Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie" Reaches Platinum Status

The viral dance hit crosses a million, as the Capitol Records outfit approaches their debut.

Inglewood, California's Cali Swag District has reportedly scored platinum with their viral dance single, "Teach Me How To Dougie." reported that the Capitol Records quartet of Smoove Da General, Yung, JayAre and M-Bone sold over 1,000,000 units of the song produced by RunwayStar.

The song will appear on the group's upcoming debut album, The Kickback, planned for January, 2011 release.

Cali Swag District was discovered by veteran Inglewood rapper Big Wy, who was a member of The Relativez with Lil Stretch. The Relativez worked with Death Row Records on several compilations such as Murder Was The Case and Suge Knight Represents: The Chronic 2000.


  • Olie

    I really loved that single. The beat was fire

  • darkart54

    First of all, this dance came out around 2006/2007, and these dudes are goin to be one-hit wonders. Groups are kinda stupid in the industry now. These niggas gotta split money 4 ways, and u know their album, if they make one, will flop. That means, when labels take their portion, these niggas probably gonna have $100 each to support themselves. I doubt the west will ever have another mainstream artist that reaches success.

  • Anonymous

    does to show you that numbers dont mean shit, you can have the wackest song out and it will go plat because the general public eats up wack shit

  • Bauce

    Another fail for society. Fuck y'all smart dumb cats

  • West Caost Hip-Hop=DEAD

    Niggas is garbage... That song is really wack. If this is West Coast hip-hop the future, yall niggas lost... If you played this song all damn day on the radio you would go platinum too.. LOL these niggas aint got rhymes or beats.. hella weak.

    • SixStar General

      Hip Hop is on its way to being dead. I'm not saying there won't always be rappers true to the art, but if you hang around what the next generation of kids think is hip hop you will see what I mean. All the kids around 13 years old, when they growup hiphop to them will be whats been played on the radio. Think about what your local hip hop station plays. Think about what you see on t.v. Now tell me, what do you think they will see perceive hip hop as when they get older. Nas already saw this and that is why he released that single. Shits going downhill. Even with new up and comer's like J. Cole, the new generation won't relate to that shit, they like Gucci.

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