Daz Dillinger Announces New Album "D.A.Z.," Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg Featured

UPDATE: The features for the April album feature some west coast O.G.'s and longtime Dogg Pound affiliates.

The rap game is a dog-eat-dog industry, and Daz Dillinger is rare breed that survives without question. Now, Tha Dogg Pound Gang veteran has recently announced his plans to release of his fourteenth independent solo album D.A.Z. for release next year.

Although Daz has revealed few details about the project, he did confirm that the 10-song album D.A.Z. will be a return to the classic West coast sound. He also added that the LP will be accompanied by a bonus DVD.

"This whole album is going to be all West coast beats...voice control, no yelling, smooth shit," he said. "[The album is] for the real fans out there. Not you mother fucking haters out there talking shit on the blogs, suck a cock you bastards." (AllHipHop.com)

Earlier this year, Daz linked up with fellow Dogg Pound emcee Kurupt for their seventh group LP 100 Wayz on DPG Records/Priority. They also announced that they will release another DPG album in 2011 titled Westcoast Aftershocc.

(December 24, 2010)

UPDATE: Today, Daz Dillinger told HipHopDX that April's D.A.Z. will feature Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Soopafly and Mac Shawn100.


  • kled

    is there really anybody who listens to this 41 old year average rapper wannabe thug.

  • Anonymous

    more and more rappers are making albums with only 10 tracks. but hey if you can normally only make 5 dope joints like daz then a 10 track album sounds better then a 16 track album with 11 wack tracks

  • Bryant Carter

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  • MaddLeak


  • ofzac

    u motherfuckin haters beta shut down the f-up if u aint got shit 2say..fuck all u haterz..DPG Daz dilli 4lyf...this str8 from my hood...reply..ubcum my doormat.haterz

  • white milk

    where r the up n coming west coast rappers? y wont thes guys try to find new talent?

    • Controverse

      it's not their job to put up every new act just because they're from the same state. plus, how many of them do you think reached out to daz?

  • Southside Balla 31

    The real gangsta shit back? Yeah, that's what Im talkin' bout mayne, the hood gotta be represented by the real g's like Daz, not by some other fake ass niggas that think that they do some shit fo' the hood, when then even gotta nuttin'.

  • Anonymous

    who cares. please retire with your gangbang and pimp raps. We know now for 25 years that your are a pimp and gangbanger. you are getting boring

  • How I Got Over

    This will sell about 2 copies. Daz and Kurupt will buy one each.

  • Hood Illustrated

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