Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/12/2010

Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross grab gold plaques last week for their albums, while Redman grabs a dismal #100 debut, and T.I. proves he's a boss behind bars, or does he?

Rick Ross achieved his latest gold plaque with Teflon Don this past week, while Nicki Minaj achieved her first. Ross' label-mate Redman achieved a dismal #100 debut with his experimental album, while Nicki Minaj out-sold Kanye West last week.

T.I. debuted at #4 with No Mercy. The emcee and label owner's latest album was released while he was incarcerated for probation violations earlier this year, involving drugs. Selling approximately 160,000 units, the latest album from Tip features Kid Cudi, Scarface and Rocko, with production by DJ Toomp, Kanye West and Jake One.

DXnext alum Nicki Minaj garnered her first solo plaque Pink Friday reaching gold this week. The effort out-sold the critically-acclaimed Kanye West album, which was released on the same November 22 date, gaining two spots from last week. Featuring both Nicki's brand of singing and rapping, Pink Friday has appearances from will.i.am, Drake and Eminem.

Minaj collaborator Rihanna watched her Loud gain a spot on the charts this week. With features from Drake, Eminem and the aforementioned Nicki Minaj, Loud continues to attract fans through its multiple singles and happier themes compared to RiRi's past albums.

Kanye West fell six spots this week with his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Reaching gold last week, the album that was promoted through the revolutionary "G.O.O.D. Friday" is approaching 700,000 units sold . Praises continue to come in from publications and media about the emcee/producer's fifth album.

The work features Raekwon, Pusha T, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj. Recorded largely in Hawaii, the album features several themes that have garnered it critical praise.

The Black Eyed Peas fell nine spots to #15. The group's follow-up to last year's The E.N.D., titled The Beginning, sold over 60,000 units in its second week. The will.i.am-led group's sixth studio album continues their European club influence, maintaining work with David Guetta and DJ Ammo.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
4 T.I. No Mercy
159,000 160,000
6 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 82,000 561,000
9 Rihanna Loud 71,000 496,000
13 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 67,000 672,000
15 Black Eyed Peas The Beginning 62,000 181,000

Redman received a dismal #100 debut in his latest album, Redman Presents...Reggie. The experimental work was released on Red's lifetime label, Def Jam Records, and featured Bun B, Method Man and Treacherous Three emcee icon Kool Moe Dee. The album, featuring Auto-Tune and R&B, has production from M-Phazes, Ty Fyffe and longtime Red producer Rockwilder.

Soulja Boy's third album, The DeAndre Way slipped out of the Top 100, selling another 8,000 units. With appearances by 50 Cent and SB's artist Lil B The Based God (of The Pack), the album has shown some progression from the 2007 sensation's past work.

Like Nicki Minaj, Miami, Florida's Rick Ross pulled a gold plaque for his critically-acclaimed fourth album, Teflon Don after 21 weeks on the chart. The Def Jam album features work from Jay-Z, Kanye West and Cee Lo Green.

Lloyd Banks' third solo album, H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2) sold another 7,000 units this week. With a gold single and high-profile appearances from Kanye West, 50 Cent, Raekwon and Eminem (on the iTunes version), Banks' acclaimed comeback album is heading towards the 75,000.

Houston, Texas veteran Slim Thug's third album, Tha Thug Show fell over 60 places to #151. Released through E1 Entertainment, the Swishahouse rapper's third studio album features B.o.B., Big K.R.I.T., Yo Gotti and summer verbal sparring partner, Rick Ross. Thug's second album with the indie label follows a lot of success in last year's critically heralded Boss of All Bosses.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
100 Redman Redman Presents...Reggie
10,000 11,000
120 Soulja Boy The DeAndre Way
8,000 21,000
122 Rick Ross Teflon Don 8,000 507,000
131 Lloyd Banks H.M.F.2 (The Hunger For More 2) 7,200 63,000
151 Slim Thug Tha Thug Show 5,900 20,000

Will Diddy take #1? Can Crown Royale get a chart spot? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.



  • Moneysha

    These niggas whack if Nicki whack-ass sold more. I had my hopes up on Kanye West.

  • Malz Mula

    Imma Be On That List one day at # 1 so get The Chance To say you heard me First. Real rap www.facebook.com/malzmoney

  • Jesse Andersen

    Nikki doin more than Ye? Fuck that. P.S. Redman is GARBAGE/

  • chris p

    im trying to read this article but im to distracted by nikki minajs milk jugs

  • Monroe

    WTF, Why is LLyod Banks album underneath Ross? Banks murks him on flows.

