Raekwon Says That "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" Is Coming In March

UPDATE: Jim Jones and Rick Ross are added as confirmed guests to the Chef's March 8th fifth solo LP.

After releasing his acclaimed Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II last year, and joining forces with Ghostface Killah and Method Man for Wu-Massacre this year, Staten Island, New York emcee Raekwon has announced a firm date for his fifth solo album. "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is done, it's coming in March. It's fire," said Raekwon on his own H20TV YouTube channel.

The EMI Records-distributed effort is said to feature Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Method Man, GZA, Inspectah Deck and others, along with The Roots' Black Thought, according to VIBE. Additionally, Raekwon has revealed that veteran collaborator Nas will be featured. (November 2)

UPDATE: According to Raekwon's Twitter, Rick Ross and Jim Jones have been confirmed as guests for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

I got two big records wit capo and ross! #shaolinvswutang in stores march 8th, rt this crack!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter



  • koth561

    y'all are straight dick riding on jim jones. Rick Ross sucks balls, but realize that Pray IV Reign had hip hop songs. He was acutally very socially conscious on that record. He's not a top MC, but he's way overlooked.

  • De Vaughn

    Ross doesn't deserve respect after choosing to become a C.O. and lying about it until 50 put the pressure on him. Don't do it Rae, and while you were grinding to get off Staten Island Ross was looking at ni%%as like you through bars and making babies with prostitutes. Honor character!

    • De Vaughn

      Ross (not to be confused with the "Real" Rick Freeway Ross) is a decent rapper, especially if you are influenced by his improved tone and pitch. But my point is that dude is too much of a character for me to appreciate his art. I'm not suggesting you only speak on what you do, but I am championing a non-fiction foundation that bases his art. Get it?

    • franklin

      ok if you criticise jim jones ft i agree, but people please ross is a dope mc whether u like it or not! if you don't think he's a very good rapper, then your not a genuine hiphop lover, it's that's simple!

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    People need to stop hatin' on Ross. Not dickriding but I was impressed when him and Kool G Rap got up on Knife Fight

  • Yeah

    I hope everyone on here is copping that Apollo Kids, if not you're missing out and sleeping on a classic.

  • gutter man

    you see you jim jones haters. Rae likes him and you dont?????? you dont know shit. GTFOH

  • How I Got Over

    Another classic album I bet, as long as the production is on point. I don't really care if Ross is on there, he's decent. Jim Jones on the other hand... oh well he didn't wreck Apollo Kids too bad.

  • kennyken

    this will be great for rae. ross is pretty good if you ask me and it will give rae the exposure he needs to get his marvelous shit recogned with. jim jones as well. good idea for my man rae. keep it jumpin like this rae! peace boss thug

  • NY

    I'm getting the album but really Rick Ross on the album, Ross is everything that is wrong with mainstream hip hop. Rae is trying to get that mainstream success he had when Only Built 4 Cuban Linx came out but do it your own way instead of having garbage people like Rick Ross on the album.

  • Beezlebud

    Rae seriously are you tryna piss every true Wu fan off, first you put fuckin Bieber over classic Wu street shit now these 2 cornballs fuck outta here with this shit you made a great move with Black Thought n now your gonna fuck up any chance of this bein a classic by featuring to cornballs n one of which is the biggest fraud in Hip Hop how bout gettin fuckin Redman and Busta instead coz trust me every Wu fan would prefer that and throw Canibus in the mix to BEEZLEBUD TWITTER

  • Anonymous


  • Duuuude

    I don't care if Rick Ross and Jim Jones are on there, as long as the albums delivers some good quality Raekwon music then we should be extremely happy. After Pt. II, it won't be easy releasing another album up to that standard.

  • Naah Son

    MY TOP TEN (NO ORDER) Lupe Raekwon Method Man Cassidy (fuck a album sale, get at this nigga lyrically) Eminem Talib Notorious Ludacris (I'll admit Battle of the sexes was whack, but the nigga is a genius) T.I. Joell Ortiz (Say my dude cant spit then go listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzJHJwDmVN8) Shit i wanna see from the rap game: The 50 we saw Power of the Dollar/Get Rich or Die Trying Loso showin us what he really can do instead of makin the same fuckin pop song Gucci gettin arrested as a sex offender, cuz if that nigga dies it'll just boost his sales. Bizarre gettin kicked outta D12 Some GOOD artists havin beef and going at it. fuck a nicki minaj-lil kim beef. lemme hear royce say some shit about someone in the Wu, i wanna see a slaughterhouse/wu tang battle cuz all those dudes can spit and that'll give us some fire to listen to.

