Kanye West Goes Off About Taylor Swift, George Bush, The Media

The outspoken rapper hints at how he really feels about Taylor Swift, and chastises the media for how they handled the George Bush situation.

Kanye West made a surprise appearance at New York City's Bowery Ballroom Tuesday night where he put on a full fledged show for his fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The star-studded concert included guest appearances from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie and several others. While audience members were treated to 'Ye's performance of all the album's tracks, the highlight of the evening was the controversial artist's 9-minute rant about Taylor Swift, George Bush, and most prominently, the media.

"Everybody needs a villain, don't we?" he posed to the crowd, referring to his infamous comments about George Bush during a Hurricane Katrina benefit. "We need to blame someone at all times. I was emotional. That was not exactly the way I wanted to word it. But I rode it, I rode it. Just as Taylor [Swift] never came to my defense in any interview and rode the wave and rode it and rode it. That's the way I rode the wave of the Bush comment."

Kanye's main gripes seemed to be with the media, and he expressed his disillusion by highlighting how the media handled George Bush's recent statements regarding his past presidency. In an interview with the Today Show's Matt Lauer, Bush said one of the lowest points in his presidency was Kanye's branding him a racist.

"When you look in your heart, look at what the media did. Look at how they exploited [Bush]," continued Kanye. "They said that he said it was his lowest moment. And America, we took that as a fact. When you look at that interview, he said it was one of his lowest moments. And he said it about 10 different times. But because of the popularity of me, they exploited that...to make you watch the interview, and make you feel that he was stupider than ever to think that a rapper's comment could be his lowest moment. That's not what he fucking said! That's not what he said! He said it was one of his lowest moments. But it shows you the way they try to villain-ize!"

Below is the video, where he also talked about the success of his newest album.



  • Karen

    This Kanye guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. Good grief, how often can you embarrass yourself in public before you 'get it' that you've become a self-important, attention whoring clown first, and a performer second? Realign your priorities, man, and STFU!

  • Anonymous

    @youngbuddah's cheerleader... Read the above comment..I swear hiphopdx if full of a buncha emotional ass hip hop stans.

  • Wake Up MOFOS

    You clowns are dumb. At this point it's CLEARLY an act to get sales up off controversy. If the media really had a problem with this cat do your really think he'd be in the MACY parade? But keep eating BS dummies just like you ate the Tea Party shit.

    • @wake up

      you're 100% correct about kanye. its clearly an act to get sales off of controversy, yes 100% correct. not sure what you mean by the tea party or how that has anything to do with this issue.

    • hiphop guru

      what. are. you. talking about?!! didn't you listen to sensei Ye? PEOPLE are fucking with HIM! he's in the macy's parade because cortez bryant is helping kanye out a little bit, kanye needs the help cause The Man is trying to bring him down. AND the tea party's the only one making any god damn sense! do you like hip hop? do you have any pride in being black? i know i do, and you better get your shit together.

  • Lima

    I love how the crowd encourages Kanye's rambling bullshit LOL


    FUCK BUSH. Like I give a fuck about Bush's feelings, fuck him to the fullest just like he fucked us ALL. You morons on here defending bullshit. Kanye is a drama queen what else is new, so was Madonna and you clowns still bite on this shit. Look at your comments in here, crying over where Kanye shops or doesn't shop are your really hip-hop fans or TMZ, media controlled robots? I've said this a lot in here, today's hip-hop fans are the WEAKEST going. And Taylor Swift, really? Why would she even come out the mouths of some of you dudes is beyond me. Kanye shouldn't even be mentioning her "Disney princess" ass, get over it nigga and do you. That's whay Jay Z stays winning he knows how to IGNORE BULLSHIT including you hating ass "fans".

    • @random

      you make no sense. if anything it is the opposite. its people using written language to communicate sharing ideas and information and that is a good thing.

    • randomcitizen

      As far as I am concerned, the comments on this page represent everything that is wrong with society.

    • @shut up

      you don't know who's behind some of these comments.


      What do you want Kanye to do, come and wipe the tears off your face you 12 year old. Don't respond to me with why you hate Kanye, NIGGA I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. My post stands as is. "Kanye's a girl, waahhh" And you're not?

    • nigga plzzz

      man you can shut the fuck up too. right next to kanyes fagget ass!!! kanye is a fuckin queen!! he is a straight bitch! always crying about some shit!! i mean wtf is wrong with yall?? am i the only one who can see this shit?? kanye is such a fuckin little girl!!

  • LJPtexan

    Fuck Kanye! Hes a fuckin overconfident bitch! Im sick of this dude. He needs to go back to JUST PRODUCING, and stfu!

