E-40 and Too Short to Release Joint LP

Two west coast legends E-40 and and Too Short to link up for a joint album in 2011.

XXL recently announced that legendary west coast rhymers E-40 and Too Short will be releasing a full album together titled The History Channel. Although the duo has collaborated numerous times before, most recently on 2010 's "Can't Stop the Boss," E-40 says that the two artists' former label Jive never wanted to release a joint album between the two.

"We’ve been pretty successful every time we do a song," he said. "So we been trying to do it. We both off of Jive records. He’s free and clear; I’m free and clear. No disrespect to Jive, we got love for them, [but] we wanted to do it years ago. For some strange reason they didn’t want to do it. We never could figure it out, but now we’re ready."

He later added, "Short, that’s my rapping partner. We really friends. That’s my dude. We got a lot of respect for each other. He was before me, and I pay homage to him. A lot of new artists don’t pay homage to people before them, but I do."

The History Channel is expected to hit stores this summer on Sick Wid It/Up All Night/EMI Records.


  • Michelle Thomas

    one love too short and e-40 iam working hard to get to you guys to put u guys on my cd i always love you guys music and stay suck of free in the game one love kelshell i am coming uncle 40 water and too short to work with one of these days so be on the look out for me kelshell from east palo alto one.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopbaby76 oh boy can't wait. two of the best from tha west. tha bay area need this right now, all that hyphy shit going dumb made me sick. i will get this for sho'

  • Jay power

    E40 & SHORT ARE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! WEST COAST LOVERS Stand Up! http://vimeo.com/17824885

  • Dontae Dynamite

    A lot of these cats that promote and praise the idea of selling records independently don't realize that Too Short and E-40 were the first rappers to do it so succesfully that they were picked up by a major label. They was independent befor it was cool to be independent. They came up and are living legends now.I would love to see how this album comes out with E40 giving the energetic flow while Too Short spits that laid back pimp game.

  • yoyojo202020

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  • kennyken

    this is gonna be phenomenal boss thug

  • Young Lou

    Hopefully 40 will bring TOO SHORTs mojo back. This should be one of the better rap releases of 2011 cause these two dudes got so much game on the mic. Can't wait

  • Anonymous

    yeah yeah legends but not anymore. keep your boring ass rapalbum

  • YayArea510

    YEEEEEEEEEE, this album finna be hellla dope bAY AREA LEGENDS

  • Atl2Trill

    It's gonna be alot of slang and pimpin on this album. lol!!! I'm gonna be checkin for it.

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