Lil Scrappy & Diamond Reportedly Both In Home Foreclosure

One of Atlanta's Rap couples is in financial dire straights, according to document leaks.

Atlanta, Georgia Rap couple Lil Scrappy and Diamond are both in financial troubles, according to After a recent videotaped car possession for Diamond, documents have now been released that reveal Georgia homes owned by each are currently on the market after foreclosure. Per reports, the couple is now living together in a rented home, and are allegedly deliquent on rent payments.

Both artists, former Warner Brothers acts and Lil Jon proteges, have had delayed careers as of late. Scrappy last released retail mixtape, Prince of the South 2 on Real Talk Entertainment. The rapper was reported in recent years to have signed with Ludacris' DTP Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam.

Crime Mob's Diamond, now signed to Battery/Jive Records, has yet to deliver a solo album. In 2011, she is planned to release the ironically-titled Whole Lotta Money.

Neither rapper has spoken publicly on the documents, which can be viewed at


  • Anonymous

    crazy shitt if you support real hip hop check this out!!

  • Good Vibrator

    Damn I feel bad for them. Real Talk. Musicians in general have a hard time keeping money. They think that their success will be forever. This is just not the case. You have to save save save for a rainy day. Rappers are usually shortsighted when it comes to money and often times forget the struggle. Not to mention allot of rappers are toooooo tempted to "keep it real" and feel obligated to spend money on their entourage. AKA their Dead weight, blood sucking, lame duck, flea, lazy ass, non hustling, non motivated "friends"....I'm sorry rapper or not, when you make it big(a 9-5 works) and your friends aren't in the same boat as you then that means you have a problem keeping it "toooooo reallll". Once Scrappy and Diamond blew up they should have started hanging out with their new "social class"/....Lil Jons never been better. That dude milked the system for what it was worth and ventured out with his new connections like a straight pimp! Once again folks..another example of when "keeping it real" goes terribly wrong. HOLLA!!

  • 900Ksold

    My rent STAY Paid baby!!! hahahahaha

  • 900Ksold

    The saddest part of all of this is... If I was paid like I want to be and WILL be. I would bail lil mama outta this whole mess and make it all better! And all of yall would take shots @ me daily.. like K= Fail!!! I am not a trick at all but dam this hoodstarr Queen got me open and always has... come on home Diamond girl. LoL

  • STFU

    Ya, y'all already hit the nail pointing out this irony with the story and the pic. Anyways, stay up Scrappy, everyone hurtin' now and days. Invest in something smart instead of fucking chains bruh.

    • Anonymous

      That goes to show how much alot of you guys realy know. Buy gold and keep it because it is now at an all time high and it going up every week. Study what realy going on as well as hiphop my man.

  • STFU

    Always nice to see materialistic, Flashy "Look How Much Money I Got you broke ass niggas" niggas lose it all, I hope they wind up back in the PJ's

  • nique

    ....well at least they goin through the fire together, 9/10 the bitch will leave u high n dry

  • Jscot

    Why is this even news? It's someone's personal life, and this aint TMZ or media take out DX. Trash article man. Yall really need to step up yall editorials.

  • Atl2Trill

    SMFH at this bs. Lil Scrappy is a joke in the A and Diamond is very fuckable also. What does Diamond see in this lame ass nigga???

  • Anonymous

    based on Scrappys name and some of his old songs, he should be able to get by pretty easily with shows..someone help that dude, hes aite!

  • geico lizard

    They should start touring together or try to open up for some tours. Anything to pay the bills legally while they wait to drop their new albums. Someone on another site suggested she start stripping but it would hurt her rap career to do it now. You can go from stripping to rapping like trina did but you cant go from rap to strip and then try to come back to rap.

  • its a glitch

    No need to worry, its just a glitch just like when their car got repo'ed!!!!!!! hehehehehe

  • Anonymous

    aint that a bitch, maybe you shouldnt have bought all them icey chains and shit, this is what happens when you live beyond your means.

  • G

    yea hahaha the pictures ironic they both got hundreds in they hands. Damn, they must be real selfish, fuck both of them they are garbage at rapping anyway



  • Anonymous

    thats what happens when dumb nigs get money...keep them bottles poppin tho bwhahahahahaha...jus remember niggers the PROJECTS didnt choose you,YOU chose the projects...yall are the infection of humanity..must be eradicated!!!

    • themighty

      LOL @ TonyAtlas, that shit super ignorant and stupid....

    • Atl2Trill

      Eat a dick racist cracker!!!

    • TonyAtlas

      PALE ASS DEVIL. YOU WISH YOU WERE BLACK(GOD). "The pale man is never given any naturalization rites from any government of any country, so, they don’t have any nationality. Any biblical word that is used to refer to them – such as Amorites, Caucasian, Horites, Hittites – is a mountainous place. They don’t belong to a particular nation. They weren’t born anywhere because they were an artificially created, not even a human, being. So, by the previous definition, they are a race without a nationality. Whenever they trace their history, such as in Greece, they always go back to mythology".

    • Anonymous

      yo cracker ass come on the hip hop site and make comments about black people! says alot about your character! thanks for paying so much attention to niggas, we love yo white ass! biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That was pretty uncalled for man. Im not a fan of either of them but generalizing an entire race off of shit that rappers like them do is dumb.

  • J

    both of them suck at rapping

  • oh no!


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