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Kanye shut the fuck up!!! his ego couldnt possibly get any bigger, his jacket couldnt possibly get any smaller and gay, and his attempt to talk loud and try to explain why he is such a asshole didnt reach me!! just shut the fuck up and make music.. damn this fruit thinks he is a god or something.. do you see anyone else acting like this?? just make music man!!!! wtf happen to the days of hip-hop when an emcee just rapped to get their point out?

    • @asafo

      "listen to music". dude music is all over the place if someone wants to listen to it they can listen to it. dope music is your opinion. my opinion it is shit music.

    • Asafo

      Or maybe you should just shut the fuck up and listen to music. Stop worrying about Kanye's personality. Does he make dope music? Yes he does...thats the ONLY thing you should be concerned about. If not then you're just a stan like the rest of the folks commenting.

  • Stale Ass Cracka

    This dude has gone fuckin mental...kind of rubbing off like tom cruise...fuckin weirdo man...

  • gasoline

    i think there should be an official hip hop psychologist, he wud make a lot of money treating kanye, dmx, and the like, because im starting to notice mental health is definitely something that is missin in sum of our hip hop artists..

  • ======

    people swear they know what they are talking about when they don't live the life of the person or people they talk about. if your not in the business you only know very little of the things that go on. you either like the guy or don't. you either like his music or don't. but don't act like you know everything that is going on.

    • @last post

      that doesn't make sense. if people have proper information they should let others know. Everybody lives life, how do you know who is in the business and who is not? And what exactly is the business? Because general statements like that don't mean much of anything. You don't like the guy or you don't if you don't know them.

  • .

    i disagree with you on that. because a lot of celebrities like Miley Curus, Mos Def, Chris Brown and many others go shopping near the places i live. when they are in town for a concert or whatever. and im not way off, i know what you are talking about but you can't put everyone in the same category. a lot of people do not care about hip hop artist let alone kanye west. top dogs are people like bill gates and etc. i was giving a example, because if your going to say that kanye is apart of it then you might as well say those people are. they have the same amount of viewers. and kanye isn't a top dog.

    • also

      they are in the same category though and that is artists who are signed by corporations and contracts. Regular folks don't work with the media like that. We don't have those kind of connections. If they were so concerned with art or music or whatever meeting people or whatever they would cut their ties with the huge corporations and get to know the folks on a regular level. That's not what they do. They look to remain media stories for possible financial income in the future through popularity or advertisements.

    • @last post

      going shopping where I live is different than actually working with the regular folks. anybody can put on a pair of sunglasses, make yourself look discreet or possibly hide in disguise while you shop at expensive stores in huge square foot malls. You wrote it yourself "when they are in town for a concert or whatever". How about when they go to a normal restuaraunt or a normal gas station or a normal house? They don't want to do that like regular folks do because they want to be in a position of power where they can make money off of the public.

    • @.::::

      going shopping near the places I live is different from actually working with the regular folks. Anybody can put on a pair of sunglasses be all discreet and hide in disguise while they shop at high level stores in huge square foot malls. Going to a normal bar, club, gas station, restuaraunt, park, etc. is a different story. Those people don't do that. They only do it as a methods to be better than the average public. They only do it in positions of power even small as you claim them to be. They don't do what the normal person does. You even said it yourself "when they are in town for a concert or whatever". How come they aren't in town like everybody else? To stay at a normal hotel, go to a normal restuaraunt and stay over a normal person's house? Why are they only in town "for a concert" or to shop at huge square foot malls? Because they do not want to be real, they want to continue a fake image for possibility of media generated income in the future.

  • to .:

    stop the bullshit quit the bullshit cut the bullshit. I knew as soon as something real was posted here that immediately somebody like you would type in some counter productive nonsense in an attempt to further distract people from the truth. stop bullshitting people.

  • to -:

    stop with the bullshit. cut the bullshit. quit the bullshit. I knew as soon as something real was posted here somebody like you would immediately post some counter productive nonsense to try and further distract real people from the truth. quit bullshitting people.

  • .

    and to the person saying that celebrities don't go to normal places to eat and or shop. that is completely false.

    • @----

      nah son you're typing in bullshit. People like that may go to regular places once in a while, its not something they do to connect with regular folks. And there is difference in a celebrity like a Scott Baio who is not that popular and the people in the media who try for elitist status like a JayZ or Gaga. The people who attempt to become elitists and gain huge amounts of income for personal status DO NOT go to places regular folks go. They consider themselves to be above the general public. Somebody like a Snooki from Jersey Shore you can spot at regular places. Those aren't the kind of celebrities I'm talking about.

