Pete Rock Speaks On DJ Premier, Collaboration Album

The veteran New York producer/deejay reveals two artists he has chosen for his side of an album that brings two of Hip Hop's most prized beat makers together.

Last month DJ Premier revealed that Wu-Tang Clan member GZA would be accompanying his side of a collaborative album done with Pete Rock. Tentatively titled Pete Rock Vs. DJ Premier, each veteran producer will provide six stellar beats backed by their own choice of guest rappers. Pete Rock had yet to unveil an emcee from his camp, until now.

In an interview with The Hip-Hop Chronicle UK, Rock confirmed that one-half of Little Brother and his best known partner will be making an appearance on one record. “I’ll give you one…Rapper Big Pooh. I got Big Pooh and C.L. Smooth.” Pooh previously collaborated with Pete Rock alongside fellow Little Brother member Phonte on “Bring Ya’ll Back” for Rock’s 2008 album NY’s Finest.

Recounting how he and Premo first met each other, he continued, “I met him years ago when I was at [107.5] WBLS in New York. I met him in the 80’s. Like, Guru had came up to the show when they were on Wild Pitch Records and I can recall Premier coming up to WBLS. We just hit it off from there.” He added, “We inspire each other when we make music. He’s definitely a big inspiration to me; whenever I hear something he does, I feel like I gotta top it somehow [laughs].”

Pete Rock Vs. DJ Premier currently has no release date.


  • Controverse

    solid. i'm actually excited for an album!

  • Anonymous

    real shitt Check this out!!

  • Doubl Negative

    There were several 12"s in the '90s which featured both Pete and Preem beats. The two I remember are Jeru's You Can't Stop the Prophet and the Das joint Real Hip-Hop. I love Pete, but I feel Premo's versions were always better. Jeru even echoed my sentiment regardin' his record. The True Master joint also sounds Premo-esq. I'm not hatin' on dude, but Premo's the GOAT.

  • Anonymous

    Man I'd love to hear Blu over a Pete Rock joint. Or Tash over Premier......Joell Ortiz over PR.....drooools.............

  • Grace

    Did anyone just hear what this man just said? He said there will be a new Pete Rock and CL Smooth album!!! Everyone in here is talking about something else but must have not paid attention when Pete just said there will be a new Pete Rock and CL Smooth album...That had to be the most exciting part out of this whole entire interview!

    • bloody bastard

      I'm pretty sure he just said there will be a new Pete & C.L. song, not an album, but that's still newsworthy!! Maybe it will get em workin together again, let's hope!

  • Nike Champ 718

    Damn, only six songs each? I was hoping for a double album, one from each of them. Would've definitely been the sh*t.


    I am so looking forward to this album..instant gotta come with the lyrics dealing with these two for real

  • DMV Dave

    The standard for producer collab albums is Jaylib's "Champion Sound". Hope Preme & PR listen to that to see where the bar is at. Gangerene's "Gutter Water" is up there too, shit - Oh No's beats are fucking SOUNDSCAPES. Pete & Preme should think outside the box on this joint - like give each other a couple of beats for the other to remix; record a beat live [tap'em out on the MP] while a cat is spittin' in the booth. Shit like that... This is a landmark album for the core fans of these cats; they should both be pushing to make history on this shit!!!

  • Phil House

    ha this interviewers responses make it seem like he doesnt even know what pete rock is talking about..."big Pooh...wooooow" haha

  • soulbrother#2

    M&SB2 would be crazy. Also dope he doing another record with Nature Sounds!!

  • wickwickwack

    CL american me ...> underated album this sounds like a great project the 90´ are coming back !

    • Ddot DOuble

      "Its a love Thing" on that record was produced by Pete. But, I agree that people would've shown much more love if it was a Pete Rock & CL smooth record, regardless of whether Pete did all the production or not.

    • blackula

      Word! American Me is definitely underrated. CL did his thing on that. No beats from Pete on that scared people away though.

  • Articulate1

    The two G.O.AT. producers splitting beats on one album? Whooooaah this has potential to be the album of the decade! GZA and Beatnuts are natural fits for Premo beats...hope they get Rae and Ghost, maybe Talib or Black Thought would be ill too.

  • Hassan Weston!/Sahnie5994

  • G'

    Rather Phonte, but having CL will be a solid add to his side of the album...hope they do this shit and are not bullshitting

  • wusssss upppppppp


  • GucciGOAT

    Man Gucci will kill the beats from these niggaz. Gucci, Shawty Lo, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Frenchie, Wooh Da Kid, the Game and Shawty Mane (Justin Bieber) will the beat from these niggaz as well.

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