Dr. Dre Says In 2011, He's Focusing On West Coast Hip Hop - Kendrick Lamar, Slim da Mobster

Dr. Dre tells Hollywood.TV that he's really focusing on his latest artist signing, and a fellow Compton native.

The evasive Dr. Dre was briefly interviewed by Hollywood.TV this week. The celebrity site asked the Compton, California Hip Hop icon who he plans to work with in the new year. In addition to his anticipated Detox album, the Aftermath Entertainment founder revealed that he's "Just west coast Hip Hop, that's what I'm doin'."

Having worked on debut albums from west coast icons such as Snoop Dogg, Game and Kurupt, Dre specifically mentioned his own artist, Slim da Mobster and a fellow Compton native, Kendrick Lamar.

In May of this year, Slim da Mobster told HipHopDX how he first met Dr. Dre. " I knew [Dr. Dre] kind of through relatives and friends, but I never really knew him. I knew him, he knew who I was, but we never had a grown-man [conversation]. I had been trying to get at him for the longest. The craziest shit is that when Death Row [Records] was at they height and was the shit, I had stolen [Dr. Dre's] number out of my uncle's phone and called him. This is when niggas had Sky pagers and shit. [Laughs] The nigga called me back, [when he did], I was like, 'Hey man, you gotta sign me!' [Laughs] He was like, 'Call me when you turn 18.' That whole day [I gave Dr. Dre my CD], all the things I had ever did became relevant."

Slim's high-profile uncle is none other than famed drug lord "Freeway" Ricky Ross, who is presently appealing a court ruling of a lawsuit against the Miami, Florida Rap star of the same name.

Kendrick Lamar is presently signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, which is also home to Jay Rock.



  • Anonymous

    Man there is some down south haters on here. No body care about the south, well let me correct that Houston. what have yall done lately who poppin out there these days, I don't hear nobody myself. Houston had there year or so Miami, and where ever else. So now that its about to come back to the West these clowns is hating. Climb aboard now cause when it hits its a rap for whoever. Its gotta come back to the West it happpen to sooner or later. The West is coming back stay tunned throw up the W!!

  • fossie

    I hate gucci !Fuck him and his kidrap!

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  • Anonymous

    Dr. Dre is the shit, straight up.

    • Anonymous

      When was the last time a rapper from houston went gold??? Exactly, STFU

    • Joe Nate

      I don't think this new Dr. Dre album will do that good because he does not have the south. The South is where the music is hot and the buzz that the west had is gone. This album should have came out about 7 years ago, then it would have had a chance. I live in the south in H-Town and no one here is on this Detox album thing. Sorry Dre. For interviews for your music www.UnderGroundSouthConnection.com

  • six

    Just west coast,huh?! Its all good we got cats in the south that will bring that real south side shit and not these corny niggas on the radio gettin spins for bullshit

  • kennyken

    whoever this gucci party is he's cracking me up boss thug lol

  • nathanjones

    Is it me or has dre wore the same looking shirts & outfits for the last 6 yrs?? @gucci party damn....i didnt know gucci had any sort of skill to begin with. Im gonna assume that your saying that to get a response from someone cuz no way u can be totally serious about ur statement

  • Anonymous

    i don't belive it. Dre is never gonna help anyone unless he is working on an album or can make money off them. He already had eve, rakim, bishop lamont, stat quo and dropped the ball. not checkin for anyone on aftermath cause the album will never come out.

  • yugang

    Damn u can tell that first interviewer annoyed the shit out of dre but he kept it cool. I dont care about slim da mobsta but kendrick lamar is dope i hope he just works with him on the detox album, give him a couple of beats and thats it. Hope k. dot does NOT sign with aftermath he needs to stay independent

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck after you choosin to work with Justin fuckin Bieber instead of Ice Cube this year despite Cube reachin out to you and you sayin you would work on his shit I could give a fuck what your bitch ass does Dre's jus another bitch ass in the rap game n jus coz he produced 3 dope albums in 30years doesnt make him legendary n before anyone asks Chronic Doggystyle Straight outta Compton fuck the rest of his catalogue

    • shutup

      First off why do u sound salty as hell for? second "whos gives a fuck about who hes working with???" the interviewers ran up on dre with the question, he gave em an answered so what the fuck do u expect??Also He is legendary! from nwa all the way to aftermath. U can say whatever u like about the albums & artists he produced but u cant deny the impact hes made as a producer/rapper nor the brand that hes built for himself.

  • Gucci Party

    This grandpa thinks he can rap lol. He can't write his own lyrics. He ain't even a doctor. Fuck outta here grandpa. Leave Hip Hop to the ones with skills like Gucci Mane. It's Gucci Time!

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