Leaders Of The New School To Reunite, Without Busta Rhymes' Involvement

Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo take a Brooklyn stage on December 23, but Busta Rhymes will not be in affect.

Early 1990s Long Island, New York Hip Hop group The Leaders Of The New School are reuniting for a performance this month, after nearly 14 years apart. AllHipHop.com reports that L.O.N.S. will take the Knitting Factory stage in New York City on December 23. However, the group's front-man, Busta Rhymes, is presently not included in the reunion.

The Chuck D-mentored group of Dinco D, Charlie Brown and Cut Monitor Milo are said to be back in the studio with another Public Enemy affiate, DJ Johnny Juice. The trio will share the stage with yet another, Son of Bazerk.

With their last album, 1993's T.I.M.E., the group last worked together fully on Busta Rhyme's debut, The Coming.


  • DJ Steeko

    on another note, i hope LONS members read this. I dont think you understand the impact of your music, your sound is the sounds of my generation and i remember periods of my life to specific songs of yours. I play your tracks now to young kids and they literally can't believe that energetic enthusiastic rap actually exists, they go nuts, people still jam and jump around to these beats, they're FIRE !!! Please LONS, record some material and maybe even release some unheard gems that didn't make the albums? I was just watching LONS on youtube where they perform a live medley with tribe etc, it gave me a chill and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, such hype tracks and everyone loves LONS when they hear them. I've been trying to get the 'cant get any harder' track on CD, MP3, vinyl anything and it's impossible to find, closest is dustygroove but they're out of stock. Put it out on itunes or something so I can buy it? it's LONS with James Brown for those that dont know, goes to show the talent of LONS as they did a hit with the godfather himself James Brown. Best rap group ever been and ever will be, 1800-LONS

  • DJ Steeko

    LOL @ these Gen-Y comments. LONS my fav group since i first heard them, I have had them on repeat since 93 and i still got em on repeat, nothing compares to LONS, NOTHING. People think Busta is the biggest from the group, only cuz he had commercial success, if this was 1991, then we would all be saying each MC has equal chance of commercial solo success. Every non-busta rapper in this group cannot be touched lyrically and I do not understand the lack of material since Busta left. The same with digable planets, so hard to find their post break up material. To LONS, I can only hope and pray that you make music because there are ears out there that are waiting for this to drop like the air jordan 4 rerelease narmsayin? To C Brown, I agree with your comments in an interview of keeping the albums clean so anyone can play them, you are on the right track. Rap needs a voice right now and to me that voice needs to come from the 1990's rappers, Masta Ace is doing it, De La still doing it. LONS - speak and you shall be heard. Peace biggest LONS fan in existance DJ Steeko



  • Doubl Negative

    Charlie Brown was always my favourite member of the crew. I love the TIME LP.

  • Black Alien

    Bus and C Brown don't get along...Bus called him a homo...Heard that new Son Of Bezerk it's pretty tight...

  • Topsey

    I dont think Busta would go back. No disrespect but Leaders of The New School (never heard any of their albums so I cant rate them) but they are so insignificant to NY hiphop and to hiphop world wide that a big percentage of people who have bought Busta albums have never heard of L.O.T.N.S and if they have not heard any more than Scenario or P.T.A. I remember buying E.L.E. Anarchy Genesis The Imperial on the first week and not really knowing who they were and to be honest I didn't really care. People would think that Busta is joining a new group like Slaughter House or Dirty Money. Tip rejoining Tribe Bobby rejoining New Edition Robbie Williams rejoining Take That all make sense because they were so big and had a huge fan base in the past I could only see Busta joining them to help them out financially.

    • L.O.N.S. Fan

      You are a complete moron! To even SUGGEST that L.O.N.S. is insignificant proves you don't have a CLUE! Leaders introduced so many styles & flows to the game it's impossible to not acknowledge their impact! I'm so sick of you PINHEAD niggas talking for the sake of hearing yourself speak! Do ya history fam!

  • Pokerface

    I'm glad to see them do this. This should have been done years ago even if bus wanted no part because they can still spit. I bet if they start making noise bus would be happy for them. Yo Charlie, remember we used to cypher in the club paladium in nyc?? I'm gonna try to come to that show. Holla back!!!

  • kilogramz

    I think its a little to late for that reunion. dem niggas aiight, but busta was the best in that group. thats like havin a g-unit reunion widout 50 or ruff ryders reunion widout X

  • mr hip hop

    sorry without busta there is no leaders of a the new school. Its like saying tribe called quest is reuniting without q-tip is just no gonna work.