  • Wu4Ever

    Come on rae dont do it! For once i advice you to listen to RZA and GZA and keep it in the family! Remember Only built 4 cuban linx? That had ONE not affiliated ft. AND THAT WAS NAS ! THESE 2 DONT EVEN COMPARE TO NASTY NAS ! DONT DO IT !

  • smh man

    raekwon working with these mothafukin mainstream bitches?? smh

  • Domjell

    Dear Rae, you are going too far left my ni%%a. It was blasphemous for Justin Bieber to be singing over Wu-Tang gutter classics and now Rick Ross & Jim motherfuckin Jones on your album! What the fuck? Keep that shit on the mixtape, better yet replace their verses due to conflict of interests. Holla at Scarface, or someone worthy. You are WU-TANG ni%%a. P.S. Can anyone recite "one" from Jim Jones that made you hit rewind or as "what did he say"?

    • psmith

      yes troney troney and a couple of lemons cause trone is about the limes, had me scratch my head like did he just say lemons?

  • Thegiftpromotions

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  • Anonymous

    what do we need updating on..oh yes liquid swordz 2 I think rza and gza already been a year in the worx

  • SuperGucciRap

    Justin Bieber already murked this nigga in a freestyle. Raekwon can't rap to save his fat ass. Raekwon is rapping about eating at McDonalds and Burger King lol. Shawty Mane is gonna blow up in 2011. Serve the Lord Gucci Mane. He'll come and save Hip-Hop from evil. It's Gucci Time!

    • Whoolio Gee

      Cm'on dude, i like Gucci Mane as well but you're straight up clowning. Rae would rap circles around him and that's a fact!

  • Wu Fam


  • Riley

    Rae of all people should know not to fuck with the fake Rick Ross.

  • Whiterthanmost

    Reasons why immobilarity SUCKED! 1) Production, production, production. 2) No ghost. 3) Concept was all over the place. As for Jones and Ross? Ooooof and Ouch

  • G

    I agree, what the fuck is Raekwon doin with the 2 worst rappers in the game (besides gucci,oj,waka)..... He should be goin at it with ghostface, redman, jadakiss, gza..... cmon rae those are gonna be automatic wack tracks if it has fatass ross on it or fake jim jones. Ew. Im sure itll still be sick march is gonna be an amazing month, Lasers, Cole World, Shaolin vs Wu Tang, and more

  • Anonymous

    Neither of these clowns deserve to be on Rae's shit.

  • casper21

    it's one thing for his to have a record with jones and ross in the vault, but why put it on the album?

  • Anonymous

    i ain't listen to ghost's stuff yet so i'll reserve the cheerleaderism. but still can't wait

  • coconutbrainz

    Top 10 Eminem Lil' Wayne Kid Cudi Ol' Dirty Method Man RZA Eazy E 2Pac Nas Jeezy but i got crazy love for the Clan Idc what you critics gotta say about my taste in music, it is mine so GTF. Peace.

    • Santiago Wu YouWhackson Irigoyen

      You put greatest rappers of all time, like most clan members 2pac, eazy e, nas... and you put lil wayne, cudi and jeeezzyy up there? man wtf?? you put east coast west coast shit up there, but you dont put biggie, bigl, pun... man, you whack as hellll...yous one of those people ruining hip hop and really dont know anythin. you prob only like eminem because of recovery, you busta

    • Anonymous

      You put 2Pac up there but you dont put Rakim or Biggie up there. And Lil Wayne should be up there. You might as well put Drake, Nikki, and Wakka up on ya wackass list

    • yo

      your a retard lil wayne should be on the top 10 worst rappers hes garbage tha carter was the only decent album by him

  • gnigga_pleeze

    his last album took like 5 years so ill take "march" as march 2015 then again he's gotta nice buzz these days everyone wants a feature from him its awesome never thought he'd be that dude again

    • Whoolio Gee

      Well, OB4CL II got critical acclaim out the ass and Rae made quite a big number of guest appearances on other albums... Might as well strike while the iron is hot!

  • Whoolio Gee

    For god's sake, if Jimbo Jonesey is on the album, i hope he comes correct at least instead of wasting a verse... smh

    • Anonymous

      only people worthy out of that list are cnn. currensy need to get his weight up. them other dudes suck ass

    • Whoolio Gee

      Oh, and if Rae is planning on flooding his LP with guests, i hope he includes Lloyd Banks, CNN, Curren$y and Pusha T on the album.