  • .

    not every millionaire or billionaire is in a secret club lol. if that was true that means everyone person on Real Housewives,Millionaire Match-up, Project Runway and countless shows that deal with people having millions of dollars are all apart of some crazy organization. having money doesn't make you automatically important enough to the government abducted he or she into some underground club that everyone knows about.

    • @----

      OMG son you are way off. You think Real Housewives, Millionaire matchup and Project Runway are the top dogs? Not even close. Those are millionaires. I'm talking about billionaires. Big difference.

  • Anonymous

    lol at 3:43 ''eat fiiish''

  • d

    these comments kanye west continues to make are now irrelevant. they're truly pointless, and often borderline ignorant. my hating on this shit he does doesn't even have to do with the fact i feel the quality, originality, and intelligent wit of his music has taken a nose dive since graduation, it has to do with him making dumb ass statements that just give the media opportunities to discuss his actions. then, he comes back saying how the media exploits "the popularity of me" or whatever, and of course the whole internet and tv and radio media are gonna go crazy over this bullshit. it just goes in a circle, and contrary to what he's saying, he's perpetuating it. but, no press is bad press right? and since everyone can agree he is now a pop artist, popularity should be and seems to be his primary concern.

    • Anonymous

      @slim and its attitudes like yours are why the rest of the world doesnt take people like you serious. you admit to being poor but you dont want to change. how stupid is that? really its people like you that give black men a bad name, you should apologize to your entire race for your existance.

    • plus

      when you see "celebrities" what are they wearing? Desinger names, $500 shirts, $400 shoes, fancy colors, always shining right? Because they can't go to Kohl's or Walmart and buy an $8 T Shirt and $15 pair of pants becuase then they would look like regular folks and they want to be better than regular folks. You really think a $400 shirt is so much better than a $8 T-Shirt? You think a $10,000 blackberry is that much better than a normal $100 phone from Verizon? If you do you're fucking retarded it doesn't mean much of jack shit its just another thing these people do to make it look like they are better than regular people.

    • also

      Does ye go to Pizza Hut? How about 7-11? How about Arby's? How about Olive Garden? How about the local mall? How about Barnes & Noble? How about some cheesy bar? How about a 24 hour diner? How about a local stripclub? How about Mobil on the Run? How about parks where people play basketball? How about church? You see him at the food court? How bout Dunkin Donuts? How bout Red Lobster? How about a library? How about a play for high school kids? How about a soccer game? When it snows does he show up and help shovel your driveway? How about the post office? You catch him at Hess buying a hot dog? How about Subway does he get the $5 deal? How about Modell's? How about Toys R Us? No. None of them places. People who are considered celebrites do everything in their power to stay away from those places because that is where the regular folks go. They don't want to be with the regular folks. They want to be above them. So they can make money OFF OF THEM. They want to be elitists, wear sunglasses, ride limos, wear suits, roll WITH paparazzi, go where paparazzi goes, never look normal because they want to be BETTER than people because they work WITH the media not WITH the people. These kind of "celebrities" who work with the media only show up when they are in a position of power over the public, when there is security out the ass and paparazzi flashing non-stop. And then do you know when they finally do go out to eat? Its in downtown Manhattan or downtown Beverly Hills where all the paparazzi hangs out and stalks people. They never put themselves in a regular setting because they want to be BETTER than the people. That's why the stuff ye talks its mostly bullshit, because he's not doing the things he says he's doing.

    • @D

      D you are 100% correct. 100% co-sign. When people like you make correct statements and correct posts like that, it seems like you always get a quick bullshit counterproductive point of view that is implanted in there just to further confuse the population because you for one actually made sense. You actually made a great post. All this fake controversy stuff that Kanye himself starts he does it just for more media attention which he hopes will garner him more popularity which will lead to a higher income. Its all done for money. If Kanye really cared about being real, he'd cut all his ties with the labels and top CEO's. He doesn't do that. Kanye works WITH the media, he does not work WITH the people. He only shows up in front of the people when he is on stage and has a mic, only when he is the star does he show up. He'll never ever ever put himself on the level of the people, go where the regular folk go, do what the regular people do. He doesn't do that. He sits on couches with Matt Lauer,cuts off the top selling music artist of today in Swift, and immediately runs his mouth about the president the first 5 seconds he gets his chance to do so.

    • slim t-knox

      mcclintock shouldnt you be asleep white boyy? kanyes deep in that illluminatee shit. we don't know what he's talking about anymore. i'm with D, kanyes a pop act now. a pussy pop act. you need to start smokin weed, only real men are in the pen. right d? we keep it hood cuz we got to. i aint got no money. this is what i know. i know what you call street shit and i wanna hear songs about it. i aint tryin to change. so what?

