Jadakiss on "Top 5, Dead or Alive" & More

Jada discusses plans for his next album that may include production from Dr. "Dre, Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Just Blaze," according to the emcee from Yonkers.

Jadakiss has never been shy about wanting to be in everybody's top emcees lists. Cementing that is the title for his forthcoming album, Top 5, Dead or Alive, a disc named after one of his more famous lines. In the meantime, he knows he needs to continue leaking music and that's exactly what he plans on doing, releasing a mix tape of old and news record, I Love U, before the year ends. Recently, Jada spoke about all of this with Vibe and added more regarding 

For Top 5, Jada said he plans on working with top Hip Hop producers in order to give his album a "1990's" feel. 

"I've been searching for a new sound from some hungry, up-and-coming producers. But I'm also looking forward to working with Pharrell again, Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Just Blaze—you know, the great hip-hop producers. I try to get as much hip-hop as I can onto my albums. I'm trying to give my next one that real 1990s hip-hop feel."

Fellow member Sheek made some people question his Donnie G cover recently, one that featured his face next to that of a gorillas. When asked about this, Jada simply said any publicity helps.

"The cover... yeah, man. I'll tell you: Publicity is publicity. Good, bad—you need some type of movement before your album is about to come out. And Sheek has that right now. You need people to be saying something. But the quality of music is what really matters. That overpowers everything. The cover is the cover and people can say whatever they want about it, but if your body of work is good, you'll be alright." 

I Love U should be out in December, according to 'Kiss, while Top 5, Dead or Alive is expected near Memorial Day in 2011.


  • Bowski

    I never really felt Jada on his cross over records, so I personally admit I have a bias towards him. I also agree out of the LOX crew, Styles P has has the best albums. "Gangster & the Gentleman" is a freaking classic. However Styles also fumbled when he dropped "Time is Money"....didn't feel that record at all; But then when he came back with that "Super Gangster & Extraordinary Gentleman", that was my shit. Although Sheek is my favorite LOX member, I can REALLY do without his solo projects for real, but he's still without a doubt one of THE best punchline lyricists, second only to that kid Cassidy.......

  • Charles ExSavior

    Jada, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes are the Remix kings of Rap... one of the most sought after people to lace one of the rawest 16s you'll get on your album. But in the world of albums Jada has YET to drop a superior sound but it's dismissed even by his most hardcore of fans as too commercial and whatnot. In my opinion "A Gangster and a Gentleman" from Styles P is the best L.O.X. solo album to date. I wish Jada the best tho.

  • ShowTime NY

    @Dmize you aint lying. But I changed the order to the songs and it sounded even better. I f I was at my pc upstairs I would tell you the sequence. Nas Lost his mom so that album was special. @ Jada Jada is nice I just wanna here growth.. Better concepts and hooks Pluss broaqder subject matter. He's a smart dude so it would be interesting to hear what he has to say on other topics. Www.soundclick.com/showtimeny

  • Afi Keita James

    Jadakiss is the truth here.

  • dmize-one

    this is off point, but Nas is probably the g.o.a.t in my opinon.. dudes catalogue is fire, plus hes the only dude to ether the suposive best out right not.. Gods Son was a super slept on disk.. just the range of topics Nas covered is nuts.. plus hes a real ass dude "who yall thought 'Kick in the Door' was for???"

    • Bowski

      TRUE STORY!! "Kick In The Door" was for one of dem Boot Camp Click niggaz. I was shocked as hell to hear one of them admitting that on Sirius Shade45 2 years ago.....

