Lil' Kim Addresses Nicki Minaj In New Diss Track "Black Friday"

Kimberly takes it there, calling Nicki a "Lil' Kim clone clown," and inferring that she got her deal through sexual favors.

After Nicki Minaj released the Eminem-assisted "Roman's Revenge" earlier this month, an inclusion on her Pink Friday solo debut, it appeared that the Queens, New York emcee was addressing 1990s Brooklyn female Rap icon Lil' Kim. Lyrics included, "Word, that bitch mad ’cause I took the spot? / Well, bitch, if you ain’t shitting, then get off the pot / Got some niggas out in Brooklyn that’ll off your top." Additionally, many believed that Lil' Kim had been publicizing Minaj since a New York City Ray J concert this spring.

Now Lil' Kim has taken her own views to verse. Releasing "Black Friday ," a clear holiday attack on Minaj's Pink Friday, Kim says, “Aight, you Lil' Kim clone clown / All this buffoonery shit stops now / Time for you to lay down / I’m sick of the fraud / I’ll put hands on this bitch like Obama’s guards." Kim also accuses Minaj or signing with Lil Wayne as a result of sexual favors. 

According to, "Black Friday" is presently in rotation on New York radio stations such as Hot 97 and Power 105.

Pink Friday released this Monday, November 22.


  • anony

    Sure Nicki is young right now, but we all get washed out eventually. She started this mess, trying to diss kim, tsk tsk.... should have just left it alone. What the f*ck is she trying to pull? Is she trying to commit suicide?? Way to teach young kids... it's ok to pick on old people. What a shitty role model.

  • Anonymous

    nicki minaj is a lil kim wanna be i dont y nicki minaj think she better than lil kim

  • Mike Nyce

    of course nicki wont respond directly to lil kim. Kim might be older, & a little outdated (however there is life after rap) but believe me when i tell you...Nicki dont want it with Kim!!! She just better move on and try to parlay her 15 minutes in the rap game to acting or something. Nicki aint built for verbal warfare with Kim!!! She needs to chill.

  • tkb

    Wow how hilarious is this. Kim needs to ride on Nikki's back when trying to make herself relevant again. She needs to take some advise from Sade, when she comes out, she doesn't ride on anyones back, she doesn't even promote her album and comes out quietly, goes platinum and then fade away for 8 more years. It's called having a fan base who know you have that it factor. Lil Kim your time is up. Nikki is a hot mess but it's what the industry is calling music now, Kim was good back in the day when Biggie was ghost writing for her now, she's just Lil kim with no future.

  • Anonymous

    lil kim killed the freestyle.. diss.... Fck nicki... she is wack.... her records suck.... plus she has a ghost writer..... because her tracks and beats suck....... she not relatin to the hood..

  • sun_god7

    Lauryn Hill was the greatest female MC ever (between 1994 and 1999)! But - this is Nicki's time. Sorry Lil' Kim - you had your period of greatness. Keep it movin' and build a career outside of performing like Jay-Z did. Black Friday was hot, but please don't put out an album as bad as Ice Cube's last one - or as bad as your last one, even.

  • killakevbeastmode

    *You know what I mean, "I'll put hands on this bitch like a spa massage" is what she says.

  • Anonymous

    not "before" but you know what I mean. "I'll put hands on this bitch like a spa massage"

  • killakevbeastmode

    She say's -before I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage. Who wrote this article? hahaha, Obamas Guards? FAIL! Kim spit that Ether. Jersey ride for Brooklyn all day. Keep Nicki with the ranks of Gaga. Leave real Hip Hop alone.

  • ejoty

    dont get me wrong nicki hot but kim been here already like she said she pop off in her hood wl no company nicki i love you but kim go you on this one rel talk come back harder ilove yall chill

    • Anonymous

      how u gone say dat nicki iz da best but dis got to stop just becuzz of romans revenge she thinkk this gurl tryin to steel her swagg lol wht swagg.

