Crooked I And King Tech Discuss Funkmaster Flex's 2Pac Comments

Nearly two weeks later, King Tech and Crooked I debate if Flex's comments were just a case of free speech or disrespecting the late, great 2Pac.

Despite an apology and attempts to clarify his two-week-old comments about “not sucking 2Pac’s dick,” Funkmaster Flex is still being questioned for the timing of his statements. Fellow deejay and radio personality King Tech, called Crooked I—who like ‘Pac once called Death Row Records home—to get a different viewpoint on both the timing and the comments.

“I know exactly what happened in that era, and I know ‘Pac was a wild cat, man,” Tech said, in regard to Flex’s statement that 2Pac brought a negative energy into Hip Hop. “He didn’t hold back his tongue at all.” Tech also played a series of 2Pac interviews, many with his co-host Sway, which showcased ‘Pac during some of his more volatile moments. Tech said he initiated a discussion on the comments because they had been on his mind for a couple weeks.

Many who disagreed with Flex’s comments, didn’t question his right to having an unfavorable opinion of 2Pac so much as the timing of his comments and the need to also pull the Notorious B.I.G. in the discussion by telling fans, “make some noise if you miss fuckin’ Biggie Smalls” immediately after his 2Pac comments.

“A lot of people are really questioning the reason why this is surfacing so many years after 2Pac’s death,” Crooked I said. “It’s straight up disrespectful. The man is in his grave, and his mother is active in Hip Hop. She don’t wanna hear anybody speaking on her son like that—especially over things that happened years ago. I watched it several times, because I really couldn’t believe somebody as powerful as Flex would speak on 2Pac like that in public.”

Funkmaster Flex has not been the only person to criticize some of ‘Pac’s actions since his death. Ice T also questioned the casino fight 2Pac was in, which many believe led to his death. And while Crooked I said he could empathize with the feeling of “being on the edge all the time” because of being signed to Death Row, the conversation kept returning to a need to stop pitting Biggie and 2Pac against each other.

“I think the days of us not being able to support both artists are over,” Crooked I added. “I can like Biggie and ‘Pac at the same time. I think the days of that being a divide are finished. It should be over.”


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  • Assassin221

    I don't know exactly what Flex said or whether or not it was bad, but stop with all the "disrespecting the dead" shit. Tupac was one of the biggest rappers of all time, he had a huge influence on hip-hop and does to this day, and people are still bumping his shit, so him and everything he did are still open for discussion. He doesn't get a pass for whatever shit he did just because he died, you don't just remember the good and forget the bad.

  • MMM

    2pac was a loudmouth nigga, all you fanboys shut the fuck up and continue living your lives.

  • Mississippi

    I do wonder if he would've said this if it was 1996-1997.

  • Mississippi

    Pac has been dead for over 14 years and people actually believe that he is alive or coming back. This isn't because they are blindly following a rapper, it's cause he said THE REALEST SHIT. Let's be HONEST, I'm the BIGGEST Pac fan, but I know he is at best a 7 out of 10. He said the realest shit, the most heartfelt shit, the most sobering shit, it's so deep that it overshadows the beef music (which I love). NO DISRESPECT but there aren't 1000s of websites for B.I.G. or people online looking for unreleased or original B.I.G. tracks. Pac is the only one who said the TRUTH and you know it's the truth cause when you hear it you get chills. I pretty sure that Jay and Diddy don't suck Pac's dick but they have to play DIPLOMACY so bullshit doesn't happen. Whenever they say B.I.G. they have to say Pac, not cause they want to but because it's diplomacy. Diddy and B.I.G. should've never went to L.A. It was too soon and they didn't play DIPLOMACY.

  • 805

    It aint about Flex not being able to have a opinion. It's about disrespecting the dead. Anyways, he's mad that 2pac got alot of love and is still taking it personal. It's over and done with. He should of manned up and said something when he was still here. Better yet say it to Suge's face. hahaha Suge sucks now but he can still put in more work the Flex ever could.