  • Suggatee

    Almost all the albums up there are for ladies. i think record companies are starting to realize that real niggas dont buy cds.

  • mjtwelve

    Wow at some of you who think this is a reflection of how well they are doing in the market. Now if this was "Total Illegal Downloads" I bet some of these stats would be in the Millions.

  • fcvs

    yeah hunger for more 2 was the best 2010 album period hate what you want what matters is that the cd is fire minaj album is so wack that there aren't enough words to describe how wack it is and it's gold now (probably platinum in the future)

  • Heeat357

    I bought 3 of those albums this month... Kanye, TI, and Lloyd Banks.... I only bought lloyd banks because I wanted a couple of songs but now I like more than just a couple... I bought Kanye because I wanted to hear the album.. I thought maybe it would be better than those painful singles he came out with... Overall I was disapointed .. maybe 2 good songs and all the rest soul beats with mediocre rhymes... But the TI album I have played from start to finish for about a week and its still in my car cd player.. No disapointments from TI...

  • WHAT?!

    people are still buying ti's shit? fool's a pussy. when he violated probation he told the judge 'please dont send me to jail, i've got a family.' he also told his lawyer he was surprised he got as much time as he did. are you fucking kidding me? who do you think you are? we all have families, or is yours better? you don't deserve to go to jail for violating? fuck that. if i go to jail for violating so should you, weak nigga. stf

  • Anonymous

    banks album of the year

  • Mrnoluv

    Wow these fools suck, 160K in the first week? What did Em do 700K? Even Kanye sucks, I just knew he would go double, now he will be lucky to 1 mil. Wow these fools are so bad they can't outsell a chick! MAN WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGH BACK IN THE DAYZ A FEMALE WOULD OUTSELL MOST DUDES? THIS KIDS SHOWS YOU HIP HOP IS DEAD. BACK IN 88, IF U TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN I WOULD HAVE LAUGHED AT YOU! WOW! HIP HOP IS PATHETIC.

    • Moneysha

      Oh my bad that comment was going @Mrnoluv

    • Moneysha

      Nicki hot cuz her body is speakin not lyrics and female rap been dead.

    • sicoyall


    • Mrnoluv

      If hip hop isn't worth buying, how can you say it's alive and well? Em is the only person that can continue to have big numbers, back in the days most of the big rappers could sell. If the majority of the main artists can't sell, generate money, well I would say hip hop is dead. I have been listening to hip hop since it first came out, first heard it way back in NY 1979, I'm telling you - HIP HOP IS DEAD! You ask any old cat like me, that's seen it all, heard it all it's dead. Now for you young cats ok, you don't know how great it was, but don't try to say I'm a follower when I've been listening since day 1. That's some ignorant shit right there. Compared to what is was, for us old school first generation listeners, HIP HOP IS DEAD. The charts prove it.

    • dumbass

      your stupid fool.. she only sold that much because shes a pop star.. all hip hop sales are down.. its cause people download and shit everything instead of walking their bum asses to walmart or bestbuy.. hip hop aint dead.. CD's are dead haha.. hip hop is alive and kickin, its just being illegally copied.. For example... Its like in the 90's crack was selling only in the hood right.. Then in the 2000's people in the hood said fuck this, and started stealing the crack from the dealers. And the white people have started buying the crack that they like. The crack game aint dead, it just aint got no rules anymore... If there is anyway somebody can stop the distribution of songs illegally then CD sales would go up because thats the only way people could listen to music. Nas created a monster.. real hip hop niggas know this... but you clown ass following niggas wanna say it because you heard nas say it.. thats some bitch shit.. follow the leader ass niggas

  • Swanson

    Just because people did not buy Lloyd Banks dont mean his album is wack.. way better than Nicki and Nicki is for females any way Steven Ireland .. how u doing mofo www.recorddealshowcase.com

  • Steven Ireland

    LOl!! Loyd Stanks Hunger for more cock 2 fucking flopped!!! Glad I coped that Kanye and Nicki!! Also SMH at soulja boy fucking low ass sales I hope this nigga dissapears!!!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja boy is over lol, must have been that amazing list he had haha

  • 313

    has anyone noticed em feel from like number 15 on the charts 4 weeks ago to not being on the charts at all? It's because he was buying all his own records and since he hit 3 million he stopped buying his records. Up until one month ago he was top 15 every week atleast then all of a sudden he went from 15 one week to not in the top 100 next week. It's pretty sad when you have to buy your own records.

