Too Short Says That He Wants To Be The Oldest Active Rapper

Twenty five years ago, Too Short named his debut album "Don't Stop Rappin'," and after a few retirement pauses, he hasn't since.

With over 18 full-length releases, Oakland, California's Too Short is one of the more enduring rappers of all time. In a recent interview with, Short claimed that he's ultimately seeking the title of the oldest rapper still releasing albums. "I think I just kind of set a goal for myself to play it as long as it can go. I just wanna do it longer than anybody else say they did it," said the onetime Dangerous Crew leader. "I wanna make more songs than anybody, I wanna be the oldest rapper who is active. I didn't set out to do this, but now that I'm doing it, I might as well do it to the fullest, like Brett Favre?"

Whereas Brett Favre has 18 years under center in the National Football League, Too Short boasts a catalog of music that dates back to 1985's Don't Stop Rappin' on the 75 Girls label.

Other 25 years Rap alumni who have recently released music include Ice-T, D.M.C., Just-Ice, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys, among others.

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