  • ejoty

    nicki is okay but kim been here since i was a baby and i am 12 now wow smh chill out yall but kim thumbs up at the rap nicki chill you not messing wl her ilove bothe of yall but chill out real talk

  • lilginjah AKA Yankee Boy

    I dont like kim for anything.I love Nicky so much

  • Will

    Lil Kim went hard on Nicki Minaj on "Black Friday". She definately HAS TO respond in order for her to remain respected. There was an interesting article written talking about how the feud started and what made Kim release this diss song about Minaj. Check it out: insiderexclusive (dot) gather (dot) com.

  • Will

    Lil Kim went hard on Nicki Minaj on "Black Friday". She definately HAS TO respond in order for her to remain respected. There was an interesting article written talking about how the feud started and what made Kim release this diss song about Minaj. Check it out: ( then click "posts"

  • Will

    Lil Kim went hard on Nicki Minaj on "Black Friday". She definately HAS TO respond in order for her to remain respected. There was an interesting article written talking about how the feud started and what made Kim release this diss song about Minaj. Check it out:

  • Sonyk RocNation Garcia

    Fuck both Nicki AND Kim. Jean Grae would shit on both these bitches.

    • Anonymous

      lil kim juz need 2 drop tha bull stuff honey dont get mad cause she picked up were ya left off she said B**** if ya aint sh**in den get off tha pot!!!!

  • Dok Muthaf'n Holiday

    Realest sh*t i ever spoke..... u klowns muss be def!!! Put Nicki and Kim in a freestyle battle on 106&Park and Kim willl Demolish her! Nicki is a punch line rapper! Kim is an emcee! big difference! KEEP IT REAL!

  • immahogg

    here my thing... wither you like Nicki or not she is hot right now !!!! yea right now , Kim was hot in her day!!!!!! yea in her day . shes a icon in hiphop and she did go in on Nicki on the song .. but not hard enough to say that she could win in a rap battle with Nicki ....but if im not mistaken this all started cause kim said nicki wasn't payin homage .. now i don't know what her definition of pay homage is but from what i know paying homage is when you acknowledge the past in some form or fashion where is just saying you were influence by then , redoing there song or a album cover .... nicki has said over and over that kim was one of her inspiration... now ive been listening listing to nicki before she signed with y.m so ive heard nicki spit a few good bars and as far as her sucking dick for a deal maybe she did maybe she didnt but i think kim should be the last person to talk about sucking dick for deals or favors .. but thats may 2 cents

  • brianshots

    kim is shit right now. she wasnt, but she is now. youre time is up. let it go. dont hate. shoulda kept her damn mouth closed and been proud of what she did. nicki said she respected and loved her and she still kept talkin shit.

  • Anonymous

    Sick fucking beat, havent heard this shit in a minute. Simon says SHut the fuck up!.. both of you

  • Anonymous

    how about this nicki sucks assssssss and lil kim is no good today aswell !! if you wanna listen to female rap how about digging out those lauryn hill records !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      LAURYN HILL DEBUT ALBUM CONTAINED ALMOST ALL LOVE SONGS..ALMOST NO RAP..AND NIGZ THROW HER NAME OUT LIKE SHE CAME OUT with a million bars or a million classics..fuc outta here..KIM WAS HOT THEN TOO..i think nigz forget all these artists was out at the same time

    • Anonymous

      people still playing the lauryn hill card? talk about the most overrated musician ever

  • the gangchief of rap TMC


  • ETL

    Kim killed Nicki ya'll just being blind followers (how I know? you called this wack but praise Gucci and Waka lyrics), for one she went at her with no alliances, she has more hits and most of them solo, Nicki so far needs to be featured or have a featured guest guest on her songs, and Kim? Yeah she's been featured on some songs but she has bangers, tunnel bangers, strip club bangers, gangster shit, erotic joints Nicki talks about ... I don't think lil Kim was acting like she never sucked to succeed she just pointed out that she even bit that part of her career.

    • ETL

      "lighters up", "suck my dick" 2 more than Nicky.

    • Anonymous

      All of Kims most popular songs are features or she uses someone else as a feature Quiet Storm remix Money, Power, Respect remix All About the Benjamins the singles off her first album either had Biggie or Puffy or Lil Cease on it. Magic Stick Not Tonight Moulan ROuge I dont think shes ever had a popular song that was just her.

  • James

    WOW kim!!!

