Too Short Says That He Wants To Be The Oldest Active Rapper

Twenty five years ago, Too Short named his debut album "Don't Stop Rappin'," and after a few retirement pauses, he hasn't since.

With over 18 full-length releases, Oakland, California's Too Short is one of the more enduring rappers of all time. In a recent interview with, Short claimed that he's ultimately seeking the title of the oldest rapper still releasing albums. "I think I just kind of set a goal for myself to play it as long as it can go. I just wanna do it longer than anybody else say they did it," said the onetime Dangerous Crew leader. "I wanna make more songs than anybody, I wanna be the oldest rapper who is active. I didn't set out to do this, but now that I'm doing it, I might as well do it to the fullest, like Brett Favre?"

Whereas Brett Favre has 18 years under center in the National Football League, Too Short boasts a catalog of music that dates back to 1985's Don't Stop Rappin' on the 75 Girls label.

Other 25 years Rap alumni who have recently released music include Ice-T, D.M.C., Just-Ice, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys, among others.


  • Spibbs

    Seriously? If you're going to mention age in the title of the article...YOU HAVE TO GIVE HIS CURRENT AGE IN THE ARTICLE! The only reason I even read it was because I wanted to see how old he was. Step your game up, dx.

  • Me


  • Gregory Vicente

    I was raised on Too $Hort! Don't stop rappin $hort Dog!!! "You got one girl then treat the hoe like a mack What's yours is hers, she don't trip Sucker ass nigga need to check that bitch But you're so weak, and it shows in your rap I'm out here, gettin hoes livin fat While you at home, gettin sweated by your mamma I bought my mother a house in Atlanta And you can't stand it, so whaddayou say Too $hort can't rap, no fuckin way But here I am, workin in the studio And your album ain't out because you're movin slow By the time you make one I'll be on ten Hit the studio nigga, and do it again!!!" "I made nine albums in nine years I'm a true blue West coast pioneer Dr. Dre, Ice-T, and all the rest All that money we makin don't fault the West Cause we ain't the ones who created rap But when we made the shit, we made it fat!"

  • Journalist

    Come on JAKE PAINE, HipHopDX, the least you can do is put his age in the article. That's like doing a story on somebody who wants to be the "fastest man" and don't say how fast he can run, or somebody trying to be the "strongest man" and not say how much he can lift. Step you game up son.

  • ZEN1

    So much for "Life Is...." too $hort! One of the illest out! Keep rappin till you fall over dead man!

  • ts5000

    hip hop needs a bay area legend like too short its good to hear that he'll stay in the game

  • Sully

    Kool Keith the oldest the baddest mc in the game, you can't f##k with keith, homeiez 48 years old and still consistant 2 steps ahead of these retarded gift rappers like lil wayne, rick ross, drake, kayne west and the biggest prick of em all gay-z. You no what kool keith doesent get that respect the credit that he really deserves. True shit kool keith was just standing with his fellow mc's, here comes ugly camel fat lip sell out bitch bounty muthaphucker gay-z, the dude just walk right past him fully aware knowing who this person (kool keith) is and keiths history,basically what keith as bought to the game is originality, creativity,style what todays hip hop music is really lacking in im not just saying commercial hip hop but even underground hip hop. Basically what gay-z did is pure igorance. Krs 1 even said him self kool keith is one of them illest mcs he even said he wouldent want to battle keith. I can go on and on and on and on but i'll keep to this. peace reprezent the real raw hardcore hip hop

  • lukeknocks

    Shorts married to tha fuckin game biatch! "No wedding, no romantic setting. A mattress on tha floor, no fancy bedding." Dre

  • Anonymous

    too shorts a legend, cant deny that. but im still waitin for him to grow up a little bit and make a grown up album. and fyi, Dr. Dre i wouldnt really put there, the dudes released like 4 actual solo songs without any features...

  • Anonymous

    Well you are the oldest and most boring rapper! This guy is 50 years or something and raps only about hoes and pimps. His music is for retards. You would think if somebody is 50 years that you would be mature and make a mature album but not Too Short

    • Anonymous

      stop hatin nigga u broke niggaz is always tryin to talk down on the og's

    • Gregory Vicente

      Anonymous Bitches!!! Talk shit with your real name! Here is some real lyrics that you cant fuck with!!! "If you eighteen or nineteen speak up fool I was flowing on the mic before you went to school Talkin bout pimp shit, you know whassup I wonder if you mom'll let you play that stuff?" "And you gots no respect for me, is that right? Well jump your ass on the train witcha backpack tight and keep rappin, I'm floatin past all the stops In a clean ass Benz I have all the props" "I know you motherfuckers, heard me rap So hard, I put your momma in my dirty rap No shit, the old bitch sucked a damn good dick Put them legs up high she couldn't handle it I'm not a no good punk, I coulda macked your mother But Life is Too $hort, so I kept it undercover Now you're all grown up, with your partners rappin But old Short Dawg'll your ass what happened To a fake MC, who tried to get with me I ended his career, instantly" -Paystyle TOO $hort So Fuck You Anonymous Bitches!!!!!

  • STFU

    I can tell by looking at these Too $hort advertisements (the white lil goatee lol). I don't really care for his music, it's simple. Yet, I won't knock him for it. He's a legend in rap. I still bump "Gettin It". Do ya thang $hort. "BEEEIITTCCHHHH!"

  • Mr. Truth

    ...and this is the part of the show where a bunch of dumbass kids hate on rappers over 40. Meanwhile, rock fans still support artists in their 60's and 70's. Sad how some rap "fans" treat the legends. :(


      Really tho my nigga!....treal shit right there. And to all ya'll dum ass niggas who kee sayin rap about something different. Short pronounced himself married to tha game.....fuck you think that mean lames????

    • Sneak

      You hit the nail on the head. I agree with you 100% about the kids... Plus, good take on the 'rock fans' and their support. I never thought about it that way. Too $hort is what he is. Love him or hate him, he's remained true to his style, and you can't knock that. As long as people are still buying his records, why should he stop?

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