    • John McClintock

      are you serious? he doesn't want to be consumed by fame. homeboy's tired of that shit. he said 'i gotta be careful what i say', cause he knows people are reading more into his lines that what he's saying. i'd take him over slaughterhouse kind of rap any day. keepin it real and hood sends you jail. like big boi said 'people at the post office ain't call you back cause you got cloudy piss and now you're back in the trap...trapped.' i'm glad he can see past 'street shit' and just make music. 'keep that for them gangsters man, fuck all that.' 'right, right' -nas.

  • DumbBaby

    Lol. Kanye is easily one of the most important rapper and producers of the decade. But, fuck me, why would taylor swift have defended him? He was being a cock. He didnt really even say sorry back then. And she was a child. I always get the impression Im listening to a 15 year old girl when he goes on these rants. Insanely immature man. Having said that, he NEVER disappoints with the music.

  • hdsjhds

    anyone know if kanye is done releasing good friday tracks?

  • HenRoc

    Stupid ass Kanye West

  • Anonymous

    any publicity is good publicity and his album just dropped so it all makes cents

    • Anonymous

      cmon man we talking about rappers here,

    • @mizkid

      You are 100% incorrect. any publicity is NOT always good publicity. How bout OJ? How bout Tiger smashing into a tree? How bout Donte Stallworth? How bout John Travolta when he had that tragedy with his child and these other people tried to extort him? How bout Tom Delay who is now facing life because of his conviction? How bout Rosie O'Donnell when they made her look like an ass on the view? How about Natalie Halloway's mom when she found out what happened to her daughter? You think she wants to be talking to Nancie Grace or do you think she wants her daughter back? Stop with the any publicity is good publicity line. Stop with the bullshit. Cut the bullshit. Stop with the fucking bullshit lines for once. Wake the fuck up for once.

    • mizkid

      Yea he got that nike commercial out of it no? You dumb fuck. If you are in hollywood whether you pick up slyvester stallone's shit in his toilet or you're an athlete,musician,actor, actor's servant, any publicity is good publicity. name me one situation that didn't do good for the person in the long run. Michael Vick, elvis if he was still alive. T.I., come on man. Damn you hood niggas is so one sided bout everything get out in the world man! learn some shit!

    • @anon

      that line is 100% bullshit. How about if you got indicted? Its publicity isn't it? Take the Tiger Woods example. Was that good publicity? Not at all. That "any publicity is good publicity" line is straight up bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      no i meant cents, thats what its all about, money money money

    • Anonymous

      sense, dumbass

  • Alex

    How the fuck can 'Ye be a racist? when he samples lots of ''White'' Rock music, has Bon Iver on the album and even has a Gay White English dude on All of the Lights? I rest my case.

    • @alex

      anybody can be a racist. Not saying kanye is one. However you don't know exactly how someone feels. Sometimes they do things to throw the other groups off and make it look like they aren't racists. Like here I gave $100 bucks to charity, etc. I work with black people white people etc. If you do more harm than good then it doesn't mean shit.

  • Freddy Marquez

    FUCK politics, FUCK religion, FUCK racism and FUCK sexism!!! Let's just sit down, chill, listen to great music and in the genius words of Nas, "Let the music defuse all the tension"!!! Long live REAL Hip-Hop!!!

  • D

    in my eyes Bush was one of the worst presidents, but I do think that it is good of Kanye saying this, because although Bush might have done and said a lot of stupid things, your lowest point can't be some words of some dude. it is good that Kanye realises that media has a big impact on people and they are misleading, always think yourself before believing others

    • Anonymous

      Carter is the worst president ever, Obama no doubt will be a close second and Bush was easily the most entertaining president

    • Foodstamp

      Then, you don't know shit, because Jimmy Carter was the worst President we've ever had..George Bush is probably the dumbest President, but Jimmy Carter was the worst..inflation we've never seen, 20% interest rates, oil shortages, lines at the gas stations for hours, Iranian hostage debacle. He let our hostages sit in Iran for 4 years being a pussy that was scared of Iran. You probably only know 3 presidents. Obama, Bush, and Clinton

  • Anonymous

    brown people? I know a ton of lations that would rather kill themselves than be grouped up with black people. its sad when mexicans look down at you

    • Neutral

      Learn how to spell you fucking moron,wtf is lations?Another stupid troll who internet has given freedom to be racist.Take your racist views somewhere else.Its pretty obvious you've got no life and no one wants to be associated with a piece of shit like you.Guess being racist makes you feel a bit better but the truth is you will always remain a Failure in life!!!