  • Keep It Real

    Two woman of color need to keep up their image? Hmm, Why does the diss game make either one of them think there better than the next? Like someone said why not colaborate together because there hyping up their audience but, old school men and woman know what time it really is? Ok Ok Ok, they both suck dick? So what? They both are getting money? So what? Now that Kim & Nicki aired their dirty laundry out to the streets what difference does it make who got put on by whom? Lil Kim got on by Biggie, and Nicki got on by Lil Wayne. The only difference I see here is Nicki will come back at Kim with her latest dis. Nicki stated Kim couldn't handle the fact that Nicki was put on now we have Kim getting her rap back into the streets. They both need to find something else better to say to each other besides the dissing game. It really is played out!!! Then you have Foxy who is laughing at Kim because everyone knows that Kim has to come out with a Dis? Kim was very attractive growing up and her face shows she has made mistakes. Kim doesn't look plastic she looks like she let someone fuck her face up then tried to pretend it looks good covering it at times with foundation. Then you have Nicki who needed more ass but, if that is what helps her get money then it is what it is. They both suck dick who's dick? That is on both of their ass. I tell you woman of color have so much more to offer besides the who is hanging out with the thugs or who is going to do what to who. Nicki is younger than Kim, then Kim needed to step up her game as a woman and show Nicki the ropes instead of turning on her like most Brooklyn chicks will do if they are jealous type bitches. Now Queens chicks are only boarder line from Brooklyn so, the same goes for them too. The difference with these two rapper's there not like MC Lyte, or Salt & Pepper with the Spinderella. You got woman who are not representing that woman can get along and make money and make it happen for the next young rapping woman to come along and flow with their game tight. This battle of the bitches need to stop because some woman are weak to the rap game and don't know how to respect each other being black on a friday. Stop the press, lmfao! Now you got hearing aid Foxy Brown wanting to get a piece of the pie because there might as well be three bad woman on the East coast representing What? You have Brooklyn/Queens and now one is new to the game and to veteran rapper's who? Everyone wants to be Pink don't we have a white girl name Pink? Wow black sister's get a knew image for the sake of your black sister's watching you. You have gofer's who love to hear the negativity of the rap game but, the positive side of this rap game is Kim needs to leave it alone and let Nicki do her thing and Nicki needs to let Kim vent then leave it alone but, it will not happen. Now that she dis Nicki air play until Nicki comes back with her single called Fuck lil Kim. Like Nas did Jay-Z then they became cool because it wasn't worth all the bullshit behind the scenes. When the Men do the dis game it just sounds different than when woman do it. Kim tried to dis Nicki because Kim got put on being a hoe from the door and it was okay because sex sells and she made it to the top like she stated she likes to lick alot. So Kim shouldn't get mad at Nicki because she is with Cash Money who is really doing there thing. Now that both female MC's went there things will go to the next level for no reason. Kim can't stand for the next woman to be on top of their game like she was over ten years. They will be alright after they get their shit off it is all about the dollar's. Both have a style but, Kim needs to move on so the younger money comes through and since she wants it all she can't stand to let go. Nicki shouldn't even compare herself with Kim or Foxy because they both 90's and she is the New movement for her age group in 2010. Kim has to understand she had her turn and it is ok to rap or be a dancer with the stars but, when your time is up then move over. That's it.

    • Anonymous

      The difference between being brought out by B.I.G and Lil Wayne you ask? For one I can say Biggie is REAL, like how you get a tear drop tattooed, then take it off, cause momma told ya? How you make to Ether freestyles, one that you look up to Jay-Z and one dissing him. Lil Wayne, I can never get into what he's rapping about. He sounds like a moany little b!tch!!!!! Biggie had that laid back flow, his lyrics can't be topped. Shit ask Jay-Z and Lil Wayne I hear BIG's rhymes coming out there mouths all the time.......

  • HeWhoShallRemainNameless

    At the end of the day Nicki will gain more money than Kim. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! Nicki just dropped that album and it's not that bad. I never like Kim anyways and I never bought none of her wack ass albums. Biggie was her insperation and when he left to the heavens, her game fell off. Nicki will shine throughout Nov and Dec of 2010 and mid 2011. And for all those who talkin' scrap about Drake I got news, he carry more weight than all the pricks dissin' him on this page. Don't hate cause they comin' up in the game. Kim's time has passed for the rap game. She need to keep quiet and just fade into the darkness with dignity.

