Hot 97 Suspends DJ Cipha Sounds For Haitian HIV Comments

UPDATE: Cipha Sounds admits that he was unaware his words were so powerful, and apologizes through his Twitter page.

New York area radio station WQHT “Hot” 97.1 FM announced DJ Cipha Sounds will be suspended indefinitely for offensive comments he made about Haitian women. Listeners, community leaders and members of the Haitian-American community called for Cipha Sounds termination after a Friday morning broadcast which found Cipha saying, “The reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”

Cipha Sounds, born Luis Diaz, is a 15-year industry veteran with experience in radio, television and behind the turntables with the likes of Lil Kim and Funkmaster Flex. After angry listeners began responding to the remark, Cipha Sounds issued a formal apology.

“I made a stupid, tasteless joke that was a one-liner,” Cipha told listeners. “It was taken totally the wrong way, and I want to say sincerely that I apologize for even saying this thing.”

Adding that he was embarrassed and didn’t want co-host Peter Rosenberg to share any blame for his comments, Cipha pointed to his relief efforts during the Haitian earthquake and his rapport with the Haitian community as evidence of his true feelings. Cipha Sounds will also undergo sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community, and the station announced it will work with community leaders to increase HIV awareness.

“Cipha made an immediate public apology and recognizes his insensitivity and the negative impact his comments have on all Haitians,” said Alex Cameron, SVP/Market Manager of Emmis-New York via written statement. “The Haitian community is an important part of our listenership whom we respect and value.  The suspension is an indication of the importance we place on delivering a product that respects our Haitian audience.”

(December 22)

UPDATE: Cipha Sounds tweeted the following statement as a reaction to this week's reprimanding and job suspension.




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  • Anonymous

    so d a dick fucking keeg

  • Anonymous

    Hey, truthy, remember what happened to Kanye West after he grabbed the mic from that country cinger? His career almost ended. Why? Because he's black and she white. It wouldn't have been a big deal had he been white. Huh?

    • Anonymous

      you people are missing the point. his comment was inappropriate not only because but also. At this moment, HIV/AIDS rates are higher among other ethnic groups and minority populations around the world the world. This epidemic has shifted from being white gay male epidemic to poor and minority populations. The major risk factors for contracting HIV are poverty and low education . So people, do yourself a favor, get the facts about HIV prevention and practice safe sex.

  • Anonymous

    cipha sound should be fired. Had his slur been about white people he wouldn't stand a chance.

    • willheis

      yh but he couldnt say that about white people could he...coz it wouldnt be it wouldnt be funny... as bad, tactless, and upsetting as it was to hear... he's right. i bet that stats for haitian women are much higher than other nationalities in usa. you jus not supposed to make fun of that fact on AIR! in private im sure its done all the time...

    • whats up haiti

      of course Haitian we've got no respect in America they're treat us like shit their better than us we're the first black independent in the world,,,,,,,................

  • BingaBonga

    A joke is relative to the listener and there personal sense of humor, but some shit is just not funny.


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  • fat guy in a little coat

    I don't see the big deal, then again I don't really think I can relate. I'm white, and there is literally nothing you can say about a white man that would upset me.

  • Joe

    If he made a joke about little people (midgets) and there was an uproar from their community would Cipha been suspended?

    • Anonymous

      How could you be so danm. Midget is not an ethnicity. Midgets do not have a community. You can find midget everywhere in all race and ethnicities. So your comment is irrelevant. You need to stop listen to dumb ass DJ like Cipha and go school yourself.

  • Anonymous

    this motherfucker gonna pay one way or another for what he said about haitians women

