50 Cent Hit With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

50 Cent facing lawsuit due to 'I Get Money,' announces his investment in yet another company.

Tyrone "Caliber" Simmons, a 28-year old up and coming rapper from Atlanta, is claiming that rapper 50 Cent stole the beat for his song “I Get Money” which was featured on The Massacre.

According to AllHipHop.com, Simmons purchased the license to the instrumental version of “I Get Money” which cannot be used without his permission due to a copyright.

“The misappropriation of copyright-protected material is an endemic problem in the music business, and particularly in the genre of hip-hop/rap. This is one such case," said Louis D. Tambaro, Simmons’ attorney. "Our client was granted exclusive rights to the 'I Get Money' instrumental and was unceremoniously cut out of the loop when the defendants realized they had a huge hit on their hands."

Parties named in Simmons’ lawsuit include 50 Cent, Aftermath Entertainment, G-Unit, and Shady Records. It is unclear how much Simmons is seeking in his lawsuit.

In other news, FastCompany.com reports that 50 Cent has invested in yet another company. This time the rapper turned entrepreneur is investing in digital eyewear performance company Gunnar Optiks.

Gunnar Optiks recently introduced their high-end 3-D glasses which create a more comfortable 3-D viewing experience. Glasses range from $70 to $200.

50 Cent even posted a picture of himself wearing a pair of Gunnar Optiks glasses via Twitter.

“Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick! U aint got these suckas. Get ur money right ima get like 50 new hoes wit,” said 50 Cent in a Tweet. 



  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    This nigga career is ova. The Boss buried his career. G-unit and 50 is fuckin finished. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Payne

    yeah "I get money" was on Curtis and first of all it was produced by Apex, did Apex sell the beat to that other dude first? also someone stole the beat from Apex and tried to sell it to fifty as if it was his beat, and they asked him for a multi track session and he didn't have it, that's how they found out it was Apex's and paid him for it, so now it turns out Apex sold it someone else? we need more details...

  • real ass

    listen son, hip hop dx should be sued for false representation of an artist, how can u say i get money is off the massacre!!? i mean wtf, u twisted aii?

  • Anonymous

    damnn Duce Rivas- "F*uck The World" Real HipHop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Stupid

    Dude I Get Money is 3 years old and got mad dough off that shit and now niggas wanna sue lol at the same time that shit was on the Curtis album u dumb fucks not the Massacre


    hahhahahah fuck dat faggot curtis.....shitty scent been done

  • cuttboy

    So was this dumbass in a coma for the last 5 years or what? SMH?

  • The Editor

    50 stay getting it in with the companies and 3d glasses are going to be big with the selling of glasses for the home market

  • whowho



    Like seriously I wonder to who those jobs go at HHDX? Like having a knowledge of rap should be fucking included son.

  • Anonymous

    This site should be called allhiphop2.0.com...Cause everything that site posts goes onto here shortly after.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, pretty much every news/rumor that allhiphop posts makes its way over to this site shortly after. And the wording is almost identical everytime. Not a surprise though...The person that runs this site used to help run allhiphop.com.

    • Anonymous

      did allhiphop.com say 'i get money' was from the massacre album as well?

  • Anonymous

    yall are fucked at hhdx, how hard is it to check wikipedia to see what album the song was actually on,

  • littlepoopies

    man 50 cent is the coolest black guy ever!!!!! man...3d glasses are so cool dam. 50 cent is my kind of black person, I dont really like the other blacks but im down with black 50 cent. go bro!!!

  • pups

    i get money was on curtis not massacre


    "50 Cent stole the beat for his song “I Get Money” which was featured on The Massacre." The Massacre? For real son Fiddy ganked us on curtis then by putting the same track damn how he done do that HHDX you da best and fuck that dumb ass downsouth atl rapper fiddy lawers finna eat you up. South retard trying to throw shorts at the north(not dissing the south just the retards broke niggaz) fuck his momma too

    • DwnSouthBitch!!

      @ SHUTTAMAN Who the fuck r u talkin bout caliber like dat??? U dont fuckin know him so back the fuck up son!!! 50 fucked up and tried to fuck ova somebody and deserves to get sued!! Fuck the shit u talkin bout!!! Caliber gud luck and I'm here fa ya my nigga!! U been my boy fa years and always will be!!! U gonna get that nigga 50 and he deserves it too!!!



    • Shannon

      @ SHUTTAMAN you are the most ignorant scumbag I have come accross in a long time. The law is the law and if Mr. Simmons owns the beat no one can do what they will with it unless they want to either one purchase the beat or two let Mr. Simmons get in on the funds since the beat does belong to him. So you ignorant one wanna talk about somebodys Momma when urs in on the corner givin it away for rocks in the snow. Please tell her to save you a little so your dumb ass can go back to school. Get your money Mr. Simmons you deserve it!

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