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      lmao, y u want 2 be namelezz, cuz ur a gay man who lovez flake and bought a copy of pink friday? take flake'z cock and nickgay'z plastic pussy out yo mouth, fruity. yeah, dat'z yo new name, FRUITY. how u like dat bitch?! and kim destroyed dat plastic bitch on her song. btw, kanye'z gon b numbah 1 on da chartz next week and NOT nickgay minaj-a-tois. u mad, fruity?

  • tera

    tht diss is mad corny...u mad kim?? yea the only thing kim has on nicki is that shes had more work done. YOUR RUN IS UP KIM, sorry..wish she could jus go out with grace, geez, if your great u can retire...

  • Realist

    NICKI minaj is hot garbage. you have to be insane to cop that sorry azz album . Lil Kim Went Beast mode on that hoe Lmao

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a bitter bitch to me. accept it kim your time has passed now fade into the wallpaper like Foxy & Eve. Both of which were better than Kim

  • PlayBoiiSean

    WTF?! This B*tch Bars Still Weak Az Sh*t! Tha F*ck Cares How Long Yo Azz Been In Tha Game. Obviously Not Long Enough Because Ya Dead Now. She Just Tryin 2 Sh*t On Nic So She Can Get Her Lil HollyWood Time Because She Know Nicki Took The F*ckin Spot. Wow. Nic Fake?? Do She Have a Fake Face?? Did She Ever Get Sick B4 Goin On Stage Because Of Ounces Of Nut Being In Her System?? F*ck Nahh!! Soo Kim Go Crawl Back Where Tha F*ck U Came 4rm B*tch.

  • soserious

    I'm not a fan of either but Kim knows she's on some bullshit acting like she wasn't using sexual advances to get to where she got. Um HELLO, that whole thing with Biggie??? We remember that shit.

  • Anonymous

    lil kim is back to that real shit fuck nicki minaj


    Lil Kim is the illest!!!

  • Anonymous

    this bitch rhymed stop, pot, & top! seriously, nicki minaj is the epicenter of hip hop news?? slap yourself dx obviously both all this bullshiit is whack!!

    • Anonymous

      You are bullllllshiiiit these cat in the hat lyrics will never be up to par. i like how you quote jay to reference something totally out of context. by the way you just mention two artists that are in it for the cash not for love of hip hop take you ass outta no nigga who was ever down for hip hop would vouch for this hoe

    • MrHiphop

      u sound stupid ass hell u know nothing about hip-hop eminem does that shit all the time like Jay said " do u listen to music or do u just skim through it"

  • so what

    who the fuck cares? who really buys rap albums by broads anyway? only rappin ass chick's album i ever bot was lauryn hill's, and she was only halfway rappin. kim spits too much about suckin dick and other whore sports, and nikki is weird with the fckin voices and facial expressions.. crazy that all these niggas - diddy, yeezy, ross, wayne, drake (bitch in his own right) etc - stay jockin her.. the whole game is fulla lames, queers and squares that stay suckin each other off.. only nigga i halfway like is 50, cuz most of the time he don't fuck with none of them.. fuck both these bitches. one.

  • Anonymous

    we all no whose the real mc...lil kim is a bad bitch its a proven fact lyrically...nicki is ok but she needs to no her place just saying lol

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is wake the bitch looks like a shaking African goat when she dose all that shaking her and fagget ass drake are corny

  • mad max

    lil kim had a chance to jump start her career buh this doesnt go hard enough at all

  • blackandyellow

    And Lil Kim DIDN'T get a deal off of sexual favors? Eh, B.I.G. anyone? C'mon, Kim. We all know about that.

  • Anonymous

    Thats garbage! Nicki is right about you. Your nothing but plastic surgery and jealousy.

    • HeWhoShallRemainNameless

      LOLOLOL! That be some funny shit. You people smokin' some good shit to think one lame ass comeback diss is gonna change Kim's game. At the end of the day Minaj stays gaining weight and Lil Kim gets served with a jealousy plate. Kim ass tits nose and her career after Biggie is all fake.