  • g-hoppy

    lets put it like that: ppl like flex keep ppl like pac in other ppls head dont stop da promotion lol

  • Anonymous

    Everybody mad because flex has an opinion??? Quit cryin and get over it, the man said what was on his mind, aint that what hip hop is about?? Lets not forget that on "Against All Odds" Pac through a Dart and a Dead man himself, Randy "Stretch" Walker ("Switched sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead"), plus all that "My .44 make sure your kids dont grow" talk to biggie, the man wasnt a saint. Pac is one of my favorite artists, and Flex is a Bribe taking cancer on the ass of hip hop, but let the man speak his mind. Never thought I'd see so many people in hip hop ASKING FOR CENSORSHIP, SMH "Dont say that" shouldnt ever be told to a hip hop artist (or DJ).... Freedom of Speech motherfuckers, you can either have it all the way or not at all, cant apply diffrent rules to diffrent people

  • JG3

    I felt what Flex did was very cowardly. And there is no excuse or apology that can be made to resolve it. I find it very interesting for him to make those comments while 2Pac is dead verses making them while he was alive. My grandpa always told me to look a man in the eye...when you shake his hand or if you're going to kill him. I now see Flex less than a man. Flex I hope you live forever.

  • Hpno

    Honestly who gives a fuck wat flex thinks anyway thats 1 mans opinion, its not like he wasnt active during that era he was so therefore he can say wat da fuck he wana say D.O.A. I never liked pac myself personally always felt he was overrated and I still dont fuck wit Pac to this day, does that make me disrespectful?? Pac was also hollering fuck the east coast too so he went out wit alot of ppl not fuckin wit him, he wasnt gona say sumthin back in 95-96 cuz im sure he didnt wana get involved in the whole east vs west BS that was smart on his part. Ppl act like dey knew Pac personally or sum shit ~_~

  • Fuck Flex

    "I watched it several times, because I really couldn’t believe somebody as powerful as Flex would speak on 2Pac like that in public.” Crooked I hit the nail right there. Flex has a powerful influence in rap and for him to say some outlandish shit like that is pitiful. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but were talking about Rap music here. Were talking about 2Pac and Biggie who died from Rap here. The weight of bringing 2Pac and Biggie's name out like that is immense. Fuck Funk Master Flex. Drop a bomb to that you fat cock sucking parasite.

  • Devinnn

    A lot of you remind me of Bill O'Reilly right now. Its freedom of speech. get the eff over it. Yeah it may be disrespectful and all that jazz, but he spoke his mind. Exactly what pac would do what he supported Saying how you feel, and not sugar coating it. THAT was pac.

    • Nesko

      "Its freedom of speech" so if somebody says "f#ck you dead mom" or something like that you don't get angry becouse It's freedom of speech and he can say so if he wants :S

    • 805

      I followed 2pac through his career. I never heard him once disrespect the dead. That is uncalled for. Bill O'reilly? Please. Yes Flex can say what he feels. Dude has to get over it and not be disrespecting the dead. I'm people might do it all the time behind closed doors. But how he did was wrong. Ignorant.

  • Anonymous


  • 805

    The man is gone. Not here to defend himself. Anybody could feel the way they do about 2pac. But to be disrespectful is a cowardly when they aren't here to defend themselves. New York, they wonder why there was so much hatred against them out here Cali back in those days. Ignorant shit like that. New York acts like they own rap and have a say about whats hot and whats not. Radio D.J's out there act like they rap stars themselves. Thats been the problem since day one and obviously until today. I'm a 2pac fan but get down to biggies muscic too. That beef is done. Flex needs to move on and grow up. I'd love to see him walk a block through Compton now. Fuck Flex.

  • Anonymous

    for all the 2pac stans there are also fans who don't like 2pac!!! Why most everone suck 2pacs dick???

    • X-Factor

      cause people like tupac its considered "Sucking his dick".... Because they admire a man who used his raps to attack political actions that were going on in the early and mid 1990's is called "Sucking his dick".... I understand completely that people may not like Tupac and thats perfectly okay, its prefrence.... but to say someone is sucking his dick for being a fan is ignorant as fuck, and its you ignorant fucks are part of the reason why people do outlandish shit like say Tupac wasn't shit today.... Thats like saying, Kobe Bryant isn't shit.... Peyton Manning isn't shit.... Denzell Washington isn't shit.... You may not like them but they are clearly the best at what they do.... Recognize greatness when you see it, clown.

  • j

    Funk Flex is a grown man. How disrespectful. He should know better. That's the kind of shit you should lose your job for. Just sayin. How many public figures could get away with that and keep their job???????

  • Charles ExSavior

    “I think the days of us not being able to support both artists are over” That's all that's needed to be said, but Flex is still a bitch ass for voicing such rude opinions on Pac.

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