Wale Confirms Move To Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group

UPDATE: Wale says the wait is over, as he officially joins forces with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

No official statement has been made of yet, but it looks as though Wale may have inked a new deal. The Washington, DC native made a series of Tweets on Friday hinting that he had a new deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. Ross' label is under the Def Jam umbrella and is also home to the likes of Triple C's, Young Breed and Gunplay. Wale dropped his 2009 debut Attention Deficit on Allido/Interscope.

yo @ElliottWilson the ink dry. lets goabout 18 hours ago via web

UPDATE (2/5/11): Saturday, Wale announced his deal with Maybach Music was official via Twitter. RapRadar.com got the exclusive, as founder Elliott Wilson also revealed a bidding war has since begun for Rick Ross’ upstart label. According to Wale, Roc Nation will still handle all management duties.

and ROCNATION still handles the business! ...shoutout to @richkleimanabout 8 hours ago via web


  • Anonymous


  • staee

    Wale is my favorite rapper and i know alot about him. WOW YALL ARE SOME HATING ASS PEOPLE WTF, The man makes good music he has what most of these rappers lack FLOW,LYRICAL CONTENT....Just to name a few tf the man is a genious and only in the start of what is going to be a long ass career for him without a doupt! GET OFF HIS DICK AND STOP HATING, You know when somebody is great because all you can do is hate and be mad that he is so good smdh, this move helped his career ALOT. Alot of people are starting to reconize him he dropping more and more singles dropping mixtapes getting on some artist's tracks doing more and more shows album dropping in the summer, Come on now if he stayed with interscope do you think all of this would be happening um NO!, Rick ross saw how great wale is and made a move on it. Wale va got yo back homie......Hating ass motherfuckers!

  • magmatic123

    lol ross and diddy will mind rape this nigga to death

  • meanwhile

    haters hatin' while the waka flakas flamers single goes gold featuring wale and roscoe dash " I be goin' ham/ shorty upgrade from baloney

  • big dogg


  • Anonymous

    at least nigga gonna put another album out!! i dont blame him!!

  • perfect hair forever

    rawse and wale are still better than wiz khalifa in my book

  • Anonymous

    good move by wale ross the hottest in the game right now

  • MakesMusic

    Wale gets no respect here in DC, believe that.

  • Edi Kajmolli

    wale is shit, he dark as a mothafucka lacks charisma and always repeats "ma name wale" ... no one gives a fuck darkness get some proactiv for yur face

  • Edi Kajmolli

    one more whack ass rapper on the roster



  • Anony

    You're going to owe Rawse that ass,like when you gave that ass to Gaga for that half as feature,with her 12 inch dick.

  • Rod

    That's good Wale. Just remember not to spend too much of that advance money (remember that milli advance), cuz when them units dont sell (aka not enough units were shipped) you gon owe them niggas.

  • SuperGuccciRap

    my bad guys i hate gucci from now on, wale is the man iz sexy az hell i would tear that azz up.no homo ice cream tattss in dis bitchhhhh

  • Anony

    Wale is under protection of the US government now that he's joined forces with Ross. Be careful how you talk about him. Fuck these clowns.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Wale sucks ass. Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame murked him in the songs they made with together. Rick Ross needs to find real talent like Justin Bieber and Hopsin. It's Gucci Time!

    • G

      "there humorous and lovable like Finding Nemo" either you're stupid, have a bad sense of humor like SGR, or are SGR yourself.

    • Jesus

      Dude, no. just cuz your late on the joke gives you no right to access your inner homo and bite someones obviously loved SuperGucciRap. ffs. just cuz hes mentioned every where and shit a niga be trynaa cock ride his shit. FYI i love SGR(superguccirap}'s Comments. there humorous and lovable like Finding Nemo

    • SuperGucciRap

      nah im jus playin im a fag for real doe im so depressed all i do is post the same lame shit every day i live in my mom's basement,steal internet from my neighbors,live of welfare, i wanna kill my self but before that i gotta licks gucci ball sack and his ice cream tatt.its gucci timeeeeee bricksquaddd

  • foaijafij

    2 of the hottest out right now, lames can't stand it

  • Thegiftpromotions

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  • Anonymous

    damn i didnt see this coming yo hip hop dx whos better this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg or the guy promoting below me. keep it real vote here


    Have you heard of ROCKSTAR MUZIK... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlO6DMay_CY Check out my brother website...Not spam just pollination for your earlobes Kiddupstairs.com

  • Bowski

    People need to get their minds right, all of a sudden you're questioning whether Wale is from DC or not because he may have signed to Rick Ross' label? Get a life you creep. I'm supporting Wale 100% on this, Rick Ross is hot right now & Wale would probably be the hottest act on that label. Everybody needs a little boost career-wise, go ask his former boss Jay-Z who 1st came in under Jaz-O. All I'm saying Wale stay true to your musical roots. Wale is about the only rapper COMMERCIALLY holding the DMV down right now, so get over your hating asses already........