  • marc regal

    sensaye252..stop it for real..find a chic dude...jada is a supreme lyricists but will never have a great album, he let people tell him to put too much commercial shit on album..why niggaz can't make a soulful album talking about they lyfe, mistakes, ambitions or just regular real shit anymore.. one nigga in like the past 10 years has done that..Big muthafuckin K.R.I.T... if you a non-biasist hip hop head please check out K.R.I.T Wuz Here, classic, except for the first 4 songs, 5-20, muthafucking bangin, peace Regal out

    • Sensaye25

      Find a chick? So anyone that jots down lyrics on a website automatically doesn't get any pussy? You sound like a kid who's really proud that he just got his first taste of puss'. Regarding the other shit you said...look man, I'm a Jadakiss fan. I always have been. He's actually probably in my personal top 15 rappers of all time, I was just havin' fun. Your boy Big K.R.I.T. isn't bad. I mean, he's good. But he's definitely not great. I appreciate that he talks about a wide range of different things, and I definitely like him more than 90% of the new artists, but I don't think he's the messiah like you seem to think. Peace. Oh, and I am non-biased. Oh, and I get a surplus of pussy, especially lately. Oh, and Hip-Hop fans are too fuckin' defensive nowadays. Emotionally fragile niggas all over these hip-hop sites.

  • derby

    Jadakiss my nigga, but we been waiting on you to give us much more of that ill shit like the shit you did with Gangstarr

  • Sensaye252

    Top five?!/ yeah maybe through the Lox eyes/ this silly nigga's gassed up...nitrous oxide/ you just a leach benefitting off when Pac died/ yeah Puff had you stuntin' in a couple hot rides/ but you can't make your watch go counter clock-wise/ the echo from my big glock causes rock slides/ and he the first one claimin to be the hardest/ then drops soft solo albums full of R&B artists/ Puff put you on, and then you abandoned him/ now that your money's gone all of a sudden he's your man again/ pull the shiny suit out the closet and do a funny dance again/ and why when Hova dissed you you ain't never answer him?/ and I heard you got a song now with that nigga Fifty/ the two most fraudulent niggas in New York City/ top five dead or alive...that's laughable/ you ain't even in the top five of niggas that's as black as you/ you ain't even in the top five on Riverdale Avenue/ in Yonkers where all the old timers stay smackin' you/ ...I'm just doin' what I been asked to do/ splashin' you with a 2 minute keystyle that's masterful. Jada, all fun aside, you're a nice MC but you ain't in the top 5 sonny, you're whylin'.

    • trouble

      yo put that on his conscience! Put that out. To many fans but nobody speaking the truth. I thought I was the only person that listen to music. He got me on THE LAST KISS. It's like buying bad work....You never go back....LOX stuck in the 90's like they just came home from jail. getting real corny..warburton

  • chrismaddenbitch


  • Rensrock

    Holla at Apollo Brown, he'll give ya the real 90's taste!!!

  • tgod

    dats wasup i need a good solid hardcore hiphop album its like lately niggas is bein followers jus cuz drake and kanye successful dont mean every damn body gota put out laid back club shyt niggas need to be their self if i buy one more rap cd and its a bunch of r&b features on it i fukn quit

  • nath

    Kiss need's to make a more gritty album. Too much rnb shit, he needs to do a collab with dj premier and make more street classic's, and step the game up, production wise. If it aint ghost rae or jay, jada will probably rip your favorite rapper in half.

  • Anonymous

    Jadas solo material is laughable for the most part top 5??.........lol, only to people who live in new york and listen to nothin but mixtaes

  • optimus rhyme

    Kiss' solo catalogue puts him no where near top 5 d.o.a. There's just too many greats that have way better albums than him. He doesn't even have one undisputed classic under his belt. Top 5 ever in punchlines, but albums? Naw dog. Album quality will always be the standard. That's why even after so many years of inactivity someone like Rakim is rated so high.

  • mr718

    Jada in my all-time top 5 hes been spitting hard since 96 and by far one of the best lyricists ever... Cmon yall he did a whole bunch of records wit biggie that speaks for itself...Im glad hes bringing a 90s feel on his next LP cause the producers he named blow all these corny ones we got producing now out the water..

  • mebeburke

    Biggy Versace is NICE! Where's my Black Moon back pack?