  • domjell

    Neither one of them deserve to be on "any" Wu-Tang shit.

    • Rick

      I agree but Im sure he's bringing Ross in because of his cocaine tracks....and to be honest, im a true hip Hop head been one for over 20 years and Roos is OK in my books. He does have a good year for beats and doesnt talk non sense like 80% of the other southern rappers. Put it this way, he battled 50 and came out stronger in the end. What has 50 dropped since his battle with Ross? ...NADA...NADADAMN THING! and Ross has been dropping some enjoyable music...sometimes you need to loosen that backpack strap and enjoy some good muisc...Now Jones is another story.

    • Anonymous

      125% percent co-sign

  • Anonymous

    Hope rae can do this again, at this very point he sounds like he got that fire in him!! Bringthefuckingrukus!!

  • ptone814


    • Anonymous


    • sup

      Yeye good list I would take RZA out tho, he's nice on the mic for sure but eminem is one of the illest dudes to ever touch a mic and I think Xzibit is def. slept on when it comes to whos up there as the best cos he aint never dropped a bad album he always comes with it so if u wana talk consistency he's right at the top aswell. I co-sign bout big daddy kane too

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      Not bad, not bad at all

    • Sensaye252

      That's a good list man. Maybe you're too young to remember Big Daddy Kane in his prime, but he was nasty son.


    rae is killlin it with that new single g.o.a.t. wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu tanggggggggg niguhhhhh

  • The Internet

    "The Chef's fifth album, featuring Black Thought and Nas may be HEAR before the snow in Shaolin melts." Seriously, does anybody proofread this website?

  • hellrazor

    it's about goddamn time this site put a headline that got my attention for all the right reasons. cuban linx 2 is a gem. i was amazed when i heard that album, ima be lookin for this when it drops. REAL HIP-HOP FOR LIFE!!

  • Anonymous

    This is an absolutely huge album for Rae. Most wu members have struggled to put together back to back solid albums, even ghost, so if he can put two in a row together I think he becomes the need de facto leader of the Wu, maybe even all time. I know people are gonna say RZA, but the rappers are more visable. What we don’t need is another Immobilarity.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      u-god's 2nd solo album sucked ass too tho'. it was really fuckin bad matter of fact. so bad it was just sad. mr. excitement or whatever the fuck that shit was called was straight cheese. i remember paying like 4 bucks for it at a sam goody! lol when those were dying and they was having clearance sales. it was still 4 dollars too many

    • sooperb

      Immobilarity was a let down it didn't sound like a Wu album but it di have like 4 fire joints on it. That said listening to it RIGHT NOW it sound f****ng great.Just like old 2Pac I wasn't feeling then sounds perfect now. Lex Diamond Story was sick Like the Pretty Tony album was sick.Get Lex Diamond Story Yesterday if you can(ASAP).

    • yo

      I never listened to immobilarity but i obv heard bad things. what was so bad about it? and the lex diamond story? aint heard that either

    • Anonymous

      lol! yeah sneakers, 10 rounds and live from NY were all nice, but it was a huge letdown. that maybe the worst of all the 2nd round of wu tang solo albums

    • Doubl Negative

      True, but Sneakers was a classic joint.

  • Darius Norman

    This is going to be dope!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hiphopbaby76 THE REAL HIPHOP IS OVER HERE....oh you know i'm getting this. rae is one of my fav mc's in hiphop right now. keep telling ya'll the vets are taking back the hiphop and putting it back to the streets. all this other shit is gonna be no MORE. yuh imma REAL HIPHOP HEAD been that way since i heard my first tape...THE FAT BOYS ARE BACK....beat box kicks in. WU TANG CLAN ain't NOTHING TO FUCK WITH!!!


    i just brought ghostface ironman the other day no new wu for me


    yea, butter knives single was just released, which is good as fuck

  • OneNaTrillion

    @HipHopDX The subtitle has the wrong form of here.

  • The MG

    Awesome! CL2 was sick, the best album of 2009. I know this one's gonna be just as good. I'm definitely copping this along with Lasers in March.

  • Charles ExSavior

    Raekwon is on his biggest grind I've ever seen him in since OB4CL2. Big props.

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon, real hip-hop! Can't wait, Cuban Linx 2 was fire.

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