Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Dr. Dre's Cosign, Considering Aftermath

Compton, California legends and hopefuls are working together, as Kendrick tells Hard Knock TV how the last month of his life has changed.

In the last month, Compton, California emcee Kendrick Lamar is one of the newer acts acknowledged by Dr. Dre, as the iconic Rap figure finishes up his third solo album, Detox. Hard Knock TV recently caught up with Lamar to get his reaction. "Me coming up in Compton, that was a motherfuckin' god," began the Top Dawg emcee. "Seein' him at Compton Swap Meet with [Tupac] in a Bentley, shootin' 'California Love'," is one of the young rapper's hometown memories.

"It was a fuckin' honor," said Lamar of the first time he learned Dre was aware of him, when the Aftermath Entertainment founder called Los Angeles' Power 106 morning show for an impromptu interview. The pair was in the studio together within the next week. Kendrick says, "It was a memorable moment."

Hard Knock also asked him about the likelihood of joining Aftermath, which presently includes Eminem, Game and Slim da Mobster, among others. "It's definitely in talks, in the works. He sat down with me and said he'd definitely like to work with me, hands on, Aftermath," said Lamar. "We'll see how it pans out in the end." With Top Dawg's other act, DXnext alum Jay Rock presently at Tech N9ne's Strange Music, Lamar says that doing business with Dre would fulfill a dream. "That's the ideal look: to be with Dre. I'm from Compton, he's from Compton."


  • nonfixion

    i don't know thisd cat but... hum, okay, i understand: he is the new bishop lamunt

  • Anonymous

    yay. maybe he can stay there for 4 - 8 years and then not release anything

  • dc_reppin

    look like dre just found a new ghostwriter...

  • yugang

    Nooooooo! dont do it kendrick. You too good to get shelved on aftermath (which will most likely happen as history proves). Just get a couple of beats from him and get the fuck outta there!!!

  • Brian McG

    Whats that track/video that plays during that interview? Sounds insane.


    I haven't heard any music from dude yet so I can't form an opinion. I will say journalism sucks, cause I read an article that had the man listed as an aftermath signee already...smh, just give me dope music, I don't care about the rest

    • yugang

      Dude you sleeping just google his overly dedicated mixtape and download for free so u can get the 3 extra tracks (which are dope as fuck) Heaven & Hell, Night of the Living Junkies and The Heart Pt. 2. If u download on itunes u wont get those 3 extra tracks

  • dirtydawg

    Noooooo, it's not an ideal deal! Just like the deals with Ra, Hittman and Marsha Ambrosius weren't as great as they looked in the beginning. Stranded with Dre, that's what you will get, buddy Too bad Why can't these cats not join a different label and still get Dre beats!? Is that really so hard?

  • Patrick@TheRapSpot

    I started a hip hop website. And I'm looking for some followers/commenters. Its called TheRapSpot. We have a few things that are different. Any mixtape that comes out, we have a section called Worth the Download? where we review it and let you know if its worth checking out. We also have Sample Saturdays. This is a little game where we stream a sample and you have to be the first to send in an email telling us the sample and who used it. We are more personal. My email is available for any questions ( Thanks if you check it out. (sorry for spamming) -Patrick (Owner/Creator/Writer)

  • casper21

    I read the interview with Dre in XXL. He openly admitted that a lot of artists that came through the label, either new or established just didn't have chemistry with him in the lab. Em, 50 and Game all did, so all their albums actually came out. For those that didn't you don't get to hear their records, they go to the vault. So it comes down to chemistry between him and Dre, best of luck Lamar.

  • Anonymous

    OK. SOoo Dre realizes that Kendrick is dope. Cool. BUT, can Dre produce the type of music that Kendrick NEEDS???

  • Charles ExSavior

    Best of luck to Kendrick's career, but damn, I have zero faith in Aftermath outside of Eminem, 50 and Dre himself. Only 5-6 artists out of the 15-20 people that signed to the label around 12 years ever came out with an album. Ironic how 50 said Koch was a rapper's graveyard right?

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