  • Gary Domian

    My fucking hatred for this guy grows daily. Ye may be one of the biggest fucking douchebags the world has EVER known. I can't even respect or admire his music anymore. You know how a dime-piece can get away with alot of bullshit because of her looks, but if she's a deplorable enough person eventually she'll make you sick at the sight of her? Kanye is that bitch.

    • @asafo

      what you wrote is opinion son. it don't mean much of anything

    • Asafo

      @youngbuddah No logic is relative..jus cause it makes sense to me doesn't mean it should make sense to you. I don't have to respect them as a person to respect their music, cause the bottom line is I DO NOT KNOW KANYE AS A PERSON. And neither do you. You're just stringing together what YOU TIHNK you know about dude from what you hear about him in the media...wow thats REALLY smart dude. Dude name ONE rapper that you KNOW in real life...don't worry i'll wait. Thought of anybody yet? Yea thats right YOU DO NOT KNOW ANY RAPPER IN REAL LIFE. You didn't know Pac, you didn't know Biggie, you don't know Nas, you don't know Mos, you don't know Jay Electronica..etc. Yet you like them all don't you? So whats the difference with Kanye...i'll tell you the differnce..UR A STAN! Not necessarily..rappers lie in their music all the time. The music they make doesn't necessarily reflect them, they just make shit that sounds good to them. I could give a damn if ur a asshole or not. Kanye makes dope ass beats, spits dope lyrics, and has put together some of the greatest lyricists of our generation for his G.O.O.D. Friday series. And if u can't admit that...then you my friend are a stan. Dude you can avoid assholes and still listen to dope music. Rappers are SUPPOSED to be cocky and arrogant, cause to be honest who the fuck wants to listen to a humble rapper? The only difference between Ye and other emcees is that he says what he says on wax in interviews and at Awards shows..and stupid ass stans such as urself don't like to hear a rapper be cocky unless its over a beat.

    • @young budha

      you are 100% correct. glad we have normal people out there. fuck that fan shit is 100% correct. always has been. NOBODY is here to entertain me. I create entertainment for myself with what I want to do, not what some media machine tells me I want to do. When people talk about talent and creativity like its the ends to all means that shit pisses me off. You can take some nutcase who goes around trying to kill people and destroy people and because they make some dopey song I'm supposed to be entertained by it? I don't think so. I only respect POSITIVE talent and POSITIVE creativity and POSITIVE entertainment. If the person who is supposedly doing the "entertaining" is a complete asshole and out for themselves any talent or creativity they have takes a back seat. You seen those assholes right that attacked a family and held them hostage and shit it was on the news, now you telling me if they made an album it would be called creative and artistic? I think not. If people aren't doing the right thing their talent is 0 and their creativity is 0.

    • Anonymous

      thats funny, the guy calling someone a stan sounds like a total stan.

    • young budha

      @ Asafo your logic is stupid. i've thought about the same shit alot and came to the conclusion i can't listen to music by someone i dont respect. fuck that fan shit. if your music is one and your another way in real life, i just cant do it i cant listen to your music. and that situation is very rare. anybody with any sense knows the music is a reflection of the person and if it so happen iknew you was a asshole before i heard your music probably wont listen. even if i do listen to the music and don't really know much about the artist, i'm pretty much gonna figure it out through the music. like do you here what this guy is saying. so miss me with that fan shit and just enjoy dope i just avoid assholes period

    • Foodstamp

      That's not being a Stan really. See I'm the opposite, I wouldn't piss on this guy if he was on fire because I can't stand him. He's a fuckin' primadona little racist bitch. But the mother fucker can work some beats and melodies, and I can't say shit about his music.

    • Asafo

      Thats because you sir/mam are a stan. You can't seperate the man from the music. You ain't tryna be friends with kanye he's here to entertain you. Who cares if you don't agree with what he says..he still makes dope beats, and has help to ressurect Hip Hop with his G.O.O.D. Fridays and his entire G.O.O.D Music crew in general. Thats something you can't deny. Stop being a stan and just be plain ole fan like the rest of us...it'll save u alotta stress and allow u to listen to some dope ass mucis. ::end rant::

  • fuck kanye

    Kanye is any idiot. He just got done hiding in Europe doing fucking fashion shows. His opinion on politics is as good as Sarah Palins dumbass.

  • VOR

    Never came across an artist whose personality irritated me so much that I have a problem looking past it despite the great music he puts out...