  • sicoyall


  • Donnell Robertson

    For me...There are a good group, but wit Busta they were explosive. Busta really putten work in tha group, the most best lyrics and meaning..Even in a interview Busta said that him and charlie brown would fight all the time seriously. He had to leave the group i would've too. Maybe he didn't the credit he deserved..But i wish the best of luck to L.O.N.S.! They need to make a comeback ASAP!

  • Mindbender Supreme

    I swear to fucking god, I have been waiting exactly 14 years to hear this news, and NOTHING could make me happier!! Busta Rhymes started evolving backwards after he left LONS, that's fact not opinion. Listen to the content of his verses and the complexity of his flows on 'T.I.M.E.' and try to say he didn't dumb his shit down to blow up. He's a living legend for sure... BUT SO IS DINCO FUCKING D, CHARLIE FUCKING BROWN AND CUT MONITOR FUCKING MILO! Anyone who thinks that Busta Rhymes was the only good MC in that group does not know their hip hop history very well. They ALL connected and created a level of artistic energy that has never been duplicated in rap history. Busta Rhymes needs to wake the fuck up, humble himself, and show up at this event, and play his position in the group: as yes, maybe the most charismatic member, but not the ONLY member. Wu-Tang isn't just all about Method Man or Rae or Ghost. The other artists are integral to the idea. L.O.N.S. REUNITED! DREAMS DO COME TRUE :)

    • Black Alien

      Thats a good point about Busta's rhymes he went from godbody to hardbody...Now hs says niggas or bitches every three words...Milo was underrated he had that Yardie style and voice that was dope...

    • problemz/problema

      He wasn't the only good MC in LONS..but he was the best MC...best of luck to those dudes with the reunion but that's like the bulls without jordan,the lakers without kobe,gangstarr without either guru or premiere..you might be good but Buss made them great..

    • Gigantor

      Sorry but I agree with Mindbender Supreme...Busta Rhymes should come back to Leaders of The New School even if it's for a temporary moment,a temporary stay,or a last album effort...Just imagine if there was no Leaders of The New School and Busta remained the solo artist that he was when he first came out, do you think Busta would have made it if L.O.N.S. never ceased to exist? There would be no 8 albums in Busta's catalog if Leaders of The New School never came to life...Leaders of The New School helped catapult Busta Rhymes to where he is now...Just being in the group allowed Busta to gain more massive attention towards himself in order for him to be an even bigger dominant artist once he left the group...I don't think Busta would've been able to have 8 successful albums having never been apart of L.O.N.S. ...Busta had to be in L.O.N.S. in order to become the solo artist that he is today...Imagine where DJ Premier would be today if he never was apart of Gangstarr and imagine where Pete Rock would be today if there was no Pete Rock and CL Smooth and imagine where Dr.Dre would be today if he never was apart of NWA...They all needed to be apart of those groups in order to be more established as a bigger branded name once they left those groups...Being those groups is what helped them to where they are today so they have to pay respects to that...Busta Rhymes has to pay his respects to Leaders of The New School...Pete Rock just got back together with CL Smooth so I can't see why Busta Rhymes wouldn't want to get back together with Leaders of The New School... L.O.N.S. just needs to put all of the nonsense and bullshit behind and just come together to do one last album...Busta Rhymes ain't selling records like he used to anymore so I don't see why he wouldn't get back together with L.O.N.S. when they are both in the same boat at this point...

    • Anonymous

      Mindbender Supreme who are you to say what Busta needs to do? I mean definitely the other members of L.O.N.S. are definitely talented but none of them had as much charisma as Busta and Busta definitely had content in alot of his work after them in his solo career. maybe you aren't hip to his album cuts. Busta likes energy and likes to get hyped but his rhyme content was ill througout! I mean the Big Bang was some real shit, really different then alot of his more party themed albums that he was knonw for. I mean hey I wish L.O.N.S. the best and I can see why they don't want to include Busta because Busta will steal the show....point blank! lol But i mean also I feel they may try to establish their own identity amongst themselves because Busta has already made a name for himself so I don't even think Busta would be offended because he's probably moved on! The only song I would see him on would be on the Scenario! lol now that would be good to see! lol

  • Strayt Kaash

    it's useless without busta... he's the personality in the group.

    • Johnny Juice

      Busta wasn't "not" included. There were efforts to reach out to him but none were returned. I am in contact and every member of the group individually. All have their reasons for doing what they do and no one in particular is to blame for the current situation. That being said, Busta has not returned any calls regarding this. I feel that he just has no interest in this that's all. He's busy with his current artist Reek.

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