Company Flow to Reunite for Performance

The legendary Rawkus rhyme crew Company Flow will reunite for an upcoming performance.

Company Flow, the iconic independent Hip Hop group that featured producer/emcee El-P, emcee Big Juss and DJ Mr. Len, will be reuniting for the first time in four years. The cult crew - who made Rawkus fame with the 1997 release of their debut Funcrusher Plus - broke up back in 2000.

The cult crew will now take the stage for a rare performance opening for Portishead at their All Tomorrow's Parties" event this July 23 at the Alexandra Palace. Other performers include MF DOOM, Grinderman, Beach House and Liars. Tickets for the event can be found here

This is the first time since their break-up that Company Flow have renuited. Back in 2007, the renowned independent group took to the stage in Brooklyn. They are rumored to have been working on another LP as far back as 2006.



  • Bady Boy 4 Life

    nobody gives a fuck about the dinosaur ass niggaz. slow news day im guessin

    • the.watcher

      Fuck you, you ignorant ass clown. Go back to sucking Wayne's dick. Any song El-P has done is 1000x better than anything that the desolate wasteland known as mainstream music can offer.

    • Dinosaurs Still Roam

      Have to agree with Asee. When true lyrical legends reunite for a gig, it's definitely news. As a matter of fact, El-P from Company Flow still makes records and they're sick. You must not have a clue what you're talking about. They're lyrics on Co Flow records that still crush any record out today. How about you look it up! 'Rain on your dream field with styles so frikkin wet niggas need maxi panty shields' -Co Flow (Funcrusher Plus)

    • ASEE

      You didn't graduate high school did you? The fuck is the point of your comment? Just straight hate? These dudes are legends in the underground and the rarity of seeing Company Flow in the news in the past decade makes this significant.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    It's the classic underground styles of the urban masters/ the Krazy Kings these thinking caps be sparking tags quick. one of my favorite albums of all time. oh yeah you couldn't hang if you were bitten by a radioactive spider

  • Charles ExSavior

    People today aren't ready for another Co Flow album. Maybe a Cannibal Ox sequel to Cold Vein.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      vast aire is the muthafuckin man. that dueces wild shit was crazy. great album. loved that mecca and the ox track and the crush. what up falside. his joint with mighty mi was okay track with tame one is still bananas. his first album though, i got it after sleepin a while and thought it was pretty average. i started bumpin that shit again this past fall. and damn, what a fool i was. that was an ill lp. it had great production work. vordul mega though is just a god mc. his shit is so wicked deep and the flow sounds so good to me. that mega graphitti album is a CLASSIC. the track prod. by el-p w/ billy woods. is one of my favorite el-p beats in recent years. def. check that album. his first revolution of yung havoks is okay a few good tracks and his mixtape thing yung world is a good street album of his. the track my kNUCKLES is one of my favorites of his

    • the.watcher

      @Eddie Interesting, I prefer Vast Aire over Mega:) That Deuces Wild album was sick, not as good as Cold Vein obviously, but in the same general vicinity. I haven't really checked for Mega that much...

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yeah a new cannibal ox album would be sick. remember we were showed that they were doin a new one a while back. its been a bit overdue. real heads know better than to wait on that shit though. that shit gonna be ill. they need to have some nice cohesive recording sessions to crank that out. all chemistry no rush. capture some raw essence, vordul mega is the muthafuckin man in my book. since cannibal oxtrumentals dropped in 2002. i been dreamin of a comeback

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