Ice Cube Talks Positive N.W.A. Memories, Groupies

The Predator waxes nostalgic, and reminds us that some things in the game never change.

Although N.W.A. and Ice Cube had a well-documented falling out, Cube still remembers the good ol' days.

In an interview with Hustler [website is not safe for work], Cube reminisced about the positive experiences he had. "My best memory was that we were doing something constructive," explained Cube. "You know what I mean? There were so many things to get into that weren’t constructive. I felt good that I was doing something that was not only fun, but also being a part of Hip Hop and being respected. Even before N.W.A. it was about finding something to do. Because I grew up in an area [of South Central Los Angeles] where we used to have after-school programs. We used to have Little League. But as soon as I came of age, all those things started leaving the community. We were still into football and basketball, but the parks were closing, and things started to dwindle."

Cube continued, adding, "We were looking for more things to get into. You could either get into good shit or get into bad shit. Hip-hop was good even though adults didn’t like it. It had a good energy. With N.W.A., I was around people that were making records. We had a style that we knew people in our neighborhood liked, but didn’t know people would like around the world. So being West Coast rappers, we went for it! I still haven’t come down off that cloud which has carried me on this journey. I’m still riding that same wave that started when I was 17 years old."

Hustler, perhaps appropriately, asked Cube about the groupie scene. "The groupie situation don’t change. (Laughs.) They always the same. You got a group that people like, the women gonna be around. Period. I don’t know if that will ever stop."

And how does Cube, a married man, deal with the temptation? "I don’t give a fuck about groupies no more! Them days is over. I’ve been in the game over 20 years, man. The whole scene is played out."


  • Big D Deezle

    Haha newby that shit was fucking awful man if a hear that sort crap again am gon find u nigga AND FUCK YOU UP u inbred piece of ass

  • g-hoppy

    studio-gangsta yawn its been believeable 20yrs ago but today we know it better

    • g-hoppy

      lets get this straight lil sugger, im not hating Ice-Cube im just saying that hes still glorifying gangsta shit even tho for me its a proven fact that lil fatty aint coming from the streets, same applies to Dr Dre but he never hidden that he studied and stuff so thats the diff between dre and cube, dre kept it real, cube still givin a show of that we know today has a bad influence on da youth. and coming back to NWA that ive listend to befor u prob were born, eazy was da only hoodkid outta em

    • jbeezo

      ok so if u were born in the geto and came up u would still be into dumb shit? if thats wat cube must do to get u to like him then i hope u hate him. besides its not about gangster shit its about real shit but i gess u dont no the difference, u probly listen to that techno fantasy rap lol

  • Atl2Trill

    Ice Cube is triple O.G. status. Lol at hustler tryna ask if he fuck wit groupies. These folks always try to find a way to get cha ass in trouble.

  • Money First

    @Newby4sho-Get that bullshit out of here you disrespectful ass nigga! Its time to kick niggas asses when they disrespect the pioneers in this game for real. I may be young but my family taught me to always respect those who came before you!!!!!

  • test

    Yo. That was... bad. :-(

  • Newby4sho

    Ice Cube is old niggaz... here's my verse I show you in the bed, 143 is what you always said, pop them bottles in the club, thats what we gona do. 143 baby i la love you. you so sexy why not make a video? Ask kim kardashian she knows how to make show. lets take it slow then we can do it rough 143 baby we gona make love this aint no ordinary shit ima give it to ya till your soaking wet. lets get started from the bed to the floor after 143 baby you gona want some more all night is what we do texting, sexting love me girl send a 143 fuck the fake shit lets make it a reality I dont stop till your mine, lets take it wuteva 143 ima make you shine

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