    • scorpio

      lls....garbaged wtf u listening 2 she kills nicki sorry sweetie hands dwn KIM!!! WAT KNDA RAP U LISTEN 2

    • Chele

      Your crazy as hell for saying that! If KIM is plastic, what do you think that minaj chick is? I hope you don't think her ass and tits are real sweetheart?!

  • ladyiva

    As long as it brings lyrical skills back to the forefront of hip hop, I'm all for this 'beef.' Hopefully, it can follow in footsteps similar to the Jay-Z/Nas beef where both artists release hot tracks, bury the beef then work together to create even doper music. But just for the record, I rode with Nas then and I'm riding out with Nicki now. No disrespect to Jay-Z or Lil Kim, but I support Queens artists all day!! But Lil Kim definitely went in on this song! Much props to her for finally getting in that studio and putting out a hot diss track!

  • Chris

    lil' kim is ass, you call that a fucking diss? Black Friday is a gimmick something like a collage.

    • Chele

      Collages aren't gimminck's, your comment is. Nicki groopie! She's whack and you know it! Stop hating on the bitch that inspired her...

  • Hannibal

    Hip Hop fans are a bunch of predictable haters. Now Nicki Minaj is having her moment so everybody hatin, and championning Lil Kim like she some time of icon, when all she did was rap about suckin dick for years and only got seniority as an advantage. Now people are supposed to respect her as an emcee and role model while the younger emcee represents all that's wrong with Hip Hop. Am I getting this right? Ok newsflash, I was listening to Hip Hop 14 years ago unlike you newcomers who were bumpin Hanson. They both do the same shit, one is older one is younger so all you clowns commenting like Nicki is garbage pop while Lil Kim keeps it real, yall retarded

    • Nameless

      Hannibal is right on track. I definitely agree playa. Always hatin' and hatin'. Like I said Nicki and Drake will shine because this is there time.

  • Anonymous

    "Lil' Kim clone clown,!!! she def shut nicki up!!! yeahhh man been waiting for kim to let this fake chick know she just came in the game and if it wasnt for sucking the whole young money she wouldnt be ishhh! keep it moving you cant remake whats already been done!! yahhh man! lol lets go kim!

  • Anonymous

    she been the queen of the game and this chick aint no barbie she a plactic fonny. she she was right you never know who u started with cuz lil kim cuz served you a plate of shut the f* up!!!! lmao kim 10 nicki 0!

  • Anonymous

    i think kim killed nicki and nicki is wackkkkkkkkkkk!!! get over self you aint a rapper stick to turning trick you's a lameeeeee chick!!

  • TJ

    i really like lil kim but she should just know its over she aint on top no more she should just step down..and why is she calling nicki a bitch or whore hahah she is funny everyne knows she be fucking all em dudes she even made a commotion between biggie and faith evans lil kim get a life broke ass bitch

  • realtalk

    Damn, Lil Kim is ugly! Looks like she hasnt eatin any cheese in years...hmmm, maybe because she forgot how to rap?...and shes Jealous of another female emcees success? naaa

  • Anonymous

    LOL@ Lil Kim's hypocrite ass Sexual Favors??.......... The whole world knows you only got signed because you were deep throating one of the ugliest, fattest rappers in the history of the Mic Not to mention you have ghostwriters (Even though Nicki shit is startig to sound like Drake writes all of it) Sit down while you still got a shred of dignity left

    • Anonymous

      lol i cosign kim shouldnt have brought anything about "sexual favors" into the conversation when its well known she fucked and sucked her way to a deal smh


    Female mc's beefin?? LMFAO!!!!

  • aerieislove

    Lil Kim is not cute. & is nothing compared to Nickkkk. Bitch, get the hell outtaa heere. Especially with that slow ass song. lmao. sounds like asher rothhh. she's nasty.

  • Anonymous

    Finally , its about damn time this pink wack ass bitch is gettin dissed , whatever the fuck happened to hip hop , nicki minaj is pop muzik , nothing more nothing less , wasn't eminem supose air these faggots out like wayne , kanye , minaj , but instead he's joining them , times change , If hip hop ain't death it is at least six feet below suffocating

    • Zeek

      Actually Nelly called Eminem up to apologize. And are you forgetting he beefed with Canibus, Ja Rule and Everlast? Oh and I almost forgot Benzino.