  • Montega Jada

    *as one of the best ever...

  • Montega Jada

    Em already put Jada in front of him as one of the ever to spit in till i collapse...if you're a real Em fan you should already know this. Listen to the 2nd Verse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnslrTTXQSA

    • jake

      the verse goes into, BUT in this industry i'm the cause of a LOT of envy......." it's all about dope rhyming...andre from oukast (who is dope and i know he likes) fits better in terms of timing/flow than just Big L/Big Pun/G Rap/Masta Ace/Pharoahe Monch/etc...Biggie even rhymes with Reggie (redman who he def loves)/jay-z and then again the NAAAAS and THEN ME (what other mc could he put there to make the rhyme keep going? NO ONE...I suppose RAS KAS and THEN ME :))... Em's real top 10 (from interviews I've heard and being a stan for 13 years that doesn't include himself) would be something like Redman, 2pac, Big L, Kool G Rap, Jay-Z, Nas, Masta Ace, Rakim, LL Cool J and Biggie

    • jake

      and you should also know he has that list in THAT ORDER to rhyme ("Reggie, Jay-Z.....TUPAAAC and Biggie, NAAAS and THEN ME......industry, cause of a LOT of envy, NOT OFFEND ME....BOBBY N WHITNEY...he's doing it to rhyme dude...yes he respects all those emcees, but order is irrelevant as it's to rhyme) You truly think that Em thinks Kurupt is better than Kool G Rap/Nas/Rakim/Big Daddy Kane/Chuck D/Big Pun/Big L/Pharoahe Monch/Masta Ace to name a few!?!? And I like kurupt, but come on he's not on ANY of those dudes level...Em at one point said Canibus was the illest dudes spitting (back in 97/98 before Em officially signed) Em LOVES Royce, Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, Nas, Masta Ace to name a few alot more than he likes Kurupt/Jada...Jada is VERY nice fyi, but ppl need to stop using this line to act like em thinks so and so is better than so and so...HE LOVES NAS, KOOL G RAP, BIG L, LL COOL J, RAKIM, MASTA ACE, ROYCE, PHAROAHE MONCH and has said as much on numerous occassions Em Get the hell outta here

  • Vegard Møller

    He's pretty good, but would't put him in my top 10.

  • casper21

    here comes more cocaine rap, hustler shit, u already know it. That track with anthony hamilton "Why" was different. Jada don't worry about a 90s feel, everyone trying to recreate a 90s feel but none of those albums really move units, if u wanna be able to eat of this record than just make sure its good, and worth the listen. "Fuck ridin' the beat, I parallel park on the track" ahhaaaa!

  • Swizzy

    I love how kiss got ppl trippin out about him being top 5 dead or alive lool thats the whole point good/bad publicity works.. the whole point is to check the album if its top 5 material or not. "If you got a whole in you then you bleeding, so its not like they calling you pussy for no reason" Lool Top 5

  • Anonymous

    wu-tang, d-block & j cole only artist i'm checkin for

  • Fuck Jadakiss He's Sucks

    yo nigga jadakiss really you're top five dead or alive... how..... plzzz tell me how you have no fuckign skills you're ignorant and not intelligent... so who the fuck you better then answer me this... Not Jay-z not pac, not em, not nas, not lupe, not luda, not biggie, not tech n9ne, not slug, not royce, not rakim, not joe budden, not kanye, not nelly, not lloyd banks, hate to say it not drake, not dmx, not big pun, not big L, not big daddy kane, not mc shan, not krs-one... and i can on forever so top 5 wat you suck give it up fucking turtle

