Jay Electronica Lands Mountain Dew Endorsement

Miss Info gets the scoop as underground and critical darling Jay Electronica follows his Roc Nation signing with a Mountain Dew commercial.

Miss Info reports that Jay Electronica will incorporate his song “The Announcement” to fit an upcoming commercial the soft drink maker has agreed to. The Mountain Dew Code Red ad features the tagline “Hip Hop is different on the mountain,” but Jay Elec didn’t have to change any of the song’s lyrics to fit the commercial. The latest union marks another way of incorporating Hip Hop into their brand for Mountain Dew, who previously commissioned a Cool Kids single for the Green Label Sounds imprint.

“This is the first time I’ve done something like this…of this magnitude, this nature,” Jay Electronica said. “I’m pretty excited about it…As artists, we come to a point where we conform so much, that when somebody is actually trying to learn who they are and express who they are as an individual and give their expression it’s foreign.”

According to Miss Info, the spot was commissioned by Anomaly. The company has previously worked Converse on separate projects with Jim Jones as well as Kenna, Pharrell and Santigold. Does Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z, who is also co-chairman of Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging, have any connection to the deal?

“A few weeks ago, Jay Electronica, his DJ TJ the King, the Anomaly team, the PepsiCo team, director Jacob Lincoln (for Greenpoint Pictures), stylist Groovey Lew, Jay-Z’s artist 20 Grand Pikaso, and more went to New Orleans, and shot the ad (called “No Distractions”) at a theater called One Eyed Jack’s,” Miss Info reports.

The full story, including behind the scenes pictures of the commercial shoot, is available at MissInfo.tv.


  • Anonymous

    it's a new year and same hating people on here doing what they do, HATING... SMH. GET A LIFE.. peace to the real.

  • rob

    Good game Mt Dew! Another soul saved!


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  • FlashFixter

    He is branding himself people. Its called a marketing strategy. He did sign to Hov's imprint, right? That's what Hov does: market. This is good exposure for those who have no idea who a Jay Electronica is. Now they do.

  • Nastynas4life

    wow...ok, so whats next? J.Cole making a Super Bowl commericial, and you guys are gonna call him a Sell-out, too?

  • CTRS daTruth

    Jay Electronica = Mad overrated first you hangin with Diddy, then you sign to Roc Nation...now mountain dew? i understand you got mouths to feed, but for real? every other sucker can ride Jay Elec's coattails like if he's "the second coming" but i ain't buying in, all his moves have been suspect, I can respect a nigga's grind, but if you shucking and jiving for a soft drink commercial, and you call your self a "conscious rapper", then you have a problem... real niggas don't play both sides of the fence, they stand up for what they believe in, I ain't no hater, get your money, but i see "certain" groups def have opened doors for this pied piper... *cough* checkered board floor *cough*

    • MikeDub469

      "Not illuminati but my eyes on the money..." His lyrics, but then again they do the discreet in your face thing with they signals so u probably right. I hope not, but I mean dude is in a dew commercial with NO ALBUM out... So u probably got a point. P.S. *sneeze* I saw the floor too *sneeze*

  • Charles ExSavior

    The best Hip Hop commercial I've ever seen since Wu-Tang in St. Ides, no question!

  • Don't Worry Everybody

    It's easy to see a dude like Jay E. do a commercial and think "that's it, he's over." But I think the type of artist he is, he's always gonna do what he does best. He's always gonna be on point. And I like that he's signed to Roc Nation because the type of dude Jay-Z is, he let's his artists be themselves, he's not gonna be trying to change who they are. The difference from Rocafella and Roc Nation is the quality of artists Jay-Z's been signing. This isn't Bleek and Beans, Jay Electronica and J Cole.. We have nothing to worry about until his album actually comes out. Let's save our skepticism to ourselves until then.

  • yugang

    Better than drake's sprite commercial

    • Charles ExSavior

      Drake would still be Drake... a bitch ass that works harder on his singing than he does on his rapping. A rapper should stay in that lane if that's what he really is, and if he wants to step out the box like oh let's say Common's Electric Circus or Andre 300's The Love Below... DO IT DAMN GOOD! Thank Me Later was a piece of shit attempt to prove both styles at once and he failed real Hip Hop listeners.

