Jay-Z's Black Album Supposed To Be All DJ Premier

DJ Premier talks about the original Black Album plans and working with Eminem

While making his rounds doing press for his new album (Year Round Records Presents Get Used To Us, out tomorrow), DJ Premier has revealed a lot of interesting things. His sit down with TheWellVersed was no exception, where he spoke about Jay-Z original plans for the The Black Album and on working with Eminem.

"I’ll give you a funny story. Jay-Z reached out to me when he was going to do The Black Album — this was years before he put it out because he postponed it, ended up working on other stuff, and then he came out with the album and decided to retire. Way prior to that he called me and said he was going to do an album and that he wanted me to do the whole thing. But he said, “I know how busy you are, Premo, but I want you to not have anything to do with anybody for the whole time we make this album. I need like a two week window, and we just do it.” And I understood where he was coming from, because he knows it had to be that deep of a situation to get it to be right and to call it The Black Album. Prince already made The Black Album. If you’re going to make one, it better be top notch. There’s a lot that goes along with that. So to approach me about that? That’s the same way I look at the Cold Crush, Fantastic, Kool Moe D, all that. LL and I have tried two or three times to work on stuff. He’s somebody you gotta sit down with and really focus on because he deserves that type of attention. And I’m proud to give him that type of attention. I wouldn’t want to do a quick little rush job. And then you have ones like Termanology that can do a one night thing because they’re the new hungry artists that are ready to just write on the spot and get it over with. You know Jay always just writes on the spot off his head, and then he leaves the work up to me. A project like that is just that delicate. I treat my stuff based on the level of what it’s going to take to really make a masterpiece. I’m proud of all my work, but there are certain artists that just deserve a whole different special attention."

He also spoke about the Eminem collaboration that was supposed to happen in 2008 when Slim was making Relapse. "Me and Eminem spoke about a year ago when he did the ciphers with BET and we finally got to kick it face to face," Prem said. "We had a good conversation. There’s a uniqueness about certain artists, so with him? I have to put certain things aside to work with him, and I gotta be realistic with what my schedule already allows me to have going on. I knew if I was going to work on Eminem tracks, I can’t be working on anything else. Strictly Eminem. That’s how much I want to give him the illest, what-the-fuck-is-that type shit, where everybody is like “yo, did you hear the Eminem and Premier shit?!” I know it will be great. But he’s still alive, I’m still alive, and hopefully I will keep breathing, and in that time frame we’ll get around to that."


  • GucciGOAT

    Gucci Mane will spit harder then Gay-Z on a Primo Beat. but Primo sucks anyway. He's wack as hell. Gucci Mane kills every beat he's on. LEMONADE!

  • davidfresh

    If Primo gives him the kind of beat he's describing here, Marshall better step his game up. Not the stupid pop shit he's doing these days.

  • Vegard Møller

    Eminem and Premier should make an album together.

  • Anonymous

    What fucking shit is hot in the mainstream, it makes up about 1% of mucic and 1 or 2 artist's take 1,000 X 1,000 percentage of music profits and sales. These artist's break through because their on certain label's have affiliations. Point is there's so much more going on than mainstream. I may not like some of the corny music but i do respect people getting there bread. Jay even said he's a business man not a rapper

  • khavoc


    • Tidomann

      YES! Shit I think it's bout time mann, we don't need all that Eminem/Premo talk besides the Whitey is Pop as shit...Nas vs. Premo; Eiht vs. Premo thats all we true rap cats want. Not some one Premo beat on a Eminem Pop/Rap album

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    ATTENTION:HIPHOP IS IN CRISIS..its being overrun by the "dirtybackpack" set..they go around sayin random dum shit like "HIPHOPISDEAD"..that album would've been hot if "premo" did the beat.."Em would've killed that track"..if you see one of these cats..do not engage in conversation..they despise mainstream music..if its actually hot..they want no parts of that shit..never let "them" know you like anything other people have discovered was hot"DRAKE"...they usually only fuc with rappers before they blow..if your first album flop..they will uphold you as the greatest..i repeat..never blow up..they are usually the ones with computers,so there opinions are the ones thats heard(i.e NAS BEAT JAY-Z(fucouttahere)..(JCOLE IS THE HOTTEST NIGGA OUT)..they tend to only like music devoid of women(i.e no female rappers)unless you talkin about LAURYN HILL(the one album wonder)...they tend to only promote rappers with no flow..all lyrics..albeit lyrics about nothing..usually rappers who rap about rappin'...run away from these niggaz..they are ruinin hiphop...

