rest in peace.

  • ladyt j

    oh my god tina i can't believe you are gone i loved your music i am so sad i even carry the name ladyt rest ib peace tina.

  • Carylon

    After watching this youtube shit man i think illuminati killed Teena Marie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bizW8Pakug

  • irene

    I was familiar with her music through my daughter and I always assumed she was black, it is a compliment to her beautiful voice.

  • JG3

    No comment on the disrespectful comments...It was a blessing to watch you perform in person. Rest In Peace Teena Marie...You will be missed.

  • A. Non

    RIP Teena Marie, your voice was a gift. -@RIP Teena, Fire & Desire was my shit. -SMH@ those disrespectful hatin-ass faggots harpin on her race, she still did her thing, real spit. Uneducated bastards, go play Human Centipede somewhere, And as for mark666, who obviously is butthurt cause someone stole his chick (if he had one), eat a dick....with Congo AIDS on it.

  • Tbo

    ...and yall wonder why people are racist. THIS is the problem with hiphop. too many losers who will never amount to anything so they just act retarded and disrespectful.. it gives the game a bad name. RIP - she was one hell of an artist

  • Sensaye252

    I wouldn't expect anyone in this forum to have any class or sensibility, after all, it is a Hip-Hop site, and Hip-Hop these days is a cesspool of young losers and idiots. With that said, R.I.P. Teena Marie, one of the greatest R&B singers and song writers of all time. 1.

    • shone jones

      Wah. Wah. Wah. Stop posting messages on this board if you hate hip-hop so much. With that said, RIP Lady T. You will be missed!!!!

  • coconutbrainz

    i wonder if the porno will leak now once shes dead...

  • erik

    you are all some sick fucks the woman has just died, and u dirty rotten fucks have the nerve to write sick shit about her cos shes not a black woman, if she was aretha franklin you wouldnt be writing that shit, just cos she white , ur gonna write some disgusting shit like that u dirty cunts

    • AJ

      I agree with Erik, that just shows you where their brains are. Even sickos will face death because it doesn't discriminate. Leave the lady alone and let her rest in peace. R.I.P. Lady T.

    • Champ Fulse

      Yea waduva, she aint black. Fuk outta here, that Elvis shiy again. Same MM,kick rocks krakkaz!

  • TIMBUK 4


  • RIP Teena

    Fire and Desire my favorite track from Teena Marie. RIP. Your music is timeless.

  • damn


  • lamarkbeats

    Damn another Great singer has left us RIP Teena Marie .....

  • joyce finch


  • The MG

    Damn, RIP. Another great singer lost.

  • Christopher Carter

    Teena Marie was a black woman trapped in a white woman's body. To be honest, she made folks color blind when it came to her soulful music. Another legend has fallen but even though she gone, she will never be forgotten. A angel to all of us music fans and much more to friends and family. She will truly be missed. R.I.P.

  • Archie Archibald

    hiphopbaby76 R.I.P TEENA MARIE....loved her music,beautiful voice. like that team-up of her & mc lyte on the SET IT OFF soundtrack. i will have to get her full collection.



  • Just another fan

    Damn, we lost too many greats in the past couple years. Michael, Luther, Teddy, Rick, and now Teena. R.I.P. Teena Marie. There will never be another like her.

  • dirtysouthernhotshot

    R.I.P Teena Marie, what a young age to go... An incredibly talented and versatile R&B singer. We will never forget you.


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  • dtp229


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