  • Truthy

    We live in a society where free speech has yielded to being PC. It's a joke. Get over it. It's offensive to say such things but the truth of the matter is, you are protected to say such things over public airwaves, which is what Hot 97 transmits over. I wouldn't have apologized if I were Cyph but I don't blame him for doing so because his job was at stake. But here's another example of why we're too PC in this country. Dog the bounty hunter committed a federal offense and got locked up in federal prison for violating laws before he got pardoned....that shit wasn't enough to cancel his show. HOWEVER...he said the "n" word once, to his daughter, on tape. THAT WAS ENOUGH TO SUSPEND HIS ASS OFF THE AIR. Let's see...I hate the N word and racial epithets...but let's do a balancing test. Does a FEDERAL CRIME outweigh an N bomb? No. But that's exactly what happened to Dog. The same shit is going on here...Cyph makes an AIDS joke about Haitians. He gets suspended. I remember SNL doing an AIDS joke in like '92 about Haiti and nothing happened to them...and honestly, it was funny. Loosen up...we all take L's every now and then. That's just part of the territory. It's why America is the best country in the world...because we can laugh at each other. Like, here...instead of suspending Cyph, why not throw out a Puerto Rican joke to balance it out: "What do Puerto Ricans say when they leave the island? Fare-well. What do they say when they get to NY? Wel-Fare" There. It's not that serious.

    • Anonymous

      With a name like that you should be the one people should to be afraid of.

    • Reallydoe

      "It's a joke. Get over it. It's offensive to say such things but the truth of the matter is, you are protected to say such things over public airwaves, which is what Hot 97 transmits over." Really, have you EVER read the Constitution? The first amendment states that..Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...In other words the GOVERNMENT can not censor speech. I'm sick and tired of hearing about PC this and PC that and that we have a right to absolute freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means the government can not imped upon what you say but that does not mean there will not ba a consequence for what you say. This dude works for a company that is profit driven and if listeners find what he said offensive, then that affects the bottom line (profits).

    • Anonymous

      The fact is that you ain't that much protected over there when you're working in a station. Often your head worth less than what you will cost to the company when you will go in court, so they better like you to shut your trap. Remember, in this job nobody is irreplaceable.


    the white man is the devil, all asians look alike, all black people are criminals, every muslim is a terrorist and haitians have aids. what else is new? F a double standard.

  • N.T.B.F.W.

    No Cipha, the reason why you're HIV negative is because you're ugly as fuck. This nigga should feel blessed even to get some HIV-positive pussy.

  • Anonymous

    He shoulda just said "I dont sleep with white women" instead and nobody would be protesting I love how, in a buisness like hip hop, built on movements like "Fuck The Police", "Fight The Power" and all the other racially/socially pregidous movements that have come and gone, now people are calling for censorship.... SMH, hip hop isnt dead, it just sold its dignity....... Freedom of Speech.........Unless we disagree with you

  • Jay West

    Damn....Freedom of speech?

    • dret

      you sound mad stupid go say fuck you do ur boss and see if you wont get fired just because you have freedom of speech dosent mean you can go around disrespecting people and not get punish for it.


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  • jennifer

    omg give me a break....if thats the case everyone in hot 97 should be suspend for half of the shit that they say...U dont see stars calling hot 97 headquarters to have them fired for talking shit about them give me a break..its have to say n do stuff to have listeners..shit im 100% haitian n didnt take it the wrong way...what would have it been funnier if he said africans cuz they have was bad that they had an earthquake. Everyone culture has its sterotypes...just shut da hell up it was a joke.

    • Anonymous

      fuck u bitch it wasnt a joke dushbag dicksucker shut the hell up ,bouda santi

    • city

      "shit im 100% haitian n didnt take it the wrong way".... maybe black american don't mind getting disrespected but as a haitian i wont tolerate any disrespect my people, we have it hard as it...fuck dj cipha and anyone who defends him


    I know i'm going to get hell for what i say next but I have to say it, as it is killing me inside. Hispanic women no matter if they are white or black tend to have the strongest strain of HIV known to man. And their HIV is known to transform into full blown AIDS over night. I swear to go..Google it...its deep yall. stay away from any females who have Hispanic Blood. Something not right with that ethnicity. I'm telling yall for real. And those light skin Dominican Girls consistently top the list for strogest strains of HIV and other STD's...In one rare case this light skin Dominican chick had herpes simplex virus 360 and chlamydia 1000. Once again do not have sex with Hispanic women (ethnic) no matter their race.The lighter they are (white) the worse. They are tainted for real. Thats why they chew bubblegum real loud and wear big metal ear rings.. I hear it keeps their blood from boiling over. Hispanic Illuminati Girls are no joke. Be safe white and black men stay away from ethnically hispanic people. Including Cameron Diaz.

    • like it is

      That is a good point. He might have HIV. I think the public does need to know and put him on blast. Bet he wouldn't find it funny to have the tables turn.