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      "dirtybackpacker" is not the same as a "backpacker"..a "dirtybackpacker" is a derogatory term used to classify a nigga who thinks they have a great hiphop mind but are really clueless as to what good music sounds like..they are the people who you would never want to dj a party,they probably never even go to parties.

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      if u got it..u understand where im comin from..if u didn't,it wasn't for u..one of the major components of this shit is flow..as i stated..rap is still music..u can rap circles around a nigga but if u dont sound good recorded..its a wrap..a typical statement from a "dirtybackpack" nigga is "well just cause u like young money..or waka..or insert anyother nigga they associate with bein wack"..i didnt say anything about my personal preferences..

    • truthness

      i do agree that a lot of time hip hop heads will dislike something just because the masses like it (ie. drake... drakes not the dopest ever like people think, but a lotta people dont wanna admit that he can spit). but either way... you gotta understand that a lot of time mainstream music is aimed at certain listeners (like 13 year old girls). So, the reason why a lot of rappers who havent had as much main stream success are seen as better, is because they try to master their craft and make music for informed listeners. and like someone else mentioned... you definitely dont know what "backpackers" are because not all underground music is backpacker music (most of it isnt). and flow definitely matters to serious hip hop heads. thats why a mainstream artist like fabolous still can get respect. and im guessin you think wacka flocka flame has flow when hes just yellin out random shit on the track

  • Killa

    premos sick buh if black album was a whole premo effort it wouldnt hav been as big and u know jay everything he do gotta be big

  • spax

    why bitches be hating on premo's beats, why cant jay just get it over and do a track with premo, dumbass rather did a track with dj quick than premo, wtf!! and it wasnt good at all "justify my thug" yea my ass with tht madonna sample

    • Bowski

      I agree, "Justify My Thug" was one of the wackest joints on the Black Album. The lyrics were sadly overshadowed by the poorly made beat by Dj Quick. He could've freaked that sample rather than just loop it like he did. It's sad cos I'm a fan of Quick but oh well.....

    • Anonymous

      dumbest statement i ever heard....JUSTIFY MY THUG was deep. too insightful, mustve went over yo head

  • Anonymous

    premo is a legend but he's done. Nowadays his beats aren't that good as they used to be. so get over it premo stans

    • Troy

      You obviously don't listen to him to make such an ignorant statement, maybe you don't like the artist he works with bc Jay/Nas haven't worked with him in awhile, Preemo will go down in history as the Greatest hip hop producer of all time, he doesn't make radio friendly tracks b/c he is a grown man that comes from the golden era, the last track he laced for Fat Joe was so gutter man, how you can say he's done??? You have no crediblity to say some shit like that, give this idiot some haterade

    • bluerazor

      If your a stan by definition, you probably like something in the top ten billboard charts, or on an artist's bandwagon any and everybody can jump on without your taste being questioned and so n so. Premier fan's are the realest heads because when dueds say he's done and all the wack shit. They stick to their gunz support the under dog and don't get easily swayed by the naysayers who listen to the tight era, two step, mohawk radio friendly hip hop

    • Anonymous

      rofl please now anyone who loves good hip hop is a stan? get the fuck over yourself who else is there to compare to

