Foxy Brown Moves Lil' Kim Diss Record Release To New Years Day

UPDATE: Fox Boogie's song moves to tomorrow, and acquires the information about her jab at 15-year rival.

Former Def Jam rapper Foxy Brown will be releasing a diss record toward Lil Kim on the eve of Christmas (Dec. 24) called “Christmas Massacre.”

According to a press release, the song will premiere during a holiday party hosted by Hot 97’s K. Foxx at Club Jelani in New York. Produced by Daddy Bigg$, Brown is also expected to give a shout out to Nicki Minaj in the diss, seemingly taking her side in the purported “beef” between Minaj and Kim.

More as this story develops.

(December 23)

UPDATE: With the song still unheard, has learned that Foxy Brown is expected to release her Lil' Kim diss on another holiday - New Year's Day. The song is said to be called "U Ain't Ruff Enough," and features Lower East Side, New York emcee Rekage.

For more information on the song and release, visit's story here.


  • jeezy

    who the fuck cares about these old washed up bicthes sparking up vintage beef

  • whateverman

    Actually, the beefing between Foxy & Kim over Nicki is hilarious. Foxy looking off with her 30 lbs. and plastic surgery Kim talking bout massacre. Both these jail birds need to give it a rest.

  • Anonymous

    please alert me when a girl can rap,dont give me missy elliot,lil kim,nicki minaj and a washed up rapper from the 90s

    • Jasmine

      first of all dont get it twisted why would you name those ladies when they can rap their ass off and not some broke ass mixtape female rapper? You dont rap so if they got a song dats not good dont laugh or nothin cause you dont know how hard it is to put out a GOOD SONG.

  • Anonymous

    honestly the whhole beef thing doesnt work anymore,unless your Eminem and start pointless beefs with mariah carey that only middle-upper class white kids(who have about as much knowledge of rap as an ignorant metal head)can only take seriously.Beef didnt help 50(his against rick ross) or Canibus(ever)actually rick ross benefited more from it. Lil kim is wack,minaj is on the border of wack and foxy fell off and the other girl drake is just a tool for getting involved in a beef between two females when he wasnt even called out. So please enough beef,im hoping this is all an act to raise interest in these below average rappers.Cause this stuff is sad

  • Some guy posting a comment

    Smh @ this whole "beef". Seriously if it wasn't for chicks like Jean Grae & Rah Digga I wouldn't even take female rappers seriously anymore. Shit went from having females like Lyte, Latifah, Eve & Kim in their primes to just being a fuckin novelty act with fake silicon chicks passing themselves off as rappers. Reminds me of some WWF gimmicks from the early 90s on some Doink The Clown shit..

  • louis guthrie

    ill mike tyson dat bitch other ear lol she need not to drop no diss record though you weak ur no comp!

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    "this the shit..the other bitch almost got killed for"...KIM WON

  • Bom919

    still aint heard shit shug...not say anybodys waitin on this bc yaw are both washed up bitches...but im def more a Kim fan. but nicki is murkin all em

  • Anonymous

    Why don't they all just fuck each other on video and sell it.

  • deziboy5150

    WOW! i cnt believe that 3 bitches who rap bout succin dicc, gettin fuccd, n money is all "beefin" wit each otha. big shoccer thurr. dey jus wanna see whos tha biggest dicc succa outta each otha. id say it would b kim, nicci, den def ass foxy.

  • Peter Pablito

    Bitch look like an orangutang in that pic. Tell me no.

    • Anonymous

      all i see is an spe with deformed pectorals wearing a leather coat,blouse made of feathers,some shades and prob making some kind of ape noises through a microphone

    • edubb1977

      No she dont, all i see is titties. What are you some kind of faggot?!

  • Anonymous

    pleas foxy fat ass is wack now kim done murdered that bytch along tyme ago hang it up foxy kim shut u done years ago girl bye everyone is talking about kim and nicki not foxy im sorry but do ur homework kim slayed that bitch and nicki about to get it too so sorry foxy fans she got fat and behind kim is comin back baby brooklyn bitch rap for my brooklyn bitch1

  • Yahona

    Give it up Foxy, no one wants to hear your, hence your fail from last week. At the end of the day Kim still proved she got it and can hang pretty much with anyone. poor foxy

  • Anonymous

    i know and everybody else know's, foxy has it in her and she's got what it takes, far beyond this battle shit!

  • KiLLeMsLoWkEN

    who cares Nicki is Now shouldnt be compared to anybody shes the voice of this generation get over it. only people mad are fuckin has been fans lol. Let them hoes fight ! Kim dont got it no more sorry if she did she wouldnt have had to use nicki to get back in the rap game which she admitted to doin "Ya game ova bitch gatorade wet towel"

  • Antonio Blanco

    Foxy is such a sad Mc for doing this...She should worry about her career instead of involving herself in other people's issues.This also makes her a hypocrite b/c she's said in numerous interviews that she didnt want to be involved in the Minaj Queen B beef and look at what I see PATHETIC! #teamQB

    • Baby M

      Foxy is only responded to what Kim directed at Foxy on Black Friday.....fair game, Foxy doesn't need to go Kim for anyone but herself

  • Mikado

    Kim ass really thought she was rolling with some hood niggas and all they bitch asses not only MISSED the niggas they was shooting at they all turned over and SNITCHED. #FAIL. Sleep on Foxy if ya'll want to. Kim guzzled Big and Puff's balls to stay on while Foxy stayed hood. Fox my chick cuz she left Jay and all that Illuminati bullshit behind and stayed real! #REALNIGGASHITSALUTE

  • Yoshi

    Ummm unlike Lil' Kim when Foxy goes in she goes IN! This could be a problem and really end Kim's career. SMH. And these Barbies better hope it's a shout out and not a diss towards Nicki because unlike the Queen Bitch, when the King Bitch goes in your ass stays went in on. SMDH Sh*t's about to get real...

