Fat Joe Praises Tech N9ne, Says He Could Be One Of Richest Rappers On Earth

Joey Crack is the latest Rap star to acknowledge Tech N9ne, 11 years after the "Thicker Than Water" soundtrack look.

Eleven years ago, Fat Joe starred alongside Mack 10 in Thicker Than Water. The Hoo Bangin' Films release had a companion soundtrack that featured east and west coast stars, rhyming together including Memphis Bleek, Westside Connection and MC Eiht. A newer rapper at the time, Tech N9ne, would appear on the solo track "Planet Rock."

Over a decade later, Fat Joe recently praised Tech N9ne for his ability to pack venues and remain commercially successful without mainstream support."I'm going to tell you who the biggest artist in America is that nobody really knows about: Tech 9ne. He tours all year round and I go to his shows and there's always 5,000 dudes mashing it up and everything," Joe recently told Global Grind. "He could be one of the richest rappers on earth because his following is incredible but you don't hear him on the radio." Joe called Tech N9ne a true "genius of marketing."

Earlier this year, Tech N9ne's The Gates Mixed Plate outsold Fat Joe's The Darkside, Volume 1, as both debuted on the same week. The emcees have not worked on a released track together.


  • Marcel Zachary

    I'm glad someone like Fat Joe finally telling the truth.Tech is the man I'm not surprised with all the good songs he makes he still not on the radio.That means he is great he'll would wipe the floor with jay-z ,weezy,50,Eminem and so on and I think that's a good sign he's doing something.

  • RECK

    Tech N9ne is the GREATEST rapper alive. Its about time he gets the recognition he deserves.



  • Gucci Mane Is Real Hip Hop

    Gucci Mane will murk these fat niggaz asses. Gucci Mane went in all of his songs and they have powerful messages. Tech N9ne only raps in gibberish. It's Gucci Time!

    • G-B0$$

      Ha, Gucci... He just another rapper that will be destroyed by Tech N9ne. JUST LIKE RAWKIM...

    • Rogelio Marquez

      Gucci is ok if u like things simple, bite-sized, easy to understand. Tech on the other hand stays true to hip-hop culture; forever evolving and expanding on the last. That gibberish u speak of is what the industry has slooooowly been heading towards. Hell, Silk The Shocker raps better than Gucci. He needs to step his lyrics up to see Tech. Some of us actually like to think when we listen to music. As far as money, they're both paid so save the hate for politics or something else.

    • Afi Keita James

      Shut the fuck up, Gucci mane is crap just like that poseur 5-0.

  • anonymous

    the reason why the dude is an independent artist is not because he "wants" to be...its because there is no place in the mainstream world where he can sell his stuff successfully. only way he can sell his stuff is as an independent artist. if he could hit in the mainstream, trust me, he would. but he can't because no one would by it. he would be big flopper. that's why he's better off as an independent where he has created his own niche and his own core fans where they will ALWAYS buy his stuff no matter what. this is why a lot of rappers are going independent because they can actually make MORE money than by being signed to a big market label having to sit there waiting for your album to get pushed and having to deal with delays and leaks and all that other corporate politics stuff. why be a small fish in the ocean when you can be a big fish in a pond?

  • STFU

    Sickology 101 one of the dopest tracks from Tech.

  • Charles ExSavior

    This is one of the smartest thing that's ever came out of Fat Joe's mouth lol. Tech N9ne's got skills, don't sleep.

  • No one

    Tech's the shit and even pac realized it so stop with the fuckin hatin

  • Afi Keita James

    Fat Joe deserves credit for praising tech n9ne, I Like Tech N9ne.

    • the poet

      couple things...1. i dnt understand or dig the music tech makes....but im a fan of anybody that can pave their own road & get that bread...you gotta salute that....& as for Brandiish em'....i think the rant was alittle excessive but i agree with you....niggas do be hatin on joe & hands down he's one of the most authentic rappers in hiphop...its sad that ppl wont sing his praises until he's gone