  • timothy adms

    I find it really odd how many haters Wale has. I mean damn. I heard this dude's material and it isn't that bad. If anyone deserves this kind of hate throw it at niggas that aren't talking about anything. At least Wale is trying.


    Didn't that dude from Bodymore body his WHACK ass? He not even from DC... FUCK WALE...

    • nike747

      shut ur dickridding ass up. u dont know the other guys name but you know Wale's. what does that say?? cocksuckin ass bmore nigga


    jay didn't want him.. only wanted to market him and get a pay check.. wale will never sell records.. and his attempt at being deep will only leave people confused.. matching up with fat boy won't help his sales either.. maybach music is a label behind a failing label.. defjam is the true graveyard of hiphop.. kanye is his own brand as is ross.. but they cannot successfully market anyone else.. cudi is crazy but not platinum plaque.. certified gold.. and wale won't be any different.. all wale signed up for was beef.. cause that's what ricky knows.. eventually ross will pop and jay-z will be on to the next one.. no secret society.. just a lotta ni&&as.. and jay went in on the beat and address his issue.. ross's album went hard.. Gold.. can't even go platinum himself and he's gonna sign someone.. gtfoh.. young money is the ONLY label with multiple platinum selling artists.. not saying i bought that garbage.. but if you season and package it right, it ships.. some how the rap game reminds me of the crack game..

    • Listen2JCole

      how is Jay-Z just marketing him for a paycheck? Wale aint hot right now...Jay manages him cuz wale was signed to interscope before he even got Roc Nation off the ground dumbass...Jay-Z was gonna sign Wale to Def Jam but he resigned as president before he had the chance...And as excluding Wayne, there's only two artists who went platinum Nicki and Drake...Young money has A WHOLE BUNCH of other mufuckas that's not even SOMEWHAT hot enough to have their albums released

  • HOODkakashi

    Ross might have the best ear for beats in the game right now. If this results in Wale rhyming over Ross-like beats, why not?? Wale has always been talented. Maybe this will get him some more exposure.

  • b

    fuckin worst decision ever someone as good as wale shouldnt be hooked up with this wack fatass fake. Well, probability is rick "fatass" ross will have a heart attack within 2011, so theres some good news.

  • Over

    lmao@every crying over this dude going over to the CO's label...Wale is nothing,never was anything, and will continue to always be nothing as a rapper so let him do what he wants.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/dumpology?feature=mhum check out my beats and go fuck yourself ;)

  • Its Um

    Idk about this move I hope he is just help making music with instead joining them, I know interscope has been an asshole with most of their artist but hell nevermind just do what you do when you are on mixtapes instead of what you did your album.

  • j

    WTF?? Wale is NOT going to managed by Diddy though right?? NOOOOOOOOOO What about G.O.O.D. Music? Don't they know what's good?

  • Anonymous

    wale and acid - maybach music ? rumor or true http://usershare.net/iauhvrnchzq2

    • vazan

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  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! stay wit roc nation dammit. y did u have 2 sign wit dat fat fuck'z label?

    • Brown Suga

      Roc Nation didnt do shit for him. He had a good album and his team failed to push the right singles. After that first single no one heard anything from him. He has videos for some other songs but no one knows anything about it. He needs a street team to help him promote himself instead of signing to other labels to help other people. He needs to really get his buzz together.

    • you know what

      fuck roc-nation, fuck everybody on roc-nation what you think of that. and fuck anybody aphilliated


      He was never signed to roc nation, he's managed by roc nation. their is a difference, but as far as him going to maybach music, IDK. Unless interscope lets him out of his contract, he's not going anywhere.

  • Wale of a time

    Who gives a shit I shit into his uncle's mouth and watched him CHEW IT UP! CHEW IT UP! WHAT IT DO?! Bunch of lesbian gremlins

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