    • C

      Wut u put up was dumb and EL ray latino shut the hell up nobody give a damn about dissing your mom or anyone else in your fam. yall need to get over yourselves. everyone here talkin they this they that yall all live in the US if u really feelin some kind of way go back to were u came from ur home land.

    • El Rey Latino

      First off son, don't diss ALL so called "hispanic" females, it's not ALL of them, so watch what the fuck you put up, you dissing my mom and my niece with that bullshit... second of all, you def are ignorant, because we are not "hispanic", thats the term the u.s. census bureau created to describe anyone of Latino descent. that comment was mad ignorant and uncalled for, I really hope it's just you being bitter over the fact that you slept with a skeezer with no hats...dumb fuck.

    • EliFlo

      Wow. ROFL!! This made my night. Get off the crack son its really really bad for you. LMAO.

    • Headpage

      lol.."a mind is a terrible thing to waste" MAJOR FAIL DUDE!!!!

  • Bas

    He basically offended all women if you really think about it. Making a joke like that was crossing the line. There was no reason for it at all and he just an ignorant a$$.

  • geico lizard

    CIPHA DONT GET GASSED!!! This was a dumb thing to say and Cipha has to be smarter in the future. Rosenberg is really powerful and he likes Cipha so there is no way he lets his sidekick get fired.

  • Hannibal

    Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. With big power comes responsibility and if you're trying to be a shock jock you have to be able to get as good as you give. You're broadcasting live to millions of people, some haitians, driving their daughters to school to forge their minds and attitudes about themselves. Im sure as a porto rican he's been on the other end of this type of vitriol. Shock jocks are no different than artists, they say whatever they think will keep the viewers attention span for another day to keep their job, It's just that sometimes its at the expense of your own dignity and integrity

    • Good Vibrations

      100% Certified Logical Simpleness. Give yourself a pat on the back for framing it like that, Couldn't have said it better myself. Shit since i'm in the giving spirit today...Have a Happy Holiday and do what it does when your doing it. Gotta feel that!!

  • Anonymous

    It was a joke. A bad joke, but still a joke. Put on BET and you can hear and see white people get shitted on all the time. There is no DESTROY BET Movement going on is there? We all need to be able to laugh at certain things. Fine him, suspend him and make him Donate more money to Haiti. but to fire him is extreme.

    • wnkjf

      just because it was a joke dosent make it right. ur logic that its okay because white people get mad fun of too is stupid its wrong to make fun of anyone i'm not trying to say i've never made fun of people but dj cipha is not in the same position as i am so

    • Anonymous

      he was no joking. lets get real

    • Headpage

      Here in Africa HIV is not a laughing matter. Close to a million people die each year from this desease,nothing funny there!

  • E Double

    They took Star off the radio for talking about spreading mayo on a 12 yr old's buns... son disrespected a whole race of people, he should have learn from Star's example. Haitian's will ill on you watch your back sucka

  • Est. In 1983 Prod.

    Hey everbody; you won't have to hear garbage like this for to long...Check out this article : . You'll see what I mean

  • Anonymous

    the jews made him say it.

  • reggie101

    Leave DJ Cipha Sounds alone. So freakin' what? He made a bad joke. I was born in the Islands and in the country I'm from, everyone is always joking the Haitians. Most Island people know this true, like it or not. Islands folks are always joking Haiti. He said his apology, time to move on...

    • Lankh

      @reggie101 you've popcorns in head instead of a brain ? some "jokes" about a whole group of people like Cipha's joke aren't funny at all. if you were Haitian listening to Cipha's broadcast, I bet you would feel hurt. Be understanding or EAT A DICK.

    • Jean

      Time to move on right. Of course you are not from Haiti. Talking bad about a whole group of people in't fun. This dude is stupid & uneducated. He needs to get fired.

    • Reggie101

      I only say it how it is. People like you can't handle the truth. You talk crap and say racist jokes behind closed doors and then come into to the light and try to slam people for saying the things you say privately. HYPOCRITE! Grow up!

    • Mr. L

      @ reggie101 you are as ignorant as him!

