Twista & Shawnna Plan "Bonnie & Clyde" Mixtape

After Battle of the Sexes with Luda went a different route, the former DTP star tells VIBE she's pulling out the machine guns with Twista.

Although her plans with Ludacris for a joint-album in Battle of the Sexes did not come to fruition this year, former Disturbing Tha Peace artist Shawnna has announced another gender-specific tandem with another respected veteran. Shawnna recently told VIBE that she is at work on Bonnie & Clyde with fellow Chicago, Illinois emcee Twista.

"Aside from 'Getting Some,' 'R.P.M.' with me, Twista and Luda was my other successful record so we want to stay locked with that. Twista always has me on my toes and I love that," Shawnna told VIBE, along with her concerns that the project will inevitably be judged against her planned work with Ludacris.

At present, Shawnna, whose last album, Block Music, released in 2006, is reportedly signed to T-Pain's Nappy Boy Entertainment. Last month, Twista released The Perfect Storm on EMI Records.

Read the full VIBE interview here.


  • Anonymous

    i wish shawna would ahe done that album cause it would have brought her the attentionshe deserves, i actually think the girl can spit

  • Quisj

    Shawnna is dope but Twista is ight. I wouldve like of seen the Luda & Shawnna. Twista def is not a better rapper than Luda.

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      fuc u mean TWISTA disrespect to LUDA but fuc Luda..this is the crib coming together and doin some shit they should have done 10 yrs ago..both of they styles complement each other and luda could never fuc with them on the type of tracks they could produce over gangsta beats...

  • Anonymous

    dopee Check this out!!

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    this right here,if done right,is a Chicago wet dream..SHAWNNA U A BEAST..AND TWISTA DO HIS THING WHEN NEEDED.."FROM THE SOUTH SIDE TO THE WEST SIDE..ROLL EM UP"..

  • MikeDub469

    This mixtape will be fire!!! Both Shawnna and the Twista bring the heat in they own right so together... MELTDOWN!!! I don't know what happened with her and DTP tho. She held them down 4 a minute and really got put on the backburner WAY too much. If Shawnna is given the chance to rock the right way, nobody can tell me she wouldn't be getting the same props the girl Nicki Minaj is gettin now. P.S. Shawnna & Nicki should do some ish together too... They both look good(mmm...) AND they can spit. Double heat!!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This will be nice. Much better than doing an album with wack Ludacris.

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