New Zealand Rapper David Dallas Partners With Duck Down Music

Duck Down teams up with international talent David Dallas in a marketing, distributing, and publishing deal.

New Zealand's own Hip Hop talent David Dallas has partnered with Duck Down Music in a publishing, distributing, and marketing deal. The half-Samoan artist reached No. 1 on the New Zealand Hip Hop charts with his '09 album Something Awesome, and will now focus his sights on the American market.

"Most of the artists that I look up to and like come from America," Dallas said. "I want to do stuff that's to the level of American artists, but I don't want to lose my identity and I don't think I do."

The emcee's partnership with Duck Down will present resources that he says are not available in his country. "Because I'm in New Zealand the music never gets exposed on a major level and that sucks. [So] we said, 'Shit we need to try to get over here and do something.'"

Below is David Dallas' newest video, "Big Time," which precedes his next music video with Freddy Gibbs.

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