  • Akim

    Fuck Bush He needs no redemtion cuz He is evil.Kanye needs to know what He said about Bush is true and republican are raciest people and they hate poor people.Why kanye is defending Bush it is because He want white the right wing to buy His Album

    • Anonymous

      The Bush administraion also employed more black people than any administraion in history, including Nobama. They also gave more to aids research and prevention in Africa than any other administration.

    • Doc

      your a fuckin idiot, you do realise Bush provided more relief and charity to Africa than any president in american history including your current puppet obama if he was racist that wouldnt of happened

    • Anonymous

      So what about all the black republicans in the country? are they racist too? maybe they can think for themselves and arent sheep like the rest of you are

  • BluntedDaily

    So anyone hating on Kanye is saying they've never had shit on their mind to say, or mixed emotions, or even emotions that have changed from what you've felt before? It's called being HUMAN, and HUMANS make mistakes. I would bet Kanye would hate to have Bush back as president, but that doesn't mean he can't feel bad for the guy when the media twisted his words on how he felt about Kanye's comments. Just be happy Ye is trying to get out SOME kind of message other than "I got diamonds in my mouth and drank in my cup." SMH.

  • opo

    kanye appologized for the g.w. remarks because he joined the same brotherhood aka the freemason gang ,the whole t.swift was a set up by them boyz who run the show.

  • timofey

    OK Yeezy, hush up. Grown folks are listening. I mess with Ye's music, but DAMN. Dude is emo as hell.

  • Benjee

    We all gone miss Kanye when he's gone! One of the few real artists left. I'll hit you in your fucking face dumb little self hating depression bitches like youajoke, vargo05, XiK etc. Im sure your mothers tried to stuff you back in the whole, back then when disaster happend.. I will rather listen to Kanye freestyle talk for 5 days straight than i would listen 60 seconds to dumb idiot bitches like yourself. I wish you the best, though..

    • @benjee

      there are artists all over the place. You don't get to know about them because the system is fucked. You really think that the only artisitc people out there are the ones who the media made famous? Think again.

  • yourmomsballs




  • vargo05

    The only thing that needs to be said about this is.............Kanye Shut the Fuck Up!!!

  • XiK

    He's an attention whore! This dude might as well tattoo "I pimped myself" on his face LOL! Fuking diva bitch!

  • Anonymous

    stupid ass racist niggers

    • @anon

      all this racist bullshit because kanye doesn't shut his mouth about it. Its 2010 move on. Does racism exist? Of course it does. Keep bringing up the issue though and nobody will get anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      brown people? I know a ton of lations that would rather kill themselves than be grouped up with black people. its sad when mexicans look down at you.

    • Anonymous

      your comment only proves the point. thats why no race takes black people serious

    • grandmaster

      Are u serious? Most racist? Wow...1st off, what do we gain by being racist? I'll wait for any white boy or girl to answer that 1... 2nd, white ppl see the end so now it's time to play the victim... sorry crackers, NO ONE has forgotten about ALL the destruction & mayheim you've caused thru-out YOUR entire existence, now that brown folks across the globe want to call you out on it, you wanna call foul? fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      preech it. they have a hard time accepting they're the most racist people on the planet

  • Anonymous

    you are so dumb kanye stupid azz

  • Anonymous

    kanye's a bitch on a permanent period.

  • Rob Johnson

    i feel Kanye...i wanna beat the shit out of the rude fucks yelling in the crowd

  • like I said

    When the system changes I'll say he went off on the media. Until then its only a smokescreen to the problem. A problem in which he's really not the person who should be addressing it. This is a guy sitting on a couch across from Matt Lauer on NBC. This isn't a guy who's "going off on the media".

  • about this

    I finished watching the whole video. I don't think dude is that bad, alot of the stuff he says is incorrect. Not everybody looks to villianize people, not everybody looks to blame someone, and not everybody blogs because they are scared about certain issues. Some people look to help people and that's it, there is nothing much more to it. This is another example of a guy on stage who supposedly is fighting for the cause of the people in the audience when that's really not what is going on. He wants to further his own agenda for popularity which can lead to financial success. Alot of the stuff he claims would have much more truth to it if it came from someone who was not associated with media connections. He's trying to claim here that creativeness should never held back. THE MEDIA IS WHAT IS HOLDING BACK CREATIVITY. Its not people's lack of artistic talent or personal revelations that are holding back creatvity. Its not that people are scared to be creative. Its not that people are focusing so hard on the downfall of others that is holding back creativity, as he says all people look to blame, hate or villianize. That is not true. IT IS THE SYSTEM THAT IS FUCKED. IT IS THE SYSTEM OF THE MEDIA THAT IS LEADING TO THE PROBLEM OF CREATIVITY. And I don't think he's doing anything to change that. He's talking the talk, but not walking the walk. You'd find him at the mall, 7-11, neighborhoods talking to regular folks if he was that real, not on stage with a mic. I like when he freestyles about issues better than the other shit he pulls. This speech is contradictory to the content of his music in my opinion. Kanye is saying that we should always speak our mind and let people know how the fuck we feel. We're not the ones on stage though, he is, so it is the media that he works with that is preventing others to obtain the same platform. How are regular folks supposed to speak their mind and let people know how we feel? We're not the ones signed to contracts or backed by advertisements or labels. He is. We're not. And that had nothing to do with creativity. While I like the emotion to the speech, I find it contradictory.