  • Barracuda2k

    Wait. I am so confused. Did she not just diss nicki over the Gypstian beat saying real bitches no be wearing pink hair or what have you. And now she supports nicki. And then her twitter said "Nicki and I never had that conversation" refering to when Nicki said that Foxy told her that Kim did not like her. What the hell is going on. Is Foxy for or against Nicki? Why bother with a lil kim diss? I thought she was still having legal troubles from when she told a judge or court official to kiss her deaf ass and she pulled her panties down and showed it.I need a foxy to do an interview and explain this.

    • Elroy Jetson

      Foxy never dissed Nicki (per se) she's always showed Nicki love waaaay back in Nicki's come up days. Foxy was just stating her opinon on the "Hold Yuh Remix". In an interview with MTV news this summer she said older chicks (like Kim) might hate on Nicki cause they're time is up and they can't get it back and that Foxy still considers herself young and is planning a comeback.

  • Ny

    Ugh can all of you shut the fuck up and get your facts straight? Lil Kim is a HATER. End of story. Nicki gave her a shout out the "Sucka Free" Mixtape. The song is "Whos Ya Best MC?". Listen to it for yourself. "whos ya best mc's? Nick, Fox, and Kim. Can't forget Rem." its like one of the last lines of the song. if that isnt paying homage, then i dont know what is. fuck lil kim.

  • Rick Dark Raider Crawley

    foxy takin out 4 nicki, no problem - they both can get served by the Queen B. - foxy is havin hearin problems, nickis'album is wack - meanwhile, kim is workin wit 50 & dre & some other kats we don't no about - i cant predict the outcome, but kim has my vote any day.....

  • bill hennessy


  • ImteemuhfknRon

    Nicki is jus a millie mouth ass bitch who scared to name drop...You the lil hood rat on th school yard who talkd big shit, but always got tht ass draggd thru the parknlot

  • Anonymous

    get her foxy!!! YM$ RULES THE WORLD!!

  • ImteemuhfknRon

    LOOOOOOOOLLLLLL...FOXY...sorry ma, no one has been chckn for u since 97...and like kim said..Jackie O proved u far frm a fighter..cumn @ kim bish u playn w/fire..she aint gon come back for u...she comming at ya ghost writer...lls


    This dumbass really wants to help her out some? Ha!! Foxy Brown sit your butt kissing self down somewhere.

  • Black Boss

    What a scrooge and sounds like another fake beef to get publicity. boo!

  • Mike-Buddy

    Oh god not Dew Dew Brown again, figures she needs Lil' Kim to help her sorry career, the original Queen B wannabe, of course she's gonna suck Minaj's ass, she needs to shut up and sit the fuck down cause no one cares about that cunt, fuck her and Minaj, Queen Bee baby!!!

  • Mitch 3K

    Why Not, Kims Hatin Ass started taking sideways shots at Nicki for no good reason, and why she do that??...... To get some attention to her dead career So, keeping with that logic, now that Kim did that and has some attention on her, isnt it appropriate that Foxy does the same thing to her??? You cant leech off somebodies success and then cry when someone else does it to you, turn abouts fair play, Karmas a bitch,What goes around comes around, and all them other old school sayings, lol

    • Imteemuhfknron

      1st off its clear ur not in the know about this beef...Nicki started this shit back n 08 on her mix tapes and has continued takin shots kim didnt say shit until after hello goodmornin b4 u go makin yoself look stupid by postn sum shit u obviously dnt know the story yo research... ciao



  • khordkutta

    Always thought chicks were suppose ta mature faster/more than dudes? smmfh....

  • benjamin fenardez

    She surely has her head on her shoulders more than these hatin bloggers. Yo! put it out there Foxy, there aint nothing wrong with a lil verbal sparring, lets see what you got for 2010/11

  • Anonymous

    foxy you my girl but that's not a good look.

  • Big Log

    Yo Foxy let it go man, only thing you good for is been i hood rat not front, yo i will if you a loan but you wouldnt be able to pay it back, stop trying to get back in the game, On a high note UPS si hiring

  • kennyken

    she and lil kim probably had a conversation about this boss thug. lol it's over people!

  • Me

    she's truely too old for this.

  • Vanno Davis

    foxy just do what nicki did suck wayne dick then make an album


    Ever since Foxy went fistacuffs...she''s been trying to make diss tracks towards everybody..

  • 420westcoast

    just get naked and suck some dick, then shut the fuck up!! same with lil kim

  • manup

    Gotta hear this regardless..Christmas Massacre" sounds si

  • Anonymous

    foxy dissin lil kim the whole game dissin acid

  • Devin Williams

    How did she get in this? Everybody tryna get back on, just give it up

  • Capo S Class

    Man this shit is old!!!!! She gonna carry on this beef forever?!?!?!?!? Let that shit go like ur career.

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