Swizz Beatz Talks Corporate Partnerships, Music Business Education

His partnerships with Aston Martin and Reebok keep the checks coming, but Swizz Beatz says he also enjoys his role as a music instructor.

In addition to parceling out his Haute Living album free once a week, Swizz Beatz is an artist in Residence at NYU, and he is working on projects with Aston Martin, Reebok and Christian Louboutin. In an interview with the Fox Business channel, Swizz said it’s no coincidence that his personal brand is growing at a time when he’s at one of the country’s best-known schools.

“In 2010 I named it my graduation year,” “I started in 1998. I had my first platinum record in 1998, but it comes a time when you have to graduate. In 2010 I wanted to graduate physically, spiritually and mentally and graduate my brand. So it’s very important for people to know when you change as a person…in 2010 I laid out all these forums to where people can see Professor Dean and not just somebody that worked with Jay-Z and all these Rap artists.”

Swizz has previously collaborated with The Gap retailers and Hennessy, and he says he’s turned down a lot of branding partnerships lately due to his preference for working with brands that have room to grow. And while its assumed the partnerships bring in some nice additional income, Swizz says he still has one main priority.

“It’s something about arts and music that helps kids get to the next level,” Swizz added. “It kind of answers their cries and answers their dreams. And to see all these young students intrigued by music hits a warm spot in my heart. Anything I can do to help those kids out—whether they’re in my charter school or NYU—I just want to help them. It’s been fun.”


  • ?

    Id like to see a Swizz Beatz music instruction class...Itll be something like "Ok class, now turn on your keyboard. Now go to the preset songs...Now press play. Turn off the drums in the song. Take these drum kits I downloaded from banginbeats.com and load them into mpc. Play a drum beat over the preset song melody...Its a hiiiiit!" Swizz = most overrated producer of all time.

    • Victor Cruz Perez

      aye um...can one of you two lend me some money? hahaha

    • StrokeGameCrazy

      The "Stroke" in my name is symbolic for my pen strokes; i.e.: My pen game crazy. Not sexual at all. I write checks. You're missin the point tho. Like I said I'm not his biggest fan by far, but you gotta respect his ability to generate lucrative income outside of being a producer. Every major producer out right now does some form of sampling(check production credits), so you gotta get over that. We can go back and fourth all day about how un original he is, but at the end of the day he's found a lane and drove thru to Mogul status. How can you hate on that?

    • ?

      You better be Brian pumper or some other porn star cause there's no way you make 7 figures with a name like strokegamecrazy. And check the korg triton horns section preset melodies. One you will find there is the melody to ruff ryders anthem and a few other of "swizzs" beats. He's no musical genius at all.

    • StrokeGameCrazy

      Im light years beyond your level if your just sittin at six figures. I said nothing about money, Im just tired of people gettin on here hatin on one mans triumphs, usually cause they either can't accomplish the same, or they're just hatin. Whatever the case I respect the right to have an opinion. Next time I'll just wait until HHDX posts some of your accomplishments, then I'll comment...

    • ?

      Didnt know there were laws saying you had to have x amount of dollars before you can have an opinion? I make 6 figures a year but if thats the case then get on my level before you comment on my comment and until then shut the fuck up.

    • StrokeGameCrazy

      Not the biggest Swizz fan, but I respect his work ethic, and accomplishments in this industry. GET WHERE HE IS AND THEN TALK SHIT HATER!

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