  • Anonymous

    i really cant think of any artist in any genre has as many classics as premo, that dudes a legend, but instead of almost workin with these dudes go out and fucken do it, please. we all wanna hear that shit.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    if DJ PREMIER wasnt gon make Dec 4,lucifer,encore,or allure...JAY DIDNT NEED HIM..premier is one of them cats that live off of the past and never really does too much but is upheld by the (hiphopelite)..the dirtybackpackers..he was good and occasionally makes a beat but..fucouttahere..u dirtybackpack followin ass nigz..go listen to some more Eminem and be happy..jay likes checks..premo likes past accolades..the black album by one producer was never gon happen

    • Furious Styles

      Your an idiot, who obviously knows very little abotu real hip hop. DJ Premier is exactly what his name states. You need a ringer. He has never and I mean NEVER drop a wack beat, and his track record is consistant. How your dumbass can even come out you mouth with such stupidity is beyond me, but you are proof that idiots still breed. Why don't you go stick your head back up lil wayne's ass. And don't even try to rip a hip hop legend until you can make even one beat pop the way he has for years, you cunt!!!

    • Essex

      It is clear you have very little knowledge of DJ Premeir. So here's a lil cheat sheet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Premier_discography

    • Life Accordin' TO Dutch

      @steee...i sound like i dont much about hiphop..what i SAID was if he wasnt gon make them tracks or anything close to them..it doesnt matter.."that boom bap" sound is DEAD sir..and im a 90's nigga..

    • steee

      @life accordin to dutch ... i am sorry, but you really cannot know much about hip hop if you think premier isnt still making shit as hot as he was in the 90s. I agree with you that the black album was amazing without primo, and the production was top notch. but yo... those four tracks you mentioned were produced by just blaze, kanye, and pharrell... if you ask those 3 about dj premier, they will tell you he is one of if not the greatest ever and that they all look up to him. and fyi... he's not really a producer of backpacker music, hes all about that boom bap. so you obviously either dont listen to primo, or you dont even know what backapacker music is

    • Dill Dough

      I will take a shit on your grandma.

    • YUP YUP

      True Indeed !! thumbs up

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      u aint never seen me mane..on another note u aint say nothing against my argument either

    • Anonymous

      you sir, are the dumbest mother fucker ive ever seen.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    at dat faggot azz nigga dat wasted hiz time postin dat long azz essay, it'z not fuck roc nation, it'z FUCK YOU! who else besidez cum money are niggaz talkin bout evryday? dat'z rite, roc nation and g.o.o.d muzik u homo bitch. and jay-z!'z blueprint 3 went plat unda roc nation u dumbfuck so there goez half ur argument. and ur just jealous dat ur favrite undaground rappa getz no love in da rap game. y? CUZ THERE BORIN AZ FUCK!!!!! when r u faggotz eva gon get it? have them make sum hot shit like jay-z!, j cole, kanye and da rest and maybe they'll get da mainstream atention like u want them to. simple az dat 4 yo simple azz like kid cudi said. and if those producerz r betta than kanye like u said, then were da fuck r they at? there not on evrybody'z albumz like kanye iz. and dat takeova beat wuz when kanye wuz 1st startin u faggot and he progressed and improved hiz style ova time and became da greatest producer eva. those lame azz faggot producerz only stuck wit one fuckin borin azz style thru there shitty careerz. dat'z y no1 fuckz wit them. quit ur complainin and boohooz already....BITCH!

    • BluntedDaily

      @mandy: did you really just call someone a faggot for writing a long essay when your post was not only long, but you also took the time to actually reply back? talk about gettin lowkey butthurt on some internet shit

    • dickrider

      I can tell you are young as fuck!! HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Kanye,Kanye>>>>fucking moron! Its sad when fake headz comment on a true master of hip hop. Haterz like you are the reson the game is where its at. I bt your broke as fuck living with your parents and pretending to be a fucking gangster. Next year youll be on to something else but hopefully when you grow up youll give real music a chance and turn of the fucking radio. FAggit

    • Anonymous

      I dontz knowz whyz youz writingz withz allz thesez ZZZZ, butz itz notz coolz. Oh, and fuck you. Jay-ZZZZZZzzzzZZZzzZzZZZzzz (You probably didn't get that either)

  • Essex

    I been reading and seeing alot of Preemo interveiws lately and it's so sad that he's always talking about almost doing a track with somebody. Preemo is the realest and coolest producer ever. He's super paid but he still get's down with the up and comers, and Vice Versa. As far as his scratching ability, Can you name a better turntablist?

