Araab Muzik Claims Kanye West Bit His Style With MPC Programming

The Diplomats producer calling himself "The MVP of the MPC" says Kanye West took his style of performing and ran with it, adding he's "disgusted" by it.

In a culture where biting has always been frowned upon, Araab Muzik has recently said Kanye West bit his style. In an interview with, Araab noted that after doing some work in the studio, West took his style and ran with it on stage. Araab, who calls himself "the MVP of the MPC" is saying that West saw his work on an MPC player and decided to do the same type of routine as part of his live show. 

"That nigga went and jacked my whole shit," Araab said. "Hell yeah...He started doing the shit I do. That nigga went on the VMA's doing that," he said. "I'm disgusted. There was no need for him to do that."

Araab Muzik is best known for his work with Cam'ron, producing extensively on last year's Crime Pays album. Earlier this year, Diplomats emcees Cam'ron and Jim Jones also voiced displeasure with Kanye West, on their rendition of "Runaway."


  • Gabe

    Yo kanye has been producing on MPCs when Arab Musik was in diapers!! stfu arabmusik

  • randall

    he's good and all but kanye was probably playin on the mpc when araab was 5.

  • Anonymous

    this dude has got to be kidding.

  • Bliggs

    This kid is talented as fuck.

  • Araab

    Fuck all you stupid haters, I have sex with models and wear chains. I have so much money. I'm the shit and all of you are worthless nothings.

  • kd data production

    the opra singer on "going ham" stole those notes,from one of my artist song..... janese jean,"haunting".go to reverbnation and listen

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Sounds like Araab just wants a little extra attention... You didn't invent the MPC, or how to perform with it. You're just another one of the countless producers (myself included) who use it. Deal with it and quit bitching.

    • Ranndy

      Yeah I agree. I dont like anybody biting someone else style but he didnt create the MPC, he wasnt the first to perform live with a drum machine. Techno DJz & producers been doing that for years with mpcs also other hip hop producers/Djz. Now hate on Araab Muzik is a dang good producer but c'mon son. Step your game up like Kanye. I used the Mpc myself and I thought about performing live with a band. C'mon son stop crying and make music.

    • Anonymous

      araab is the shit and kanye is biting face it niggaz

  • xuup17

    You made it a hot line. I made it a hot song. Fuck off little boy

  • Kid Captain Coolout

    I never saw what this dude's hype was all about but, i let him be because what he does is good for a live performance. No different than a DJ doing a scratch exhibition. But to say Kanye bit his style becuz he brought an MPC on-stage at the VMA's... is the most crack-smokin-est shit i've ever heard. You thought you was first to do that? You're only 20-years old, the MPC itself is older than you are.

  • Truthenola

    apperently nobody else can use this drum machine or its biting ???? ahah fall back fool. thats not why your broke.

  • ignite mindz

    Nevermind it dont let you do that no more. Paste this into google to see the video. "One Man Band Rapping while Playing Drums Piano And Bass Simultaneously"

  • ignite mindz

    Word. I take it further, I play the MPC pads with my right hand while playing piano with my right hand while playing bass guitar with my toes, while I rap. Click my name to go to the video.

  • DMV Dave

    Don't know who did live mp playin' first[though not this sand-nigguh]... but Exile from EMANON does it the best - check his shit out on YouTube!

  • Anonymous

    pppl been preformin wit mpcs on stages for years yungins tired of bullshit hiphop you cant relate to? bentleys fake diamonds and fake gangsters? then check out hes keepin it real

  • Chi-!llz

    Thats wrong I saw Kanye do that one before in a show in Chicago before he got signed to Roc-A-Fella like 01' or 02' as a matter of fact Erika Badu did that live in like 07' at essence fest I think.

  • shonnas

    that's a pretty bold statement by araab. what he does is impressive, not my type of beats but he needs to do his research. jeremy ellis and exile have been doing this for a while. youtube them if you don't know who i'm talking about.

  • David James Robinson

    Give me a break! He acts like he's the first person to fuck with an MPC on stage.

  • bigjyesupreme

    I like AraabMuzik but for him to claim Kanye jacked his style by using the MPC in his live performance is a long stretch.

