DMX Sentenced To Another Year In Prison

After yet another parole violation, the tough times continue, as DMX will return to prison.

After being arrested in November for a parole violation, DMX was sentenced to a year in prison. After a November 19 concert in Scottsdale, Arizona, X was reportedly cited for use of Oxycontin without a prescription, failing to submit to a drug test, failing to participate in counseling programs, failure to make payments and driving on a suspended license. Prior to the arrest, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, had been on parole for a previous assault charge.

DMX had already served two prison terms in 2010, and this will make the second consecutive year he has spent significant time behind bars. The former platinum-selling emcee has been arrested five times since August of 2007.

Various reports quote Vincent Funari, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Superior Court, as saying DMX admitted to the terms of his probation. DMX will also receive 113 days of prison time already served.


  • skizzy

    are you guys fucking retarded?? when you learn about rap then you can post before that stfu. for realll. yall thing dmx is fuckin up but he aint. illuminati be killin him slowly they purposely set him up n portray him badly so yall think he gonna kill himself but they gonna kill him..smh poor dawg. he dont deserve this

  • nephew

    WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! This is what happens to you if you are in a prominent position in show business or politics and choose to go against the grain of what the powers that be want. The elite want to dumb everyone down with bullshit like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kesha and other hollywood-ised artists like Jay-Z. Think Michael Jackson, John Lennon, 2Pac this is what happens to you. Rape and molestation allegations and eventually murder. Think JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X. Wake up and realise the world isn't what it is portrayed to you. watch it. IF (and i mean if) this guy is killed on the 25th of the month then be scared as fuck.

  • Charles Chadwick


  • WTF

    yeah i mean really its bullshit there sending him away for another year because of a drug infraction.. how bout therapy or something corrupt ass politicians, corrupt police, corrupt law system .. how come he gets caught so quickly though .. he needs to hide his shit better and not wave it around the fuckin community and if thats not the case then the police need to get off his dick

  • Altuan McGarvin

    So sad to see X like this!! He got so much potential and so much energy..the man can rap but he just cant get off that shit!! Damn X..Get your shit together!!

  • Beamer B

    Thats an old picture, X needs to move back to new york, Arizona got it in for him!

  • Nico 3

    All these arrests later and he's only getting a year? He's getting off lucky, but needs some help fast. This is the time where he'll see who his true friends are. He helped alot of people back when he was on top. Time for them to return the favor.

  • Ezden The Rocker

    ....thats baad, cant they let him spend the holidays time and new year?

  • Mike Meter

    Sheriff Joe aint playin out here. He's gonna try and make X's life a living hell and go to extremes to do it. Anyone who has spent significant time in Arizona knows that Arpaio is a devil ass meglomaniac. It is serious here in Murdercopa County. When he gets out he'd better move as far away as he can.

  • Flo

    truly sad. I was really hopeful to get a new album next year :(

  • RainMan

    edubb you said it..the powers that be work in different ways with every rapper that speaks out against them and the way they exploit people..they basically did the same thing to X as they did with pac..instead of killing him theyre just going to keep him in jail to keep him silent..does no one see this? illuminati runs this industry! and if em really is speaking out about illuminati subliminally like people are beginning to claim he is then he better watch his back because he will be next

  • Anonymous

    Damn...X is looking a bit raggedy..aint anyone puttin money on this niggas books for a razor or some shit...

  • edubb1977

    This man is locked up for many reasons, and im not talking about the drugs or whatever the hell they say he did. X was once amongst the elite ( im not talking about just the rappers)he knows a lot and there is a reason as to why they want to keep him locked up. Believe nothing of what you hear and believe only half of what you see.

  • Anonymous

    crazyyyyy Duce Rivas- "F*uck The World" Real HipHop

  • BWS-Fish

    it really pains me to say this, but it may as well be a life sentence because even wen he gets out, he's gonna keep goin back again and again and again and again and again...

  • Southside Balla31

    Dammit dawg, again? Damn, always tryin' to fuck with the really rappers , shit!

  • gutter man

    i really dont fuckin get it- what the hell is up with x. or is some weird shit going on? i would love to see a comeback.

  • KOTA

    Man they keep trying to hem this man up on some charges, someone really has it out for X

    • JimmyT

      Has it out for him? Trying to hem him up? WTF are you talking about? He was OUT! All he had to do was stay clean and follow his parole restrictions. He didn't and now he's going back. It's really that simple.

  • littlepoopies

    I probably wouldn't pay more then 300 bucks to see his little lil wayne id probably pay atleast 5 g's for his shits

  • Cealix

    "...was reportedly cited for use of Oxycontin without a prescription, failing to submit to a drug test, failing to participate in counseling programs, failure to make payments and driving on a suspended license." HA. Each of those are worth 2-3 months in prison while on parole.

  • Game

    The drugs destroyed him.

  • Up North

    Pains me to say more than just about anybody but we may have heard the last of X musically. At this point I just hope he gets his life together and stays off that shit. He's kinda reminding me of West Indian Archie and how he ended up from Spike's Malcolm X movie...

  • Ddot DOuble

    His dogs are nowhere to be seen...

  • gnigga_pleeze

    i love how on this page its all FREE X FREE X and on the gucci mane story mfs are like i'm glad. lmao i have given up on x i love his old shit but startin to feel that rooting for him will only result in dissappointment

  • DJ Precise

    Sad to see the man in this situation. Stay up.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    stupid ass motha fuckas this picture date from the last year he was on his path for redemption and now he finds hisself locked up again what the fuck ?!! this man used to be a hell of an emcee and now he's only known for the charges held against him

  • Jman

    The name that once brought fame has apparentely lost his flame. I hope it's only temporary cause when and if you do return to dominance, your fans will still be here!

  • Anonymous


  • wow

    i've never seen him so fucked up b4

  • lilworm

    why they got to lock our brothas up?


      Because the man is a fucking junkie...look at the picture. Damn D get it together you used to be so nice.

  • Charles ExSavior

    I had to look at that picture 3-4 times over, he's really losing it.

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