Warren G Talks Nate Dogg's Stroke Recovery

Fellow 213 member Warren G explains Nate Dogg's condition and how he and others are trying to help him get back on his feet.

Aside from friends and former collaborators confirming visits and offering their well-wishes, there haven’t been too many reports on how one-time Death Row mainstay Nate Dogg’s health is progressing. In April, Damizza told DubCNN that Nate was alert but not speaking. Now, in a recent interview with HipHollywood, Warren G says Nate is undergoing therapy, and confirms that his longtime collaborator did in fact suffer two strokes.

“Everybody’s just gotta keep him in their prayers, because he had two strokes and that’s real dangerous,” Warren G said. “A lot of people don’t come back from that. Luther Vandross did it, so hopefully Nate can do it. The game needs him. I need him.”

After supplying the hooks to dozens of hit songs and releasing his own solo project, Nate Dogg suffered two strokes within a 10-month span between 2007 and 2008. Warren G says he and other friends of Nate Dogg within the industry have plans to create a website for fans to donate and help Nate out with his medical expenses. In the meantime, Nate Dogg continues to undergo therapy while recovering from his strokes. By all accounts, the singer who lent his voice to so many of Hip Hop’s classics is aware and alert. And while even Dr. Dre expressed hopes of getting some vocals, it is unknown if Nate will be able to resume his singing career.



    R.I.P to the KING of hooks! Strokes are serious and he suffered long enough. Live your life to the fulliest each and everyday and love who's around you. Change your diet, stop drinking and live a healthy lifestyle. DPG 4 Life!

  • datdude

    Come with that I Agree with deez nutz ya'll should come up with the cash for his med now it's should be for his kids bill and burial.

  • Anonymous

    dre owns nate dogg alot, so does snoop, so does akon, so does eminem the list goes on and on and on. all of those people are too stingy to help when nate does tracks with hella underground artists. he never got paid what he deserved. no shit hes askin for help. people think you get rich just cuz you on some hot tracks. a feature is a feature, some people only get 200 bucks for a hook....

  • adriana flores

    for if you guys didn't know rehab is very expensive. so what if he made more money that an average man or women. my dad was in the hospital after his stroke 12/15-12/28 and that alone was almost 62,000,00 no fucken joke. plus medicine that shit is also fucken expensive. the one he needs the most (plavix) is $180 and thats only a months supply. so shut up about how much he made. every one needs help at one point or another.

  • dronepool

    I agree with r.pgh. Cold hearted? More like a realist. Just cause he's a celebrity doesn't make him anymore special. Celebrities asking fans to donate money while they made more money than 50% of their fans ever did? Pshh. Fuck that.

  • djackouk

    how many of the people complaining about giving any amount of money have put any effort into organising anything up like warren g has (which would have cost him time and money),how many of you know if Nate was a $100,000 short that Warren G wouldn't pick up the rest of the bill, I just saw a video of a man who was sad his friend was in a bad way and wanted to help, don't know what the hell everyone else saw.

  • Deez Nutz

    It's a damn shame that he sang hooks on all these MF's tracks and they want us fans to donate when they pockets is full! Warren get all of you OG rappers together and have a benefit concert or two and donate the money to his mama!

  • Chantal

    ..That's awesome that Warren goes to see him..sings..ect..I love that.. Please let us know when the website will be up and running..I will click on this video too..see if it takes me to YT and I can get more info..He's one of my most favorite artists..There isn't a colab that I don't love with him in it..It could be the smallest of verses..and I will rewind the song..just to hear him in it.. He brings that bluesy touch to any rap..When i see him..I think 'Classic' I pray he gets better..:)

  • wayne

    nate doggs the man,mean lyrics,mean vocals,etc.I pray to god you get better all the way from new zealand.

  • Brizz

    How the fukk dre, snoop, eminem or even xzibit isnt paying up for this is beyond me...asking fans for this is just too much. Guess its a bitch to have multi millionaire friends...Real bad look for any big artist who ever had nate bless them with a classic killer hook...

  • Sneak

    I'll ask this again: Is it not Nate Dogg's voice I'm hearing sampled in "Kush" ?? I obviously know it would have been recorded long ago, but it's him, is it not?