  • MP

    This dude needs to step his beat game up, forreal! Talking shit just because you can press pads real fast does not make you a legit producer. All that shit is just for show. Nobody would listen to a whole album of that noise anyway. Kanye makes ACTUAL songs. Araab Muzik is too cocky for his own good. It's too many niggas around him on his jock putting false shit into his head. That Cam'ron album was cool, but it wasn't "all that" on the beat tip to me...

  • Dee(sic)

    Wow shit, i totally jacked the previous dude's post... Sorry man i didn't even mean to

  • Dee(sic)

    Agreed Araab is dope on the pads, sounds like he needs a pad right now though!! Man, don't flatter yourself. Kanye jackin your shit?! Since when does Araab own the concept of live MPC programming? Did I miss something? Granted he's super dope at it... But man, come on... Araab did it better than Kanye anyway!! Fuck do i hate that. You should at least be flattered, not fuckin "disgusted"...

  • chris

    Bullshit..all these kanye haters..r u kidding me..Kanye west elevated Hip-hop ..his albums are the best ,r u kidding me?!!..this young fuck don't have shit on Ye..Ever rapper takes something from another..wayne , drake , Jay,nikki em everyone does it..he should stop wining lik a Bitch!!

  • bjab

    What Araab does is nothing new. Granted, he's undoubtedly dope at it, but a number of people have been doing live MPC programing on stage for years. I remember seeing Jurassic 5 at the Smokin' Grooves Tour in 2002, and DJ Nu-Mark did it. DJ Shadow does it, Jel does it, Exhile does it, etc. Araab needs to step his production game up, and stop with the bullshit. The world doesn't need any more melodramatic producers. One Kanye is plenty.


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  • Anonymous

    nigga shut the fuck up.....Never heard of this dude. Step your production UP!!! talking all that mess will get you in ABAAG!...As if hes the only one that knows how to work an MPC.....C'MON SON!

  • Stupidfukk

    Who is this Stupidfukk , talkin that bullshit

  • Ed Lover(nah)

    C'MON SON.......Get The F@ck Outta'll be another Heatmakerz.... What he needs to do is check his checks. I'm pretty sure he be at war with the Dips in a minute if his EGO is this big already.

  • gtfoh

    Araab shut the FUCK up with that bullshit. You didn't originate a damn thing! Fuckin ROCK AND TECHNO producers play the mpc like that. Did they jack your style too? I think not! Put all that time and energy into your craft, not into publicity stunts.

  • Anonymous

    I could care less for Kanye West but Araab is retarded if he thinks Kanye bit his style at all. Hop on youtube and you can find 1000's of beatmakers working the mpc the same way. And hip hop groups have been freaking the mpc on stage for years....Timbaland even made a beat live on stage with an mpc at a concert with Justin Timberlake like 5-6 yrs ago. Now if youre doing some Reggie Watts/Beardyman type shit and Kanye comes out doing that then you can say Kanye is biting.

  • Common Sense

    Araab you need to go sit the F down have a coke and a smile and shut the F up. People have been using and performing with mpc for years. Liknkin Park has a dude in their group who uses one on stage, I guess he bit your style too! What a dumba**, I actually like some of your beats and some of the footage I've seen of you playing the MPC but this comment is just idiotic and shows how much of a young boy you really are. Remember keep your mouth closed when grown ups are talking!!!!!