    • STFU

      Its Modern day hip hop for you, nobody can take a fuckin joke anymore Bunch of Crybabies nowadays, "Whaaa, Whaaa, he offended me, whaaa, whaaaa" SMH, todays hip hop is as conservative as Bob Dole and C Deloris Tucker combined, guess they won the fight after all

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • oasis

    fuck a suspension, he should be suspended. Im qualified for his job,and I won't make ignorant remarks like that. That was totally disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    He shoulda just made the comment about white women instead, wouldnt have gotten in trouble at all

  • Will antoine

    Apologizing is NOT enough bro... That was fucked up on your part! Hot 97 needs to fire your ass for being stupid and if they dont that will show that the whole Hot 97 crew endorsed your stupid comment.

  • W. J. Rice

    I'm not going to comment on Cipha's misjudgment but why do radio DJs always say stuff that even if it's funny, it will never go over well when it hits the national news. Use judgment.

  • W.Reid

    Save Cipha Sounds! My position is, nope don't fire him. In fact keep in on the air so he can say all the nonsense he wants and catch the appropriate amount of hell for it. I don't think they should have fired Imus either. The problem with firing people who make ignorant comments is that we never get to the root of the problem because we close the door to discourse and ultimately lose an opportunity to educate both the commenter and their respective fans or audiences. If we keep chasing the ignorant underground they will find refuge amongst other ignorant people who never challenge their positions. Read more here:

    • donteffwidme

      I was wondering when somebody would bring up the Imus thing...that shit wasn't funny either...niggas need to stop supporting bullshit...

    • WReid

      People in the public eye are not exempt from making stupid statements. Just because a person is on the the radio that doesn't some how make them smart or mean the have the ability to demonstrate or show good judgement. This is a teaching moment, an opportunity for folks to learn. That's one good out of a relatively "bad" situation.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I do not agree people like this should not be in the public and on a National radio station talking crap like this, they should get fired and stay undergound so that this ignorance isn't exposed to these young people out here. People in the entertainment business must be real careful with the things they spew out of their mouth because the whole world is watching, and it will create negative views on people on misinformation and that's not cool rather them be underground than out in the public talking to stupid shit. Freedom of speech has it's limit and can't go around saying things that are untrue about you because of my right to freedom of speech.

    • white milk

      i did and great point

    • what?!

      too long, didn't read

  • Angry Haitian woman

    How the HELL!! Did he expect for Haitian women to take that, why are people so comfortable to just say things about Haitians and expects for them to not say nothin about it??? I worked in clinic and you know most of the HIV patients that came in was Hispanic. Does that mean Hispanics gave aids. soo ignorant and it's too little too late you whack ass DJ.

  • razorsharp

    I know the joke was highly offensive and his apology is kind of weak but getting someone fire because something they say? Come on now, there's something call "Freedom of Speech". If you dont like Cipha dont listen to his show and stop supporting Hot97 then.

    • wefrgt

      you sound mad stupid go say fuck you do ur boss and see if you wont get fired just because you have freedom of speech dosent mean you can go around disrespecting people and not get punish for it

    • smh

      of course you can get fired for what you say...what are you talking about,would you say fuck you to your boss for the sake of freedom of speech no!!if a company/business livelyhood is based on consumer's money or ratings its in their best interest to watch the conduct of their employees cause it reflects on them

    • WReid

      Stick to the issue at hand. He made an ignorant statement, what next? People can go around saying whatever they want. Does it make them smart? Does it make it right? If he has people thinking those thoughts how is firing him going to help? He should now begin the process of educating his audience and fans about Haiti and HIV/AIDS, can't do that if he's FIRED!

    • fso

      That's probably part of why they suspended him temporarily. Perhaps Hot97 respects freedom of speech to the fullest, but has to face the inevitable fact that if they keep Cipha on the air without responding to this situation, then people will stop listening to his show and supporting their station. From a business perspective it's possible that all this is is damage control on the station's part.

    • Anonymous

      So then if that's the case people should go around and say you got HIV, since it's freedom speech then right? You cannot go on national radio station and say something like that, that's how hate crimes are created, he would have people thinking so negatively about a group of people for something that is not the truth. Stop the ignorance.

  • Kevin Douglas

    People are really Oding with this. Were in America, he could say whatever, and if you haitian and dont have HIV dont worry about it

    • tgeh

      you sound mad stupid go say fuck you do ur boss and see if you wont get fired just because you have freedom of speech dosent mean you can go around disrespecting people and not get punish for it..