    • Brandish'em

      Fat Joe deserves credit for alot of shit but most of you hateful,disparaging,disgraceful,disrespectful,maniacal,simple-minded,arrogant,and stupid dumb fucks continue to pounce and hate on this man like some pussy jealous crabby ass bitches in a barrel constantly pulling this man down with hate each and everyday for whatever fucking foolish reason I will never know...Every blog I go to 9XTimes out of 10 people will have something negative to say about Fat Joe and by now it's gotten very tiredsome and I'll be the first to say that enough is enough all fucking ready...You got like DJ Premier who people highly respect but yet are too fucking dumb and blind to realize that he has a very close friendship with Fat Joe which is the reason why Fat Joe did the "I'm Gone" joint in dedication to Guru when nobody else jumped at that opportunity to do that Guru dedication with Premo except for Fat Joe...Fat Joe was the only rap nigga who got up with Premier and did that dedication to Guru for Premo but no other rapper in the industry did that for Guru which goes to show you how real of dude Fat Joe is...And now Fat Joe shows you how real he is once again by showing the ultimate respect for Tech N9ne and yet again you blind dumb fuck ass hoes in stilettos still continue to hate on Fat Joe...SMFH! I don't get it at this point...I'll just say this and that's when Fat Joe reaches his final last day of death and dies I don't wanna hear anybody and I repeat anybody jumping on the bandwagon saying how real this dude was when you were one of the bitches that was hating on him because it's gonna be fucking hilarious how many dick riders that are gonna be in the building once this man is gone...You just wait and see how many of you Fat Joe's haters are gonna turn into dick riders once he is gone because most of you are gonna wind up looking so fake,a facade,and so fucking stupid and it's gonna be overly hilarious...All of your friends are gonna remember how badly you hated Fat Joe and then all of a sudden he's gone and you're telling your friends that he was tight and that you always liked him and then your friends are gonna be looking twisted at your fake lying ass and start exposing the fact that you never liked him and now your lying just to fit in...Fucking fake ass stiletto wearing bitches! Get off the hate and translate your pathetic selves to getting a job clowns...

  • Anonymous

    ok??? Duce Rivas -F*ck The World [Official Video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • 801

    techn9ne is dope as hell. keep it up tech, manlaw.

  • Anonymous

    Ive never been a fan of Tech's music but I cant disrespect his hustle. For an independent artist with his fan base you have to respect the man.

  • curbstompa

    i'm convinced the dude does NOT sleep. he is on tour every year (insane show by the way) and he puts out AT LEAST two CDs a year, whether it be an EP or an LP.

  • phuckyou

    i for one can't stand the dude but he has a hardcore fanbase so i guess that means something. im not into the whole rap as fast as you can thing. Bone did it..they was the best to do it..then once they got old so did the style. plus who the fuck wears face paint?? thats like some ICP gimmick shit. but like i said do ur thang tech..get ur money..and pay people like me no mind

  • trizev

    when it comes to lyrics, originality, flow and overall sound, tech n9ne is leaps and bounds above any rapper out... tech n9ne and lupe fiasco. Only 2 rapper you need imo.

  • jiggahov

    I would so love to go deep in joey cracks butt. i love it when its funky

  • B. Dot

    Tech N9ne is 60 years old.

  • Young Lou

    It's cool that TECHANINA is finally getting recognition from these magazines and fellow rap peers but this nigga was on the GANG RELATED sdtk back in 97 and YUKMOUTH gave the nigga shine back in the lated 90's. I've been a fan since then. Go get his 1st major release if you ain't got it- ANGHELLIC

  • Biggmel72

    Well Tech9 been grindin for a long time and he worked hard at it and thats how you get to the top just like Lil Wayne did..Wat Up KC 55st!!!

    • No one

      fuck wayne and fuck you

    • huh?

      lil wayne stood on juvenile's shoulders. juvenile got on cause Baby learned a lot from the great cash money overhaul of the early ninties and was able to expand on Master P's blueprint. lil wayne did put in work, and he is a rapper, but that's about all he ever did like tech9. they're two different animals

  • Anonymous

    I've been so close to buying a Tech9 album like 7 separate times. He's a talented lyricist but he just fucking weird. His last album was just all over the place, I can't get into it but there is a lot of non hiphop heads that listen to him a lot, especially in the Midwest. Respect though. He def got a lot of cake.

