DJ Premier Reveals That He's Helping Guru's Son Learn To Deejay

Exclusive: Gang Starr lives on, as Premier tells HipHopDX about carrying on the legacy, and how the Gang Starr Foundation was personally invited to Guru's funeral, where he spoke about his partner.

Last month, HipHopDX spoke to DJ Premier, Nick Javas and Panchi of the NYG'z in HeadCourterz Studios in Midtown Manhattan. The conversation happened in light of DJ Premier Presents...Year Round Records' Get Used To Us, which was released this week on the imprint of the same name. Nearing the end of the conversations that DX will share with you over the remainder of the year, the legendary producer was asked about Fat Joe's verse from "I'm Gone" .

"That record means a lot to me, 'cause I did it the day Guru passed," DJ Premier told HipHopDX, about his partner in Gang Starr. "I really wasn't able to talk to anybody; my phone was ringing like crazy. Even though everybody's callin' to check and see if I'm okay, I just didn't feel like talkin' to anybody. It was just too overwhelming, the simple fact that he died." Premier said that his feelings also were in shock from visiting Guru just seven days before his April 19, 2010 death, and telling his friend, partner and roommate of seven years that he loved him.

Moving away from the song by Fat Joe, Premier continued, "I got my closure. We had a private funeral - I was there with his son, his family, the [Gang Starr] Foundation was there - Jeru [Da Damaja] was there, me and [Big] Shug were invited by Guru's father to speak. That was so dope to me, to be invited by his father." The producer and deejay was in Prague just hours before the funeral, and had to change in Logan Airport to make the funeral on time. A touched Premier revealed, "His father said, 'I'm not starting the ceremony until [DJ Premier] is here.'" Additionally, Brownman attended and spoke at the funeral, who worked with Guru as a horn-player in the emcee's post-Gang Starr years.

DJ Premier also confirmed that he'll remain committed to the Elam family. Arguably the greatest deejay/producer of the 1990s, the Texas-born Premier revealed that he's presently lending a master's hand to Guru's son, Keith. "I'm gonna make sure his son's good. He wants to deejay, so I just gave him his first assignment: James Brown records. I told him he's gotta learn 'em, study 'em, get 'em down pat so he can understand what it means for the deejay to be funky. Then I'm gonna test him, I'm gonna play the records in a different order and [see] if he knows the name of 'em, to see if he's taking it seriously."

DJ Premier Presents...Year Round Records - Get Used To Us released this week.

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  • Equalityitis

    First of all it's beautiful to see the respect that Primo has with his family which means the dude has been there before plus now he's guiding Guru's son much respect for the guy and i hope everything goes well and the kid trully appreciates this opportunity. EQUALITY !

  • g-hoppy


  • HMMM

    Hmmm, is it me or is it funny how Primo has a whole lot to say about Guru now that he passed, but when he was alive, you didn't nothing from Primo. Primo remembering stuff and everything, but when Guru was alive, Primo, Panchi, Gordon, nothing of them dudes said shit about how they missed Guru. Bumpy Knuckles making songs about how fucked up he was over Guru's comments over Premier (81 Bars of Murder) and how he wanted to straighten him out, but now it's fuck solar and The Gang Starr Bus. Hypocrites.

  • Anonymous

    must be so great to be mentored by Premo... damn

  • Ignite Mindz

    Word Jake, props for digging and still getting info on Guru and helping us fans get through his passing. RIP Guru.

  • Almar

    Thats a Beautiful thing. R.I.P. Guru.

  • Anonymous

    CRAZYYY R.i.P Duce Rivas -F*ck The World [Official Video]

  • jiggalover

    dude stop suckin pac and gurus nasty never knew them fuck....get off there fuckin balls...biggie, odb, mac dre, fuck man stop sucking all thse dead rappers cocks you fuckin nasty ass's who have sex with dead rappers cant even spell rap without go crap on sumone else nuts...stay away from mine!!!

    • JEM

      this nigga is retarded! you cant spell rap without crap? bitch yes you can cause theres no "c" in rap you dumb bitch. Yeah i did know them, they talked to me alll the fucking time through there music 24/7 sometimes so take the hater cock out ya ass and shove it in your mouth so you can shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      thing is, 5 years ago when i was 12 i was a little annoying peice of shit who had no respect for ne legend who fucken MADE this i dont blame this kid, i blame his rich white family for buyin his young ass a computer.

    • Mitch 3K

      Do Your parents know your 12 year old ass is using there computer??

  • jiggahovboy

    dude okay guru fuckin suuuuuucks big fatties....i mean come on...guy raps about street signs and

    • Anonymous

      hahah clowns on computers....yeah but dude needs his computer taken away from him.

    • hater_deluxe

      i still can't believe how people go out of their way to talk shit about legendary deceased rappers. whether its guru or eyedea or whoever. the hating needs to stop especially when the person is no longer around to defend themselves. aside from that, im very happy to see premo passing the torch, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Anonymous

      SMH This is the new generations effect on hip hop, ignorant, disrespectful clowns on computers

  • mcmastermind

    Like father like son. 1 love Guru

  • D!z

    Wow thats great! I cant wait to hear what GURU's son soundlike on them turntables. Peace to Preemo, Gang Starr and all that.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    somehow that's what family members do right ? one love

  • dontgiveafuck.

    somehow that's why family members do right ? one love

  • Anonymous

    WOW! thats fuckin' awesome! ! So has Solar been murdered yet? Dude must be hiding under a rock.

    • l3lackstar

      Lol karma? Y'all must believe in fairytales or some shit. Fuck Solar, dude does deserve to have his head bashed in.

    • Anonymous

      im just joking man. Just said that cause dude hasnt been heard from since his (gurus) letter was released.

    • Anonymous

      I'd be careful talking like that man, Karma has a way of coming back on people who wish death on other...... Just sayin Nobody knows or doesnt know what happened in that weird ass Guru/Sola/Primo triangle. and we probably never will so let it go, if dude was as foul as people wanna believe then rest assured he's gonna have to answer for it when his "Moment of Truth" comes

  • wasim

    passin the torch my nig!!!!

    • Get-Up fuck

      In Solar's defense, he couldn't have been that foul the way people make him out to be...Guru never placed himself around foul people and if Solar was foul I'm sure Guru did check his ass over numerous times but with any friendship you're always gonna have to take the good with the bad and that's what Guru always did...And if you guys hadn't realized it that's the same kind of relationship that Guru had with Premo...Guru and DJ Premier had a good and bad friendship with each other the same way Guru and Solar had a good and bad friendship with each other so who's to say that it might've just been Guru's trust of struggle with those relationships and not DJ Premier or Solar... I say this because Solar didn't murder Guru and if he did then the news would be on crazy blast right about now but it's not so people need to back off with the hate on Solar when they don't even know the situation...Guru died from cancer and not murder so cats just need to chill...It's funny that whenever Guru tried to do something different like working alone or with different producers other than work with DJ Premier everybody went against it and kept ridiculing Guru by saying it was whack and that he should stay working with Premier...But when DJ Premier branched out to work with other artists like NAS,Jay-Z,and Biggie nobody said a fuckin' word and were quiet as a mouse and let Premo do his thing which was sort of fucked up on Guru's behalf...I never heard nobody bitching when Premier was producing for other artists but when Guru worked with other producers or other artists that's when people started bitching which was really fucked up for them to do that...

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