  • Anonymous

    i wish i could sell 63k indie

  • Heat357

    Why is everybody bragging about how banks didn't sell a ton of records???? Noone ever said he would sell a lot... People were excited about getting the album and now they have it... What's the big deal?? Idiots please take it somewhere else.... and by the way smh means shaking my head... how is smh2 a legitimate insult??? Are you retarded?

    • white milk

      smh2=shaking my head double time. and yes pleanty of mf's on here were boasting about how banks was gone sell. i wish him the best but i always knew he would flop sales wise. he'll never blow up w/ that voice. call it what u want but its true. him and yayo voice on different ends of the spectrum but have the same effect.. well naw yayo is worse...

  • Andrew Juma

    I listened to Banks album and it sounds more like a mixtape. I mean, a couple of nice tracks but nothing memorable. 50 definitely will not be talking about sales or independent records. Interesting point, in this current climate, Rick Ross has managed to remain consistent in sales. Another point, Lil Wayne rocks, Mike Posner is slept on, and of course YMCMB is the movement. Cannot wait for The Diplomats and Nicki Minaj massacred Monster. Killed that beat, resuscitated it, and killed it again.

  • Anonymous

    When you got 50 spending money on Akon, Swiss beats, loso, Juelz, styles P, pusha T, rae, Justic League, Kanye, ryan leslie, Lloyd, Jeremih and the list goes on it can "never" be called a INDIE ALBUM homie. $500K - 2mil EASY That nigga just put a DJ Khaled album lol Akon, Swiss beats, Justice Leaque, Loso, Style P, Kanye, rae, , Juelz, Pusha T?

    • Heat357

      Well I see your point but its a little bit different than you think... In 2010 people don't buy albums... they buy singles from itunes... And He had 1 of the top singles of the year...So I'm sure he got money... Not much but he probably walked away with a cool million...

    • white milk

      indie or not he still gotta cut the check for those features so if he dont make a milli off the album he flopped financially... and if he dont do promotion thats pretty much an automatic...

    • Heat357

      Just stop... You sound stupid... Maybe you're unfamiliar with the term "indie album"... what that means is that it is on an independent label... Meaning they take a much smaller cut of the artists money and give no promotion... With no promotion it doesn't matter how many features you have on the album... Its not gonna put up big numbers.. Its kinda like a mixtape... Khalad is on Def Jam.. Your argument has no valid points so you can never win...

  • Anonymous

    YOOOOOO.... I looked at this shit earlier today and it just hit me, lloyd banks got outsold by t.i. HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA

  • tipster

    I told yall T.I. is one of the best..What rapper can drop an album with almost 0 promotion and sale that much? He has too many die hard fans thats gone buy his shit regardless. Imagine if he was out promoting it. T.I. is a blessing to hip hop. and that No Mercy is banging no lie

  • DAMN


  • MPistol

    so how many ppl clicked on this because of the titties? EY!!!

  • the.watcher

    Damn I'm amazed at Banks's numbers! 63K for an independent release is astounding, and sure to net him more change than his Platinum debut did. Congrats!

    • Anonymous

      yeah it's ashame but he independent so you know. He really didn't do much promoting. He even released his album overseas so I wanna see the total tho. It's a good album in the end

    • Anonymous

      sigh, peoples standards just keep gettin lower and lower as they try to justify the failures of their idols! damn shame, that's a damn shame

    • Anonymous

      The days of 50 Cent dissing other rappers low record sales movement is over. It's in the graveyard with B. Pumper's SMH2!!! Certified pocket lint!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right AND THEN YOU WOKE UP!!! 15 features including Eminem, Kanye and Akon for less than Rick Ross' 25th week sales???? FLOP AKA CERTIFIED POCKET LINT!!!

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Anonymous

    supposed "real hiphop" has never sold so get the fuck out of here with that cruth

  • Kevin

    Damn banks is underrated niggas like the lox to hard niggas don't wanna buy real rap the wanna buy thing lil Wayne ym garbage fuck outta hear banks the truth! Hfm2 gotta respect it Real Rap!

  • D!z

    S.M.H.2?? How fuckin cute! Yall niggaz are some lame fucks!

  • ....

    I just found out Brian Pumper is signed to Bad Boy LMAO!!!!!

  • young jay

    Smh....damn guess Hip Hop must be dead cuz it's not selling, cats would rather buy fake shit or poppy shit like rick ross or nicki minaj's music it's whatever though banks might not have sold that much an it's a damn shame, but I don't give a fuck what nobody says outta rosses, minajes, kanyes, and most albums that came out this year Hunger For More 2 is the best. fuck that bull shit ya'll are talkin.

