Canibus, Ras Kass, Kurupt, Killah Priest Recording "HRSMN" Album, Slaughterhouse Collaboration

One of Hip Hop's "what if's" appears to be soon-coming, and working with a super-group that resembled them in later years.

One of Hip Hop's super-groups still without an album is The HRSMN (a/k/a The Four Horsemen). The group consisting of Canibus, Kurupt, Ras Kass and Killah Priest first appeared on a 1998 white label 12" single "Abide By," before two formally-released tracks on Priest's 2000 album, View From The Massada.

Although 2003's The Horsemen Project was endorsed by Killah Priest, the off-again, on-again quartet has yet to release an official album. With all four soloists presently independent of major label contracts, new video has surfaced, confirming a HRSMN project presently recording.

"We got Ras Kass, we got Killah Priest and we got Kurupt/Young Gotti," said Kurupt in a recent viral video with the two other members appearing in the background. "Canibus is, right now, out of town, doin' work, but we're over here doin' it big. We've got the all-star cast in here, bitch!" Earlier this year, The HRSMN appeared on Ras Kass' self-released, A.D.I.D.A.S. album, which is now nationally distributed by Fat Beats.

The three also played a song on the video reportedly called "House of Horses," featuring a more contemporary super-group, Slaughterhouse. "You gonna get that, the four slaughters!" said an enthusiastic Kurupt.

Kurupt was responsible for some of Slaughterhouse member Crooked I's first appearances on national albums, specifically 1999's Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha.

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  • The Fifth

    Move over, move out the way I'm a walkin' melee, bleed ammonia Can you smell what the Glock is cookin'? Rip yo candy ass with a desert recipe book From Watster, Brooklyn, then your watch get tooken While four racist cops is lookin' You gon' know I'm Kaiser Soze when I stop walkin' crooked The glitch in The Matrix.... DAMM....I LOVE THIS GUYS..

  • Tanner Guinn


  • Sensaye252

    I'm not a Ras Kass fan. I think he is and has always been overrated. I think Kurupt is dope, but I'm not sure he fits into this group. Priest and 'Bis are both legends as far as I'm concerned. They don't have huge fanbases but they have cult following of people who actually have brains and realize how nice they are. The Horsemen are not for simple minded niggas. They're for connoisseurs of lyrics, not niggas who are lookin for slick one liners and shit.

  • Anonymous

    problem is .. kurrupt fucking sucks , priest is good but kinda boring ... Ras Kass boring...Canibus fucking rocks. Kinda like Slaughter.. Budden sucks ass, Ortize sucks ass but Crooked and Royce are

  • Anonymous

    Canibus spits good lyrics.. nerd or street. The fact that he can rhyme all that crazy shit also mean he could do simple rhymes for the simple minded listeners without breaking a sweat. Fact.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm, I remember this project was suppose to take place in the late 90's i beleive....good to see it come thru....

  • Anonymous



    can all of you faggots quit bitching about who from each crew is beefing with each other and appreciate the fact these niggas are making this song for the real heads who appreciate hip hop and for hip hop itself.all you vaginas talk about is street credibility, and beef bullshit. just enjoy the fucking music fags.

    • Anonymous

      clown battling is a part of Hip Hops foundation so stfu wit that bullshit Canibus collabs wit Royce instead of replyin to his diss he's a punk

  • warr22

    u cant fuck with Detroit and get away like that...

  • warr22

    i see yall commenting about Royce did a bitch move on CanIBitch ...yall forget that Canibitch took D12's verses without them to know and use it on that "Air Attack" track...well thats a bitch move,if ur a real man u dont use that shit as a disrespect...the way i see it Royce stood up for Detroit and Canibitch wanted some publicity...bottom line

    • Anonymous

      D12 was paid by DZK. They didn't know it was for an Eminem diss, let alone a Canibus track. It was a lame move on Canibus' part, but it doesn't take anything away from the talent he has (or any1 else involved with the beef)

    • Beezlebud

      first D12 were paid for their verses so they knew who they where collabin wit second DZK made that track not Canibus

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      and the way everyonne else sees it, Royce was just trying to get sign on Em's label. You gotta remember, Royce and Bis were on multiple tracks together. Royce also doesn't have the best relationship with D12. He got involved in a beef that wasn't his. It made him look like a dog begging for table scraps from Em. And I'm sorry but you gotta some kind of stupid to have your verses jacked and used against you.

  • Nujerz

    LOL dude mentioned only suburbs supports Em which is partly true but who the hell supports Canibus??? If anything he has a large predominatly white fan base from the burbs cuz aint no street niggaz I know fuck with him because as they say it "he be on that nerd rap shit".

    • Sensaye252

      Nah man, niggas who recognize brilliant lyricism support Canibus too. I'm not a nerd and I'm not a suburban white kid, and to me 'Bis is one the illest niggas of all time. I would even say that there has never been a MC in the history of rap who has mastered the english language like him. That nigga is fuckin' swift. "When I speak on the mic/ leaves fall from the tree of life"

    • Cloze

      and Eminem has never been on that nerd rap shit? RFLMAO! Fuck outta here with that bullshit comment...And don't think that every street nigga fucks with Eminem because if you do then you are fuckin' delusional...the only thing street niggaz respect about Eminem is the fact that he can make a shit load of money by single handedly rappin' his ass off and that's it...

  • STFU

    Please have some good beats for this massive collabo!