  • dryanalblaster

    and when the cops came through me and dre stood next to a burnt down house, with a can full of gas and a handfull of matches...and still no-one found out...

  • Anonymous

    Well relaese the album with premo tracks?

  • Raver

    I can't believe there is a debate if Jay and Premo were to do a whole album together weather it would be a classic or not...... Any head would tell you it already is!!! When it comes to questions about relevancy about artists such as these there is no question as they have and always be influential in Hip Hop. Artists... ie your Lil Jon's, Ying Yang Twins, Gucci, Wacka.... Will come and go. Educated hip hop listeners will always know the roots. People like Premier will always be relevant because there would be no Hip Hop of today without people like him in our past and I for one will always want him making beats in the present and future. Premo is one of the illest of all time..... When was the last time you heard a Premo beat and be saying, 'Yo that shit is wack!!'....Never is the answer. Real talk about some real Hip Hop.....

  • k

    Em and Premier? Cool. Im an 18 year old rapper. been in love with the music all my life. pretty much the only thing i have right now...looking for feedback as I release more and more music, just released my first little song. please check it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TNiDjDuER4 and/or www.myspace.com/kennyguye . Thank you.

  • symon

    THIS IS OLD NEWS from when black album first dropped. PREMO MOVE ON

  • merk

    Why the fuck didn't they go along with Preem? smdh.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i'm so glad jay-z! skipped out on him. premier'z alrite from what i've heard, d'evilz, a milion and 1 questionz, so ghetto. nuttin special from diz nigga, kinda bored me sumtimez. dat'z y jay-z! found kanye and decided 2 roll wit him and look were he'z at now, supastar statuz. hate all u want but kanye'z a fuckin genius like jay! said at da beginin of lucifer. let'z see premier make a fuckin classic album like dark twisted fantasy and beat a cum money membah wit huge bullshit hype in da 1st week then we'll talk. ROC NATION BITCH!

    • great post

      great post mandy pandy is pussy. good stuff to read. we need more people like you, and less mainstream media dick suckers who suck off everything VHI MTV feeds them.

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -pandddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy is pusssssssssssyyyyy