    • Hannibal

      Anonymous? If you thought Eminem was the one to air people out, then you most likely a young white boy who don't know shit about Hip Hop. Eminem goes at Jessica Simpson, N Sync, etc basically his peers... When a "pop" rapper like Nelly stepped to him he got shook years ago, so stop embarrassing yourself. Eminem is as pop as they come. With bs comments like this Like Ras Kass said (if you know who dat is) REMAIN ANONYMOUS

  • Lavette Dent

    Nikki Minaj is so new to the rap game, Lil Kim is a icon. YEAH, I think Nikki M. is cool, but i love Lil Kim!!!! However, stop all that arguing bullshit, amongst each other. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU TWO DO A PROJECT TOGETHER.....Nikki M. style does kinda remind me of Lil Kim. I thought that when i first saw her. Oh yeah, Nikki M. stop listening to Foxy Brown, when was the last time she had a number one record.. Foxy is too busy trying to beat up people in nail shops...( Grow-up). Nikki and Kim, go ahead and lay a track down together.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki Minaj can rap. Only fake ass, wannabe hard so called rap fans would say otherwise. Who's rushing out to get the next Lil Kim album in here? Yeah OK. Kim is not on deck, she done. Kim needs to bow down to MC Lyte.



    • Chele


  • Brochocinco

    1. Come on DX get the lyrics right. 2. I enjoy Nicki Minaj from time to time but good god Lil Kim absolutely killed her on Black Friday.

  • Tru

    LLS! Nicki only signed to young money for sexual favors. I mean, you make it seem like B.I.G signed your signed ass cause you can spit. B.I signed your freak bitch ass cause he was dicking you down. Dont get it twisted Shawty. Dont make it seem like Big signed you cause you can spit. Cause thats far from the truth.

    • Chele

      "Tru" IS YOUR NAME? You don;t have an ounce of truth in you! Ok, Kim was fucking with BIG, but that was never a secret and she never made it out to be one. Even if he was fucking her, HE even said, she can really spit! Now, your talking like this nicki character can actually rap or is a real MC! You should just as stupid as nicki does on her album! You have been bamboozled, that album isn't hip-hop! Say what you want about KIM, she's that bitch! And she killed her ass on that Black Friday!!

  • A Real Nigga

    it's a whole lot of people lickin nikki minaj ass right now.The Facts Are, Lil Kim is a MC and Icon. Lil Kim Has Classic Albums(Hard Core;The Naked Truth),Hip-Hop Quotable Verses(All About The Benjamins;quiet storm),and is way more skilled than Nikki Minaj. Nikki Has Sex appeal, more sex appeal than she has rap skills, No Classic Albums,No Hot Verses Thusfar and a debut album all hype just like Thank Me Later and The Carter 3.

    • The-Influence

      Did you just say Nikki has no not verses? Nikki has stolen the show on almost EVERY track she's appeared on and her verse on "Monster" can quite possibly already be considered classic. Maybe you're a lil younger, but Kim was NEVER regarded as an "emcee" and she still isn't to this day, and "The Naked Truth" is not a 'classic' album.

  • dezzy8

    LMAO @ Lil Kim saying that nicki only signed to young money for sexual favors. We all know that lil kim was suckin mad dick over there at bad boy.

  • Nikki

    Nicki Minaj Is Bad But Lil Kim Is Badder! If Lil Kim Was Still Rapping As Much As She Did Befre Nicki Would BE Nothing! So Nicki Needa Stop Acting Like She The Queen Of HIPPOP! Never that!

  • Shut Up Nerds

    Anyway Kim is not fucking with Nikkie, skill wise or looks. In fact Kim NEVER looked good. You motherfuckers in here think repping Kim is keeping it real, fuck outta' here nerds.