  • beezlebud

    Fuck Rass Kas racist ass I ain't listenin to shit his dumb ass spits Kurupt is lackluster these days Killah Priest is my peoples so I fuck wit Priest all day Canibus is one of my all time favourites but if he collabs with Royce instead of rippin him on wax then respect for him will diminish...Royce sucker punched him wit that diss n it was a dope diss shit was mos def worthy of a response

  • j

    A fucking mbox? Is that an AT mic? In an untreated room? That record will sound like garbage sonically! Get a fucking studio and an engineer! Step your game up, Ya'll are old...this shit ain't new.....Na I don't need cleats, let me play football in my AirForce1's SMDH

  • insanemacbeth

    THE HRSMN & SLAUGHTERHOUSE = heavy, they should get CHINO XL involved, somewhere.

  • Jeremy Orr

    Oh boy!! we need this for Hip-Hop's sake... Plz happen!! this aint for new school "rap" fans this will be for the "heads"

  • war22

    this should be cool.. i'm glad CaniBitch? and Royce squashed it

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    If there's a HRSMN/Slaughterhouse collab, then there was no point to Royce dissing Canibus a year ago. Royce just trying to get signed to Shady Records by dissing Bis for "Air Strike" and it didn't work so now he's going back to collabing with Bis. That actually made Royce look really dumb to get invilved with that beef not gonna lie. Especially after him collabing with Bis on so many tracks before. Ah well, it's like Guru said. Just To Get A Rep.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      It was a great diss yeah, but lyrically Bis could destroy Royce, there's no question. Royce uses the same pyrimad formula in all his raps. Bis is on some next shit. Poet Laureate is all I gotta mention.

    • STFU

      That "No Coming Back From That One" diss track was tight as hell though, you gotta admit.

    • Anonymous

      it made him look like what he is n that's an Eminem groupie

    • CulturesClothing

      Yeah man the Royce/Canibus beef ended almost as fast as it was squashed quickly...supposedly M-80 made a call to Royce or something & Bis & Royce talked it out...that's what I heard. But you're was a suck-up move on Royce's part and it was a bad look. That's between Bis & Em.

  • Desu-Ops

    This will be a lyrical onslaught that only the dopest MCs & intelligent minds will survive. 8 of the dopest cats out today- on ONE album?

  • Tidomann

    WHAT????? I just wonder which line-up will provide them beats..."the four horsemen, that's the click I'm with"-Snoop Dogg off 'Gold Rush'



  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be a lyrical onslaught of art

  • CulturesClothing

    It's crazy how people are spending more time talking about the Canibus/Eminem beef than the fact that it was announced that the HRSMN & Slaughterhouse are collaborating. That's HUGE news. And let me just tell you guys, I've heard a lot of snippets from the project so far...snippets from at least 5 or 6 different songs...It's going to be NASTY!!! Canibus & Ras shine especially from what I heard so far. Canibus really seemed to embody the "WAR" persona for the project...sounds beastly.

  • HipHop

    DAMN! 8 vicious spitters on one track can't get better than that. I can't wait to hear the whole album. This will be a must buy. They're all talented as fuck and dope lyricists. Real hip hop.

  • t

    man enimen is the white canibus. if he were black he woudn't be nearly as popular.

    • G

      While I disagree for the most part, he kinda right. He broke the stereotype in the mainstream of exclusively black rappers. He got A LOT of attention for that. It'd be foolish to say he got all the attention he did based solely on Dre backing him. He appealed at first to a whole new audience with his graphic rhymes on his first 2 albums (excluding Infinite). He sucks to me now and his lyrics are so dumbed down for the masses that I can't listen. JAY ELECTRONICA!

    • curbstompa

      you clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about, and are some type of racist.

  • Gucci Superstar

    LOL there is gonna be a rap group full of a bunch of has beens. I do admit Canibus is good though. He murdered Eminem in all his disses. Eminem is the devil. However, a real rap posse cut is Bricksquad! It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      I SMFHed until i realized u have Gucci in ur name. then i realized ur just a troll. And every1 in Slaughterhouse and Hrsm are dope. I don't necessarily listen to all of their solo stuff, but i know talent when i see it

    • donteffwidme

      buncha neva shoulda beens in Dicksquad! Lil nigs like you are fuckin shit up baaaad!

    • Anonymous

      Em makes pop music far as hip hop is concerned Canibus smashed Em jus go to any real hip hop environment any block any project buildin you'll hear Canibus wrecked em only kids in the suburbs support Em

    • ASEE

      Gucci sucks horsecock dude

    • curbstompa

      i just gagged!

    • Anonymous

      I thought the funniest thing iheard on this site was that Ja ate Eminem,but i think canabis murdering eminem is even funnier. Canibus was a stan,heck who the hell makes a sequel to a song without the original artist? Especially that sequel being to the song stan. Lets just say Canabis lost that beef from the start

    • STFU

      Canibus didnt wreck Em, Em is stil rolling on the highway without a scratch on him, Canibus went off the road and hit a tree years ago. Dead things cant harm the living

    • Anonymous

      fuck you. canibus wrecked em, and your just a stan if you think otherwise. four of the hardest spitters going together for 1 album? buyin that shit.

    • gtoh

      aint nobody in bricksquad lyrical muhfucka..who is u foolin? gucci, oj, n wacka sound like they in special ed with that bs they spittin...btw eminem destroyed canibus on canibitch and what u say


    Now this is a project I cannot wait to hear...just don't want to wait like Detox

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