Charles Hamilton Arrested For Assaulting Police Officer

UPDATE: The incident happened 10 days ago, according to

Rapper Charles Hamilton was arrested last week in Ohio for assaulting a police officer.

According to, the young emcee found himself in trouble when he was allegedly causing a disturbance at various bars. When confronted by a police officer, he punched the officer in the face.

The rapper, who's had a number of personal problems in the past year, is still in custody with bail set at $25,000.

More on this story as it develops. (December 19)

UPDATE: has acquired additional information on Hamilton's arrest. The incident took place in Cleveland, Ohio over a week ago, though he has reportedly remained in custody. To read the specifics, visit


  • Anonymous

    why does that picture of CH make me wanna check him so hard.

  • Van Nuys

    Assault on a police officer is a pretty serious crime. I'm surprised to hear he took a swing.

  • Jeremy Orr

    thats jus his way of getting back for getting puched in the face himself...but he should of picked a reg.person and NOT an officer of the law!! #damncharles

  • Premo Casino

    LMAO what a lame... hes such a talented dude. just makes really bad decisions... CHECK OUT MY VIDEO "FIRST 48"

  • STFU

    Real Talk, this kid reminds me of a roomate I had back in the college days, smartest kid in the world but he started doing hard drugs heavy, started with smoking weed and sniffin coke here and there, wound up smoking crack and huffin fumes, dude got so blasted one night he walked into a Mcdonalds and told the chick at the counter to give him free cheeseburgers because he was jesus, the cops came and told him to put his hands on his head, he said "I cant, I have to carry my cross" with his arms stretched out, so they tazed his ass and took him to the crisis center/Nuthouse....

  • Powerphi

    If cummulative reports over the last year about this dude are true, he's in serious meltdown. Still in custody on $25,000 bail? He cant raise bond or cash-out on that?

  • khordkutta

    Damn, this nigga shoulda won comeback of the year. Start of the year this nigga crippled in a wheelchair, now he knockin out popo!!! LMFAO

  • Aubrey Graham Is Gay As Fuck Son

    They're Gonna Bend Charles Over I Tell You, Bend Him Over and Insert Monstrous Cocks Into His Tight Little Man Ass

  • hatparka

    He's been releasing far too much music, dude needs to chill and release an album.

    • G

      Tell that to Papoose. I stopped caring about Pap 3 yrs ago when he kept promising an album. U aint gonna see a Hamilton album for some shit though. He's too fucked up right now (not a personal attack, it true)

  • Anonymous

    whatta koon/tarbaby

  • Anonymous

    dam ! he went from doing music to putting hands on police ? thug or nerd

  • blake

    xnxx dot com has great free porn. charles hamilton shouldn't be punching police. they serve and protect up, show them some respect.

  • AMiAM

    this nigga is so wack lol

  • god damn

    this nigga got some big ass lips god damn they takin up half his face

  • thank me lata

    dudes a weirdo but props for settin it on a cop and i used to be a fan of his beats his sampling was the truth

  • HRH

    Who in the fuck has ever gave a shit about Joe Budden. If he were ever in the speaker it needed to be flushed. Fuck that full-time loser.

    • G

      I wholeheartedly disagree. Mood Muzik 4 was AMAZING. That, TSOL, and Friday Night Lights were the top 3 of 2010. And Charles Hamilton can be pretty damn lyrical as well. Are y'all just saying they're wack cause everyone else does or can y'all back up your opinions with something? Shit, I don't care if y'all like em, but GUCCI is wack. WAKA is wack. SOULJA BOY is wack. Those 2, are an qcquired taste I agree, but c'mon. "needed to be flushed. Fuck that full-time loser." BS overstatement.

    • STFU

      @ Carlos You wanna fuck 55 year old women thats your loss, lol

    • Carlos

      I tell your Ma to STFu. We fuck under my Sis' bedroom and your Ma just screams in a moaning text

    • STFU

      I agree, but still Joe Budden >>>> Charles Hamilton Charles Hamilton is a bootlegg Joe Budden the same way Chad Johnson is a bootlegg Terrell Owens At Least Budden went gold once, he has the luxury of calling himself a "Has-been", Hamilton gonna end up just another "Never-was"

  • HRH

    Respect for Mr. Hamilton. Hold it down, bro.