  • g-hoppy

    @DX if she disses female rappers with sexappeal why has she picked the mikado ho for the diss? that one is neither a rapper nor sexy just dumb n easy to fugg

  • mlton


  • Hucc

    Nicci Goes hard..Lil Kim is Ugly as fucc now. and wacc as hell..Minaj is way more skilled, yall are dumb...stop riding Lil Kim's dicc jus cause she used to fucc All of Junior Mafia...

  • LupeFiascoIsAFag

    Yo Fuck this Nicki Minaj bitch... Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte sucks too. Lil Kim is ill cuz she cool with Biggie. Biggie=Real Emcee. What happened to real music like Biggie, Lil Kim and Puff Daddy running the game? Not these wack niggaz like Young Money, GOOD Music, Feminem and that gay nerd Lupe Fiasco. Fuck Gay-Z, Feminem, Lil Wang, Kangay Fish, Deadpac and most of all, FUCK LUPE FIASCO! I HOPE THAT NERD BURNS IN HELL!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ obama's guards. is clearly spa massage.

  • Stale Ass Cracka

    Kim got at that retarded ass bitch....its about time....Kim....shut this bitch up for good...

  • brimstone

    lil kim'll fuckin obliterate nicki minaj ANY DAY! nicki minaj is for stupid, naive, retarded tweens who think that MTV plays good music. lil kim did it with biggie, she ripped a track with mobb deep and plenty more back in the 90s and she can spit. nicki minaj is just a brainless tool utilized to manipulate a very dumb demographic, relies on a gimmick that is RIDICULOUS even by mental institution standards and i'm pretty sure she had to suck more cock than jenna jameson to get her undeserved record deal. aside from the fact that these pseudo-artists are wack beyond belief, they got the audacity to insult vets who helped pave the way and create a platform.

  • Doc

    do any of these sites listen to tracks before reportin on them guess not since of the 10 I've seen 10 have misquoted the lyrics kims verse y'all some copy n paste journalists It's not "put hands on this bitch like obamas guards" it's "put hands on this bitch like a spa massage" at least get the fuckin lyrics right people

  • tmx

    Yawn....When will people stop messing with Nikki Minaj....I'm over it..She needs to go to mime school and get her weird expressions fixed....

  • Anonymous

    Real live, I love Nikki Minaj but she doin the shit that Trey Songz just pulled like a year or two ago dissin R.Kelly! There might be more to the story so I can't say have respect for people that helped pave the way! Don't fake on Kim, she can spit...And for the gump ass comments below, Biggie did put Kim on, but they was fuckin before the both of them even got signed to anything! Look up facts before you make statements! Ignorant asses

  • Shady

    Haha they are both dumb bitches

  • The Critic

    See what people ain't gettin is yes Kim was fuckin Biggie but she was doin that before rap.. Then Big put her on.. I don't think Nicki is wack I just don't like this pop shit she doin.. When she was wit Gravy she was spittin now I'm not sayin don't go get that money but still spit that heat you was doin mama!! Kim still is the only female rapper to get a classic rating!! Let's not forget the facts people

    • The Critic

      She probably would be a gold digger but what I'm what sayin is she was fuckin em before the fame... I didn't rate her album she was givin the classic rating by XXL not me.. I just stated 2 facts and now you want to twist it all up into me sayin that.. We all know that Nicki took Kim whole shit and now she runnin wit it.. I mean so what if she did but people actin like Lil Kim ain't the original rap Barbie.. She was a Barbie Doll in one of her videos for cryin out loud the joint wit Sisqo... I'm sure it's the younger generation that don't remember these things and if that's the case then look it up before you start talkin cuz Nicki Minaj swagger jacked the shit out of Lil Kim.. Straight cloned her style.. The difference is Nicki will bigger than Kim ever was or will be.. SHe is on her shit right now!!

    • Willy

      I think the "classic" rating you speak of is questionable, and objective. Just because one person, in this case you, thinks it's classic does not mean it is. But do you think she would have been anything other than a gold digging hooker from the hood without fucking B.I.G. is probably far fetched.

  • Gerard

    I am tired. Do female rappers really have to beef for absolutely no reason. Stupid, damn! I am not supporting both parties in this nonsense. Damn, just put out good music and let the fans enjoy, thats all. Making me dislike female rappers.