  • Anonymous

    Tech played it smart and tapped into ICP's "Juggalo" crowd, because thats mostly who listens to his stuff. Once he realised that he started wearing face paint and what not. Much respect for Tech but he really just took ICP's image and mixed it with far better music. He even gave his fans a Juggalo-esque nickname, The "Technicians"

    • James

      Techs fans range n e where from gangstas to juggalos, goofy college kids, rednecks, and n e 1 else u can think of i been to many of his shows. best live show u can see vocals r always on point choreography stays crisp. he been workin hiss ass off for a long time comin. 57 st rouge dogg villans, the worst the calm before the storm. his regional really blew up with a song called mitch bade. i see a bunch of people talking and nobody knows the complete story from underground to mainstream. his battle with jcore and everyone else. such as his first mainstreamed album Anghelic was actually realeased twice once under one record company then under strange music when he finally recieved all his publishing rights to his music. he added tracks to that album when it was rereleased such as devil boy. he gave his music away for free from his website not just a song but a whole album

    • No one

      fuck you @ NESTA

    • DWreck

      Video of Tech with face pain circa the mid-90s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzTLzfKtVUY

    • psycho shit

      He was painting his face before he hooked up with icp fans.

    • B. Dot

      His fans are mostly juggalo, I live in Denver which Tech comes here 1,000 times a year to do a show, every time it's nothing but mexican bloods and dirty ass juggalo's (with the face paint and t-shirts).

    • Anonymous

      @ NESTA Ya, they are.........Ever been to a tech n9ne show???......I have, its about 80% white and dudes painting themselves up and starting mosh pits...... Its a juggalo audience who buys his shit, not opinion, thats a fact, and I'm not hating on him because I'm a fan.

    • nesta

      He Was Paintin His Face Way B4 He Embraced The Juggalos Bro. & I Can Guarantee Most Of His Fans AREN'T Juggalos.

  • brave_czar


  • Charlie Alvarez

    brown noser! no one knows TECH?! WTF is he talkin about. loved tech since early 2000

  • malmoe

    Fat Joe is just ass kissing like he always does in hopes of getting something popping with someone that is making more noise than him. If he was getting commercial play right now he would not even acknowlege Tech 9. Dude is corn and ridiculously low on the average scores when it comes to putting out decent albums. My personal opinion.

  • tech n9ne

    fat joe was at the ft Lauderdale show for tech fat joe lives out this way his grandma lives in coral springs one of friends seen fat joe at a gas station up the street from me and my other friend knows his grandma cause he did work on her car for her

    • Big Dick

      Hey Tiburcilousis, I fucked that sunken-eyed bitch of yours in the mouth raw dog, got those buck ass teeth scrapping on my shaft like broken bumper on the highway.

    • Your Girl's Wet Dream

      Hey Tiburcilousis, I fucked that sunken-eyed bitch of your's in the mouth raw dog, got those buck ass teeth scrapping on my shaft like broken bumper on the highway.

    • Tiburcio Bazante

      Wow and you are not signed to his label how?

    • Anonymous

      your friend worked on tech n9ne's grandmas car????, omg thats amazing

  • lukeknocks

    Techanina deservesa a lot more recognition then he gets. Motha fucka can spit str8t gas though. he like 39 or 40 too....Tech tha king of tha rap underground for real

  • murdock

    i dont think its marketing i just think he has a loyal fanbase and a unique style of music.i dont bang his shit alot but i respect the music indeed.

    • Corey Hilton-Yates

      your stupid if you think marketing has nothing to do with it. and you should bang his shit because its the realist and illest there is.

  • Jeffrey Nelson

    Fat Joe was a big reason why Wayne and Tech were able to kick it at Riker's for a little bit when Tech was in New York. Big ups to Joe for his shout out. If you look at the crowd response at a Strange Music show, you could say that Tech and the rest at the label are some of the few real "rock stars" we have left out there. The great thing about his success is that it's all based on the effort he puts into his music and stage performance and not on some marketing artifice. Tech fans a fans because they like what he brings to the table and that's it.

  • gimik313

    strange is a dope label dont get me wrong. kutt calhoun, big krizz, jay rock, old tech and other shit. but yeah ive lost alot of liking for their music. keep it up tho no hate here

  • gimik313

    tech is huge i agree. but lets be honest it wasnt until psychopathic put him on that he really popped with the touring. and then he got down with subnoize then left em both in the dust for a mainstream want that hell never get.

  • Merchaholic

    Also shows you how much mainstream labels don't give a fuck about their artists when they are being outsold by someone with no mainstream label support. Tech N9ne is sick though.

    • Mikie Sandoval

      Except Fat Joe has been independent for his last two albums, which is why he is now seeing how difficult it is to sell albums without mainstream support.

  • Brian Kidd

    I totally agree with what Joey said. Tech has one of biggest followings whether you say he is underground or mainstream, for a artist with no push from a label but his own.

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