    • Anonymous

      Fat joe did like 8,000 his first week tho. keyword FIRST WEEK. so this is still good compared to the fruitcakes you listen to,obviously. In the end you have to look at who is making the most money, Banks is able to release a album in the U.S. and Europe. Let ross release something in Europe it might go aluminium(fake platinum aka 10 copies)

    • Anonymous

      LOL!!!!! Are you about to cry dude!!! Put it on video like 50 did Fat Joe. WHY DID 50 CRY OVER FAT JOE'S SALES BUT NOT HIS OWN ARTIST SALES. LOL

    • jhhhh

      How much did Fif and Banks pay you to say that shit?

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    out of all the major releases that came out this yr..most actually went hard..that NICKI album tho' is complete boo-boo..and where is the "real" shit on her album..she said she killed old NICKI but she really needed her help..real talk..half her image is BARBIE the girl who likes girls..none of that on the album..besides a couple tracks..where that 'MONSTER' shit...who gassed her to release this no-direction bullshit..she got a serious gimmick(although stolen)..to have an album that forgettable..and somebody bought that piece of shit...(we learn somethin new everyday)..now she will continue to put out pieces of shit..good job

  • Realness121

    Look lets leave 50 Cent alone,because he also sold 160,000 first week or Before I Self Destruct.Now does that mean he sucks now,no its means NOBODY is selling what they use to anymore.Jay-Z(My fav MC) only sold 2 million on BP3,when on BP2 he sold over 5 million.Does that mean Jay sucks now,NO.T.I. has sold 160,000,and by March or April,maybe May he will reach over 1,000,000 in sales automatic,and even if he does only go Gold,thats not bad for these times in the music industry,and for an incarcerated Artist(GOTTA GIVE PROPS TO T.I. EVEN IF HE ONLY GOES GOLD),But I bought No mercy and I dont care what it sales,cause im a loyal T.I. fan period.RICK ROSS IS NOT A BOSS A BOSS IS SOMEONE WHO SOLD OVER 30,000,000 IN JUST 2 ALBUMS(A FEW GROUP ALBUMS/SOUNTRACKS) THAT PERSON IM REFERING TO IS 50 CENT T.I.,JAY-Z,50 CENT,GAME,DR.DRE,EMINEM JUST TO NAME A FEW ARE TRUE BOSSES,BECAUSE THEY HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF SALES,LABELS,CLOTHING,AND INTERNET PRESENCE,RICK ROSS DONT DO SHIT A BOSS IS SOMEONE WHO SALES ARE HIGHER THAN RICK ROSS'S FIRST WEEK NUMBERS AND THEIR IN PRISON,THAT IS T.I. THE ONE AND ONLY KING OF THE SOUTH,T.I. IS A BOSS

    • CLIPZO

      hes right...50 an established business man... hes musically irrelivant but hes makin alotta money hes no longer a rapper hes an entrepeuner if u dont like him dont mean other ppl cant

    • Anonymous

      nicki minaj just went gold, taylor swift did three million, foh records dont sell shit. them niggas suck

    • Anonymous

      50 Cent sold 110,000 first week sale (without those 2 week old itunes cheats)

    • Anonymous

      Why is this dumbass talking about sales from a different economy and trying to compare them with today's? you idiot.

    • Anonymous

      50 wasnt in jail when he sold 160 000. And 50 was a mega star. TI is big too, but 50's success was higher. You can't judge him by the same standard as ti.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is a bitch !

  • Anonymous

    dopeee Check this out!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Anonymous

    WOW i'm surprised T.I. didn't flop, 159K in the first week? that's impressive since it took me by surprise, i was expecting No Mercy to flop HARD, way to go KING

  • Nicki = TRASH

    if you not a bitch and you copped Nicki Minaj's wack ass album, then you must be gay or just fuckin stupid! she WACK as FUCK...straight garbo

  • Jeride Beach

    This is Rick Ross first Certified GOLD album...Way to go ROZAY...lol

    • Heat357

      This just in!!!!!!! Rick Ross is not a boss....

