Ski Beatz Says, "I Definitely Wanna Work With J. Cole."

Fellow North Carolina native Ski Beatz tells SoulCulture about trying to link the Roc's past and future by working with J. Cole.

While not an official member of Roc-A-Fella Records, Ski Beatz was very instrumental during the Roc’s formative years. Ski supplied the beats behind Reasonable Doubt’s “Feelin’ It,” “Politics As Usual,” and “22 Two’s.” While Roc-A-Fella’s founding members have gone their separate ways, Ski maintains a connection. The North Carolina native is behind the boards for most of Curren$y’s recent work, and Curren$y now finds his album bearing the Roc-a-fella/Def Jam logo.

Having rebranded his label as Roc Nation, Jay-Z has given another NC resident the stamp of approval, and Ski is also apparently interested.

“I wanna do a track with J. Cole ‘cause he’s from NC an I’m from NC,” Ski told SoulCulture. A fan apparently saw the video and echoed the suggestion via Twitter, as did Ski. “It’s that NC shit. That’s what we do—we rap and produce ourselves.”

I would LOVE to hear @JColeNC on one of @Skibeatz instrumentals! That should be a must! Classic Hip-Hop right there.about one hour ago via web

Ski shrugged off being deterred by the rift between Jay-Z and Damon Dash, citing both former partners as friends.

“Jay’s my friend and Dame’s my friend,” he added. “Hey if I can do a record with J. Cole, and Jay says, ‘Yeah, cool do it,’ and Dame’s like, ‘I Don’t give a fuck,’ then we’re gonna do it.”

Ski added that the issue of what label a potential collaboration with J. Cole would be released on could be a bit of an issue, it wouldn’t matter to him because fans would love the final product.



  • josh

    Cole gets Premo, Pete Rock, Ski beats on an album with no fillers, we got an illmatic contender

  • EddieMurrrphy

    j. cole is more average and bland than a bag of donkey piss. even his name is cheap. whatever ski beatz waste your talent on this guy. i hope he gets your less than heat tracks. and you get the illy good shit goin wit an actual good exciting emcee

    • Axle Foley

      are you on crack? how are you going to try and diss j. cole. i dont even like the nigga that much but even i know the dude can rap nice. not as good flow as some other dudes, but lyrical wise...not many left better

  • billy

    J cole, dame, jigga and ski better make this shit happen, or me and a gang of polar bears are gonna team up with bin laden and turn canada into a communist state




    first premo. now ski. make this shit happen!!


    That would be the ish for Cole to get on a Ski Beat...we have more fire producers out here in Kakalak too..check Showdown, Gav Beats, Apple Juice Kid, Skates, County Jail, JJ the Genius..just to name a few...NC up next!!!

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