  • Alldayeveryday

    Let's just face it...Nikki is for all the yougins out there who didn't grow up with good music. I grew up with Lil Kim so I know the talent Lil Kim is capable of. Nikki is wack to me because a lot of today's music is wack and the bitch dn't rap she changes her voice n sounds like an idiot who needs to release demons. I just hate when ppl say "out with the old and in with the new" because if there wasn't any old there wouldn't b any new. So don't diss Lil Kim just like you can't diss McLyte n Queen Latifah because they were b4 her. It won't b long until Nikki is back in the hooker bar where she belongs @_@

  • Anonymous

    slow as hell....nicki could never fukk wit Kim..nicki is hot garbage..Kim is the best female mcee. nicki wit her "different personalities" an the stupid ass shyt she say...but it is all for publicity but she finna get murked fukkin wit lil kim. And she might not have put anything out recently but nikki fukkin wit her cuz she know lil kim the Queen of the rap game. She a legend. And can't no female do betta then lil kim.


    wat the fuck is lil' kim sayn, she fucked biggie 2 get in the game!!!

  • trini reds

    you guys no it thats shit is wack kim please go kill your self what kind nicki minaj is the new bitch right now so why don't you grab your hater fans / kids and ride out you old bird all you jackasss who hatig on nicki need to go kill your self right now please go do it if you do not want to hear her just close your ears if you do not want to see her take your eyes out it normally helps none of you have the guts to do that so stop hating PULL YOUR EYES OUT NOW IF YOU HATER BITCHES DO NOT WANT TO SEE HER DAMMIT

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    can't say i really like lil kim. haven't heard much of her musically, i can just tell her muisic isn't for me. i don't mind nicki. she's not all bad.

  • Whoolio Gee

    It's a sad state of affairs when this dumb bitch only gets mentioned when there's beef involved. Seriously, who gives a fuck about this washed-up cum dumpster?? She hasn't been shit ever since Biggie Smalls died.

  • Anonymous

    Kim murkerd that lil girl fa'sho! It won't mean shit if she don't drop a dope ass album behind it!

  • jeezyzwifey

    Lil Kim get ova ya self thatz why itz call SEASONZ because seasonz change and yourz iz up.. So do like ♥Nicki M♥ say show and prove put out and album.. Nicki gotem Hating yu must be doing something right..☺

    • cubanma21

      slow as hell....nicki could never fukk wit Kim..nicki is hot garbage..Kim is the best female mcee. nicki wit her "different personalities" an the stupid ass shyt she say...but it is all for publicity but she finna get murked fukkin wit lil kim.

  • JerseyKid

    Yeah lyrics def are "like a spa massage"....but anyway every1 wanted Kim fedexed beef str8 to her front door!!! Lets see if the "real" Nicki Minaj replies or if her scary ass uses "Roman" again.....LOL ppl talkin shit but when Roman's Revenge first dropped Nicki didn't even have the balls to say the shit was even about Kim..Took her like 3 weeks before admitting it..SMDH

  • Nike Champ 718

    Chickenhead rap beef = wack. And how is she gonna come at Nicki Garbaj and say that she got signed for sexual favors? Did Kim forget that she didn't exactly get in the rap game because of her work ethic.

  • kev

    Nicki verse is betta, nicki's song is betta.

  • Anonymous

    The lyrics is "like a spa massage" not "like Obama's guards"

  • wow

    that bitch is dumb as fuck

  • Anonymous

    Its about damn time! Yall wanted kim to put it on waz, well yall got yall wish! Lil kim Killed that chick nicki all by herself when Nicki had to get EMinem for her track!!

  • badbitchhhh

    damn kim went innnn on nicki , but at the end of the day this is going to help nicki sell so its in favor for both !

  • Oneofakind88

    Yeeessss Kimmy! She TURNED IT on Pink Friday. Nothing like this has ever been done before. Like she really just turned it on Nicki && Pink Friday. Kim don't be playin with these hoes.

    • JerseyKid

      YOOOO I have to agree with you!!!! Kim don't be playin with these hoes and she been tryna tell them for years....smh and no1 is satisfied till somethin like this she had to kill the chick. Lyrically Nicki don't want any parts of the real Lil Kim......

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