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @jerrod maybe next time you fuckin idiot check the facts before you post nigga. your avatar already makes you look like a dumb shit but your statement makes look like a fuckin moron. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Life Accordin To Dutch

      get yo lame ass outta here..his first three albums went gold..lame

  • Bonn

    Sales mean nothin to someone with their own opinion and kno what hip hop is 4 u. I like Banks and Red without seein who else like it. If u need to see how many sales b4 u decide if u feelin it than u cannot call yourself a hip hop fan....u jus follow the times

  • Deathofhiphop

    nicki sellin more than Ye show's how fucked up hip hop is. But the reason she sellin more than Ye is cuz she's all over the radio. Right thru me plays on the radio. She's on Trey Songz bottoms up and is now tappin into Rihanna's fanbase. Though I think Nicki is pure garbage she knows how to market herself. Like Wayne & Drake before her, she just get on whatever single or artist is hot and that shit helps her record sales.

    • white milk

      i disagree w/ that. i have a copy, albeit bootlegged, but its not just pop. just bc it comprises of pop doesnt = it being a pp album if there's other types of music on the album. y'all gotta accept that a chg is occurring. artists that are expanding their musical offerings and doing different things. u can sit back and try to piss on it but you cant stop. shyt y'all been bytching about southern hip hop for about 4yrs solid now. as u can still its still poppin and showin no signs of slowin down.... you either progress or get left behind period...

    • There's a Name

      It's called Pop.

    • white milk

      nicki's album is NOT a hip hop album. so what if thats how its classified. these ppl put r&b and hip hop in the same category anyway but if you listen to it theres really no label for it. theres some hip hop, some r&b, some alternative. its a colage of music....

  • Anonymous

    T.I. sales arent bad when he been promoting from jail for basically the past two years. This album isn't "King Uncaged".... He pushed that album back and threw this together at the last minute before he went to jail. WHERE IS HIS FIRST SINGLE?: T.I. "I'm Back" He has another incarceration release coming too and its not "King Uncaged" either...

  • Anonymous

    That 50 Cent dissing other rappers low record sales movement is over. It's in the graveyard with B. Pumper's SMH2!!! Certified pocket lint!!

  • Heat357

    Nice 3rd grade joke.. Would someone please get the retards off this site..

  • Anonymous

    I bet fif is wondering how Kanye did that VMAs shit and still went gold in a week but fif tried dick riding Taylor Swift with Pink, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull and more but Kanye outsold all the dick riders & bandwagon jumpers. Crazy World but I guess people can see right through some fake compassion for a buzz.

  • bios

    Redman lost the bulk of his audience between 'Malpractice' and 'Red Gone Wild'. he just took too goddamn long and by the time he returned the scene had changed and he was now old hat. These figures don't surprise me at all. A lot of fans didn't like the last record and Reggie was poorly promoted.

    • Promo Hype

      People put waaaay too much stock in promotion by the labels. You can't have it both ways. When an artist like Jay-Z is doing talk shows and all that, people want to hate on his game and say he's pop. When dudes start selling units that's when they get those kinds of promo ops. Otherwise you hear them on the radio shows and YouTube. If they wasn't trash, you might hear them on collabos to build up to their own release. Jay-Z has been long gone from Def Jam, and dudes still blaming his ghost or some shit for their poor sales. I stopped buying Redman shit a while back because I got tired of that one hot track per album shit. Thank God for Itunes and MP3s; I copy 1-2 songs off of a 11-song CD and save disk space. As for the new shit, .99 Itunes and make a playlist.

  • e rock

    LMAO at the S.M.H 2. lol

  • Anonymous

    That 50 Cent dissing other rappers low record sales movement is over. It's in the graveyard with B. Pumper's SMH2!!!

  • Anonymous

    That 50 Cent dissing other rappers low record sales movement is over. It's in the graveyard with B. Pumper



    • Anonymous

      Tip got locked up 1 month before his album dropped..He has practically NO promotion. He still sold more than most artists. T.I. is in his prime..I see him doing eminem numbers within the next couple of years.hes debuted in the top 5 since 2003. and most of his albums have been number one..but not this one..why? cuz hes in a prison

    • Ali

      Cause all white people buy eminems albums, even if they don't like rap, just so he can be the best white rapper, lol, his albums were o.k, all relating to white people, lol im not afraiiiiiddddd lmao gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      Jesus... every post YOU slurp Eminem... AT LEAST WIPE OFF YOUR CHIN BEFORE YOU GET UP!!! In Memphis we put bitches like you on the corner & in the club with some heels you. Yall bring top dollars back to a pimp!!!! Don't make the balls jealous, get them too and zip Eminem up when you are finished. DON'T FORGET MY MONEY HOE!!!!!!