    LOL...This n*gga crazy but that new album is fire tho.

  • Choc Donut

    Kanye gained more respect from me for mouthing off during Katrina than he ever will for any of the same old retread rapping he does. He didn't attack Bush, he said he didn't CARE, which was apparent to everyone of all races. Brilliant moment for him, and the fact he's apologizing for it now just shows he's another Obama ready to sell his soul to stay in the big house. Maybe for the rap genre, he's talented, but he sucks compared to the greats of the golden age. His graphics, video and media sense are so well-tuned that people think he's a musical genius, but his music is the weakest part of the equation. He's a great video producer, but a terrible musician. For rap, though he's as good as anything going now, which just shows how low music has fallen, that people seriously attach the word genius to the average sampling and average rapping with out of control self-obsessed diva attitude that make up this 'star'.

    • @chocdonut

      makes sense except for the Katrina part. the Katrina incident was stupid case closed. it was a fake moment with the wrong things said at an inappropriate time. It didn't question authority to quote "wake people up". It diverted people futher from the real issues. Your statement "which was apparent to all races" is false.

  • sum_body

    give or take here. this somehow reminds me of the scarface "bad guy" scene, how tony would rant to the people in the restaurant on how hypocritical they are. we all point to kanye and call him, to quote the prez: "...a jackass!" but really are we as perfect, thoughtful and all-knowing as we say kanye he isnt? some yes, for many of us, no. kanye's actions in the past suggested he doesnt deserve to be taking seriously. this is different. im not defending kanye, im part of those who cast the stone but who is not w/o sin. i am however willing to admit that this rant channels that of tony montana, showing how people in the media and taylor swift for the manner are not as innocent or all-knowing as they are perceived to be and like tony said,as much as it pains me to say, shows we need kanyes in this world to "point our fucking fingers" and "feel good" about ourselves. not making excuses, it still kanye, but to me, this is one of his finer moments. SAY GOOD NIGHT TO THE BAD GUY!

    • @facebook

      he doesn't have fans. he has consumers.

    • Malcolm Corley

      he did make GOOD fridays JUST 4 his fans......free

    • @sum

      dude kanye works with the media. we need kanyes in this world who don't work with the media, who don't obsess over what is perceived an important interview for advertisements to consumers, who don't call attention to themselves for insignificant person to person fake media issues. we need kanyes who work with the regular folks, not media elitists.

  • jeremy English

    what a gay fish

  • Tha Unyon

    Check out our 2nd mixtape entitled 'Thank God I'm Alive'!

  • Jeffrey Burgess

    i actually agree wit wat he's sayin 100...i mean dude is known for his rants n irrational acts...so it's kinna ignore it or listen...but dead serious that was honest shit...and in senses he kinna defended g dubz which was kinna strange 2 me...but ey dude feelz how he feels...n u either respect it or ignore it...but shit that don't make sense 2 me is wen ppl hop on here talkin shit bout this and that...like the "shutup and sing" shit below me....man if shit aint interest u then y the fuck u take the time 2 read it and post a comment at all? shit don't make no damn sense...i dunno thatz all i aint bout 2 start rantin more

    • @sinister

      kanye works with the media you don't know what the hell you're talking about


      agreed.you guys infesting the fuckin page criticizing kanye for being immature?!hypocritical much?not defending kanye here,he's definitely a vulnerable and immature prick,but he's clearly pointing out facts.FACT IS;THE MEDIA EXPLOITS EVERY MISTAKE,NEGATIVE SITUATION,IN ORDER TO GET THEIR $.FACT IS;when you're in the position and on a pedastal like kanye,you're under constant scrutiny.any idea on how much pressure that is?THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK,doesn't only apply 2 kanye.

    • @facebook

      its not honest stuff. its planned media overexaggerations for additional advertisments to consumers.

  • neef

    Like we said to the Dixie Chicks.."Shut Up and Sing!'

