Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To Attempted Criminal Possession, Gets Two Years

By pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, Ja Rule is promised a two-year prison sentence when he's sentenced in February.

Ja Rule is scheduled to be in court today, with a trail starting as early as this week for a 2007 gun charge. In July of 2007 Ja Rule leaving a concert in Manhattan when his Maybach was pulled over for speeding. Police claim they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the rear door.

In addition, the car, which was being chauffeured, had no insurance and suspended registration. Mr. Atkins has pleaded not guilty to criminal weapon possession. His lawyer claims the traffic stop was unjustified and has questioned a type of DNA analysis used by the police.

If convicted, Ja will face up to four years in prison. Ironically, Lil Wayne was leaving the same concert when he was busted on weapons charges as well. That charge recently cost Wayne eight months of his life in Rikers Island.

UPDATE: Justice Richard Carruthers told Ja Rule he will serve no less than two years in prison after the platinum rapper and occasional actor pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon stemming from his 2007 New York arrest.

“Because of you guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony,” Carruthers told Atkins. “This is a very serious matter.”

The Associated Press reports Ja Rule’s lawyer, Stacey Richman was not immediately available for comment. But according to court documents, New York’s strict gun laws dictate Rule was promised two years in prison when he is sentenced in February of 2011.



  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Why Ja Rule Why?!?! You entertained us so with your amusing voice and style of rap that was extremely questionable!! Don't follow Gucci's road to jail!

  • taylormade

    Ja is still dope, he just has nobody who wants to push his music like they used too. Even some of his newer shit. Dudes are just embarrassed to admit it. Ever since the peak of the beef with Fif people just started dickriding. All of the sudden the same people who bought Rule 3:36 (which has between me and you, put it on me, etc. all duets) start sayin' hes wack for something they felt before it was flipped. grow some nuts!! even the king NAS said Ja was ill. anyways. shit sucks. shouldn't have tried to fight the case. LONG LIVE R.U.L.E he'll be ight

  • Ronnie Guess?

    How the fuck are you gonna have a car worth that much money but not have all the paper work for it updated and legit?? fuckin clown ass rappers make me laugh with the way they live and try to shine! they have no idea wtf their doing!!

  • Frankie

    fuck Ja Rule. i never liked none of his shit when i was younger, i always looked at my friends funny when they came thru bumping his shit, i never cosigned. and 50 aint really that tite but i do enjoy his comedic side, funny guy.

  • Anonymous

    even tho i dont like ja rule thats fucked up. niggas have to protect themselves and you gonna lock them upp for 2 years for that shit. thats fucked up. thats why the wild west is better niggas got rights to bear arms tired of bullshit hiphop you cant relate to? bentleys fake diamonds and fake gangsters? then check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg hes keepin it real

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    every time i here ja rule i also think of dave chapelle "after 9/11 i was watching mtv and they had ja rule. ladies and gentlemen we have ja rule on the phone lets hear his thoughts on this tragedy. who the fuck is thinking oh my god where is ja! if someone could just get ahold of ja rule!" lmfao

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    ja was ill back in the day. i was in like the 4th grade when his shit came out but i listened to his stuff recently and remembered hearing it. too bad some people just fall off. this was the final nail in the coffin of his career. FREE DMX

  • Ndu Gumede

    m sick of these dumn rappers.

  • The Truth

    ALl this gay shit has got to go, fucken wack. most of these morons making these posts were probably in 2nd grade when Ja was big

  • gnigga_pleeze

    for one handgun he gets two years? tip had a shitload of machine guns and he got one year fuck that shit

  • Anonymous

    whys he carrying a gun for anyways? dont these fools realize thats what really gets you in trouble.

  • Anonymous

    "THE PUNISHMENT IS ALREADY INBEDDED IN THE ACT!"...Though I don't wish inprisonment on anyone, you already know the possiblities of punishment if you get caught in the act!!! This lame Ja-Fool should have been cop'd-a-plea to get this time out the way!!! 2007-case, he caught this case the same night as Weezy up there in NY, Weezy done did his bid n is out ballin' now!!! Even Plaxico Burress caught his case after Ja-Fool but he went right in now hell be home by the Summer! Ja-Fool up there playing Billy-Bad@ss with them Laws now look what it got him, the same time now he would of got if he would have went in 07'-08'! Its damn near 2011 now ... The sad part about this is Ja-Fool had to re-finance his mortgage on his crib n NJ just to pay his bond so his cash-flow ain't long! You never spend more time fighting a case than what the sentence is!...4yrs fighting the case for a 2yr setnece that he could have did 2yrs ago...SMDH


    JA ( Jagged Asshole )......lol Thats whats going to happen when he drops the Soap, Big ol nigger by the name of Escobar goin Ram his asshole hard.....LOL

  • LJbigbang

    I genuinely thought this guy was dead or missing...

  • Hiawartha McGee

    This is sad. Can our rappers, sports guys, just play their sport make their music make their money without getting pulled over for stupid stuff & getting sent up the river for breaking the law?


    MURDER, MURDER....lol, Hope he gets a Nigger dick in his asshole....Only way to stay ouuta jail these days is to be a Snitch, Right Snoop?

  • Nastynas4life

    oh man...I seriously thought it said "Lil Wayne pleads guilty, gets 2 years" but then i saw that it said Ja Rule...oh well, Keep ya head up Ja!

  • Anonymous

    Everybody in here talkin' like they hard. LOL! Fucking nerds.

  • jj

    ja rule keep your head up.

  • Anonymous

    tryna make himself look gangsta, when he fuckin aint

  • 50 cent

    as 50 said "jeffrey atkins aint neva hurt nobody"

    • phadiga

      but his ass was whooped by jah and dats d reason he would always wanna get at him (wit the police though) without dat, anoda whooping for d ninja turtle...

  • Andre RichMan Cannons Lovell

    This is some BS

  • the man

    Keep yo head up Ja, fuck the haters

  • kennyken

    they hand out sentences like hot cakes to rappers

  • Philaflava

    I really hope he gets fucked in the ass while in prison. - http://philaflava.com/forum/ - a real hip hop forum visit my site

  • Nico 3

    Hard to believe not to long ago Ja was selling millions. Maybe him and X will become preachers in the pen.

  • DL Dub

    Question; if you own or lease a mabach, shouldn't you at least be able to afford the isurance on it, and have the tags up to date? Sounds like a clear case of cheap niggerism to me. It is for that simple ass reason that the police were able to search the car. Then he had a driver who couldnt drive. Terrible decisions...

  • Beatz4dayz

    R.i.p ja rule's career...

  • junMaf*ckn

    I aint no lawyer but this case sounds beatable. if they aint know the car had suspended registration and no insurance they ca also claim no knowledge of the gun. But if they got that "DNA evidence" like they had on Weezy its a wrap. This DNA evidence sound maad suspect tho. Reminds me when Dave Chapelle used to say the cops would "sprinkle a lil crack" on the "crime scene"...

  • vazan

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  • Tyrone

    So Mr. President it is still okay to racially profile a black man in a fancy car, but it is illegal to profile a muslim in an airport. Let that be a lesson to you African Americans, no matter how successful you are, you are still a NI$$ER.

  • cuttboy

    This dude used to be ok till 50 & em smashed him. Then 50 turned around and copied his style,SMH? Wouldn't wish 4 years on anyone tho.Thats more time than I wanna give! Good luck Jeffery!

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