    • slapyobitchass

      First off wipe Em's cum off your lips. No promo on his album, you fuckin kiddin me, there's been a bunch of promo on it. T.I. not sellin cuz he in jail right now and even then 160k first week ain't too bad. Nicki sucks.

  • Anonymous

    @Heat357.... Don't make the balls jealous, get them too and zip Eminem up when you are finished. DON'T FORGET MY MONEY HOE!!!!!!

  • Heat357

    Eminem sold around 47,000 this week if anyone was wondering.... Maybe HipHopDX got tired of posting his sales..

    • Heat357

      Nice 3rd grade insult... you should've said "Hey Trazan, stop swingin from Eminem's nuts." And by the way I very seldom post about Eminem.. I'm not that big of a fan of his latest work... He's talented but I'm more of a Three 6 Mafia fan... And dude get serious... You put bitches like me on the corner??? Bro you get teeth knocked out by dudes like me.. GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      @Heat357.... Don't make the balls jealous, get them too and zip Eminem up when you are finished. DON'T FORGET MY MONEY HOE!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jesus... every post YOU slurps Eminem... AT LEAST WIPE OFF YOUR CHIN BEFORE YOU GET UP!!! In Memphis we put bitches like you on the corner & in the club with some heels you. Yall bring top dollars back to a pimp!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jesus... every post YOU slurps Eminem... AT LEAST WIPE OFF YOUR CHIN BEFORE YOU GET UP!!! In Memphis we put bitches like you on the corner and yall bring top dollars back to a pimp.

  • Anonymous

    T.I. sales arent bad when he been promoting from jail for basically the past two years. This album isn't "King Uncaged".... He pushed that album back and threw this together at the last minute before he went to jail. WHERE IS HIS FIRST SINGLE?: T.I. "I'm Back" He has another incarceration release coming too and its not "King Uncaged" either..

  • Cwigg

    ....I believe this album is his last contractually with Def Jam. If he shat this out just to get gone, not good. He has a standard to live up to! Hopefully he does end up with Shady, as is the rumor. Top production and promotion should bring back the Red we love....not this industry driven waste of time that is "Reggie".

  • ALEX

    youre crazy. "Red Gone Wild" was the shit. His new album Reggie is ill as hell too. Album sales are shitty cuz he got zero promotion.

    • Phil

      Agreed. "Red Gone Wild" was a damn good album. And I COPPED "Reggie" and liked it. The production is definitely a switch, but it's still Reggie Noble on those tracks, and it comes off to me. I think it might be time for Red to move on from Def Jam. I know Sha Money must be bangin' his head on the wall about this, but it's time for Red to make that move.


      RED GONE WILD is that shit this is brick city is my fav track


    Thought T.I. would do better guess he will have to settle for Gold this time around but you never know Urban Legend and Trap Muzik both sold about the same 1st week and went platinum. It's a underrated album IMO. I find a lot of value in 12 of the 14 tracks

    • Anonymous

      and t.i. is a household name..he is selling alot from behind bars with no promotion. He is a huge superstar so imagine when he gets out of prison and drops another album. If he promotes his shit he can do at least 600k the first week..he's been close already

    • Realness121

      Exactly Trap Muzik took at least 2 to 3 years to go Platinum,hell Reasonable Doubt took about 5 years to finally go Platinum,so Ludacris last album only went Gold,does that mean he sucks now Sales dont dictate the overall quality of an album,content does,and I can tell you No Mercy is way better than Recovery from Eminem. No Mercy will go Platinum HANDS DOWN

    • Anonymous

      T.I. sales arent bad when he been promoting from jail for basically the past two years. This album isn't "King Uncaged".... He pushed that album back and threw this together at the last minute before he went to jail. WHERE IS HIS FIRST SINGLE?: T.I. "I'm Back" He has another incarceration release coming too and its not "King Uncaged" either.

  • MT

    Redman's album is weak. His "Pancakes N Syrup" mixtape is way betta than his album. That's why I didn't buy his album. How is "Sooperman Syrup" not an album cut? Every "Sooperman Luva" was an album cut. I've been a Redman fan since his first album.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, but that was kinda the point of the Reggie album, to do summin completely outside the Redman character and go more mainstream...... It cant hurt to try shit, I dont like the album btu he already said the next one would be raw before the shit dropped, he didnt try and dupe nobody, he said straight up "This album has a more mainstream vibe, I want to try summin diffrent"......... And I respect that, just hope he got it out his system and brings it raw on the next one

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    LMAO at Banks 75,000 after 3 weeks. Where da niggas screamin HFM2. no wonder Banks already workin on mixtapes, that shit flopped like hell. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • officerricky

