DJ Premier To Release "Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2" On January

One of Hip Hop's most beloved producers is expected to release a new collection of rare and unheard instrumentals.

On January 18, 2011, DJ Premier is scheduled to release Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2. This will be the second official volume of rare and unheard instrumentals from the Gang Starr producer and deejay. The release will come through Premo's Year Round Records, who just released Get Used To Us, a compilation, earlier this month.

The tracklisting to Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2 is as follows:

1. John T
2. Ch-Ching
3. Dots
4. Doomp Doomp Doomp
5. Stylesss
6. Epic-ishh
7. Beautiful
8. Change
9. Live Pro
10. I Don't Know
11. Late Night
12. N.Y.S.O.M. #20


  • A.S.

    Not gonna lie...first Volume was kinda shite. Hope these beats are finished, or at least have drums on all of them.

    • A.S.

      Think of it as constructive criticism...if dudes are gonna pay for an album, they deserve a proper product, not throwaway loops. Even Premier admitted they weren't that great, but that he released the first Volume to get the material out. Only a handful of good tracks there.

    • insanemacbeth

      this is the 1ST post, i've EVER seen ^^^^^^^, of someone criticising DJ. PREMIER. wow. l.o.l.

  • Patrick@TheRapSpot

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  • Paul McDonald

    cant believe how much sing like bilal got rinsed on mixtapes ! gonna be watching this tape for hip hops next favourite beat !

  • Brandon Payne

    Hell yeah I'm trying to get my hands on those tracks.... They will be mixtaped up you can believe that

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