  • Victor Cruz Perez

    I feel what he's saying. We all say and do stupid shit from time to time, but when your famous it's put under a microscope and over analyzed just for a bit of gossip and to sell head lines. Imagine your most shameful moments played on repeat over and over on tv and online. I'm not saying Kanye is the most mature guys out there, quite the opposite, but its his eccentric behavior and passion (when vented through his music) that makes him an interesting artist. Taylor Swift could have down played that shit if she wanted to, but in reality it helped her more than a hit single. I didnt even know who the fuck she was before that.

    • @facebook

      that's bullshit. country music has nothing to do with fake controversies. swift is popular either way.

    • Malcolm Corley

      if u say it did nothing to her career your lost in the world.....how many times was she on the view, today show and every other media outlet answering questions abt the vma incident for months and months???suckin it in gaining popularity because she represented the opinion evry1 had, that kanye was a douche....but real talk she had a lil following until that happened, and she blew up....its just funny bcuz it wasnt the grammys or nothin..it was a god damn video music award -_-

    • Victor Cruz Perez

      Her own manager was quoted as saying it did wonders for her popularity.

    • @victor

      the moment had very little effect on Swift's career. Her target audience is not kanye's target audience. The people she appeals to are not interested about the kind of people who didn't know of her before the stupid vma moment. She had popularity with or without the stupid vma moment.


    Why can't he just let people enjoy his incredible album? Time for another fishsticks episode?

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    What he said makes sense. to me.

  • rofl

    This guy makes good music but I really wish he'd quit it with these self righteous diatribes. His lack of an education really comes across in these moments.

    • sharksbreath

      Does he really make good music. I don't see anyone banging old Kanye. No one will ever listen to 808 again. He needs to stop singing. He hits notes I don't believe exist except for dogs ears and the tone death. For himself he needs to come out the closet because it's clear he hates himself for the person he is.

  • RM


  • Anonymous

    judging by the comments so far all of you didnt get the point of what he was saying.

    • dmize-one

      usually kanyes ass is acting foolish away from the mic, but he wasnt making any excuses for his behavior, he was pointing out a fact...

    • Charles ExSavior

      We're all aware of how the media twists facts and loves to scandalize any bit of news. We're just laughing hard at Kanye's prima donna ass for using that as an excuse for HIS behavior.

  • Anonymous

    wow Kanye actually did something respectable. He stood up for Bush and explained how the media took advantage of the both of them to make themselves look good. Nice job kanye, I dont see as douchebag anymore. Now just go back to making some decent music again and we'll be square. Its good to hear him doing the right thing for a change.

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Anonymous

    SMH Kanye is living, breathing proof that all the money in the world cant buy class and integrity The sad part is, he really, deep down in his heart, really feels like the victim in this situation. Thats how you can tell he's a pampered spoiled little brat. Kanye's problems are all rooted in imaturity and having no experience in the real world. Nothing a good ass whoopin couldnt fix. Make this dude go a few rounds in the backyard with someone and I guarantee he wouldnt act like this anymore. Dude is a walking, talking embarassment to hip hop, regardless of how talented he is.

    • @twit

      dude isn't telling the truth at all. he is overreacting constantly on overexposed issues simply for media attention. the shit he talks about is stupid its better to be left alone its not real issues.

    • wunjesus

      but he was telling the truth he didn't say anything bad

  • Anonymous

    yep!!! she did ride the wave. Tell the truth ye Tell it like it is mane!!!!

  • youngweedy

    Entitled, petty, paranoid, delusional, god complex, anyone else got any more? Just from this video I mean. Nigga need a goddamn dedicated on call 24/7 team of therapists.

  • HRH Louisx

    Don't stop, Kanye. Speak what you kno we notice.

  • Fashionchick

    I swear, this man has no class. NO CLASS.

  • ChrisS

    Please just STFU Kan't-ye. Taylor didn't come to your defense? Who the F--- do you think you are you stupid idiot. YOU acted inappropriately not her. YOU are the low life dumba$$. She has absolutely NO need or requirement to ever come to your aid EVER! Just shut up for a few year and people will forget about all of it.

    • @twit

      Swift won plenty of awards before the stupid moment and was 19 so obviously has more stardom ahead of her. Obviously her career was on the upside before the stupid moment. The moment really didn't affect her popularity much. She was already popular among a much different crowd.

    • wunjesus

      that's not what he said he was saying instead of saying i forgive kanye or i don't hold it against him she used that moment to boost her career and that's the only reason she started winning awards yeah she is talented but she wouldn't had won all those awards if it wasn't for kanye and playing what happened to her advantage.

  • Commentator


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