      Still officer ricky will never have a platinum album tho. banks already did that his first time around. Plus all these lil love song rossy is doing you would think he would be platinum, nope. without dickriding erbody else banks did pretty good. poor ricky

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @anon Nigga you callin me an idiot? I guess im givin banks more credit then he deserves. 63,000 is what he sold so far you fuckin idiot. nigga only sold 7,000 this week. the bawse outsold his ass in his 21st week. Banks flopped like a motherfucker. guess them niggas screamin HFM2 didn't get the album. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      63k idiot.. cant you read u sombitch

  • fcvs

    ross didn't won shit did he ever went platinum? NO but banks did did he ever sold more than yayo? NO yayo did 800K and ross best selling cd sold 750K Not even to mention 50 sales

    • Heat357

      Banks, Yayo, cheetah vision films, Thisis50, G-Unit Radio, Power cologne... I'm sure there is more if you wanna look more into it...

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      rick rose is the shit ;BAWSE;

    • Heat357

      Rick Ross is the head of his label.... Lloyd Banks is a 50 Cent protege... The day a member of Triple c's sells as much as Lloyd Banks does there will be a legot arguement... or the day Rick Ross outsells 50 which probably won't happen.... 50 Cent is a Boss... Rick Ross just isnt ... I'm sorry..


      haha yep, banks career officially over! g-unit not even promoting hfm2 and they can't even go in on rozay cuz he almost did the same numbers as 50's bisd they both gold and only successful song on hfm2 is beamer benz or bentley...

    • Anonymous

      Banks got dropped from Interscope because he already flopped!!!


      nigga first, learn how to spell fucc outta here dick rider!! baws got plenty platinum plaques several of his singles went platinum and he got 3 gold albums. banks got 1 platinum album, so baws already outsold that punk banks.... his career is ooooover!!!

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Your a fuckin idiot nigga. Yayo's CD never sold 800,000. shit sold 600,000, look it up. oh yeah how the fuck did rotten apple do. oh yeah 200,000 fuck outta here. the bawse went gold while Banks flopped. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • GamesOver

    Let's be clear. The only reason Nicki Minaj has outsold Kanye this week is because he hasn't been promoting his album (after it was released) in every magazine, talk show, radio show on the planet. Unlike Nicki, he has absolutely nothing to prove in terms of commercial success - Graduation sold over way over 900,000 units in the first week. That's more Nicki will ever do in one week. All that matter's is the quality of the music and Ye understands that. If Ye done have the interviews Nicki done, or even featured on some of the more commercial artists songs like she's done, he'd have outsold her ass for a third week...

    • Stu

      GTFOH,.. With every damn publication out there giving in a perfect rating with rave reviews left right and centre, that's enuff promotion. Promotion i NOT the reason Nicki did better. It's cos there were many more "barbie" like pple out der who hadn't got the record

  • Anonymous

    ross sold more than banks in his 21st week lmao where are the g unit stans big ups to ross for goin gold he has the best album of the year

  • Doubl Negative

    I feel ambivalent about Reggie's poor album sales. Attenuated, R&B, auto-tune rap music is totally unforgivable, especially by someone of Red's calibre, but if there are suckers out there willin' to listen and pay for this bullshit, I'd rather they cop this new Red joint, no matter how awful, than the new Flo Rida ish. It's shame how hip-hop businesses are run, appeal to Suburban kids, even if they don't appreciate true hip-hop, and let the real, indigenous audience cop the mix-tape. Until we revert back to the '90s when Cypress, Wu, NWA, Cube, House of Pain and Public Enemy penetrated both the underground and the mainstream, the dichotomy in the hip-hop scene will widen, 'till it's not just thirty-somethin' B-Boyz who take umbrage with the music.

  • Tigre

    Its good to see records sales picking up! Redman came in at no. 100 and sold 10,000 copies! I remeba a time when 10,000 copies meant a top 40 debut! Cant beleive the BEP are tanking this fast on the charts!! Guess they should have waited some more or released a Fergie album befor coming out again. Nicki Overtaking Ye on the Chart was precendented because everybody that really wanted tp buy Ye's album did so the first week, most of us got the album bit by bit for free every friday. I still wonder how he managed to sell that much! T.I would just make Gold and nuthin more not cause he has any hot single, but for being a power house in Hiphop in the last 7 years. Ross; hate him or love him he is here to stay and is probably the most relevant rapper that doesnt have much pop or cross over appeal, He has esthablished himself amongst the hiphop heavy weights and be sure to call his name as one of those who shaped the later half of the 2000's in rap even 50 cent cannot be this relevant again.