    • jake

      While agree Jada is not TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE (although he's a VERY VERY good lyricist with a unique/raw voice/delivery), putting NELLY/DRAKE/LLOYD BANKS/KANYE in your argument KILLS IT...Lloyd banks was def nice in say 2000-2005 moreso and is decent today, but NELLY, KANYE AND DRAKE as emcees are nowhere NEAR Jada...It sounds like other than that you at least...Kanye is a good ARTIST and producer, but as an mc he's AVERAGE at best....By the way you forgot dudes like Common, Louis Logic, Diabolic, Tonedeff, Elzhi, Crooked I, PHAROAHE MONCH/KOOL G RAP (both legends and in my personal top 10), Masta Ace to name a few...Not saying any are better than Kiss per se (although I prefer them usually over Jada in 2010 at least (and again Jada is still very nice/real/consistent), but at least put dope emcees in your argument (you had some certainly) over DRAKE/NELLY/LLOYD BANKS/KANYE

    • ECWECW

      lmao dood said nelly... nuff said. most of the artist you named didnt come out after BIGs death, jada made real songs wid BIG. Jada co-produced songs for BIG when BIG had a prob. LOL @ nelly tho, i rather listen to boy george(no homo) than nelly

    • Anonymous

      jada hotter than half that list, sorry it's the truth. you need to re-examine that list

    • baba booey

      wow...you are fuckin crazy lol....but i guess you have a right to express your opinion...so its all good...everybody has a different top 5 list...there is no correct answer.

  • got instrumental Dot Com

    Can't wait for that album to drop check out gotinstrumentals Dot Com for free beats

  • rooney

    this sounds good. hopfully he can come thru wit a nice album unlike that "last kiss", mayb not so many god damn guest apperances.

  • hellrazor

    i'm glad he tryna give his new LP the 1990s vibe but i think he should challenge swizz into either makin a dope beat or just fuck off cuz that beatmaker's recent work has been WACK (nicki minaj featuring eminem, anyone?). kiss is one of my favorite mcs without a doubt

  • Anonymous

    This time better beats jada because your beat selection sucks. Also don't try to make commercial hits because your commercial hits are wack. By the way you ain't top 5 you never made a classic. Your are now 12 years or something in the game so time for a dope album otherwise quit rapping. And no lyrics about bitches and cars and coke.

  • Swizzy

    Top 5 Dead Or Alive... Period! Buy The Album and Support The Lox. 1.Biggie 2.Pac 3.Nas 4.Jay 5.Kiss (Ahaa!!) Sorry Em Stans...He's old shit was nice but he fell of the list for two garbage albums in a row. If he gets back to his old form then maybe...

    • Bigelito

      Jada in MY top 10 but top 5 dead or alive can go real deep...I see a lot of youngins out here puttin up names of rappers post-80s. What about Kool Herc, Kool Moe Dee, LL, Grandmaster Flash, Ice Cube, Run DMC, Salt and Pepa? My current top 5 (In the order of who I listen to the most). 1. 2Pac 2. Crooked I 3. Jay-Z 4. Eminem 5. Biggie The question needs to reflect current day relevance. I remember a time in my life when I only listened to Kid -n- play, salt-n-pepa, Heavy D and Kool Moe Dee. Hip Hop is too legendary to have a top 5 of ALL-Time... 'Pac and BIG are the only 2 that really stayed without current day new releases. But the era that they were partying was the same era I was partying so I can always relate to the lyrics and the struggle and the hustle. Just my 2 cents.

    • Anonymous

      if Ems last two werent good then Nas last 4 albums have been crap and the same for Jay-Z. Pac had only one good album. Jada hasnt released a classic anything

    • Vegard Møller

      Em is closer to his best shit than Nas is.

    • Jason Smith

      Biggie dropped two albums, true. one was a double disc. there are no recorded verses from biggie that i can say are less than outstanding and most of his bars are untouchable.

    • Anonymous

      first biggie only dropped 2 albums thats not enough to be in a top 5 look at ja rules first 2 albums and then what? stop ridding bigs d*ck. and if ems last 2 albums were wack then what you call nas and jays last 2 albums.. stop being a fan and go sit in a corner

    • Amen

      your tue hiphop head cause that list is on point!! also what u had said about EM...

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