  • GOne >>>

    This Araab muzik dude is a young arrogant punk that needs to learn how to speak up during interviews rather than worry about somebody who's already successful like Kanye using a style that this dude claims is his...Also this Araab clown needs to start looking around and worry about more competition coming at him because he's not the only dude in the world that can rapidly tap a fucking MPC the way he does...This dude's brain is off on a rock if he thinks he's the only one that can tear apart a MPC like that...He's young and becoming full of himself and not thinking about the next young cat that's gonna annihilate his ass on the MPC because he is out there somewhere and when he does come into the game than Araab had better beware and had better watch out...I've been waiting for someone to come and challenge this Araab clown and put him in his place just to take the fucking steam out of that arrogant ass Latino ego of his and bring his ass back down to Earth...Hopefully it'll be a white boy that's good on the MPC then shut this fuckin' clown down because I'm gettin' sick and tired of this dude's ego and it's only getting worse...And humble and Araab are two words that don't go together...I could automatically tell that this dude was arrogant and cocky when he first came out with those 30 something bullshit videos all across Youtube of him tapping rapidly against the MPC as if he struck Gold and became rich or some shit...Even dumb-ass Alchemist was suckin this kid off...And washed up Busta Rhymes damn near stuck this young kid's dick up his ass saying tha there's no other producer that can do what this young clown does...RFLMAO!!! Get the fuck outta here with that...It's no wonder Leaders of The New School doesn't want Busta back in the group and it's because of that lame ass ego of his which is why he can't sell any more damn records anymore...And who cares about bringing a fuckin' MPC on stage...Plus this Araab kid and Kanye are both fuckin' stupid for doing that because all your doing is giving away the secret to the world that you sample and soon enough this old musicians that you are sampling are gonna start taking a chunk of dollars out of your dumb ass because you've now exposed yourself to them so when you touch one of their records be prepared to pay up that big doe you dumb ass...Sorry but this Araab dude is nothing special...Give him two more years and he'll just be a complete afterthought...

  • Shawn Andrews

    Araab needs to chill because at 20 he's far from the first to play the mpc on stage. Really he needs to pick his battles if he wants to make beats for more than Dipset. The kid is dope but he needs to be humble.

  • Anonymous

    good technique, i never even heard of him before this

  • Doin it RIGHT

    he iight... a lil too spazmatic but def above average... as for the biting thing, c'mon dog. You know you reachin, you ain't the first cat rockin the MPC onstage...get off the bullshit son, just be humble papa...jus sayin PEACE


    Araab u dope son but seen cats with the MPC and SP1200 on stage for years(recently Erykah Badu @ hennesey artistry at Cipriani's)..don't get caught up with Ye stealing your that gonna put more math in your pocket...doubt it..keep it moving and continue to make that fire you do!!!

  • Black Alien

    WTf is this dude talking about ? I've been doing it since the early 2000's ...Amp Live from Zion I does it...right now everybody's on Ye's nutz...

  • Adlib311

    On some real life shit....I was doing performances with the MPC Locally before i even heard of ARAB Music. He needs to chill with that EGO shit. Even tho he makes some dope ass music he needs to respect the vets in the game and quit trying to make controversy for him self. For Christ stakes HE PRODUCES FOR THE DIPLOMATS. Who even does that anymore? lmao But ARAB is DOPE as fuck. Dont get it twisted

  • j

    Araab Muzik is sick, but 'Ye didn't steal the same damn patterns Araab always plays.

  • Yo Moma

    Real talk I seen Zion I and their producer do that shit like 6 years ago in Milwaukee at the rave

  • yeah right araab

    I don't really get the point of this, why does Araabmuzik claim he was robbed months after Kanye's performance? Probably because one week ago, he thought "hey I can get some buzz saying that Kanye got inspired from me". What a dumbass. He got skills, but he didn't invent the MPC and he wasn't the first to play with it. I can name a thousand producers who use MPC, including Kanye, who's been using it for years. And even if he's not as fast as Araabmuzik, who gives a fuck? It's about music and creating good beats and songs, not about fuckin' circus performances. Araabmuzik is an entertainer, not a musician AT ALL. Just imagine if DJ Premier started crying in public because of the tons of DJ's scratching on stage. That would be ridiculous.

    • doja28

      hahaha...well put...

    • Shawn Biggs

      You rite son. Because I was tellin a friend about this cuz the mpc is as old as Araab. So I'm sayin you really think out of all those years he's the first guy to perform the mpc live? I highly doubt it. Some body get Premo on the phone U rite tho cuz its like close to 3 months why u decide to say you beef with his performance. Good promotional tool tho CONTROVERSY CREATES CASH

  • Anonymous

    And Bob Cousey played before Micheal Jordan... Who gives a fuck! Diplo....blows sack...Kanye is a master producer...The End!

