Doug E. Fresh Owes Over $2 Million in Taxes

Doug E. Fresh is the next on the Tax Man's list, as the Human Beat Box now owes over $2 million in back taxes.

One of Hip Hop's most legendary voices has recently fallen victim to the Tax Man. Doug E. Fresh now apparently owes the government close to $2.3 million in taxes. 

According to, the renowned rapper and beat boxer behind the 1985 hit "La Di Da Di" owes $2,267,848 to the IRS in delinquent tax payments.

This isn't the first the first time the Human Beat Box has been hounded by the IRS. Back in 2008, the 44-year-old rapper owed the $367,000 in back taxes.


  • Devin Williams

    Somebody need to teach Dougie how to pay Uncle Sam lol!

  • Jeremy Orr

    *UCK is wrong wit these niggaz not paying they taxes!! niggaz not paying they taxes is like College Football..they do illegal shit not thinking they gone get caught then yrs lata it comes back to bite they ass....{Pause}

  • Anonymous

    I'll let Wendy Day summarise why I think all these artists are getting pulled up by the IRS. "Speaking of shows, if you are lucky enough to stumble on an opportunity, make sure the artist thinks he’s only getting $1,000 to do the show, while the promoter is really paying you $5,000. Then, when the promoter sends you the first half of $2,500, tell the artist the $500 front end came in, and you keep the other $2,000. Or be a sport and tell him since you’re such a great manager you got the whole $1,000 upfront and keep the remaining $1,500 and then keep the whole backend of $2,500. You’ll be his hero. By the time the IRS sends the artist a tax notice (takes about 3 years) for the taxes he didn’t pay on all the $5,000 shows, you’ll be long gone. " - Wendy Day 'How to Jerk an Artist' Go read her blog if you're interested in the hip-hop business, she's got more experience than just about anyone.


      hip hop is a business now, alot of bullshyt involved now, wow, fuk me runnin,.. and jus think yall, dougie and slick rick made these songs just 4 fun,(i.e) real hip hop not this "controlled-hip-hop" rule #1, hip hop biz iz shady thats why ARTISTS should be more involved in the business aspect of the industry, you have of course, accountants doctoring up how much u really have and shyt, the rapper doin the goofy, buying alot of shyt that they cant afford, there is so many avenues as far as corruption in the industry its crazy, or the entertainer is just dumb as hell. basically, i think that entertainers should be more involved when it comes to handling money related issues know ur shyt,and u wont be fucked wit and thats real talk..fuck peace. im outta here.


    Horribly written. Did you just find out you owe 2million too?

  • junMaf*ckn

    Damn. And the God just opened that restaurant in Harlem. Killed it wit Jazmine Sullivan on da Soul Train awards too!

  • Cealix it really so hard to hire someone to do your taxes these days?

    • Anonymous

      I'm sure he does have an accountant, as does Wesley Snipes but a lot of times - their accountant gets them f****d up and leaves them owing. It's the same as when you go to H&R Block and you still end up owing taxes.

  • Joe0226

    damn i hate the government - there comes a point where its straight theft, period. doug e fresh hasn't made a hit album in over two decades, he cant possibly have that much money

    • 7-4 NIGGA

      u imbicile, u gotta b the dumbest nigga on line right now,..put the keyboard down and step away from ur computer. dougie is and has ALWAYS HAD MONEY they get royalties on a percentage rate numbnutz, i mean like that can b 4 life mufUKA?.. WIT CHA FUSHUGI THE LEVETATING BALL LUKIN ASS NIGGUH nigga u gettin computer clapped, BUKKA BUKKA BLOWW!!!! I INVENTED THE COMPUTER CLAP ON UR DUMB ASS AND ERR ONE HERE IS DA FIRST 2 C IT GO DOWN,... BUKKA BUKKA BLOWW NIGGA,...

    • Anonymous

      idiot, if he owes that much in taxes that means he made alot more that year, and if its back taxes that means he hasnt been paying

    • Castor Troy21

      Actually, he owns a few really successful businesses in Harlem as well as some real estate. On top of that he still does shows and appearances. So he may not be Jay-Z or anything as far as net worth, but it's not too far fetched for him to have made enough over time to owe 2.2mil

    • krime

      Yea I hate the government too but this shit isnt their fault... If these rap niggaz got some much bread why cant they hire someone to keep track of their finances & all that other shit?? These muthafuckas act like the IRS isnt just WAITING to squeeze out money from celebs. Its obvious these muthafuckas got millions. You think the IRS dont be waiting for tax season to come around??

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