  • That Kidd

    yall need to stop hateing on CH this was the most lyircal kat out the freshmen class

  • Flat-Out

    LOL nice one CH...... nd to all you hatin on him he got good lyrics @G i agree he just needs to work on his lyrics and put more time nd less fooling around into his shit. He doesnt take his shit seriously, same thing with luda, he coulda been #1 if he didnt fool around so much in his music

  • haha pigs

    glaaaad he did it.

  • Fuck Gucci

    haha look at the little gucci dick rider down there, charles hamilton is really underrated and if he could master his flow and production hed be on anotha level

  • G

    Charles Hamilton is a great rapper, but he just doesnt use his skills. He never tries when it comes to flow and hes always fooling around with random off topic lyrics. Hes got some crazy lines and could be huge, he just lacks what it takes to become big. I still like a lot of his songs and i have a few of his tapes on my itunes. Hes def good, thats why hes in that all city chess club with Lupe nd the cool kids. I just wish hed lay off the drugs, and put out a hardcore single. He can do it, he just acts like a retard sometimes. Still much better than this dicksquad fakes nd young money

    • Anonymous

      Being better then gucci and wayne doesnt make you dope, I tried liking this kid 3 years ago when everybody was goin off about him being the next big thing, I just dont get whats good about him. he's like a 3rd string mimick of joe budden, only, somehow, he's even more of a crybaby

  • this guy is WACK

    This guy will go to jail and come out as a cross dresser, he is already on that path....guys like this destroyed the genre of hip-hop....

  • Anonymous

    that would have been weird for that police officer. seeing a rapper, about to ask him some questions, and then you just get punched in the face

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  • Anonymous

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  • STFU

    Charles Hamilton is a screw up, are we expected to be surprised because he screwed up again?? Fuck this miserable ass kid, just hearing his name is enough to bring my mood down, makes Eminem & Joe Budden look like Well adjusted, happy people. I got $20 says this kid commits suicide before New Years 2012, Any Takers???

  • Fo shO

    The court papers are posted on

  • Troof

    Sorry, Charles Hamilton is not a all...whatsoever. He would have been better off as a producer / ghost writer, but I still don't consider him anywhere near genius status...

  • dazz

    Charles Hamilton is a genius, but this s**t's crazy. If he just went back to making music and stopped the drugs he'd be amazing. His production skills are 2nd to none in modern hip-hop. Don't put Gucci in the same league as Charles. I appreciate Gucci's music, but lyrically he's garbage, CH has been spiting fire since he came on the scene. He just NEEDS to stop drugs. Thats it.

    • Sensaye252

      Your man is not a genius by any stretch of the imagination. He's a local rapper whos glaring flaws are exposed whenever he tries to actually record music instead of rapping on a college dorm room. This is what happens when niggas get gassed into thinking they're on the verge of superstardom, then they realize they're just a regular guy, they can't take it. Your man's ego is poisoning him.

  • hughjazzjohnson

    wow... u riding hard on -- i mean for gucci huh? i didnt even see his name mentioned in this article... do yourself and everyone else a favor, find the highest ledge and jump off. preferably face first. #Bang

  • SuperGucciRap

    Fuck this pink hat wearing sonic obsessed freak. He sucks Sonic balls. Gucci Mane will murk this nigga in a freestyle. What kind of name is Charles Hamilton? It's gay. It's Gucci Time!

    • Real Talk

      I don't mean to degrade the mentally retarded considering they're much more capable of critical reasoning and articulating themselves better than you or Gucci Mane for that matter. You got homosexual tendencies homie, and you call Charles Hamilton gay for wearing pink. Damn if you get insecure over a man wearing pink then try to correlate that with his rhyming capabilities then you are beyond insecure. Or sheepish, if you will. But don't get it twisted. Charles is on some type of ego trip..

    • SixStar General

      You are what gives hip hop a bad name. You are what makes hip hop look ignorant. NOT ONLY does Gucci suck, but u just made fun of a guy for wearing pink and because his name is Charles Hamilton. Really dude? You just commented under SuperGucciRap. Would you suck Gucci's dick if you met him. Charles Hamilton is decent and idk why the fuck hip hop fans act this way. I mean wtf. Read comments and you will seee why hiphop has a bad rep.

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