    • HRH

      fuck that. It's America. If it was about the European female it there would be no controversy. I would feed a Haitian female. But, not if she had an HIV tatty.


      i dont know what race you are, but imagine someone says I dont dont have HIV because I dont mess with "black girls" or ... I dont have HIV because I dont mess with latina girls?? stereotyping.... huh... what he shouldnt mess with is minority women in general because, its highly on the rise.... now thats offensive.. now thats offensive...

  • Anonymous

    The big question is why do women care what this guy thinks. Does he look like he's ever even seen pussy? Seriously... this guy thinks jsut because he got a microphone he can talk down to people... as ugly as he

  • Megan Fox Lover

    Why they mad at cipher for saying the truth huh? Haiti has a ridiculously high rate of Hiv infections. Personally, im with ciph, i cant fuck with no Haitian girl (or African girl 4 that matter without a Hiv test 1st.) sorry.

    • Kota

      My man get your facts together before you make an ignorant comment and don't know the truths when you say he is right and Haiti has a high HIV rate. You couldn't be so far from the truth, show me where you got these credible facts until then just stay quiet.

    • white milk

      afdrican americans have a pretty high HIV infections rate as well

    • PR/Haitian Beauty

      As a Haitian and Puerto Rican woman this was highly offensive. See either does you wack comment or Cipha Sound comment holds any substance. Lack of information, respect and education makes "Us" as people look stupid. The HIV affect any and everyone, HIV doesnt have a type or a group it goes after! What makes this comment offensive is because Haitian people as a group has long suffered from being a target of negative comments. Not understanding people should be standing up to Haiti being THE FIRST BLACK NATION TO GAIN INDEPENDENCE FROM IMPERIALIST WHITE MEN! Cipha Sound obviously doesn't know history. Even more sad HIV/AIDS is a HUGE part of Puerto Rican people as well! Not only did he insult Haitian people he insulted Black and Brown people (his very own people) as a whole! HOT 97 has long been apart of bring down their own people and the culture of hip hop!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I doubt they would want to sleep with you either you jackwagon piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously don't understand anything about professionalism or intergrity. this conversation seems to be alittle to complicated for you.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga the only pussy you felt was the canal you came out of when you were born. Quit frontin'.

  • unknown

    This morning program says many offensive things as jokes, ive heard many things but no one says anything but one thing about hatienas and its a problem, come on, it was a joke, thats what the show does and in my opinion the haitians need to learn how to take a joke, its going to suck becasue he was a great asset to the show and im going to miss him. They need to bring him back

    • I am who I am'd be surprised at how what DOES NOT Amaze or surprise me. I'm not saying that children aren't susceptible to external influences. I'm just saying that a strong foundation of common sense starts AT HOME. True, you can't hide the worlds stupidity from the little one's, but all I'm saying is the measure at which people found his comments offensive seem to be only relevant because the recent tragedies Haiti has suffered. As a society we take less offense to a joke about Rodney Kings ass whooping 20 years later, than we would if this was April fools day in 1991. In my opinion society has lost its ability to deal with people like DJ Cipha sounds. Ostracizing someone for being offensive does not teach them anything.........Its gets them a weeks worth of coverage on TMZ. In today's world Infamy is more valuable than dignity. The moment the first person said they where offended his celebrity increased 10 fold.

    • donteffwidme'd be AMAZED at what young people internalize.I bet you were one of thee people pissed and asking for Don Imus's head after that "nappy headed hoes" joke...shit just wasn't funny, bruh, not then, and not now.I agree that we all ought to do a better job as parents, but you can't hide your kids from ignorant mfs like this guy,and frankly (at least in America), Blacks rate of hiv infection is WAAY higher than any other ethnic group..