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Fuck Kanye!! You could tell he was new at doing that when he was on stage! he was very slow and just didnt look as comfortable as Araab!! Kanye is a fruit and im glad this came out cause Kanye thinks he is some kind of genius when it comes to music! fuck him!!

    • Ronnie Guess?

      @DON!!!!! Im a total moron?? haha ok! well im not offended coming from a typical Kanye fan such as yourself! i mean i guess you like a guy on stage to wear a tight ass red suit with his shirt open, dancing around with metro-sexual swag!! get the fuck outta here!! shit is pop as hell and just weak music!! wtf is wrong with you new age rap fans????

    • carnavaz

      Man fuck outta here with that Araab was comfortable bullshit. Araab is just a clown that The Diplomats were using as a promotional tool to help get their lame ass name buzzing back into the game again and it hasn't helped their asses one bit. If anything this dude chose to run with the wrong crew. This dude is young and delusional and just wants some big attention from people that's all. He probably never had enough attention as a little boy and had nothing else to do but learn how to tap on a fuckin' MPC. Big deal. He tries so hard to play the humble role but now you can see that arrogance just came right out of him. and New Jack needs to cut the fuckin' Urkel act with those corny ass glasses. He's not that funny. He's just a goofy fuck and that's it. There's a difference between being a funny comedian and goofy for kids and Jack is just goofy.

    • don

      you are a total moron dude

  • Benjee

    MVP of MPC? Get the fuck up outahere, the mpc is an instrument like the piano. If Alicia Keys was disgusted by some other pianoplayer we would laugh and point. Little Arab Dumb Bitch, dont try to come up by talking about a musical legend. You done songs 4 Cam'ron, hahahahaha, thats a faggot move and your mother knows it, sad little Boutique bitch

    • Tucker

      Yeah who wants to produce songs for Cam'ron! . RFLMAO!!! Cam'ron's been washed up. Why the fuck you think Jay-Z didn't wanna mess with him? Plus Jimmy Iovine is a stupid dumb fuck for signing The Diplomats to Interscope. Watch that album sell 10,000 copies it's first week. Cam been over with that whack ass style of his. Guys would rather be excited by listening to a Taylor Swift CD way before letting Cam'ron's new shit put your ass to sleep. That's how boring Cam's shit is and ACraab has the desire to work with him? lol. Jay won't even fuck with ACraab. He's just a beat boy that pounce on a MPC machine and that's it. Get over yourself boy. You have a long ways to go so kill your ego before it makes you even worse.

  • RealTalk

    all you guys know kanye jacked not saying Kanye never use a mpc, but I know Araab been doing and using and PERFORMING with the mpc way before kanye. that what he talking aoubt, performing with the MPC.

    • murdock

      no way this isnt new cats have been doing it for years.Im not a big Kanye fan im just saying this has been done i saw it for the 1st time in the 90s but not as fast playing.

    • Charles ExSavior

      Exactly. Kanye was never an "original" Hip Hop producer to begin with. Taking samples is what the majority of producers do, but Kanye was taking whole drum patterns from greats like Pete Rock and he got called out on it then. That's why to this day he'll never surpass a true legend like J Dilla... ever. Maybe I'll need to see a back to back video of the copying in MPC Programming but it wouldn't make much of a difference. Shoutout to Araab Muzik tho, I know him personally and he's good peoples.

  • miles

    thats retarded...nikkas been flippin mpcs live since they been out...thats just retarded to say kanye bit his sh*t cuz he played an mpc out live...

  • Anonymous

    arabb muzick featuring ACID DA SAVAGE -bow down part 2 the crown the throne series

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    so who iz diz guy again? kanye'z a fuckin master and been around 4 bout 10 yearz. when diz guy come out again? fuck da dicklomatz. GOOD MUZIK! GOOD MUZIK! GOOD MUZIK!

  • jon murdock

    shit all i have to say is this cat kills that shit.ive never heard of him but hes mad mpc work ive never seen.dont know about the kanye thing ive seen cats do shit like that for years on stage.respect though for them skills kid.

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