      First off, FUCK ROC NATION!!! And why is it fuck ROC NATION? I'll tell you why it's FUCK ROC NATION... #1.ROC NATION has no Gold,Platinum,or Multi-Platinum Plaques underneath it's label name #2. ROC NATION still has yet to release or have available product set on store shelves across the country. #3.Mista selfish Jay-Z just signs his artists to make money off of signing them to a contract and then just let them collect dust while he's out doing his typical unimportant business ventures like making distribution for his 40/40 clubs to be placed in at least 21 airports and not focusing on his artists because he'll always be more worried about himself staying richer other than making somebody else richer. As LL Cool J put it "Jay-Z only cares about Jay-Z." #4.Whatever Jay-Z does you clowns will dick ride it and that's exactly what he expects you to do and that's dick ride it because he needs the money for you to over hype him and dick ride his situations. #5.ROC NATION is just a name that you clowns just like to foolishly chant but don't pay any regards to their business situations such as just letting their artists talents go to waste and just letting them collect dust until they desperately want off the label. Hmmm...I wonder if Dr.Dre give Jay-Z some business lessons on how to run a label.If so then ROC NATION is gonna be worse than how Dre handled his artists over at Aftermath. And I thought Dre was terrible at just signing artists and letting them collect dust and then they leave the Aftermath label. Looks like Jay-Z will take Dre's #1 spot in fucking artists over. And Kanye ain't shit when it comes to sampling...DJ Premier is the greatest sampling producer of all time and he is the king of sampling production...Kanye is not great at fucking with samples...Even J-Dilla is a monster over Kanye when it comes to samples so get off Kanye's dick...DJ Premier is far more genius than Kanye and doesn't need the mainstream fucks to tell him that...You dumb blithering ass clowns got Kim Kardashian telling you that Kanye's a genius and now your saying that he's genius just because of that gold-digging sports and enetertainment money hungry slut that Ray-J raw dogged on camera worldwide for you to see it...I bet that slutty ass cunt doesn't even know who the fuck DJ Premier is...She just says Kanye's a genius because he's got a shit load of money...All she does is hang out with niggaz who got money and use them and say good things about them because they are pumping her mentally challenged brain worth of money all of her high school girl looks that these lame duck ass rich niggaz go crazy about...Fuck outta here! I would never listen to or agree with a chick who's had a bunch of dicks in her mouth tell me who the fuck is a genius as a producer...Hell she probably thought Ray J was a genius when she was fuckin' him...and if you go back and listen to that bullshit "Take Over Beat" with Jay-Z on it, Kanye damn near used the entire sample from The Doors...He did nothing creative with it...He took the whole damn sample and did nothing special to it and fags went crazy...RFLMAO!!! Fuck outta here...Give that Doors sample to Premo and he would've done something crazy to it and you wouldn't have known where the fuck it came from...That's how great of a producer DJ Premier is more than Kanye...Without Jay-Z, Kanye would've been stuck in the dungeons somewhere and no one would've cared for him...Jay-Z is the one who helped pull Kanye all the way up to this popular position where he is...If Jay-Z would have never invested his precious time into using Kanye's production then all of you lame fuckin' clowns would be singing a different tune...Don't act like Kanye got to where he is all by himself...If anything I think Black Milk could be 20 times better than Kanye...It's just that niggaz in the mainstream industry are afraid to fuck with him...Black Milk has the potential to be all over Kanye and literally kill him in the production game but the mainstream rap niggaz are nothing but duck ass sheep and they stay sleeping on Milk...If Black Milk was fuckin' with rap niggaz like Eminem and Jay-Z in the mainstream music industry right now then Kanye would be a complete after thought...Them mainstream niggaz are just too afraid and pussy to touch him for beats...So get off Ye's dick already...

    • Anonymous

      Premier is all over Kanye. Kanye is not even near his level, Preemo is in a class for himself. You're a fucking disgrace.

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      at youadumbnigga, no i don't play waka flocka and soulja girl, those dudez wack az fuck. and premier iz nuttin compared 2 kanye. kanye'z beatz r on sum next level shit and showz how he thinkz outside da box. premier iz just drumz and a borin loop thru da entire song. dat'z not hot at all. so i'm glad jay-z! ditched dat bitch and found kanye and worked wit him til now. it'z not da 90z n-e-more u fuckin idiot! on 2 da next 1...

    • lulz

      Don't get me wrong, Jay-Z is my favorite rapper of all time... but MDTWF was fuckin' whack. I don't understand the hype it got, and probably never will.

    • youadumbnigga

      ps you a dumb nigga...

    • youadumbnigga

      he is alright from what you've heard? maybe you need to go and unpause that wocka flocka or soulja boy you got bumping and take a back seat...DJ Premier is one of the hottest producers to ever get behind the boards...ever.

  • Patrick@TheRapSpot

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  • Rachael Misek

    The Black ALbum is one of my favorite, the whole song where his mom is like going on about how it was like when he was born..that is classic mom love. I liked it. He re-did Madonna's song and made it to "Justify My Thug" frickin funny. Thugs have love lol

  • JM

    Not many artists of Premo's age are still so vital, so relevant, so exciting -- WITHOUT it being a retro thing. He's a rare and long-running talent, that's for sure.

  • Anonymous

    It's a shame Jay-Z stopped working with Preemo. The beats are always classic.

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