    • Im Am Who I Am

      People are full of shit.....Hot 97 (urban radio) plays music and promotes artist; all day; that contain content that may be offensive to any random group of people. Now that one of their staff made a comment (VERY BAD and mis-timed JOKE) all of a sudden the radio's fan-base thinks that staff member should be terminated? NEGRO's PLEASE! We need to protect the young people from his ignorance???? Really? If the "young people" take that stupid-ass comment and start making life decisions based on a radio DJ's personality, that "young person" should be mud-stumped and have the common sense knocked back into them. I get sick and tired of this Blame-the-media-for-the-dumbass-decisions-my-child-makes....attitude, how bout you muthafuckas take responsibility for your kids behaviour and stop letting TV/Radio/Video games raise your seeds. I used to jam the shit out of 2Pac when I was an adolescent, not once did I want to go beat-up the first cock-eyed fat guy I saw. Although his comment was insensitive, if society had the brain cells to look at things objectively we would not have to worry about a 2-3hr radio show "Destroying our youth" GTFOH!


    It was taken the wrong way? How were Haitian women supposed to take it nigga?

    • donteffwidme

      My point exactly! Bet cats wouldn't think the shit was funny if he'd said the same thing about black women...wait..Haitian women ARE black, for the most part.

    • I Am Who I Am

      If you notice I said fuck-tard(s) as in plural. although I was replying to your comment I was also encompassing other comments as well, maybe you should look up context next time you want reuse a word you learn on the inter-webs. Its no surprise people were offended, its just to what extent should someone be punished for your own verbal offense. Basically people are putting a dollar sign on this situation to quantify an emotion. Basically who ever was offended and would like to see him lose his job, 3 seconds of offensive commentary is worth Cipha Sounds Annual Salary. cause thats what it will cost to give these "Fire him" people what they want.


      Who said he should be fired "fuck-tard"? All I said that was that hatian women should be offended by his comments and if he, or anyone else, is surprised that they were offended, then something is wrong with them.

    • Im Am Who I Am

      The same way white people take it when Chris Rock makes a White People vs. Black People one mans view of society........."Oh Woah-is-me this guy said my demographic has HIV. He hurt my feelings. He should be fired". You really want to weigh a temporary offense against another man's livelihood; his bread and butter?. If thats the case Bill Oreilly-types should be fired every time they say we should revoke citizenship for anchor babies. I cant stand Bill-O-Hannity, but I respect his view as a fellow American. Freedom of speech was not enacted to protect YOUR right to say something I will agree with. It was enacted to protect your right to say something I DONT agree with. Yes, what he said was in bad taste, but its his perogative as a DJ. He is not a newscaster with a respected OPINION, he's a disc-jockey. His job is to fuck-off on the air and entertain people. Sometimes entertainers get too comfortable, so they should be disciplined at most, but not fired. Being Offensive is not a crime you fuck-tards.

    • W.Reid

      Yes I would have said he was sincere except for than one line. Sensitivity trainig for you!


    damn ciph..dude was mad funny on suckerfree countdown

  • problemz/problema

    “It was taken totally the wrong way, and I want to say sincerely that I apologize for even saying this thing.” lmfao...what other way could anybody have taken it..classless joke but I still found it hilarious...Cypha gonna have to go the star and miss jones route and pay his dues to make amends..oh wait they never made amends..smh

    • I Am Who I Am

      "Adding that he was embarrassed and didn’t want co-host Peter Rosenberg to share any blame for his comments, Cipha pointed to his relief efforts during the Haitian earthquake and his rapport with the Haitian community as evidence of his true feelings. Cipha Sounds will also undergo sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community, and the station announced it will work with community leaders to increase HIV awareness." Goes to show you: you're only as good as your last fuck-up. For Example, 50-years of Civil Rights activism under his belt, Jesse Jackson was almost publicly ostricized for bath-mouthing the new "In style Negro" Barack Obama during the election. What Jesse said was in bad taste and pretty fucked up, but it doesnt change the fact that he walked with MLK......point being DJ Cipha Sounds comment was really fucked-up, but it doesnt changed the fact that he has provided a bunch of ingrate motherfuckers with 1000s of hours of free entertainment. Put shit into perspective bruh..........That's all I'm saying. To Quote Jack Nicholson (The Joker) "This Town Needs an enima!"

    • WReid

      Exactly, cause they got FIRED! But they are STiLL on the AIR. The joke wasn't funny though. Not at all....not even a bit. Why did this one joke cross the line as oppose to some of the other jokes I've personally heard on the show....I mean it advertises as "A Jew, Puerto Rican and Black walk into a studio...." stereotypes are plentiful!

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