J. Cole Still Waiting For His Jay-Z Record For The Album

The Roc Nation artist hasn't found the right song for Jay to get on just yet, he explains.

J. Cole is wrapping up his debut album, due on Roc Nation in March. While he is signed to S. Carter's label, Cole still doesn't have a Jay-Z record for his album. “I haven’t found the song that we wanna do yet, but there was one that almost happened, that he was about to write to,” he told Rap-Up. “I didn’t even write to it. I just gave him the beat like, ‘Yo, I think you would sound good on this.’ I’m glad nothing really happened because a few months later I realized that’s not the one.”

A collaboration nearly happened on Cole's Friday Night Lights. “There was this one record we were gonna do. Even the song ‘Enchanted’ off the mixtape, that’s a song that when I first did it, I heard Jay-Z. I’m thinkin’ like, ‘Man, is this gonna be the song?’” he says. “But I’m really particular and picky, just by the way I move and handle my announcements and everything. I’m really calculated.” J isn't discouraged he hasn't found the record yet, he remains hopeful. “I’m definitely hoping. I plan on it. Every new song I do for the album is getting better and better, so hopefully I’ll do the one for me and Jay soon.”

While Jigga isn't on the album yet, he has heard it. “I haven’t sat down and played him it in its entirety, front to back, ’cause I don’t even know what that is yet. But I played him pretty much all the songs that are on the album at some point, either when I first did ‘em or like four or five in a batch. But yeah, Jay has heard all the music.”


  • candyrayne215

    is that a stipulation for being on roc nation to have jay on your 1st album? j cole u dont need him..put out ur album

  • Yeah

    Yo, Kev shoutout to your grand mother tell her next time she sucks a dick to take off her dentures...that shit really hurts! LOL

  • Brom

    Cannot wait for an album, although his Friday Night Lights mixtape has been on repeat since he released it. Definitely download if you haven't yet...he's on tour too, if you wanna see if he comes to you in the next week or so check it out http://bit.ly/a4Zuin

  • A.J. Carroll

    This kid's the future. A young dope lyricist AND producer. Ill.

  • Mike Meraz

    MARCH!!?? WTF? Come on man.. The hell with Jay. You don't anybody on the album Cole. Just keep doing what you've been doing.


    drake album=wack didnt buy it nicki album-xmas present for neice other then that her shit we got left in the stores also wayne new album=bangin


    im from NC dont own none of his mixtapes an i dont feel bad at all. on this same site they was saying drake need drop the album CMR/YM is not going to put his album shit. now we got jay z artist who album should be dropping this month but its not. an want come until march if then but now its he wants to take his time an yall saying stay up cole take yo time we gone support you. GTFOH with that BS this dude album should be out who dat is gone damn what was the second single my point exactly.i awlready know yall gone say who dat wasnt his single but if it had went to #1 on the charts the album would have been out put the damn album out.i dont think he would do drake or nicki numbers so it dont matter when the album drops.. let see who drops on roc nation because willlow smith is dropping before all of them an she dont need no damn song from jay

    • Asafo

      Lol dude shut yo lame ass up. We lettin Cole take his time because we don't want him to put out anything less than classic. And him and Jay are still waiting for his buzz to get a lil bigger before they drop him. I applaud any artist who takes his time with his music before releasing it to the public. That means that Cole actually respects his fans,and knows that we don't wanna spend our hard earned money on some sub par shit. Of course nobody's expecting it to do Nicki or Drake numbers, but both those albums were pretty wack...all I keep hearing about Cole's album is Classic..which is what all his fans expect. So sit yo ass down with that hurry up and drop the album bullshit. And as for that "ya girl cheating on u" weak ass comeback...sit yo ass down too. That had to be the lamest joke ever...even u didn't laugh at that stupid ass shit. NEXT!

    • djronviper

      Man, if yall dumb asses cant understand what this guy is trying to say in his sentence, then you need to take your dumb ass back to school and start third grade over.I bet you guys have a hard time understanding when your girls cheating on you, because she has to spell it out for your "cant read between the line dumb ass." Trying to clown !! LOL


      ill do that when i get off work and leave the bank aight

    • Anonymous

      Drake and nicki and wayne can do high numbers but they can't amount to the pure lyricism Cole brings.

    • Ace

      Kev=uneducated white guy

    • kev

      LOL you definitely do..ha ha i didn't understand one sentence. Probably a uneducated black nigger.

    • Nick Steedley

      yo bro, you need to work on your sentence structure, i read half or your post and didn't understand shit. illiterate mother fucker

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    It'll happen, give time and patience. Jae Ari -Black Winter EP Available Online & Select Stores 12/12/10 'Blasphemy' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8zSUlvQSBg The Black Winter EP Album Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idH5Gl9Qyzc

  • dtp229

    I thought Cole was going to have no guest features on his album?

  • Atl2Trill

    It'll happen eventually. Can't force nothing at all.

  • frank

    take yo time j cole but in the mean time release some videos 4 ur songs off the friday light mixtape to keep ur name buzzin

  • David Anderson

    Before all the people come on and start saying that Jigga is stopping J cole from coming out with his album, it is clear to see that J cole is trying to create a masterpiece. He is still piecing the pieces of his album. Its better that he takes his time and releases an amazing product, rather than releasing something that is shit. Look at Thank Me Later, Drake released a mediocre album because he wanted to release it as quick as he can, where as he could have worked on it and released later, and could've equally created a classic. JUST MY OPINION

    • Charles ExSavior

      A valid opinion at that. J. Cole is all about quality control with his music and he has yet to disappoint. I hope he doesn't release another mixtape after Friday Night Lights because the momentum has been built. As far as Drake goes, he instantly disappointed when he wanted to be viewed as a real "lyricist" while singing his way up the charts. How can one say they like Little Brother and Slum Village, yet his rhyme and flow NEVER take it to that level? Shoot, Phonte sings all over his Foreign Exchange albums and never needed Autotune for a Grammy nomination, THAT is real talent.

  • smileyhey

    The more space I get the better I write (Oh) Never I write, but, if, ever I write I need the space to say whatever I like - jay-z

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