  • Brittany

    all BEP stuff sounds the same. same wack techno shit. NEEXT!!!

  • Brittany

    *correction my comment was directed towards STFU. ur comment was hilarious

  • STFU

    I'm glad that Kanye album isnt selling like people thought it would, not to wish bad luck on him but Its refreshing to see all those Magazines Over-rating that shit didnt fool anybody Straight up, I'm 26 and I aint never, in my life, seen an average record get praised as if it were the Holy Bible of Hip Hop the way this one is, I guess maybe all those music critics feel bad for him because of The Taylor Swift Backlash or summin because that record isnt very good. All that sucka does now is Stand on his soap box and cry about how the world treats him bad because he's an asshole, lol, dude's a fuckin joke on legs now

    • STFU

      @ Youalame They DID NOT do the same thing with the eminem album, that album got MIXED REVIEWS, like it should have,Most critics shit on that record, it just happened to sell well because his fans didnt give a fuck Kanyes album is getting 5 star rating in every magazine and website in the world, and it doesnt deserve it Only built 4 Cuban Linx, It takes A nation, Str8 outta compton, Illmatic, those are classics,Your really tryin to tell me My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy can hold a fuckin candle to those?

    • Chupps

      Alot of non believers, but it's to be expected with an album that pushes the boundaries of what rap can sound like. I thought it was a perfect album, but i can also see why it's easy to not like the album.

    • youalame

      they just did the same thing with the Eminem album

    • Anonymous

      When i get the time i'll listen to ye's album, if at all, but there's too much and ye aint the best of the best by far where hip hop is concerned. He has that international apeal, glad that he's doing the numbers but we need to bring rawness back to the masses, that's why i'm not excited until Rae or Pharoah drop their albums... peace!!!

    • aa

      or maybe cuz he joined the freemason gang that got him all the promotion and great reviews,

    • Ddot DOuble

      That album is only amazing if you're sitting on a crotch rocket, in a gay-ass shirt, wearing tight, faggoty-lookig jeans *(see facebook profile pic above). Kalin Maurice Leonard probably listens to that record while drinking an appletini, and getting ready to go that Jonas Brother's concert he just couldn't miss. He then finishes off the night, with a healthy dose of "The Jersey Shore" and MTV's "The Real World." The next day, he is all smiles when he goes into work at Aeropostale. These faggot-ass mutherfuckers need to get off this hip-hop shit, go back to techno where they belong.

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      Because it's not selling a lot means it's not that great? Well first it is selling a lot .. He sold over 500k which no rap acts are currently doing. Second he gave most of the album away free and still sold over 500k, with no top 10 singles ... And the album is amazing...and none of the songs on the album are about him crying about the world treating him bad because he's an asshole at all. I hate when people like you make stuff up to try to make a point. If you're going to try to make a point at least state some kind of facts

    • Brittany

      @boomb8978 that was hilarious

  • boom8978

    Hip Hop is grinding its way back. The artist that really make great music and truly care about what their raps sound like are selling!

  • truthteller

    Eminem 3,145,000 Update us on Eminem, the best selling album of 2010.

  • ROKS


  • Vincent Salamatino

    Dam TIP....I didn't think his album was gonna sell because it kind of came out of nowhere...I don't think people thought it was his real next studio album at first because it kind of got that slapped together album feel but this is T.I.'s follow up to Paper Trail!!!It's kinda big deal people need to go get this cd!

  • iAreConscious

    redman's album sales dismal, because no one knew had an album... nicki minaj outselling kane first week proves that how good an album does has little to do with wether or not the album is 'good'...

  • Frankie

    damn my man Reggie Noble fell off! still one of my favorite rappers of all time, i think ima go cop that cd.

    • Swamp Thang

      One of my favorite MCs too but his album sucks. I bought it just to support my dude but it's painful to listen to. Still not as horrible as "Red Goes Wild" though.

    • Tablazines

      He didn't fall off... nobody knew that shit was out.

    • iAreConscious

      red didn't fall off. he has no promo... i haven't heard the record only two songs and i think its safe to say its betterthan both the black eye peas and the nicki minaj record.. i listened to her album.. its pretty terrible almost neck and neck with Deandre. Waka's album is better. redman is still making good stuff its just unfortunate no one knows about it.. him being on a label where he's proven to release classic high selling works he can't get any promotion for his projcts in 2010. SMH

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