  • Yssup Kidz

    This shit is sad, in many ways. Please forward this to all them rappers buying chains with their advance check.


    These Niggas livin in 50 million dollar homes, drving around in Million dollar cars, and they need a donation from us? The common man gotta pay his hospital bills somehow, I'm sure these Rich niggas can pay his bills

    • Anonymous

      you must believe that the're all serial killers, with millions of dollars in diamonds, and have been named after an infamous mafioso character?? Are you bumpin' some Rick Ross?? lol??


    Yeh Nate is a legend no doubt, so is Warren G, But Is this Nigga lost his mind? Asking fans to send donations? what the fuck is wrong with him, Us regular people are just making ends meet, this Nigga askin for Money? Snoop alone could pay for eveything. They are worth millions and millions and they want Money from Fans? Thats some fucked up shit. Hope he recovers soon tho, Keep ya head Up

    • The Wigger Hater

      some fan you are. I be like " A donation for Nate to recover and make great music again", Where the fuck is my wallet?

  • R.E.D.

    Nate Dogg is a legend...its kinda fucked up that snoop and dre cant pay his bills if he dont got the money...how u gonna ask fans to donate? all these fuckin millionaire rappers cant toss homie a check after he made them millions fuckin snake motherfuckers aint shit

  • TIB

    i agree that kush would have been much better with nate on the hooks. it would be really odd to listen to a dre album without nate (if we ever listen a new dre album). GET WELL NATE, YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST IN THIS HIP HOP GAME. BEST HOOK SINGER EVER. YOU ALWAYS MADE A SONG A CLASSIC. GET WELL DOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • noneofurbiz

    Get well soon Nate!!!...I wish people would think before typing. What happened to all his money he made? Some of you are heartless and will trick off money on worthless stuff, this man needs assistance and Warren would not have reached out to the public if Nate didn't need it. Its not our responsibility to assist Nate but I will give what I can once the website is up. Some of us may need a hand financially one day and I'm a believer of karma. If you don't want to give stop making discouraging remarks to those who want to help this man...so what he got Dre and Snoop as friends, you don't know what they have contributed...anyway get well Nate, we need more friends in the world like the regulator Warren Gizzle!!!!

  • Anonymous



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  • Gabe-Real

    Much luv to the homie Nate Dogg...get well soon.

  • HRH Skkin

    We need you Nate! Hip Hop is you. You is us.

  • Jake

    I would definitely like to see Nate recover and be able to sing again, but I would rather see him recover and not be able to sing than die.

  • Sneak

    Glad to hear an update about Nate. Hopefully he can resume his career some day. I would love to hear him all over Dre's new album. Is it just me, or is Nate sampled in "Kush" (the new Dre single)??

  • r.pgh

    I do hope Nate recovers from this, but why should fans have to pay his medical bills? How many millions did he make over his career? Where is that money at now that he needs it? He's got rich friends (Dre, Snoop, etc.), why are they paying for his medical bills? i love Nate's music, but he's never done shit for me financially so why would I fork over cash to help him when I got shit of my own to deal with?

    • edubb1977

      @r.pgh You are one stupid muthafucka i'm not gonna donate because i don't have it to give with that said you should show some type of compassion or intelligence and not show that you are a heartless ignorant ass clown sorry excuse for a human being piece of shit what if it was you who needed the help you low life muthafucka and all of you who co-signed his commemts aint about shit either ya mommas didn't raise you low life bastards right i know your mothers raised yall better than that you shitty muthafuckas

    • Anonymous

      first thought that came to my head

  • Bauce

    I've been so curious on Nate Dogg's health status. Hope he comes out of it ok

  • hellrazor

    this is really disheartening. this dude provided his sick vocals on many cuts over the years. it's a real pleasure to hear nate dogg sing a chorus. now there's t-pain. WHY THE FUCK CANT T-PAIN HAVE A STROKE AND DIE????

  • Atl2Trill

    Nate Dogg needs to recover. Akon didn't fit singin the hook on Dr. Dre's new song Kush.

    • Vessel

      Agree, the song is dope until the hook comes on. No offense to Akon, but his thin ass autotune voice is no match to the king of the hooks, Nate D-O-double-G. Song would've been a classic with Nate. Now? Not so much. Pull through Nate, we miss you!

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