    • HAHA

      I bet if Drake were at Roc Nation, you would be praising him. Comeback Season was dope. I agree Drake has fallen off to that Young Money garbage but Drake had potential. He reminded me of Slug of Atmosphere in his young days. If Drake went to GOOD Music or Roc Nation, he'll show his potential instead of the R&B trying to rap like Lil Wayne Drake we got now.

  • WorldWide

    Yall are a bunch of crabs in a barrel man! I swear this site is full of way to many haters. Mad cause Jay Elec is actually getting endorsements and money now??? wtf. If anything you should be happy that hip hop is in the mainstream and that rappers have this outlet to make money off of. Not only does it put hip hop more into the mainstream (reaching larger crowds) but its also a overall good look for artists to diversify the way they make $$$. Everyone was mad that Jay Elec wasn't being put on etc but now that he got a big endorsement and a commercial all of a sudden he sold out??? Eat a dick you losers! Get Money Fuck Haters!

  • Gucci Murks Jay Electronica

    Wow, are these niggaz getting lamer nowadays. First 50 Cent raps about Vitamin Water, then Drake raps about Sprite now this nigga is rapping about Mountain Dew. No wonder why all these fake ass rappers suck. Gucci Mane raps about real shit not about fucking soft drinks like those pussies would rap about. It's Gucci Time!

    • Charles ExSavior

      If this dumb fuck actually listened to Jay Elect music, it's his verse from The Announcement, not a new verse for the commercial.

    • The MG

      Um, Gucci made a song called Lemonade. Case closed!

    • Dawill

      Can't you read? The article says he didnt have to change the song...

    • Devante Onomatopoeia-Hypebole Bennett

      it's sad u have time too get on every single song and article to diss the artist mentioned and big up gucci. at least you are dedicated to your propaganda

    • G

      "first off gucci cant spit a hot 16 to save his life" ^^^^This. Plus your trolling is getting old.

    • yugang

      first off gucci cant spit a hot 16 to save his life and second the song & lyrics had nothing to do with the commercial it was merely incorporated so that comment that jay e was rapping about mtn made no sense. If gucci's wack ass landed a miller lite commercial i bet u would be screaming "it's gucci time" then

    • Vanno Davis

      i would of at least respected your comment if u didnt say gucci that nigga cant rap

    • Anonymous

      Man stfu already! Gucci sucks ass. Now go find another way to be a troll

  • bad writing

    the article writer said he did not change the lyrics to fit the commercial...ummmm HE DID did you even listen to the song "The Announcement"?...the lyrics in the commercial were changed from the original version

    • Anonymous

      The only part of the song that was changed is that "you want that turmoil" part. He changed the part where he mentioned he'll facebook, twitter, 2dopeboy u. Thats it. The rest of the lyrics were not even played in full.

  • pico presi

    Its a good look, but I think he is so raw its almost ahead of him. He needs a stylist and image consultant cus the broken tooth is for NaS circa 93 not for mountain dew ads in 2011. That suit is baggy as shit, get a taylor, get a dentist etc. I think he also needs to work on his interview skills, a lot of stuttering. I know I sound like a hater but Its real, if you gon market yourself do it right cus he aint even got an album but got commercials and shit. RE prioritize dun.


    Greetings HHDX There is a petition to make Def Jam release Nas' Lost Tapes 2. They are holding it back. There are currently 3524 signatures but thats not nearly enough considering this is Nasir Jones. support good hiphop spread the word and sign the petition at http://www.WeNeedLostTapes2.com DX you should feature this on ya home page. I know you want Lost Tapes 2 peace

  • Anonymous

    on some of that dr dre dre pepper shit

  • So it begings

    Won´t be long ´til he´s making records with minaj, kanye and ross

  • ticket

    This boy already sold out. mountain dew bro? What the fuck. can't drop a mixtape but will give soda pop bars for dollars. Jay E is next. Yeah, next in line. Nas should of taken that COORS ad.

  • khordkutta

    Now drop that album Sun!!!

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